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The Law Enforcement AURORA gyroplane can stay airborne for more than 5 hours at a
time burning between 3 to 4 gallons of car gas per hour. No other gyroplane in the world
has the performance and safety capabilities of the Aurora.
The Aurora has a Rotax 912S 100 hp airplane engine with a 2,000 hour TBO. This
engine is normally installed in most two place LSA aircraft. Because of the tremendous
power to weight ratio the Aurora has near helicopter performance. The climb rate is over
1,500 ft/minute and the top flight speed is over 90 mph. The Aurora can easily be turned
into the wind and “hover” in one spot at half throttle and is stall resistant.
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The Metro Launch System (a powerful pre rotating system) allows the Aurora to leave
the ground in 3 to 5 seconds after brake release eliminating the need for an aircraft
runway. The Aurora can be deployed almost anywhere.

The onboard Enigma glass cockpit and GPS system allows the official officer to pinpoint
GPS coordinates and relay them to the ground when needed for search and rescue,
surveillance, or traffic watch as desired. A police radio is standard equipment.

The patented G-Force All Terrain Landing Gear allows for zero roll landings and is a
tremendous safety device.

The aurora can fly at altitudes of over 12,000 feet.
Local, state, or federal agencies can use this affordable and cost effective gyroplane in
place of expensive helicopters at a fraction of the cost. Maintenance is also a fraction of
the cost of a helicopter.

The Law Enforcement Aurora is a Public Use Aircraft and can be delivered to your
department completely assembled and ready to fly.

For near the cost of a couple of Police Cruisers your department can have eyes in the sky.
The Law Enforcement Aurora flies like an airplane, not like a helicopter. It is simple
stick and rudder control like a Piper Cub. Since the Aurora is so easy to fly there isn’t a
need for a separate observer onboard. In the Aurora you are not in the belly of the bird,
you become the bird. The engine can even be shut off in flight and you can make a near
silent precision landing when desired.

The Law Enforcement Aurora has this equipment installed as a standard unit:

(1) Rotax 912S 100 hp airplane engine with oil cooler.

(2) The 912 Metro Launch System pre rotator (brings the rotors to full liftoff speed for a
    short takeoff).

(3) G-Force Magnum All Terrain Landing Gear (allows for a zero roll landing).

(4) Pointed Nose Pod and Windscreen.

(5) Rear Wheel Pants.

(6) Heavy duty front nose strut and 13” tall front wheel (same size as rear wheels).
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(7) Hydraulic rear brakes and electric brake lock.

(8) Enigma Glass Cockpit (all engine functions, flight functions, and GPS).

(9) Aircraft Radio (MGL Avionics with airport database automatic frequency settings)

(10) Aircraft transponder (lets you fly in airport traffic areas around Towered Airports).

(11) (Custom paint job with color of your choice) Lettering includes your agencies
     Public Use Aircraft N number, and OFFICIAL department lettering.

(12) Police radio and Antenna.

(13) A 10 gallon gas tank and two 5 gallon reserve tanks (20 gallons total). Over 300
     miles range.

(14) Rainbow Secondary Windshield (blocks the wind off of the pilot).

(15) Aircraft Helmet.

This Law Enforcement Aurora Gyroplane Public Use Aircraft will be delivered to your
department for: $69,995.00 each.

Optional equipment:

( ) Remote control 3 million candle power spotlight……………………….$                     500.00

( ) Remote control FLIR night vision…………….…………………………$ 8,500.00

( ) Mobile Command Center (33’ long enclosed trailer/hangar)……………$ 18,500.00

( ) Digital Camera System………………………………………………….$                                   1,000.00

Actual day to day operating cost is about $30.00/hour (not including purchase cost).

Delivery will be within 120 days from the date of order.
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Law Enforcement Aurora Unit at:……..….$              69,995.00

Optional Equipment if any:……………….$____________
Texas Sales Tax if applicable: 7.75%........$____________

Total order:………………………………..$
    Make the cashier’s check out to:
               Aerial Surveillance LLC
To order the Aurora mail this order form (5 pages) and
payment to the address at the top of page 1.

Deliver this (these) aircraft to:
(Zip Code)____________________________
(Phone number)________________________

*I understand that this is a Public Use Aircraft.

(Buyers Signature) _____________________Date:_______
For more information contact Larry Neal at: 940-627-9887
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