LEPSC urriculum by cKJ3212f



Program Total Hours: 200
Phase I 40-Hour Online Training Topics                                       40 Hours
Power, Authority & Discretion
Maine Criminal Procedures
Maine Criminal Law
Maine Motor Vehicle Law
Maine Juvenile Law
Civil Liability
Use of Force
Variant Behavior
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse
Sexual Assault
Cultural Diversity
Community Policing
Courtroom Procedure
Stress Management
Report Writing
Traffic Enforcement
Driving Dynamics
Phase II Interactive, Scenario Based Classroom Training 80-Hours             80 Hours
Orientation                                                                   1 Hour
Community Relations                                                           3 Hours
Stress Management                                                             4 Hours
Interview Techniques                                                           8 Hours
Situational Use of Force                                                       8 Hours
Traffic Stops                                                                  8 Hours
Crime Scene Processing                                                         8 Hours
Crash Reporting                                                               8 Hours
OUI/SFST/Maine Liquor Law                                                      8 Hours
Mechanics of Arrest, Restraint and Control                                   20 Hours
Civil Liability                                                               2 Hours
Final Exam                                                                    2 Hours
Phase III Supervision by Hiring Agency 80-Hours                              80 Hours
80-Hours of supervision required once hired as a Law Enforcement Officer
                                                                      Total 200 Hours

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