USBC Approved Bowling Balls

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					                               USBC Approved Bowling Balls
  (Since all bowling balls manufactured prior to the creation of the ball list (January 1991) have been
previously approved and are allowed for use in USBC certified competition, the acceptance of the balls
                  is at the discretion of the tournament director and/or league official.)
                       ** Denotes bowling balls manufactured only under 13 pounds.
             Brand                                     Ball Name                       Date Approved
           900 Global                             **The Nuts Black (11M)                   Jan-12
           900 Global                              900 Global Black Gold                   Jan-12
           900 Global                                   Awakening                           Jul-08
           900 Global                                      BAM                             Aug-07
           900 Global                                      Bank                            Jun-10
           900 Global                               Bank of 900G Pearl                     Nov-11
           900 Global                                   Bank Pearl                         Jan-11
           900 Global                                    Bank Roll                         Jun-11
           900 Global                              Bank Roll Silver/Red                    Dec-11
           900 Global                                   Black Eagle                        Jan-12
           900 Global                                     Bounty                            Oct-08
           900 Global                                 Bounty Hunter                        Jun-09
           900 Global                              Bounty Hunter Black                     Jan-10
           900 Global                           Bounty Hunter Black/Purple                 Feb-10
           900 Global                              Bounty Hunter Pearl                      Oct-09
           900 Global                                   Break Out                          Dec-09
           900 Global                                   Break Pearl                        Jan-08
           900 Global                                   Break Point                        Feb-09
           900 Global                                Break Point Pearl                     Jun-09
           900 Global                                    Creature                          Aug-07
           900 Global                                 Creature Pearl                       Feb-08
           900 Global                                   Day Break                          Jun-09
           900 Global                                   DVA Open                           Aug-07
           900 Global                                    Earth Ball                        Aug-07
           900 Global                                    Favorite                          May-10
           900 Global                                  Freight Train                       Jun-12
           900 Global                                  Head Hunter                          Jul-09
           900 Global                             Hook Dark Black/Silver                   May-12
           900 Global                            Hook Dark Blue/Light Blue                 Feb-11
           900 Global                                Hook Blue/Yellow                      May-12
           900 Global                                  Hook Monster                        Mar-12
           900 Global                                Hook Pink/Black                        Oct-11
           900 Global                            Hook Purple/Orange Pearl                  Feb-11
           900 Global                             Hook Red/Yellow Solid                    Feb-11
           900 Global                                Hook Rose/White                       Sep-11
           900 Global                              Integral Break Black                    Nov-10
           900 Global                           Integral Break Rose/Orange                 Nov-10
           900 Global                            Integral Break Rose/Silver                Nov-10
           900 Global                                      Jewel                           Jun-11
           900 Global                                Jewel Purple/Pink                     Jun-12
           900 Global                                      Link                             Jul-08

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900 Global          Link Black/Red            Feb-09
900 Global       Link Purple/Blue Pearl       Dec-08
900 Global         Link Rose/White            Feb-09
900 Global             Longshot               Jul-10
900 Global              Lunatic               Jun-09
900 Global    Mach One Blackberry Pearl       Sep-10
900 Global   Mach One Rose/Purple Pearl       Sep-10
900 Global              Maniac                Oct-08
900 Global          Mark Roth Ball            Jan-10
900 Global      Missing Link Black/Red        Jul-10
900 Global   Missing Link Blackberry/Silver   Jul-10
900 Global      Missing Link Blue/White       Jul-10
900 Global   Missing Link Purple/Blue Pearl   Jul-10
900 Global            Power Slam              Jun-09
900 Global           Prison Break             Jun-08
900 Global               Profit               Feb-10
900 Global        Profit Green/Silver         Sep-10
900 Global            Raw Profit              Nov-10
900 Global               Slam                 May-08
900 Global            Soccer Ball             Jun-10
900 Global            Sure Thing              Jun-12
900 Global          The Award Ball            May-08
900 Global            The Break               Jun-07
900 Global          The Break S75             May-08
900 Global      The Break S75 Blue Jay        Apr-09
900 Global            The Eagle               Feb-11
900 Global        The Eagle Red/Blue          May-11
900 Global             The Hack               May-09
900 Global       The Hack Infect Black        Feb-10
900 Global      The Hack Infect Green         Dec-09
900 Global      The Hack Infect Purple        Jan-10
900 Global             The Look               Jun-12
900 Global             The Nuts               Jun-11
900 Global          The Nuts Pearl            Oct-11
900 Global               Train                Dec-11
900 Global             Wisdom                 Jun-11
900 Global     Wisdom Red/Silver Pearl        Jun-12
 A-Bowl                  Skid                 Feb-10
  ABS            ABS Polyester/Plastic        May-06
  ABS               ABSolute Bend             Dec-09
  ABS                ABSolute Bolt            Oct-11
  ABS                 ABSolution              Feb-06
  ABS               ABSolution AU             Aug-09
  ABS              ABSolution Bash            Feb-07
  ABS              ABSolution Excel           Feb-08
  ABS             ABSolution Express          May-07
  ABS            ABSolution Hayabusa          Sep-10
  ABS               ABSolution Jet            Sep-08
  ABS              ABSoution Laser            Sep-12

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ABS         ABSolution Mach          Feb-09
ABS         ABSolution Rapid         Jun-06
ABS          Acculine 8 Plus         Jun-10
ABS             Balloon              Jun-00
ABS            Basketball            May-08
ABS            Beach Ball            Oct-03
ABS              Billiard            Nov-02
ABS              Crystal             Jan-09
ABS               DHC                Jan-09
ABS              Earth               Aug-01
ABS    Fanatic Yellow/Blue Stripes   Jun-12
ABS    Fanatic Yellow/Red Stripes    Jun-12
ABS          Giants (Clear)          Jul-03
ABS          Giants (Solid)          Jun-03
ABS          Giants (Stripe)         Jul-03
ABS               Golf               Oct-02
ABS          Gyration 2.47           Nov-98
ABS          Gyration 2.50           Nov-98
ABS          Gyration 2.55           Nov-98
ABS          Gyration HRG            Jan-11
ABS       Gyration Jaeger LRG        Dec-00
ABS       Gyration Jaeger MRG        Dec-00
ABS          Gyration LRG            Jan-11
ABS          Gyration MRG            Jan-11
ABS          Invader (Multi)         Aug-12
ABS              Kegel               Dec-07
ABS          Lane Navi EX            Feb-04
ABS            Lane Star             Jul-03
ABS            Moonlight             Apr-04
ABS           Moonlight 2            Jan-07
ABS           Moonlight 3            Jul-08
ABS            Nanodesu              Jan-03
ABS         Nanodesu 1500            Mar-03
ABS       Nanodesu Accu-Core         Mar-08
ABS       Nanodesu Accu-Line         Oct-06
ABS      Nanodesu Accu-Line II       Mar-07
ABS      Nanodesu Accu-Line III      Sep-07
ABS      Nanodesu Accu-Line IX       Nov-10
ABS    Nanodesu Accu-Line Limited    Jun-12
ABS   Nanodesu Accu-Line Premium     Mar-11
ABS      Nanodesu Accu-Line VI       May-09
ABS      Nanodesu Accu-Line VII      Oct-09
ABS     Nanodesu Accu-Line VIII      Feb-10
ABS      Nanodesu Accu-Line X        Apr-11
ABS       Nanodesu Accu-Shot         Nov-08
ABS      Nanodesu Accu-Swing         Jul-11
ABS     Nanodesu Accu-Swing II       Nov-11
ABS     Nanodesu Accu-Swing III      Mar-12
ABS     Nanodesu Accu-Swing IV       Aug-12

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        ABS                    Nanodesu Blue              Jun-04
        ABS                   Nanodesu Noble              Oct-05
        ABS                  Nanodesu Premium             Sep-06
        ABS                   Nanodesu Royal              Apr-06
        ABS                   Nanodesu Scarlet            Jul-05
        ABS                     Nanodesu V                May-04
        ABS                     Nanodesu V3               Oct-04
        ABS                     Nanodesu X                Jun-03
        ABS                     Nanodesu Z                Nov-03
        ABS                       Pachinko                Sep-11
        ABS                       Pin Navi                Apr-06
        ABS                      Pin Navi 2               May-09
        ABS                      Pin Striker              Oct-03
        ABS                     Pin Sweeper               May-03
        ABS                     Pro-Am Gold               Jun-00
        ABS                     Pro-Am Hard               Jul-03
        ABS                 Pure Line Nanodesu            Jun-11
        ABS                      Pure Line II             Feb-12
        ABS                        Redline                Nov-10
        ABS                        Sakura                 Dec-09
        ABS                      Soccer Ball              Jul-00
        ABS                        Sparkle                Apr-04
        ABS                       Sparkle 2               Jan-07
        ABS                       Sparkle 3               Feb-09
        ABS                        Spinner                May-06
        ABS                       Star Light              Apr-06
        ABS                       Stardust                Jun-00
        ABS                       Sure Line               Dec-08
        ABS                     Tigers (Clear)            Jul-03
        ABS                     Tigers (Solid)            Jul-03
        ABS                    Tigers (Stripe)            Jul-03
        ABS                        Tricolor               Nov-'02
        ABS            Ultra Bend Aggressive Carbide G    Oct-'02
        ABS                  Ultra Bend Classic          March-'04
        ABS                    Ultra Break 55+            Mar-'01
        ABS               Ultra Break Carbide X3.G       June-'02
        ABS                    Ultra Break X4             Mar-'01
        ABS                  Universal Urethane           Oct-'02
        ABS                       Voyager                 Jun'00
        ABS                        Wasabi                 Dec-'08
        ABS                       Wasabi II               Jun-09
        ABS                         Whirl                 Nov-'02
        ABS                         Zebra                 Nov-'02
ACE Bowling Champion               Cruise                 Feb-11
ACE Bowling Champion            Deep Impact               Mar-10
ACE Bowling Champion             Innovation               Jan-10
ACE Bowling Champion            Innovation II             Aug-10
       Aloha                      App Ball                Jul-11
       Aloha                     Black Dice               May-09

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Aloha               Breeze               Mar-10
Aloha               Ocean                Mar-10
Aloha              Pacman                Apr-09
Aloha             Profi Shop             Jun-12
Aloha              Rotation               Jul-11
Aloha            Rotation Star           Jun-12
Aloha             Schaeffler             Feb-12
Aloha               Startup              May-12
Aloha               Target               May-12
Aloha             Union Jack             May-12
Aloha            Voodoo Ball              Jul-11
Aloha             White Dice              Jul-11
AMF           X S ( Bone white )         Jan-95
AMF       **Ninja Fury Black 11 Med      Feb-10
AMF     **Ninja Fury Black/Blue 11 Med   Feb-10
AMF           **Ninja Fury Spin          Apr-09
AMF           **Ninja Master EX          Apr-09
AMF       **Terminal Velocity Black      Jan-'06
AMF          **Terminal Velocity II      May-'06
AMF       Adelaide Crows Polyester       May-09
AMF               Amforce I              Sep-97
AMF               Amforce II             Sep-97
AMF              Amforce III             Sep-97
AMF              Amforce IV              Sep-97
AMF            Angle - Red/Blue          Oct-07
AMF        Angle - Red/Silver Pearl      Oct-07
AMF            Angle Evolution           Jun'00
AMF        Angle Evolution Reactive      Oct-'00
AMF          Angle Evolution Tour        Sep-'00
AMF         Angle Evolution Tour 2       Mar-'01
AMF              Angle Extra             Dec-'00
AMF            Angle Extra Tour          Mar-'01
AMF                 Ben 10                Jul-11
AMF              Black Angle             Oct-07
AMF             Black Mamba              Feb-12
AMF                 Boogie               Feb-91
AMF              Boogie 2000             Oct-'00
AMF        Brisbane Lions Polyester      May-09
AMF               Bull Whip              Feb-97
AMF       Bull Whip Special Edition      Jun-12
AMF           Burn Green/Black           Mar-11
AMF           C. F. C. Polyester         May-09
AMF              Changeling              June-'04
AMF                 Clutch                Jul-09
AMF              Clutch Pearl            Jan-10
AMF                 Cobra                 Jul-89
AMF         Cobra Special Edition        Jun-12
AMF               Coca-Cola              Oct-'00
AMF                  Code                Feb-08

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AMF                  Cold Fusion                   Aug-'01
AMF           Collingwood FC Polyester              May-09
AMF                    Courage                     Aug-'02
AMF               Courage Extreme                  Aug-'02
AMF           Dash Purple/Bronze/Black              Dec-'06
AMF      Dick Weber Legacy (Black - Urethane)       Nov-93
AMF   Dick Weber Legacy (Green - Reactive Resin)    Oct-93
AMF         Dick Weber Legacy C (Green)             Nov-95
AMF                 Double Clutch                   Jul-10
AMF              Double Clutch Pearl                Nov-10
AMF                    Enfuego                      Feb-'02
AMF              Essendon Polyester                 May-09
AMF                   Fire Hawk                     Mar-'01
AMF               Firehawk Super/C                 Sep-'01
AMF                     Focus                       Mar-96
AMF                Focus Reactive                   Mar-96
AMF            Fremantle FC Polyester               May-09
AMF                     Fusion                     Aug-'01
AMF              Fusion Hook Carbide               April-'03
AMF              Fusion Hook Monster                Jan-'02
AMF            Geelong Cats Polyester               May-09
AMF                 Green Mamba                     Jun-12
AMF                      Grip                       Jun-11
AMF               Gunsmoke Cobra                    Jul-90
AMF                     Hawk                        Mar'00
AMF                Hawks Polyester                  May-09
AMF                 Hype Reactive                   Sep-09
AMF        Hype Reactive Purple/Gold Pearl          Jul-10
AMF                Hype Urethane                    Sep-09
AMF                    Justice                     April-'04
AMF                  Justice Pearl                 April-'04
AMF                      Kick                       Mar-'01
AMF                  King Cobra                     Sep-94
AMF                      Mark                      March-'06
AMF               Maximum Velocity                 Dec-'04
AMF                 Mega Friction                   Jan-'09
AMF                Mega Recovery                    Jan-10
AMF            Melbourne FC Polyester               May-09
AMF                 Menace Pearl                    Oct-99
AMF                 Menace Tour                     Oct-99
AMF                   MJ (Black)                    Dec-98
AMF                    MJ Slam                      Nov-98
AMF                  Night Hawk                     Jun-98
AMF                Night Hawk M^2                   Feb-99
AMF              Night Hawk Menace                  May-99
AMF              Night Hawk Revenge                 Feb'00
AMF                Night Hawk SPT                   Sep-99
AMF               Night Hawk Torque                 Dec-99
AMF            Night Hawk Torque Pearl              Dec-99

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AMF             Nighthawk               Sept-'06
AMF          Nighthawk Pearl            Oct-07
AMF                Ninja                Dec-92
AMF             Ninja Fury              Jun-93
AMF            Ninja Master             Jun-93
AMF             Ninja RPM               May-94
AMF           Nkryption Code            Jun-08
AMF                OMG                  Mar-11
AMF             OMG Pearl               Jun-11
AMF            Orbit (Plastic)          May-'04
AMF            Orbit (Resin)            June-'05
AMF   Orbit Extreme Pearl Copper/Blue    Jul-08
AMF            Orbit Xtreme             July-'06
AMF       Orbit Xtreme - Sky Blue       Aug-07
AMF         Orbit Xtreme Pearl          Jun-08
AMF            Perfect Thrill           Dec-'06
AMF          Power Polyester            May-09
AMF          Power Up Impact            Dec-97
AMF         Power Up Reactor            Dec-97
AMF           Power Up Slam             Jan-98
AMF          Predator ( Red )           Nov-95
AMF             Project - X             Sept-'05
AMF        Pure Hook Pro-Solid          Sept-'06
AMF    Pure Hook Pro-Solid Smooth       Sept-'06
AMF          R.P.M. Formula 4           Oct-95
AMF        R.P.M. Pearl (Purple)        Mar-96
AMF            R.P.M. Swirl             Mar-96
AMF           R.P.M. Ultra / C           Jul-96
AMF       R.P.M. Ultra / C (Pearl)      Oct-96
AMF                Radar                Jan-'05
AMF             Radar Alert             Jan-'07
AMF             Radar Lock              Aug-'06
AMF         Renegade ( Blue )           Nov-95
AMF     Richmond Tigers Polyester       May-09
AMF               Scamp                 Oct-'03
AMF              Shredder                Jul-10
AMF               Shred-It              Nov-10
AMF              Sideways                Jul-09
AMF         Smoke Green/Black            Jul-09
AMF         Smoke Purple/Red             Jul-09
AMF                Sprite               May-'05
AMF        St. K. F. C. Polyester       May-09
AMF            Sumo Black               Feb-92
AMF            Sumo Purple              Feb-92
AMF            Super Scamp              April-'04
AMF          Supreme Justice            April-'05
AMF       Supreme Justice Pearl         Nov-'05
AMF      Sydney Swans Polyester         May-09
AMF               Synbad                 Jul-91

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AMF            The Big Heist           May-10
AMF              The Heist             Jun-07
AMF           The Heist Pearl          Mar-09
AMF              Ti-Hawk               Sep-'00
AMF                Titan               Aug-'04
AMF              Titan SE             Sept-'05
AMF           Titan Skid/Flip          Dec-'06
AMF             Top Secret             Jun'00
AMF              Triumph               Aug-'03
AMF            Triumph 777            Sept-'06
AMF            Triumph Amp             Oct-'03
AMF        Triumph One Seven          May-'05
AMF         Triumph Pure Hook         Sept-'04
AMF     Triumph Pure Hook Marvel      March-'06
AMF            Triumph TNT             Jan-'04
AMF       Triumph TNT Explosion        July-'05
AMF      Triumph Tour Black/Silver     Dec-'06
AMF       Triumph Tour Polished       June-'06
AMF        Triumph Tour Sanded        June-'06
AMF                Valor               Aug-'02
AMF         Valor P Tour T/C/R         Aug-'03
AMF               Valor/P              Aug-'02
AMF         Velocity Red/Silver        Aug-'04
AMF           Velocity VPEX            July-'06
AMF               Venom                Feb-'06
AMF               Victory              Aug-'02
AMF           Victory R L/Y/B          Aug-'03
AMF              Victory/R             Aug-'02
AMF            Victory/SPT             Aug-'02
AMF               Villain              Jul-08
AMF                VP2                 Jan-'05
AMF    West Coast Eagles Polyester     May-09
AMF     Western Bulldogs Polyester     May-09
AMF                Whip                Nov-96
AMF           Whip ( Pearl )           Feb-97
AMF              Whiplash              Jan-98
AMF          Whiplash (Pearl)          Apr-98
AMF             X S PRO I              Jun-95
AMF             X S PRO II             Jun-95
AMF            X S ( Black )           Apr-95
AMF               Xtreme               Aug-'05
AMF       Xtreme Courage R/B/G         Aug-'03
AMF          Terminal Velocity         Aug-'05
AMKO            Black STH              Nov-97
AMKO        Blue Stealth STH III       Jun-97
AMKO       Green Stealth STH III       Aug-97
AMKO          Red Stealth III          Oct-97
AMKO               Shark               Nov-97
AMKO       Wine Pearl STH       III    Nov-97

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   Ango Corp.               Motor Zone             Aug-'04
  Angry Birds           Angry Bird Black Bird      Oct-12
  Angry Birds           Angry Bird Green Pig       Oct-12
  Angry Birds           Angry Bird Red Bird        Oct-12
ARK International      Hellbent Slaughter Gold     Jan-'09
ARK International     Hellbent Slaughter Silver    Jan-'09
ARK International          Hellbent Spare          Nov-08
ARK International        Slaughter Savage          Mar-09
ARK International              Sturgis             Sep-10
ARK International              Vertex              Nov-'06
      ASB                     Redline              Aug-10
     ASICS                Aeson PA-Long           March-'03
     ASICS               Aeson PA-Natural         March-'03
     ASICS                Aeson PA-Short          March-'03
     ASICS                Aphrodia PA-AR          March-'03
     ASICS               Aphrodia PA-Skid         March-'03
     ASICS                  Arch Angels            Nov-'03
     ASICS                 Arch Angels R           Nov-'03
     ASICS               Cassandra TC2.39         June-'03
     ASICS               Cassandra TC2.59         June-'03
     ASICS                Daphne TC Long           July-'02
     ASICS              Daphne TC Long EX          Aug-'02
     ASICS                Daphne TC Short          July-'02
     ASICS                   Demeteru              Apr-'02
     ASICS                 Demeteru EX1            Apr-'02
     ASICS                Demeteru Topa I          Oct-'02
     ASICS               Demeteru Topa III         Oct-'02
     ASICS               Demeteru Topa IV          Oct-'02
     ASICS                 Duelist TC 2.35         July-'02
     ASICS                 Duelist TC 2.55         July-'02
     ASICS                     Ecume               Aug-'01
     ASICS                   Ecume EVI             Nov-'01
     ASICS                  Ecume EVII             Nov-'01
     ASICS                  Exor T.D.C.            Oct-97
     ASICS                     Gallop              Oct-'05
     ASICS                   Gallop 845            Dec-'05
     ASICS               Genetics PA-Long          Oct-'02
     ASICS              Genetics PA-Natural        Oct-'02
     ASICS               Genetics PA-Short         Oct-'02
     ASICS                     Genie               Nov-'05
     ASICS                  Giga Corvus           April-'05
     ASICS                 Giga Variance           Oct-'04
     ASICS                     Hydrus              Dec-'04
     ASICS               Hydrus Pro Model          Dec-'04
     ASICS                  Judge 3000            May-'04
     ASICS                  Judge 3100            May-'04
     ASICS                 Judge PR 3200          June-'04
     ASICS                    Kinesis              Nov-'01
     ASICS                     Lustre              July-'05

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ASICS           Lustre Round       July-'05
ASICS            Mediator 2        Nov-'00
ASICS           Mediator Pro      Nov-'00
ASICS          Mediator Pro X      Jan-'01
ASICS            Mediator X        Jan-'01
ASICS           Mega Corvus       May-'05
ASICS          Mega Cycle 20       Feb-'05
ASICS          Mega Cycle 40       Feb-'05
ASICS          Mega Variance       Nov-'04
ASICS       Metabolism Super AR    Feb-'03
ASICS            Nightmare        June-'03
ASICS       Nightmare Flashback    Jan-'04
ASICS         Pandora TC2.60       Dec-'03
ASICS         Pandora TC2.70      March-'04
ASICS       Poseidon AR Medium    Sept-'03
ASICS        Poseidon Pro Model   April-'04
ASICS            Pro Model I      March-'04
ASICS         Pygmalion R2000     Dec-'03
ASICS          Radical TC2.38     Nov-'02
ASICS          Radical TC2.58     Nov-'02
ASICS           Real Demon         Jan-'01
ASICS         Real Demon Final    May-'01
ASICS          Real Demon X       May-'01
ASICS          Real Demon XX      May-'01
ASICS           Rumba Alpha        Feb-'06
ASICS           Rumba Beta        Aug-'06
ASICS              Sagitta         Feb-'05
ASICS            Seldom C          Dec-'01
ASICS             Seldom F         Dec-'01
ASICS           Seldom Final       Jan-'02
ASICS            Seldom SS        June-'01
ASICS            Seleb Pro I      April-'05
ASICS            Seleb Pro II     April-'05
ASICS               Sonic         March-'06
ASICS             Sonic R         June-'06
ASICS            Starget XI        Oct-'01
ASICS            Starget XII       Oct-'01
ASICS              Starsky        Sept-'02
ASICS          Telephus Topa I    Nov-'03
ASICS         Telephus Topa III    Nov-'03
ASICS          Tera Variance       Nov-'04
ASICS         VPB801 Variance      Aug-'04
ASU                 Bomb           Mar-98
ASU              Boomerang         Aug-97
ASU           Cheetah (Orange)     Aug-95
ASU                 Cube          Nov-'05
ASU                 EXP            Jan-98
ASU                EXP 2          March-'03
ASU         Firehawk "The Bomb"    Jun-97

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ASU            Mach 2 XL           Mar'00
ASU              Patriot           Feb-94
ASU           Perfect Piece        Dec-94
ASU               Urex             Dec-96
ASU       Urex Final Countdown     Sep-97
ASU             Urex Pro           Feb-97
ASU             Urex TE            Feb-97
AZO          Absolute Power        Dec-'03
AZO          Action Carbide       March-'03
AZO             Advance           April-'03
AZO               Apex             Dec-'00
AZO               Area             May-09
AZO           Area Check           Jun-10
AZO      Armageddon Burg Pearl     Aug-99
AZO        Armageddon-Black        Apr-99
AZO       AZO (Clear Polyester)    Oct-'08
AZO             Blue Fire          Oct-'01
AZO            Blue Fire 2         Aug-'02
AZO           Brain Particle       Nov-'03
AZO          Brain Reactive        Nov-'03
AZO              Defeat           April-'04
AZO          Drastic Carbide      Sept-'02
AZO           Drastic Spec        Sept-'02
AZO            Fantasy X           Feb-'02
AZO        Fantasy X Reactive     Sept-'03
AZO      Fantasy X Super Carbon   Sept-'03
AZO             Fatman             Apr'00
AZO            Fusion RP          May-'01
AZO            Fusion RS          May-'01
AZO              Ignition         March-'04
AZO              Illusion         June-'02
AZO             Little Boy         Aug-'00
AZO              Logical           Dec-'02
AZO         Logical Z Carbide      Dec-'02
AZO           Max Radical          Mar-09
AZO              Mirage            Feb-'02
AZO             Optimum            Dec-'00
AZO            Pro Tactics         Jun-07
AZO           Pure Tactics         May-08
AZO          Pure Tactics TV       Sep-10
AZO           Radical Fire         Dec-'04
AZO          Radical Power         Oct-'04
AZO             Red Fire           Aug-'01
AZO            Slash Pro          June-'01
AZO           Slash Super         June-'01
AZO             Solution           Feb-'04
AZO              Strike            Jun-09
AZO            Strike Tour         May-10
AZO         Tactics Reactive      Sept-'03

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       AZO                  Tactics Super Carbon           Sept-'03
       AZO                         Tough                   March-'04
       AZO                      Tour Tactics                Jul-10
       AZO                   Tour V Pure Tactics            Jan-'09
       AZO                       Ultima Pro                 Nov-'01
       AZO                       Ultima RP                  Oct-'01
       AZO                   Ultra Radical Pearl            Jun-07
       AZO                    Ultra Radical Pro             Dec-'08
       AZO                 Ultra Radical Pro 2010           Apr-10
       AZO                   Ultra Radical Solid            Jun-07
       AZO                      Ultra Tactics               Mar-08
       AZO                     Ultra Tactics TV             Dec-09
       AZO                         Warrior                 March-'04
       AZO                         X-Trial                  Dec-'02
       BA-K                        Reaper                   Sep-07
      Ballistik                  Kryptonite                 Feb-'02
  Banger Bowling                   Fantasy                  May-07
  Banger Bowling              Hole Finder Pearl             Sep-07
  Banger Bowling              Hole Finder Solid             Sep-07
  Banger Bowling                Hole Pounder                Oct-'06
  Banger Bowling             Hole Pounder Solid             Feb-07
   Bowl America                    X-Line                   Dec-'05
     Bowl.HK                    Bowl.HK Blue                Feb-10
     Bowl.HK                   Bowl.HK White                Feb-10
   Bowlers Edge              Radical Thing      IIIX        Oct-97
   Bowlers Edge                Wild Thing Pro               Aug-98                 Draco                   Aug-12                  Fox                    Nov-10                 Orion                   Jul-11
     Bowl-Star                 Bong Coo MVP                April-'03
     Bowltech                     Pro Bowl                  Feb-08
    Brunswick                     A - Tude                  Aug-97
    Brunswick                    A - Tude 2                 Aug-97
    Brunswick                    A - Tude 3                 Apr-98
    Brunswick                 Absolute Inferno              Jan-'05
    Brunswick                     Ace Zone                 March-'03
    Brunswick                    Active Zone                Dec-'06
    Brunswick                     Ambitious                 Nov-'06
    Brunswick                    Ambitious II               Jun-07
    Brunswick                    Anaconda                   Jun-10
    Brunswick             Atomizer (Bowl America)          May-'03
    Brunswick                Attack Zone-Black              Apr-99
    Brunswick                 Attack Zone-Blue              Apr-99
    Brunswick               Attack Zone-Copper              Apr-99
    Brunswick             Attack Zone-Green Pearl           Apr-99
    Brunswick                 Attack Zone-MR                Aug-99
    Brunswick                Attitude Anaconda              Nov-'02
    Brunswick                     Attitude X               May-'02
    Brunswick         Avalanche - Black / Electric Green    May-09

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Brunswick               Avalanche Pearl                 Jan-08
Brunswick               Avalanche Slide                Sept-'08
Brunswick               Avalanche Solid                 Jan-08
Brunswick             Avalanche Urethane                May-10
Brunswick                     Axis                     April-'91
Brunswick               Battering Siege                 Feb-10
Brunswick              Battering Siege 2                May-11
Brunswick              Battle Zone Bullet               Feb'00
Brunswick             Battle Zone Cannon                Jun'00
Brunswick             Battle Zone Missile               Feb'00
Brunswick                Best Bowling                   Sep-10
Brunswick                Bionic Zone I                 Dec-'04
Brunswick                Bionic Zone II                Dec-'04
Brunswick                    Blast                     April-'99
Brunswick                 Blast Zone                    Jun-07
Brunswick               Blazing Inferno                 Nov-'03
Brunswick                Blitz, Emerald                 May-98
Brunswick              Blitz, Pearl Power               May-98
Brunswick              Blitz, Purple Power              May-98
Brunswick               Bong Coo MVP                    Feb-'01
Brunswick          Bowlers Universe Area 39             Oct-07
Brunswick   Bowlers Universe Area 39 Limited Edition    Dec-09
Brunswick                Bowling Stone                 March-'03
Brunswick           Brimstone Red Monster               Feb-'01
Brunswick                Burning Siege                  Apr-11
Brunswick             Burning Siege S37P                Apr-12
Brunswick             Burning Siege S73P                Apr-12
Brunswick                BVP Ambush                     Oct-'05
Brunswick                 BVP Goliath                  June-'04
Brunswick               BVP Mammoth                     Oct-'06
Brunswick                BVP Nemesis                   June-'04
Brunswick                BVP Punisher                   Oct-'04
Brunswick               BVP Rampage                    June-'05
Brunswick                 BVP Wizard                   June-'06
Brunswick               C*(System) 2.5                  Aug-09
Brunswick               C*(System) 3.5                  Dec-09
Brunswick              C*(System) 3.5 LE                May-10
Brunswick             C*(System) 3.5 SP                 Apr-11
Brunswick               C*(System) 4.5                  Jun-10
Brunswick             C*(System) 4.5 INT                Aug-10
Brunswick           C*(System) Alpha-Max                Dec-10
Brunswick         C*(System) Alpha-Max INT              May-11
Brunswick            C*(System) Delta-Max               May-11
Brunswick           C*(System) Maxxed-Out               Jun-12
Brunswick             C*(System) Ulti-Max               Jun-11
Brunswick           C*(System) Versa-Max                Jan-12
Brunswick                Chance Zone                    May-07
Brunswick                   Charger                    April-'02
Brunswick                  Cold Fury                   Dec-'08

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Brunswick           Combat Zone          Jan-97
Brunswick     Combat Zone Gr Tr.Tour#1    Jul-97
Brunswick     Combat Zone Green Tracer   Apr-97
Brunswick     Combat Zone Tour Ed. #1    Feb-97
Brunswick     Combat Zone Tour Ed. #2    Feb-97
Brunswick     Combat Zone Tour Ed. #3    Feb-97
Brunswick           Comfort Zone         Dec-'06
Brunswick          Command Zone          Oct-99
Brunswick        Command Zone Arc        Mar'00
Brunswick       Contact Zone Pro 2.0     Mar'00
Brunswick           Control Zone         Apr-99
Brunswick         Control Zone TE1       Aug-99
Brunswick           Copperhead           May-08
Brunswick            D2Z Ever            Oct-11
Brunswick             Damage             Oct-10
Brunswick           Danger Zone          Jan-96
Brunswick      Danger Zone Edition 1     Jan-96
Brunswick      Danger Zone Edition 2     Jan-96
Brunswick      Danger Zone Edition 3     Jan-96
Brunswick      Danger Zone Black Ice     Apr-96
Brunswick      Danger Zone 2 Carbide     Dec-'02
Brunswick          Danger Zone 5         Sept-'03
Brunswick          Danger Zone 6         Sept-'03
Brunswick       Danger Zone Code 1       Sep-10
Brunswick       Danger Zone Code 2       Mar-11
Brunswick       Danger Zone Extreme      Sept-'03
Brunswick         Danger Zone HPC        Aug-'00
Brunswick          Danger Zone I         Dec-'02
Brunswick          Danger Zone III       July-'03
Brunswick          Danger Zone IV        July-'03
Brunswick       Danger Zone Pro-HPD      Aug-99
Brunswick     Danger Zone Pro-HPD TE1    Nov-99
Brunswick     Danger Zone Pro-HPD TE2    Nov-99
Brunswick       Danger Zone Pro-HPH      Aug-99
Brunswick        Deep Danger Zone        Aug-96
Brunswick      Deep Danger Zone ( 1 )    Sep-96
Brunswick      Deep Danger Zone ( 2 )    Sep-96
Brunswick         Demolition Zone        Dec-'00
Brunswick           Destroy Zone         Dec-'04
Brunswick           Diamondback          Sep-09
Brunswick        Diamondback Pearl       Mar-10
Brunswick       Diamondback Sunrise      Aug-10
Brunswick           Digital Fuze         Aug-'06
Brunswick              Disney            May-'02
Brunswick           Dream Zone           Jan-'01
Brunswick         Dream Zone Pearl       Jan-'01
Brunswick             Dry Zone           Jun-07
Brunswick          Dry Zone Solid        May-08
Brunswick         Dynamic Zone 1         Nov-'03

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Brunswick          Dynamic Zone 2          Nov-'03
Brunswick          Dynamite Crash          April-'02
Brunswick              Eclipse             April-'02
Brunswick           Edge Reactive          June-'04
Brunswick          Edge Urethane           Sept-'02
Brunswick               Etoile              Feb-08
Brunswick             Evil Siege            Dec-09
Brunswick          Explosion Zone I        June-'04
Brunswick         Explosion Zone II        June-'04
Brunswick          Express Zone H           Aug-'06
Brunswick          Express Zone S          Sept-'06
Brunswick               Falcon             April-'02
Brunswick            Fiery Siege            Jun-10
Brunswick           Firing Inferno          Aug-08
Brunswick            Focus Zone             Aug-08
Brunswick                Fury               Jan-07
Brunswick             Fury Pearl            Jun-07
Brunswick           Fury Pearl TE           Jan-08
Brunswick       Fuze Blue/Silver Pearl      Oct-'05
Brunswick          Fuze Detonator           Jan-'02
Brunswick          Fuze Eliminator          Nov-'02
Brunswick            Fuze Igniter           July-'02
Brunswick         Fuze Navy Sparkle        June-'01
Brunswick         Fuze Purple Pearl        June-'01
Brunswick         Fuze Raging Red           Oct-'01
Brunswick           Gigabolt Zone           Jun-11
Brunswick       Gold Zone Merlot/Gold       Jun-11
Brunswick        Gold Zone Red/Silver       Jun-11
Brunswick           Great Inferno           Mar-08
Brunswick     Groove Blackberry Sparkle    July-'01
Brunswick            Groove Blue            July-'01
Brunswick    Groove Blue/Orange Sparkle     July-'01
Brunswick         Groove Cranberry          July-'01
Brunswick            Groove Jade            July-'01
Brunswick            Groove Red            May-'04
Brunswick          Groove Urethane         March-'05
Brunswick     Groove Urethane (Polished)    May-07
Brunswick               Hearts              May-09
Brunswick                Helix              Jan-97
Brunswick           Helix (Double)          Oct-97
Brunswick           High Intensity          Apr-'02
Brunswick           Hyper Zone H            Jan-'06
Brunswick           Hyper Zone S            Jan-'06
Brunswick              Ilusiona            April-'05
Brunswick            Impact Zone            Dec-98
Brunswick         Impact Zone Tour          Aug-99
Brunswick           Impulse Zone            Dec-'04
Brunswick               Inferno             Jan-'03
Brunswick           Intense Inferno        June-'04

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Brunswick               Jaws                 Oct-07
Brunswick         Johnny P Zone Pro          Apr'00
Brunswick       Karma Black/Blue Solid       Mar-11
Brunswick      Karma Blue/Green Pearl        Mar-11
Brunswick      Karma Purple/Pink Pearl       Jan-12
Brunswick       Karma Urethane Solid         Jun-12
Brunswick             Kick Zone              May-07
Brunswick          Lethal Revolver           Jun-11
Brunswick          Loaded Revolver           Dec-10
Brunswick          LT-48 Gold Black          May-97
Brunswick          LT-48 Gold Pearl          May-98
Brunswick           Majestic Zone I          April-'05
Brunswick          Majestic Zone II          April-'05
Brunswick          Massive Damage            Jun-11
Brunswick     Master Zone Black/Chrome       Dec-'05
Brunswick       Master Zone Red/Black        Dec-'05
Brunswick            Maxxx Zone              Oct-'08
Brunswick       Maxxx Zone Evolution         Aug-09
Brunswick       Maxxx Zone Evolution +       Apr-11
Brunswick           Mega Zone H              May-'06
Brunswick           Mega Zone S              May-'06
Brunswick           Mighty Zone 1            Aug-'05
Brunswick           Mighty Zone 2            Aug-'05
Brunswick          Mike Aulby MVP            Mar-99
Brunswick          Monster Bruiser           June-'03
Brunswick          Monster Frenzy            Oct-'02
Brunswick          Monster Purple            Jun'00
Brunswick    Monster Reactive Green/Black    Nov-'00
Brunswick         Monster Red/Black          Apr-'01
Brunswick         Monster ScreamR            Jan-'02
Brunswick           Monster SlayR            Sept-'03
Brunswick          Monster SmashR            June-'02
Brunswick       Move Light Blue/Purple       Apr-10
Brunswick        Move Purple/Orange          Apr-10
Brunswick         Move Yellow/Blue           Apr-10
Brunswick         New York Yankees           April-'02
Brunswick          Nexus f(P) Pearl          Oct-11
Brunswick        Nexus f(P) Pearl INT        May-12
Brunswick         Nexus f(P+F) Solid         Oct-11
Brunswick        Nexxus f(P+H) Solid         May-12
Brunswick        Nexxus f(P+R) Pearl         May-12
Brunswick        Nexxus f(P+R) Solid         Jan-12
Brunswick        Nexxus f(P+S) Solid         May-12
Brunswick        Nexxxus f(P+A) Solid        Aug-12
Brunswick          Nexxxus f(P+S)            Jun-12
Brunswick   Offense Zone Red/Yellow Pearl    Aug-'06
Brunswick   Offense Zone Teal/Orange Pearl   Aug-'06
Brunswick             One Shot               Aug-08
Brunswick          Original Inferno          Jan-08

            Page 16 of 83
Brunswick              Parker Bohn International I             Dec-'02
Brunswick             Parker Bohn International II             Dec-'02
Brunswick               Parker Bohn Long Skid                  Aug-'00
Brunswick                  Parker Bohn MVP                     Aug-99
Brunswick                Parker Bohn Nat. Skid                 Aug-'00
Brunswick               Parker Bohn Short Skid                 Sep-'00
Brunswick                       PB3 AM                         Aug-'02
Brunswick                    PB3 Long Skid                     Oct-'01
Brunswick                  PB3 Natural Skid                    Oct-'01
Brunswick                       PB3 PM                         Aug-'02
Brunswick                   PB3 Short Skid                     Oct-'01
Brunswick                       PB3 SS                         Aug-'02
Brunswick                     PB3 Straight                     Oct-'01
Brunswick               PBA Inferno Black/White                Nov-'06
Brunswick               PBA Inferno Blue/Yellow                Oct-'05
Brunswick                    PBA Tour HP                       Oct-'04
Brunswick                  Phantom Crimson                     Nov-91
Brunswick                    Phantom Navy                      Sep-91
Brunswick                       Pit Viper                      Jul-09
Brunswick                 Power Groove Dry/R                  March-'05
Brunswick             Power Groove Ice Blue Pearl             June-'02
Brunswick        Power Groove Proactive Black Sparkle         June-'02
Brunswick            Power Groove Proactive Plum              March-'03
Brunswick         Power Groove Reactive - Black/Pink           May-09
Brunswick        Power Groove Reactive - Black/Purple          Nov-07
Brunswick          Power Groove Reactive - Blue/Ivory         March-'06
Brunswick          Power Groove Reactive - Blue/Red           March-'06
Brunswick       Power Groove Reactive - Lime/Lavender          May-09
Brunswick         Power Groove Reactive - Merlot/Gold          May-09
Brunswick   Power Groove Reactive - Neon Green/Purple Pearl   June-'02
Brunswick         Power Groove Reactive - Pink/Blue            Nov-07
Brunswick        Power Groove Reactive - Purple/Silver        April-'04
Brunswick          Power Groove Reactive - Red/Teal           April-'04
Brunswick         Power Groove Reactive - Teal/Purple         April-'04
Brunswick       Power Groove Reactive - Yellow/Chrome         March-'03
Brunswick         Power Groove Reactive Teal/Orange           March-'05
Brunswick                     Power Zone                       Feb-09
Brunswick                     Prime Zone                       Oct-07
Brunswick                 Pro Rhino T2 (Teal)                  Aug-95
Brunswick                       Python                         Apr-09
Brunswick                   Quantam Navy                       Mar-99
Brunswick               Quantum (Fire Quantum)                 Sep-95
Brunswick                 Quantum Alchemist                   May-'01
Brunswick                Quantum Aqua Marine                   Aug-94
Brunswick                Quantum Blue Denim                    Nov-99
Brunswick                Quantum Dark Scarlet                  Jan-94
Brunswick                    Quantum Elite                     Oct-'03
Brunswick               Quantum Forest Green                   Jan-94
Brunswick                  Quantum Furious                     Oct-'03

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Brunswick          Quantum Helikia           Oct-'01
Brunswick    Quantum Helikia Tour Edition   June-'03
Brunswick         Quantum Imperial           Oct-98
Brunswick          Quantum Jade              Jun-98
Brunswick          Quantum Leap              Mar-98
Brunswick      Quantum Midnight Blue         Jan-94
Brunswick        Quantum Navy TE1            Aug-99
Brunswick      Quantum Platinum Navy        Dec-'00
Brunswick        Quantum Precision           Oct-'08
Brunswick          Quantum Purple            Mar-98
Brunswick          Quantum Raven             Apr-97
Brunswick        Quantum Rick Blood         May-'01
Brunswick          Quantum Sage              May-96
Brunswick      Quantum Sage Tour Ed.         May-96
Brunswick        Quantum Slate Blue          Aug-99
Brunswick          Quantum Spare             July-'01
Brunswick        Quantum The Ring           April-'02
Brunswick       Quantum, Violet Hook         Mar-95
Brunswick               Quest               April-'02
Brunswick           Racing Zone              Mar-08
Brunswick          Radical Inferno          June-'06
Brunswick          Raging Inferno           June-'03
Brunswick              Rattler               Dec-'08
Brunswick            Red Alert 2            April-'02
Brunswick            Red Alert 3            April-'02
Brunswick           Red Alert 300            Feb-'05
Brunswick            Red Alert 4            April-'03
Brunswick            Red Alert 5             Oct-'03
Brunswick           Red Alert 900           Sept-'05
Brunswick          Red Alert Blast           Dec-'06
Brunswick          Red Alert Edge            Aug-'06
Brunswick           Red Alert EX            Sept-'05
Brunswick          Red Alert Flash          April-'06
Brunswick         Red Alert Grande           Oct-07
Brunswick           Red Alert Ltd.           Oct-'04
Brunswick       Red Alert Night Flash        May-98
Brunswick           Red Alert Plus          March-'04
Brunswick          Red Alert Press           Feb-08
Brunswick       Red Alert Pro Edition        Mar-09
Brunswick          Red Alert Surge           Oct-'08
Brunswick        Red Alert V Edition         Sep-11
Brunswick            Red Crown               Jan-'06
Brunswick           Red Crown 2              Aug-'06
Brunswick           Red Crown 3              Aug-'06
Brunswick             Red Zone              June-'06
Brunswick             Renegade              Sept-'02
Brunswick             Revolver               Jun-10
Brunswick               Rhino                Apr-'02
Brunswick            Rhino CEX               Jan-'02

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Brunswick             Rhino EDX                Jan-'02
Brunswick              Rhino FXI               Nov-'02
Brunswick      Rhino Pro X ( Copper )          Feb-97
Brunswick          Rhino Pro Black             Mar-92
Brunswick           Rhino Pro Blue             Jan-93
Brunswick       Rhino Pro Forest Green         Mar-92
Brunswick           Rhino Pro Gold             Apr-94
Brunswick        Rhino Pro LE (Blue)           Dec-94
Brunswick           Rhino Pro Pearl            Jun-96
Brunswick          Rhino Pro Purple            Mar-92
Brunswick           Rhino Pro Steel            Sep-93
Brunswick             Rhino PTE                May-'02
Brunswick           Rhino RE Blue              Jun-93
Brunswick         Rhino RE Emerald             Jun-93
Brunswick              Rhino RU                Jun-96
Brunswick             Rhino TRX                July-'01
Brunswick            Rhino TRX 2               April-'02
Brunswick          Riot Zone Pro 2.0           Oct-99
Brunswick      Riot Zone Pro Purp. Pearl       Dec-99
Brunswick         Riot Zone Pro TE1            Mar'00
Brunswick              Rip Zone                Oct-'08
Brunswick          Scorchin Inferno            Jan-'06
Brunswick         Scorchin Inferno S           Jan-'06
Brunswick             Shock Zone               Jan-'01
Brunswick              Shrek LE                Oct-'04
Brunswick             Sidewinder               Jun-07
Brunswick                Siege                 May-09
Brunswick           Siege Defender             Sep-09
Brunswick          Siege Defender II           Feb-11
Brunswick        Siege Polyester Black         Feb-10
Brunswick        Siege Polyester Blue          Feb-10
Brunswick        Siege Polyester Red           Feb-10
Brunswick             Silent Fury              Feb-09
Brunswick                Skull                 May-09
Brunswick        Slingshot Black/Pink          Apr-11
Brunswick      Slingshot Blue/Gold Pearl       Mar-10
Brunswick   Slingshot Lavender/Lime Pearl      Mar-10
Brunswick        Slingshot Merlot/Gold         Mar-10
Brunswick       Slingshot Purple Pearl         Apr-11
Brunswick       Slingshot Red/Orange           May-12
Brunswick   Slingshot Red Pearl/Silver Pearl   Mar-10
Brunswick     Slingshot Silver Pearl/Black     Mar-10
Brunswick            Smart Zone 1              Aug-'04
Brunswick            Smart Zone 2              Aug-'04
Brunswick            Smash Zone                Jun-08
Brunswick           Smokin Inferno             June-'05
Brunswick     Smokin Inferno (White Pin)       June-'05
Brunswick             Solid Zone               Oct-07
Brunswick                Spark                 June-'03

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Brunswick           Speed Demon               Feb-98
Brunswick            Speed Zone               Aug-97
Brunswick      Speed ZoneTour Ed. # 1         Oct-97
Brunswick      Speed ZoneTour Ed. # 2         Oct-97
Brunswick      Speed ZoneTour Ed. # 3         Feb-98
Brunswick      Speed ZoneTour Ed. # 4         Feb-98
Brunswick        Sting Zone Black/Red         Oct-07
Brunswick     Sting Zone Blue Pearl/Silver    May-08
Brunswick        Sting Zone Blue/Red          Oct-07
Brunswick    Sting Zone Purple Pearl/Silver   May-08
Brunswick             Strike Zone             June-'05
Brunswick          Swamp Monster              June-'02
Brunswick               Swarm                 May-08
Brunswick            Target Zone              Nov-97
Brunswick      Target Zone Color Shifter      May-'04
Brunswick           Thunder Zone              Jan-08
Brunswick             Time Zone               June-'03
Brunswick          TNT Raging Red             April-'02
Brunswick            Total Inferno            Oct-'06
Brunswick            Twisted Fury             Oct-07
Brunswick      Twisted Fury Destruction       Oct-'08
Brunswick         Twisted Fury Solid           Jul-08
Brunswick               T-Zone                Nov-97
Brunswick           Ultimate Inferno          Jan-'04
Brunswick        Ultimate Inferno Blue        Nov-'05
Brunswick             Ultra Zone              Jan-08
Brunswick           Urethane Zone              Jul-11
Brunswick             Vapor Zone              Oct-'05
Brunswick              Viz-A-Ball             Dec-'00
Brunswick          Walter Ray MVP             Aug-99
Brunswick         Warner Bros. Bugs           Jun-99
Brunswick     Warner Bros. Scooby Doo         Feb-'00
Brunswick          Warner Bros. Taz           June-'99
Brunswick        Warner Bros. Tweety          Jun-99
Brunswick             Warm Zone               Apr-12
Brunswick             Warp Zone               Oct-'03
Brunswick            Wicked Siege             Oct-10
Brunswick             Wide Zone               Dec-'03
Brunswick        Wide Zone Red/Teal           Sept-'04
Brunswick              Wild Card              Sep-09
Brunswick              Wild Fire              Jun-09
Brunswick           Wild Hurricane            Mar-10
Brunswick             Wild Impact             Mar-10
Brunswick              Wild Ride              Dec-'08
Brunswick            Wild Ride TE             Dec-'08
Brunswick             Wild Splash             Aug-10
Brunswick             Wild Thing              May-09
Brunswick         WWF Chris Jericho           Jan-'01
Brunswick           WWF The Rock              Jan-'01

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       Brunswick              X Zone Black Pearl/Ivory       May-09
       Brunswick           X Zone Blue Pearl/Orange Pearl    May-09
       Brunswick                  X Zone High Diff.          Sep-00
       Brunswick                  X Zone Low Diff.           Sep-00
       Brunswick                    X Zone TE 1              Jan-'01
       Brunswick                    X Zone TE 2              Jan-'01
       Brunswick                  Zone "Red Alert"           Jan-98
       Brunswick                 Zone ( Blue Pearl )         Nov-95
       Brunswick                   Zone ( Burg. )            Jan-95
       Brunswick                 Zone ( Gold Swirl )         Jan-95
       Brunswick               Zone ( Pearlized Blue )       Nov-95
       Brunswick               Zone ( Sapphire Blue )        Jun-95
       Brunswick                 Zone (Amber Blk.)           Jan-95
       Brunswick                    Zone (Red)               Jan-95
       Brunswick              Zone Classic (Green Pin)      May-'04
       Brunswick               Zone Classic (Red Pin)       April-'04
       Brunswick                   Zone Defense              Jul-97
       Brunswick                   Zone Legend               Nov-'02
       Brunswick                  Zone Pro Azure             Jul-98
       Brunswick                  Zone Pro Black             Oct-98
       Brunswick                   Zone Pro Teal             Dec-98
       Brunswick            Zone Pro Tour Ed. 1(Red Pin)     Oct-98
       Brunswick            Zone Pro Tour Ed. 2(Grn Pin)     Oct-98
       Brunswick                  Zone Pro Violet            Feb-99
       Brunswick               Zone Raid Blue Vapor         June-'02
       Brunswick                     Zone Rush              May-'01
       Brunswick               Zone Rush Cranberry           Jan-'02
Bulldog Bowling Products           Bulldog (Blue)           May-'02
Bulldog Bowling Products          Bulldog (Green)           May-'02
Bulldog Bowling Products          Bulldog (Purple)          May-'02
Bulldog Bowling Products           Bulldog (Red)            May-'02
       Bulldozer                    Transformer             March-'05
    Caffeine Sports           Addict Charcoal/Orange         Jan-'09
    Caffeine Sports             Espresso Black/Gold          Jan-'09
    Caffeine Sports                 Espresso X               May-09
    Caffeine Sports                Power Addict              May-09
    Caffeine Sports            Stimulant Purple/Pink         Jan-'09
    Caffeine Sports               Stimulant X-Tra            May-09
      Cal Bowling                     Baseball               Aug-09
      Cal Bowling                     Golf Ball              Dec-'00
      Cal Bowling                   Soccer Ball              Aug-09
    Carmin Salvino                Hypower ( Blue )           Sep-94
    Carmin Salvino                Wild Fire (Black)          Dec-94
    Carmin Salvino             Hypower ( Burgandy )          Sep-95
      Champions                   Atomic Weapon             April-'03
      Champions                    Black Weapon              Jan-92
      Champions                    Blue Weapon               Mar-92
      Champions                  Burgundy Weapon             Jan-92
      Champions                  Chemical Weapon            April-'03

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 Champions                       Dragon              May-94
 Champions               Dynamic Weapon             Sept-'02
 Champions            Eclipse     (Black Scarlet)    May-96
 Champions                Eclipse         (Blue)     May-96
 Champions              Hydrogen Warhead            Sept-'02
 Champions                      Mustang              Jun-95
 Champions                 Nuclear Boom             May-'02
 Champions                Nuclear Weapon            Sept-'01
 Champions               Orbit (Red Pearl)           May-96
 Champions                  Orbit (Wine)             May-96
 Champions                Psionic Weapon            July-'03
 Champions                   War Hawk                Aug-94
 Champions                 War Hawk XR               Aug-94
 Champions               Warhead Weapon             May-'02
 Champions               Weapon, Ultimate            Jan-92
 Champions            Weapon, Ultimate Black         Jun-93
Circle Athletics    Air Force 1 Purple/Black/Red     Aug-07
Circle Athletics       Air Force 1 Purple/Blue       Aug-07
Circle Athletics                 Chuza              April-'06
Circle Athletics        Fiesta Orange/Black          Oct-'05
Circle Athletics        Fiesta Purple/Silver         Oct-'05
Circle Athletics                 Full Tilt          June-'06
Circle Athletics             Hard Core               Nov-'04
Circle Athletics             Hard Core               Jan-'06
Circle Athletics   Hard Core Fanatic Green/Purple   April-'05
Circle Athletics   Hard Core Fanatic Teal/Purple    July-'05
Circle Athletics         Hard Core Particle          Dec-'05
Circle Athletics          Hard Core XXX             June-'06
Circle Athletics                  HCP                July-'05
Circle Athletics                  Hero               Feb-'04
Circle Athletics            High Voltage            June-'06
Circle Athletics                   Idol              Feb-'04
Circle Athletics                Mega Idol            Aug-'04
Circle Athletics                Pro Spec            Sept-'04
Circle Athletics         Pro Spec Evolution          Nov-'04
Circle Athletics            Pro Spec X              Sept-'04
Circle Athletics                   Rio               Aug-'04
Circle Athletics            Super Hero              Aug-'04
Circle Athletics                   Tilt              July-'05
Circle Athletics            Tilt Red/Blue            Dec-'05
Circle Athletics                Voltage              Feb-'06
Circle Athletics           Voltage Pearl            March-'05
Circle Athletics                  Zero              June-'05
Coactor Ent.                      Zing               Nov-97
  Columbia                       A-Ball              Jan-99
  Columbia                       Action              Oct-'05
  Columbia                  Action Attack           Sept-'06
  Columbia                  Action Force             Dec-'06
  Columbia                   Action Max             July-'06

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Columbia         Action Nano-Flex           Dec-'06
Columbia          Action Newbrid            May-07
Columbia           Action Packed            Feb-'06
Columbia            After Shock             Mar-96
Columbia      After Shock ( Pearl Red )     May-96
Columbia             Alter Ego              Feb-'04
Columbia          Alter Ego Pearl          Sept-'04
Columbia              Apogee               Sept-'06
Columbia             Arch Rival             May-08
Columbia           Backyard Bully           Jan-'05
Columbia               B-Ball               Feb-99
Columbia               Beast                Mar-92
Columbia          Beast Blood Red           Apr-98
Columbia             Beast Blue             Jun-94
Columbia           Beast Master            April-'03
Columbia        Beast Pearl W/Mica          Aug-99
Columbia          Beast Polyester           Aug-96
Columbia        Beast Solid W/Mica          Aug-99
Columbia              Bedlam                Jun-09
Columbia            Benchmark               Oct-11
Columbia              Big Bully             Oct-'04
Columbia       Big Bully Black/Silver       Nov-10
Columbia     Big Bully Purple/Blue/Red      Apr-11
Columbia             Big Buster             Oct-'04
Columbia              Blue Dot              Jan-'91
Columbia             Bonanza                Jan-91
Columbia                Boss                Jul-97
Columbia             Boss 2012              Feb-12
Columbia   Boss 2012 Black/Purple/Yellow    May-12
Columbia             Boss Pearl             Nov-97
Columbia               BUD 2                Sep-91
Columbia                Bully               July-'04
Columbia               Burst                Apr-10
Columbia               C-Ball               Aug-99
Columbia               Chaos                Feb-99
Columbia     Chris Barnes Professional     June-'05
Columbia        Chris Barnes Select        May-'06
Columbia            Classic Rock            Feb-'01
Columbia         Columbia Special          April-'03
Columbia         Complete Bedlam            May-10
Columbia          Complete Chaos            Oct-99
Columbia             Cool Noize             Apr-09
Columbia         Cuda / C ( Burg. )         Feb-95
Columbia           Cuda /C Pearl            Feb-95
Columbia             Cuda 2000              Mar'00
Columbia           Cuda C 2000              Aug-'00
Columbia              Cuda/C                Aug-'06
Columbia          Dark Encounter            Dec-11
Columbia               Dazzle              March-'03

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Columbia                 D-Ball                  Oct-99
Columbia                Detour                   Jan-'04
Columbia               Dr. Jekyll                July-'05
Columbia            Drastic P Swing              Nov-09
Columbia             Drastic Swing               Feb-09
Columbia                 Drive                  Sept-'04
Columbia                 E-Ball                  Dec-99
Columbia              Encounter                  Aug-11
Columbia                EPX T1                   Aug-'05
Columbia           EPX-A1 Ricochet               Nov-'05
Columbia               Eruption                  May-11
Columbia              Eruption II                Feb-12
Columbia               Extreme                   Aug-'05
Columbia            Extreme Chaos                Aug-99
Columbia             Falcon Talon                Aug-'00
Columbia                 F-Ball                  May'00
Columbia            Flipside Chariot            April-'05
Columbia            Flipside Debut              June-'06
Columbia             Flipside Ego                Oct-'03
Columbia            Flipside Fanatic             Jan-'06
Columbia      Flipside Fanatic Purple/Gold      April-'06
Columbia   Flipside Fanatic Silver/Cream/Blue   June-'06
Columbia             Flipside Fear              June-'04
Columbia             Flipside Fiend             March-'03
Columbia            Flipside Fiesta             March-'03
Columbia             Flipside Panic             June-'04
Columbia            Flipside Shock              June-'04
Columbia            Flipside Wicked             May-'02
Columbia    Flipside Wicked Black/Red/Teal       Feb-'03
Columbia             Flipside Wild              May-'02
Columbia    Flipside Wild Ruby/Gold/Royal        Feb-'03
Columbia            Flipside WOW                 Nov-'02
Columbia         Flipside WOW Pearl             March-'03
Columbia         Flipside WOW Purple            April-'04
Columbia                Formula                  Nov-'03
Columbia               Freedom                   Nov-'01
Columbia           Freeze Black/Pink             May-10
Columbia          Freeze Black/Silver            Jun-09
Columbia          Freeze Blue/Green              May-10
Columbia             Freeze Hybrid               Apr-12
Columbia         Freeze Orange/Green             May-11
Columbia         Freeze Purple/Orange            May-10
Columbia           Freeze Red/Blue               May-09
Columbia         Freeze Scarlet/Black            Jun-09
Columbia             Freeze Solid                Apr-12
Columbia              Full Swing                 May-09
Columbia              Full Throttle              Dec-'03
Columbia                 Game                    Apr-'01
Columbia              Game Pearl                 Nov-'01

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Columbia                  G-Ball                    Jun'00
Columbia               Giga Bedlam                  Feb-10
Columbia                  H-Ball                    Jun'00
Columbia                   Hyde                    March-'03
Columbia                  Hyjinx                   April-'06
Columbia                   Icon                     July-'02
Columbia                  Icon 2                    Oct-'02
Columbia                 Icon 300                   Dec-'02
Columbia                 Icon EQ                   April-'03
Columbia                Icon Quad                  April-'03
Columbia             Jazz Black/Silver              Aug-08
Columbia             Jazz Blue/Green                Jun-07
Columbia            Jazz Orange Yellow              May-08
Columbia             Jazz Purple/Pink               Jun-07
Columbia              Jazz Red/Blue                 Aug-08
Columbia                  J-Ball                    Sep-'00
Columbia                  Jekyll                   March-'03
Columbia                   Jinx                    April-'06
Columbia                  K-Ball                    Dec-'00
Columbia         Lane Catcher EX (Black)           Sept-'05
Columbia         Lane Catcher EX (Navy)            Sept-'05
Columbia         Lane Catcher EX (Purple)          Sept-'05
Columbia                  L-Ball                    Feb-'01
Columbia                Loud Noize                  Oct-'08
Columbia               Mass Chaos                   Dec-99
Columbia              Mass Eruption                 Oct-12
Columbia                Messenger                   Mar-99
Columbia          Messenger Black Solid             Apr-'01
Columbia         Messenger Cherry Pearl             Feb-'01
Columbia         Messenger Nautical Blue            Feb-'01
Columbia             Messenger Pearl                Apr-99
Columbia             Messenger TEC                  Apr'00
Columbia          Messenger Ti Low RG              March-'05
Columbia          Messenger Ti Traction             Aug-'03
Columbia         Messenger Ti Tungsten/C            Aug-'03
Columbia           Messenger Titanium               Dec-99
Columbia   Messenger Titanium Blue/Silver/Purple    Feb-'02
Columbia         Messenger Titanium Pearl           Dec-'00
Columbia                Momentum                    Nov-07
Columbia        Momentum Black/Red/Gold             May-08
Columbia             Momentum Chris                 Nov-08
Columbia            Momentum Swing                  Jun-08
Columbia          Momentum Swing 300                Jan-11
Columbia           Momentum Swing SE                Apr-10
Columbia              Natural Swing                 Aug-10
Columbia            Natural Swing 600               Jan-11
Columbia                Nebraska                    Feb-'05
Columbia                 No Rival                   Feb-08
Columbia                  Noize                     Jul-08

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Columbia                Oath               Aug-12
Columbia               Omen                Nov-11
Columbia              Outburst             Oct-10
Columbia              Outrage              Mar-97
Columbia             Overdrive             Feb-'05
Columbia          Pearl Renegade           Mar-98
Columbia            Perfect Rival          Aug-08
Columbia           Perfect Swing           Nov-09
Columbia              Piranha              Jan-94
Columbia         Piranha "C" (Blue)        Aug-94
Columbia      Piranha "C" Green Pearl      Nov-94
Columbia           Piranha Retro           Feb-'03
Columbia              Pit Boss             Apr-98
Columbia            Planet Side           March-'05
Columbia             Plus Swing            Jun-09
Columbia            Power Drive            July-'05
Columbia        Power Drive Sanded         Jan-'06
Columbia            Power Surge            May-99
Columbia            Power Swing            Dec-08
Columbia          Premium Swing            Sep-11
Columbia               Pride               Nov-07
Columbia       Pride Black/Silver/Red      Apr-08
Columbia            Primal Rage            May-97
Columbia             Pro Hook              Oct-92
Columbia         Pro Hook Extreme          Oct-92
Columbia          Pulse - Clear Pin        Aug-96
Columbia         Pulse - White Pin         Aug-'01
Columbia       Pulse Blue Black Gold       Sep-09
Columbia            Pulse Pearl            Nov-'96
Columbia      Pulse Scarlet (Red)/Black    Mar-10
Columbia            Pure Physics           May-10
Columbia            Pure Swing             Dec-09
Columbia           Quake (Purple)          Oct-95
Columbia            Quake Pearl            Jan-96
Columbia               Rage                Jan-97
Columbia              Ransom               Oct-10
Columbia       Ransom (Orange Pin)         Jan-11
Columbia          Ransom Demand            May-11
Columbia               Razzle             March-'03
Columbia            Reaction Arc           Dec-'01
Columbia           Reaction Rev            Feb-'02
Columbia         Reaction Ricochet        June-'01
Columbia        Reaction Ricochet 2       Nov-'01
Columbia        Reaction Ricochet C        Feb-'02
Columbia            Reaction Rip           Oct-'01
Columbia            Reaction Roll         June-'01
Columbia     Reaction Roll 2 Gunsmoke      Nov-'01
Columbia          Renegade Pearl           Apr-98
Columbia            Resurgence             Jun-07

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Columbia         Resurgence Empire           May-12
Columbia        Resurgence Kingdom           Nov-'08
Columbia          Resurgence K-Tilt          Apr-11
Columbia        Resurgence Nouveau           Sep-07
Columbia         Resurgence Perfect          Oct-07
Columbia         Resurgence Revival          Mar-12
Columbia           Resurgence SE             Feb-09
Columbia         Resurgence Super            Sep-10
Columbia              Ricochet               Oct-07
Columbia             Ricochet 88             Mar-11
Columbia            Ricochet L.E.            May-08
Columbia         Ricochet Megamix           April-'05
Columbia          Ricochet Miracle           Oct-'08
Columbia         Ricochet Miracle SE         Aug-11
Columbia          Ricochet Muscle           March-'03
Columbia          Ricochet Newbrid           Jun-07
Columbia       Ricochet Newbrid Alpha        Oct-07
Columbia       Ricochet Newbrid Beta         Jun-08
Columbia          Ricochet Newline           Apr-08
Columbia         Ricochet Rebound            Aug-'04
Columbia         Ricochet Revenge           April-'06
Columbia           Ricochet Rush             July-'06
Columbia          Ricochet Ultimate          Dec-'03
Columbia                Rival                Jun-07
Columbia          Rock & Ricochet           May-'06
Columbia             Rock Black              Jun'00
Columbia              Rock On                Dec-'00
Columbia             Rock On 2               Aug-'01
Columbia             Rock On 3               Aug-'01
Columbia           Rock On Begins            Nov-'04
Columbia       Rock On Carbide Black         July-'02
Columbia          Rock On Encore             Dec-'03
Columbia           Rock On Final             Dec-'02
Columbia          Rock On Forever           June-'04
Columbia       Rock On Limited Edition       Dec-'02
Columbia        Rock On Tungsten/C          April-'02
Columbia             Rock Pearl              Jun'00
Columbia              Rock Star              Sep-'00
Columbia             Scout Black             Jun'00
Columbia           Scout Blk/Red             Feb'00
Columbia          Scout Pearl Jade           May'00
Columbia            Scout Purple             May'00
Columbia   Scout Reactive Black/Red Pearl    Apr-07
Columbia      Scout Reactive Blue/Gold       Apr-07
Columbia     Scout Reactive Green/Silver     Apr-07
Columbia     Scout Reactive Purple/Silver    May-12
Columbia    Scout Reactive Purple/White      May-11
Columbia   Scout Reactive Red/Blue/White     May-10
Columbia   Scout Reactive Red/Pink/Orange    May-10

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Columbia        Scout Reactive Teal/Silver         May-12
Columbia             Scout Red/Gold                May-08
Columbia          Scout Ruby Red Pearl             Apr-'01
Columbia         Scout Urethane Hi-Flare          April-'05
Columbia           Scout/R Black Solid            April-'06
Columbia       Scout/R Blue/Green/Bronze           Feb-'05
Columbia     Scout/R Burgundy/Emerald/Blue         Feb-'04
Columbia             Scout/R Hi-Flare             March-'05
Columbia   Scout/R High Flare Pink/Blue/White     April-'06
Columbia   Scout/R High Flare Silver/Purple/Red   April-'06
Columbia             Scout/R Particle             April-'02
Columbia        Scout/R Particle Hi-Flare         April-'05
Columbia              Scout/R Pearl               May-'03
Columbia        Scout/R Red-Violet Pearl           Apr-'01
Columbia                 Shadow                    Sep-94
Columbia           Shadow "C" (Pearl)              Dec-96
Columbia               Shadow "R"                  Sep-94
Columbia               Sharp Noize                 Nov-09
Columbia             Speed Ricochet                Feb-10
Columbia                  Spirit                   Nov-'01
Columbia                 Spirit II                 Aug-'03
Columbia                 Splash                    Aug-99
Columbia                Sport Ball                 Oct-'01
Columbia                Stingray                   Jun-94
Columbia               Stingray "C "               May-95
Columbia               Super Beast                 Apr-97
Columbia             Super Beast TI                Jun-98
Columbia               Super Cuda                  Aug-96
Columbia             Super Ransom                  Apr-09
Columbia             Super Ricochet                Mar-11
Columbia               Super Swing                 Mar-09
Columbia              Super Trooper               April-'04
Columbia                  Surge                    Jan-99
Columbia             System I MRG                  Jul-97
Columbia                 Ten (10)                  Jan-'07
Columbia              The Big Shot                 Jan-'07
Columbia             The Classic U2                May-12
Columbia             The Momentum                  Mar-12
Columbia            The Professional              April-'05
Columbia                The Rock                   Mar-08
Columbia                 Throttle                 June-'03
Columbia          Throttle On Blue/Silver         April-'04
Columbia            Throttle On Grape              Feb-'04
Columbia               Throttle Up                 Oct-'03
Columbia            Throttle Xcelerator           April-'04
Columbia                Throttle-R                June-'03
Columbia                Ti / Beast                 Mar-98
Columbia               Ti / Boss II                Jul-98
Columbia              Ti Boss Tec 2               May-'02

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       Columbia                   Tite Angle Black        Aug-'05
       Columbia                   Tite Angle Blue         July-'05
       Columbia                  Tite Angle Purple        July-'05
       Columbia                      Titeline/R           Aug-'01
       Columbia                    Total Bedlam           Dec-09
       Columbia              Total Bedlam Black/Orange    Apr-10
       Columbia                     Total Chaos           Mar'00
       Columbia                     Tour Boss             Dec-97
       Columbia               Tour Boss Imperial Blue     Jan-98
       Columbia                   Tour Boss Pearl         Apr-98
       Columbia                  Tremor ( Purple )        Mar-96
       Columbia                       Trooper             April-'04
       Columbia                       U-Turn              Feb-'05
       Columbia                   U-Turn Particle         June-'05
       Columbia                U-Turn Particle Pearl      Feb-'06
       Columbia                   Violent Eruption        May-12
       Columbia                      White Dot            May'00
       Columbia                  Wicked Encounter         May-12
       Columbia                    Wicked Ultra           May-'04
       Columbia                        Wired              Sept-'03
       Columbia                   Wired Extreme           Sept-'04
       Columbia                    World Beater           Dec-10
       Columbia             World Beater Black/Blue/Red   Feb-11
       Columbia                   World Beater II         May-11
       Columbia               World Beater Maximum        Apr-11
       Columbia                       Wrath               June-'06
       Columbia                  Wrath Dead Flush         Jan-08
       Columbia                  Wrath High Flush         Jun-07
       Columbia                      Wrath SF             Dec-'06
       Columbia                      Wrath XP             June-'06
       Columbia                       Zenith              Sept-'04
Complete Leisure Bowling           Vegas Reels             Jul-07
Complete Leisure Bowling        Vegas Royal Flush          Jul-07
Complete Leisure Bowling          Vegas Symbols            Jul-07
    Denver Sporting                    Devil              Jan-10
    Denver Sporting                   DV-701              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-703              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-704              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-706              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-707              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-708              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-710              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-718              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-719              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   DV-723              Dec-11
    Denver Sporting                   Glacier             Jan-10
    Denver Sporting              Red Bellied Black        Jun-10
    Denver Sporting              The Black Prince         Jan-10
          DQA                        DHAWK                Aug-08

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   DQA                Dhawk Roar             Mar-09
   DV8                 Hell Raiser            Jul-11
   DV8            Hell Raiser Revenge        Dec-11
   DV8             Hell Raiser Terror        Jun-12
   DV8                  Marauder             Jun-12
   DV8             Misfit Green/White        Dec-11
   DV8             Misfit Orange/Blue         Jul-11
   DV8          Misfit Violet/White Hybrid   Apr-12
   DV8           Misfit Yellow/Magenta        Jul-11
   DV8                  Reckless              Jul-11
   DV8               Too Reckless            Nov-11
   DV8                 Viz-A-Ball            Jun-12
Dyno-Thane          American Eagle           July-'02
Dyno-Thane              Anomaly              Dec-'03
Dyno-Thane              Barrage              Feb-'03
Dyno-Thane                 Bat               Aug-08
Dyno-Thane                Bat 2              Apr-09
Dyno-Thane           Black Scorpion          Feb-09
Dyno-Thane           Blue Scorpion           Feb-10
Dyno-Thane                 C4                Aug-99
Dyno-Thane          Centrifugal Mass         Aug-'05
Dyno-Thane        Centrifugal Mass #2        April-'06
Dyno-Thane            Concept FX             Feb-98
Dyno-Thane             Concept X             Jan-95
Dyno-Thane           Concept XTC             Aug-96
Dyno-Thane             Concept 4              Jul-94
Dyno-Thane            Concept 4P             Mar-96
Dyno-Thane          Concept Cubic/R          Mar-96
Dyno-Thane            Concept EFX            Oct-95
Dyno-Thane       Concept Special EFX         May-96
Dyno-Thane     Concept Special EFX Pearl     Jan-97
Dyno-Thane           Concept Xxtra           Aug-97
Dyno-Thane        Concept Xxtra Swirl        Jan-97
Dyno-Thane                Crisis             Oct-99
Dyno-Thane             Crisis Pearl          Nov-'04
Dyno-Thane             Crisis Solid          Oct-'06
Dyno-Thane                Cure               Nov-'01
Dyno-Thane             Cure Pearl            July-'02
Dyno-Thane              D&C SA               Oct-'06
Dyno-Thane              D&C SS               Oct-'06
Dyno-Thane         Dyna Ace of Clubs          Jul-12
Dyno-Thane       Dyna Ace of Diamonds         Jul-12
Dyno-Thane        Dyna Ace of Spades          Jul-12
Dyno-Thane             Dyna Star             Feb-12
Dyno-Thane            Dyna Star II           Apr-12
Dyno-Thane            Dyna Star III          Aug-12
Dyno-Thane             Dyno One              Jan-08
Dyno-Thane              Dynosaur             May-'03
Dyno-Thane       Dynosaur Black Pearl        April-'04

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Dyno-Thane          Dynosaur Pearl          Aug-'03
Dyno-Thane              Element             Oct-'02
Dyno-Thane           Element AU2            Dec-'04
Dyno-Thane          Element AU-79          April-'04
Dyno-Thane         Element Carbide          Feb-'03
Dyno-Thane          Element NE10            Oct-'06
Dyno-Thane         Element Platinum        Sept-'04
Dyno-Thane           Element Tour          May-'03
Dyno-Thane          Element ZR40            Jan-'06
Dyno-Thane                Elixir            Jul'00
Dyno-Thane            Elixir Pearl          Jan-'01
Dyno-Thane              Energy              Jan-'05
Dyno-Thane              Explorer            Dec-'03
Dyno-Thane             Grazie 39            Aug-'03
Dyno-Thane                Hero              Aug-07
Dyno-Thane           High Energy           April-'05
Dyno-Thane            Hot Poison            Jan-11
Dyno-Thane           Killer Machine         Dec-10
Dyno-Thane          Killer Machine II       Nov-11
Dyno-Thane               Lizard             Sep-11
Dyno-Thane          Maximum Risk            Feb-97
Dyno-Thane               Midas              Dec-'03
Dyno-Thane             Pin Killer           Oct-07
Dyno-Thane            Pin Killer II         May-08
Dyno-Thane            Pin Killer III        Oct-'08
Dyno-Thane            Pin Killer IV         Oct-09
Dyno-Thane            Pin Killer V          Aug-10
Dyno-Thane             Poseidon             Apr-10
Dyno-Thane          Poseidon Force          Aug-10
Dyno-Thane            Powerthane            Nov-92
Dyno-Thane             Pro Thing            Aug-'03
Dyno-Thane           Pure Energy            July-'05
Dyno-Thane               R. X.              May-98
Dyno-Thane         Rampage Carbide          July-'02
Dyno-Thane           Red Scorpion           Jul-08
Dyno-Thane       Red Scorpion Sahara        Feb-10
Dyno-Thane              Remedy             June-'01
Dyno-Thane               Rev-X              Aug-99
Dyno-Thane            Spare Shot            Aug-97
Dyno-Thane              Summit             March-'04
Dyno-Thane           Summit ZYX             Dec-'04
Dyno-Thane       The Thing Expansion        Aug-'05
Dyno-Thane          The Thing Lives        Sept-'04
Dyno-Thane         The Thing Returns        Oct-'03
Dyno-Thane               Thing              Feb-'03
Dyno-Thane             Threshold            July-'06
Dyno-Thane          Threshold NGS           Jan-'07
Dyno-Thane    Threshold NGS Purple Pearl    Jan-'07
Dyno-Thane              Turbine             Jun-11

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Dyno-Thane                     Unique                    Jun-07
Dyno-Thane                    Vendetta                   July-'02
Dyno-Thane             Vendetta 357 Magnum              Aug-'06
Dyno-Thane              Vendetta 44 Magnum              April-'06
Dyno-Thane                 Vendetta Black               May-'03
Dyno-Thane                Vendetta Carbide               July-'02
Dyno-Thane            Vendetta Carbide Particle         Sept-'02
Dyno-Thane                 Vendetta Killer              March-'05
Dyno-Thane                 Vendetta Max                 May-'05
Dyno-Thane             Vendetta Pearl Particle           Feb-'04
Dyno-Thane                  Vendetta Sin                 Aug-'03
Dyno-Thane                Vendetta Sniper                July-'05
Dyno-Thane                XTC Tour Nugget                Jan-97
Dyno-Thane                 Zing Special X                Apr-99
  E.O.S.                  Terminator / R                 May-96
 Ebonite                      " 8 " Ball                 Feb-98
 Ebonite            **Apache 6 Star Hunter Green         Jan-'04
 Ebonite              **Apex Addiction Spinner           Jan-'04
 Ebonite                    **Apex Black                 Jan-'04
 Ebonite                   **Apex II Blue                Jan-'04
 Ebonite               **Apex II Hunter Green            Jan-'04
 Ebonite             **Apex III Blood Red/White          Jan-'04
 Ebonite                **Apex Reflex Export             Jan-'04
 Ebonite                    **Apex RPM                   Feb-'05
 Ebonite                 **Black Wolf (11 M)             Mar-12
 Ebonite             **Crush/R New Red Sanded            Jan-'04
 Ebonite                 **Game Time Red                June-'06
 Ebonite                   **Killer Instinct            May-'05
 Ebonite           **Legacy 7 Stars Hunter Green         Jan-'04
 Ebonite                 **Matrix FX Export              Jan-'04
 Ebonite            **Matrix TPS 3 Hunter Green          Jan-'04
 Ebonite          **Matrix Trimax 3 Burgandy/Purple      Jan-'04
 Ebonite                **Maxim Beauty Rest              Oct-'08
 Ebonite                **Maxim Comforpedic             July-'08
 Ebonite             **Mission 2.0 Black (11 M)          Jul-11
 Ebonite                **Mission Red/Black              Sep-10
 Ebonite           **Nitro/X Squared Red Sanded          Jan-'04
 Ebonite                 **Puma Hazel Pearl              Jan-'04
 Ebonite           **Timberwolf Apple Pearl Export       Jan-'04
 Ebonite              **Timberwolf Pine Green            Jan-'04
 Ebonite           **Timberwolf Red Pearl Export         Jan-'04
 Ebonite         **Tomahawk Low Torque Black/Blue       May-'05
 Ebonite       **Tomahawk Low Torque Black/Burgundy      Dec-'06
 Ebonite            **Tomahawk Low Torque Blue          May-'06
 Ebonite           **Tomahawk Low Torque Merlot          Jan-'04
 Ebonite           **Tomahawk Low Torque Purple         Sept-'05
 Ebonite           **Tomahawk Low Torque RPM             Jan-'04
 Ebonite        **Tomahawk Low Torque Rubine Red         Jan-'04
 Ebonite     **Tomahawk Low Torque TPS 3 Hunter Green    Jan-'04

                  Page 32 of 83
Ebonite        **Tomahawk Pro High Torque          Jan-'04
Ebonite        **Tomahawk Pro Low Torque           Jan-'04
Ebonite           **Tomahawk TPS Navy              Jan-'04
Ebonite         **Tomahawk TPSGoldstone            Jan-'04
Ebonite     **Tomahawk X-Plosion Export Black      Jan-'04
Ebonite   **Tomahawk X-Plosion Export Black/Blue   Jan-'04
Ebonite        **Tomahawk X-Plosion Green          Feb-'06
Ebonite        **Tornado Blue/Violet Sparkle       Jan-'04
Ebonite          **TPC Player Black/Red            Dec-'06
Ebonite          **TPC Player Black/Silver         May-'05
Ebonite           **TPC Shooter Spinner            Jan-'04
Ebonite          **TPC Warrior Blue Swirl          Jan-'04
Ebonite             **TPC Warrior Red              Jan-'04
Ebonite              **Turbo XL Wine               Jan-'04
Ebonite             **V2 Particle Blue             Jan-'04
Ebonite                 **V2 RPM                   Oct-'04
Ebonite           **Vortex 1 Purple/Teal           Jan-'04
Ebonite        **Vortex 2 Black/Blue Sanded        Jan-'04
Ebonite        **Vortex 3 Royal Blue Sanded        Jan-'04
Ebonite                   **Wolf                   Sept-'06
Ebonite                **Wolf Black                Feb-'06
Ebonite               **Wolf Purple                Aug-12
Ebonite          **Wolf Export Navy/Green          Jan-'04
Ebonite         **Wolf Reactive Export Red         Jan-'04
Ebonite                **Xcel (Blue)               Sept-'05
Ebonite               **XXXcel Navy                June-'06
Ebonite               **XXXcel Red                 Dec-'06
Ebonite               7-Star Legacy                Jun-'00
Ebonite               Absolute One                 Feb-07
Ebonite                    AC7                     June-'06
Ebonite                    AC7z                    Oct-'08
Ebonite                   ACV-7                    Jan-07
Ebonite                   ACX-7                    Nov-07
Ebonite              African American              Apr'00
Ebonite                  Air Raid                  Mar-08
Ebonite              Amethyst Purple               Aug-99
Ebonite               Angular Motion               Jan-'09
Ebonite                Angular One                 Oct-'06
Ebonite      Angular One Royal/Violet/Bronze       Mar-11
Ebonite            Angular One V-Spec              Dec-07
Ebonite                    Apex                    Dec-'00
Ebonite               Apex Addiction               Dec-'02
Ebonite              Apex Adrenaline               Jan-'02
Ebonite          Apex Adrenaline Carbide           May-'02
Ebonite            Apex Adrenaline STS             Oct-'04
Ebonite        Apex Adrenaline Wolfram - C         July-'02
Ebonite              Apex Aggression               May-'02
Ebonite               Apex Intensity               Aug-'01
Ebonite              Apex Obsession                Feb-'03

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Ebonite     Apex Obsession Wolfram C        Dec-'03
Ebonite           Apex Summit               Nov-'08
Ebonite            Aurora NGS              Sept-'08
Ebonite           Aurora RWB               Sept-'08
Ebonite               Bash                  Jun-07
Ebonite          Bash Black Red             May-08
Ebonite         Big One J Limited          Sept-'06
Ebonite             Big Time                Jan-'05
Ebonite          Big Time Pearl            May-'05
Ebonite             Black Ice              May-'05
Ebonite            Black Wolf              May-'94
Ebonite             Blue Clear              Aug-98
Ebonite               Boom                  May-09
Ebonite             Bud Light               July-'01
Ebonite        Bud Light Polyester         Sept-'02
Ebonite             Budweiser               Jul'00
Ebonite        Budweiser Polyester         Sept-'02
Ebonite        Budweiser Reactive          Sept-'02
Ebonite          Captain America            Mar-99
Ebonite           Captain Class            March-'03
Ebonite           Captain Cool             March-'03
Ebonite          Captain Fantasy            Mar-99
Ebonite           Captain Firefly           Oct-'01
Ebonite           Captain Nemo              Apr'00
Ebonite               Clash                 Jun-07
Ebonite      Clash Turquoise Purple         May-08
Ebonite           Complete NV               Jan-08
Ebonite              Cougar                 May-97
Ebonite          Cougar ( Pearl )           Sep-98
Ebonite             Cross Fire             May-'05
Ebonite               Crush                 Jan-93
Ebonite              Crush/R                Jan-93
Ebonite     Crush/R Black/Gold/Silver       Jun-12
Ebonite        Crush/R Blue/Green           Jun-12
Ebonite   Crush/R Purple/Orange/Yellow      Jun-12
Ebonite             Curve Ball              Jun-10
Ebonite     Cyclone Black/Gold/Silver       Apr-11
Ebonite        Cyclone Blue/Violet          Oct-11
Ebonite     Cyclone Green/Gold/Silver       Mar-12
Ebonite      Cyclone Navy/Pink/Gold         Apr-11
Ebonite   Cyclone Pro Model Black/Silver    Aug-12
Ebonite    Cyclone Pro Model Red/Gold       Aug-12
Ebonite    Cyclone Purple/Orange/Red        Oct-11
Ebonite   Cyclone Purple/Orange/Yellow      Apr-11
Ebonite     Cyclone Red/Purple/Yellow       Mar-12
Ebonite               Drago                 Jun-12
Ebonite              Elevate                Nov-11
Ebonite           Emerald Clear             Aug-98
Ebonite              Endure                 May-12

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Ebonite               Evolve                 May-09
Ebonite            Evolve Pearl              Dec-09
Ebonite        Extreme Angular One           Feb-09
Ebonite              Eye Ball                Jan'00
Ebonite             Fantasista               Aug-08
Ebonite                 Fire                April-'04
Ebonite           Game Changer               May-11
Ebonite         Game Changer PK              Jun-11
Ebonite              Game On                 Oct-10
Ebonite             Game Plan                Jun-10
Ebonite            Game Time                 Oct-'04
Ebonite           Gamebreaker                Jun-07
Ebonite         Gamebreaker Pearl            Sep-07
Ebonite      Garfield - Let The Fur Fly      Feb-'03
Ebonite   Garfield - Rocket To The Pocket   April-'03
Ebonite        Great White Reactive          July-'02
Ebonite             Grey Wolf                Oct-96
Ebonite               Gstone                 Jan-'09
Ebonite           Gyro 1 Sanded              Nov-91
Ebonite          Gyro Green Pearl            Mar-99
Ebonite            Gyro Particle             Mar-'02
Ebonite             Gyro Pearl               Apr-98
Ebonite          Gyro Pro (Blue)             Sep-95
Ebonite           Gyro Red Pearl             Mar-99
Ebonite          Gyro-Blk Sanded             Mar'00
Ebonite              Hard Ball               Jun-10
Ebonite              Hurricane               Mar-93
Ebonite          Hustler Pool Ball           July-'02
Ebonite             Hypernext                Aug-07
Ebonite                 Ice                 April-'04
Ebonite             Infinite One            June-'06
Ebonite              Innovate                May-12
Ebonite        Intense Angular One           Sep-12
Ebonite               Jaguar                 May-97
Ebonite         Killer Instinct Pearl        Dec-'03
Ebonite        Killer Instinct Sanded        Dec-'03
Ebonite            Lady Ebonite             March-'93
Ebonite            Lane Breaker              May-09
Ebonite          Legacy-C Pro XI             Mar-'99
Ebonite          Legacy-C Pro XII            Jun-'95
Ebonite         Legacy-C Pro XIII            Jun-'98
Ebonite         Lethal Angular One           Sep-09
Ebonite                Magic                 Jan-'09
Ebonite            Magic Action              Nov-09
Ebonite   Magic Touch Black/Red/Green        May-09
Ebonite    Magic Touch Black/Red/Silver      May-09
Ebonite    Magnum Green/Orange/Blue         May-'04
Ebonite                Matrix                Aug-99
Ebonite           Matrix 2000 LE             Jan-'01

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Ebonite            Matrix Alert           June-'03
Ebonite       Matrix Black/Red/Silver      May-11
Ebonite          Matrix Conquest           Mar-'02
Ebonite          Matrix Dominator          Jun-'01
Ebonite           Matrix Dynasty           Nov-'01
Ebonite             Matrix FX              Nov-'00
Ebonite              Matrix IV             Nov-'08
Ebonite         Matrix Obsession           Mar-'02
Ebonite             Matrix TPS             Aug-99
Ebonite            Matrix TPS 2            Dec-99
Ebonite         Matrix TPS 2 Tour          Mar'00
Ebonite            Matrix TPS 3            Jun'00
Ebonite          Matrix Trimax 2           Dec-99
Ebonite          Matrix Trimax 3           Jun'00
Ebonite              Matrix V              Nov-09
Ebonite               Maxim               March-'92
Ebonite        Maxim Captain Titan        March-'04
Ebonite        Maxim Viola Fantasy        March-'04
Ebonite        Mega X Super Hook           Aug-'06
Ebonite               Midas                Sep-96
Ebonite              Mission               Dec-09
Ebonite           Mission $250K            Jan-11
Ebonite            Mission 1.5             Jul-10
Ebonite            Mission 2.0             Sep-10
Ebonite            Mission 2.5             Jan-11
Ebonite            Mission 3.0             Aug-11
Ebonite         Mission Champion           May-11
Ebonite   Mission Champion Black/Silver    Aug-12
Ebonite        Mission Domination          Jan-11
Ebonite          Mission Realize           Jun-11
Ebonite           Mission Secret           Aug-11
Ebonite            Mission Tour            Apr-10
Ebonite             Mission X              Sep-11
Ebonite            Mission XXX             Apr-12
Ebonite       Moment Angular One           Jan-12
Ebonite      Moment Angular One LS         Mar-12
Ebonite         Multi Angular One          Aug-12
Ebonite               Munich               May-10
Ebonite                Next                May-07
Ebonite       Nitro Black/Pink/Silver      Apr-11
Ebonite      Nitro Black/Purple/Silver     Apr-11
Ebonite        Nitro Dark Blue Pearl       Dec-90
Ebonite            Nitro Particle         Sept-'02
Ebonite         Nitro Purple Haze          Dec-91
Ebonite    Nitro R Squared Blue/Purple    Sept-'02
Ebonite     Nitro R Squared Blue/Red      Sept-'02
Ebonite              Nitro R2              Mar-96
Ebonite          Nitro R2 Classic         May-'05
Ebonite           Nitro Reactive          Sept-'02

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Ebonite              Nitro U                Jul-10
Ebonite        No Limit Black/Gold          Jan-'05
Ebonite      No Limit Black/Magenta         Jan-'05
Ebonite        No Limit Blue/Green          Jan-'05
Ebonite        No Limit Blue/Silver         Jan-'05
Ebonite                NV                   Jan-'07
Ebonite               NVD                   Jul-08
Ebonite                NVS                  Jun-07
Ebonite   Odie - Let The Good Times Roll   April-'03
Ebonite              Omega                  Dec-94
Ebonite          Omega " Lion "             Mar-96
Ebonite           Omega " R "               Nov-95
Ebonite            Omega Dry                Jan-95
Ebonite            Omega LM                 Jun-95
Ebonite            One N Only               Feb-09
Ebonite             Only One                Dec-09
Ebonite               Optyx                May-'06
Ebonite            Optyx Blue               Mar-08
Ebonite            Optyx Clear              Mar-08
Ebonite           Optyx Dragon             June-'01
Ebonite        Optyx Formula One           April-'01
Ebonite            Optyx Ghost              July-'01
Ebonite           Optyx Illusion            Jan-'03
Ebonite        Optyx Krypt Keeper           Jan-'02
Ebonite             Optyx Red               Mar-08
Ebonite            Optyx Skull              Jan-'07
Ebonite           Optyx Snake               Jan-'02
Ebonite           Optyx Snuffy              Oct-'01
Ebonite           Optyx Spider              Dec-'01
Ebonite             Out Face                Oct-07
Ebonite             Overtime                Aug-'05
Ebonite         Overtime Polished           Oct-'05
Ebonite              Pantera                Mar'00
Ebonite              Pin Ball               Apr'00
Ebonite        Pin Busters One Ball         Jul-11
Ebonite            Pin Slasher             Sept-'08
Ebonite    Pin Slasher Black/Silver/Red     Nov-'08
Ebonite              Playboy                Dec-'00
Ebonite            Playmaker                Sep-07
Ebonite             Predator                July-'01
Ebonite       Predator Jungle Green         Dec-'02
Ebonite      Predator Purple Sparkle        Jan-'03
Ebonite          Predator Pursuit          April-'03
Ebonite         Predator Sparkle            Mar-'02
Ebonite           Premium NV               April-'07
Ebonite           Primal Instinct          April-'04
Ebonite            Prime Time               Dec-'03
Ebonite        Prime Time Sanded           March-'04
Ebonite         Prime Time Sheen           May-'04

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Ebonite                   Puma                    Apr-98
Ebonite          Puma - Tommy Jones               Dec-'03
Ebonite              Puma Classic                May-'05
Ebonite                   Pursuit                 Jan-12
Ebonite                  Pursuit-S                Jan-12
Ebonite            Pursuit Unlimited              Aug-12
Ebonite           Pursuit Unlimited-S             Aug-12
Ebonite                   PWBA                    July-'01
Ebonite                     Raid                  Jun-07
Ebonite                  Real One                April-'06
Ebonite                  Red Wolf                 Jan-97
Ebonite           Red Wolf ( Pearl )              May-97
Ebonite                  Regency                  Mar-'93
Ebonite                   Riptide                 Oct-98
Ebonite             Roaring Puma                  July-'05
Ebonite                  RPM Wolf                 Oct-'95
Ebonite                  RSX 300                  Oct-'06
Ebonite             RSX Promaker                  Oct-07
Ebonite               Ruby Clear                  Aug-98
Ebonite                   Savage                 June-'01
Ebonite               Savage Flip                March-'03
Ebonite              Savage Pearl                 Mar-'02
Ebonite                  Sea Wolf                 Aug-97
Ebonite                  Shamrock                 July-'02
Ebonite              Shock Wave                   May-97
Ebonite            Show Time Pearl               April-'04
Ebonite           Show Time Sanded               April-'04
Ebonite                  Showbox                  May-07
Ebonite                   Signals                 May-11
Ebonite                  Skull Ball               Oct-99
Ebonite            Smash Blue Pearl               May-09
Ebonite        Smash Blue/Black/Purple            May-09
Ebonite               Smashtime                  March-'06
Ebonite            Smashtime Pearl               Sept-'06
Ebonite                   Squall                  May-07
Ebonite                   SR300                  March-'06
Ebonite            Stinger    " Black "           May-97
Ebonite           Stinger     " Purple "          May-97
Ebonite        Stinger    " Purple Pearl "        May-97
Ebonite           Stinger "Dark Blue"             Mar-99
Ebonite            Stinger Low Flare              Mar-'02
Ebonite   Stinger Two Piece Low Flare Particle   June-'03
Ebonite       Stinger Two-Piece Sanded           June-'01
Ebonite            Stinger-Two Piece              Mar'00
Ebonite             Striking Motion               Oct-'08
Ebonite              Super Mission                Jun-11
Ebonite               Super Solar                 Oct-'03
Ebonite              Supreme One                  Nov-07
Ebonite                   Tai Chi                 Aug-99

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Ebonite             The Big One                 Jan-'06
Ebonite            The Challenge                Sep-12
Ebonite               The One                   Aug-'05
Ebonite             The One Pearl               Oct-'08
Ebonite          The One Pro-Edition           March-'06
Ebonite             The One RBS                 Jul-08
Ebonite             The One S.E.                Aug-08
Ebonite               The Win                   Aug-08
Ebonite        Thunder Bird Purple/Red          Apr-10
Ebonite   Thunder Bird Turquoise/Navy/Silver    May-10
Ebonite      Thunderbolt Blue/Silver/Red        Oct-09
Ebonite     Thunderbolt Red/Orange/Gold         Oct-09
Ebonite              Tidal Wave                 May-97
Ebonite         Tidal Wave Wipe Out             Apr-98
Ebonite      Tidal Wave Wipeout Green           Mar-99
Ebonite                 Tiger                   Mar'00
Ebonite              Tiger Fang                April-'05
Ebonite              Timberwolf                 Jan-98
Ebonite           Timberwolf Pearl              Jun-98
Ebonite            Timberwolf TE1               Jan-97
Ebonite      Tomahawk Hi Torque Bomb            Jun-98
Ebonite     Tomahawk Low Torque Bomb            Jun-98
Ebonite    Tomahawk Low Torque Sanded           Sep-'01
Ebonite         Tomahawk X-plosion              Oct-98
Ebonite      Tomahawk X-Plosion Black           Sep-'01
Ebonite       Tomahawk X-plosion Tour           Jan-99
Ebonite       Tomahawk X-plosion Tour           Apr-99
Ebonite             Tomb Raider                April-'02
Ebonite           Tomb Raider Ace              Sept-'08
Ebonite          Tomb Raider Anchor             Aug-'03
Ebonite          Tomb Raider Control            Mar-09
Ebonite          Tomb Raider Hook               Oct-'02
Ebonite            Tomb Raider SE              Sept-'05
Ebonite            Tomb Raider XP              April-'02
Ebonite              Tombstone                  Jan-99
Ebonite               Tornado                   Dec-'02
Ebonite         Tornado Black Sparkle          March-'06
Ebonite       Tornado Black/Pink/Silver         Jun-10
Ebonite      Tornado Black/Purple/Silver        Jun-10
Ebonite      Tornado Black/Red/Orange          May-'05
Ebonite       Tornado Navy Green Silver         May-08
Ebonite        Tornado Navy/Red/Gold           May-'05
Ebonite             Tornado Pearl              June-'01
Ebonite       Tornado Purple/Red/Gold           Jun-09
Ebonite       Tornado Raspberry Green          March-'04
Ebonite        Tornado Red White Blue           May-08
Ebonite       Tornado Red/Orange/Gold           Jun-09
Ebonite        Tornado Royal Sparkle           April-'03
Ebonite           Tornado Sanded                Jun-'01

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Ebonite           Tornado Silver/Navy/Gold             May-07
Ebonite                 Tornado TPS                   May-'02
Ebonite           Tornado Turq/Navy/Silver            March-'06
Ebonite              Tornado Violet/Red               April-'03
Ebonite         Tornado Warning Black/Purple          April-'03
Ebonite    Tornado Warning Burgundy/Purple/Gold       March-'06
Ebonite        Tornado Warning Green/Purple           March-'03
Ebonite        Tornado Warning Navy/Orange            May-'05
Ebonite    Tornado Warning Navy/Orange Polished        Jan-'06
Ebonite       Tornado Warning Navy/Red/Gold            Jan-'06
Ebonite       Tornado Warning Red/White/Blue           Oct-'04
Ebonite          Tornado Warning Violet/Red           May-'04
Ebonite              Total Gamebreaker                 Mar-09
Ebonite                   Total NV                     Jan-'07
Ebonite                Total NV Alpha                  Apr-07
Ebonite              Total NV Pro Model                May-07
Ebonite                  TPC Player                   May-'03
Ebonite                 TPC Shooter                    Dec-'02
Ebonite               TPC Shooter XL                   Dec-'02
Ebonite                 TPC Survivor                  April-'03
Ebonite             TPC Warrior Reactive               July-'02
Ebonite                   Trail NV                     Oct-07
Ebonite               Turbo A (Purple)                 Nov-95
Ebonite                 Turbo Black                    Mar-96
Ebonite             Turbo C (Dark Green)               Apr-95
Ebonite                Turbo C (Red)                   Sep-95
Ebonite                   Turbo X                      Oct-92
Ebonite                   Turbo X                      July-'03
Ebonite                   Turbo XL                     Aug-94
Ebonite             Ultimate Angular One               Mar-11
Ebonite   Ultimate Angular One Red/Turquoise/Purple    May-11
Ebonite                  Ultra Magic                   Aug-09
Ebonite                  Undefeated                    Feb-08
Ebonite               Undefeated Fire                  Apr-10
Ebonite                 Undefeated II                  Dec-11
Ebonite       Undefeated Red/Turquoise/Purple          Sep-11
Ebonite                   V2 Clean                     Oct-'03
Ebonite                    V2 Dry                     April-'03
Ebonite                  V2 Power                     May-'05
Ebonite                  V2 Strong                    April-'03
Ebonite                 V2 Strong/R                    Oct-'04
Ebonite                   V2 Sweet                    April-'04
Ebonite                     Vital                      Aug-07
Ebonite                 Vital Energy                   Dec-10
Ebonite                   Vital Sign                   Jun-10
Ebonite                   Vortex 1                     Mar'00
Ebonite                   Vortex 2                     Mar'00
Ebonite               Vortex 2 Particle                Mar-'02
Ebonite                   Vortex 3                     Mar'00

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       Ebonite                   Vortex Afterburner        June-'01
       Ebonite                     Vortex Carbide          June-'02
       Ebonite                      Vortex FMS              Mar-'01
       Ebonite                      Vortex Pearl            Oct-'01
       Ebonite                     Warning Sign             Oct-11
       Ebonite                         Wave                 May-97
       Ebonite                        Werewolf              Oct-97
       Ebonite                   Werewolf " Clear "         Oct-97
       Ebonite                       Whirlwind             March-'06
       Ebonite                         Wildcat              Mar-'99
       Ebonite                          Wolf                May-96
       Ebonite                       Wolverine              Oct-96
       Ebonite                      Xcel Particle           Oct-'04
       Ebonite                       Xcel Pearl             Oct-'04
       Ebonite                        X-Treme               Jan-10
       Ebonite                         XXcel                Jan-'05
       Ebonite                        XXXcel                Jan-'05
       Ebonite                    XXXcel Polished           Dec-'05
       Ebonite                    Yankee Doodle             Apr-'00
       Ebonite                         Zebra                Oct-98
       Ebonite                        Zebra 3               Aug-99
       Ebonite                       Zebra Too              Feb-99
       Ebonite                         Zoom                May-'02
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite Alien           June-'05
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Alien Black         Jul-10
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)        Elite Alien Black/Red       Mar-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Alien Blue         Sept-'06
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Alien Pearl         Feb-11
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)         Elite Alien Plastic        Aug-'06
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)      Elite Asteroid Blue/Silver    Aug-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)      Elite Asteroid Pink/Silver    Aug-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Black Label         Dec-08
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)           Elite Bowl Pink          Oct-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Chameleon           Aug-'06
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)           Elite Cheetah            Aug-'05
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)            Elite Eclipse           Nov-'06
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite Gold             Sep-12
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Gold Label          Nov-08
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)           Elite LS Plastic         Dec-'04
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)              Elite P43            June-'04
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite PBA Major           Jan-'09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)         Elite PBA Platinum         Jul-08
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)           Elite Platinum           May-11
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)              Elite R43            June-'04
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)              Elite R47             Jan-'05
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite RS48             Jan-'05
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite Saber            Jul-10
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)           Elite Sabotage           Nov-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)           Elite Scorpion           Aug-'05

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Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite Shark          Aug-'05
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)       Elite Shark (Red/Blue)     Jan-10
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite Skull          Nov-07
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)      Elite Skull & Crossbones    Oct-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)        Elite Skull Blue/Red      Oct-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Skull Clear       Mar-10
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)       Elite Skull Green/White    Oct-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)       Elite Skull Red/Yellow     Oct-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Smiley Blue       May-10
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)          Elite Smiley Pink       May-10
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)         Elite Solar Eclipse      Feb-07
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)         Elite Spider Wasp        Jun-09
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite Star           Jan-'06
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Elite Viper          Aug-'05
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)             Espionage            Aug-12
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)              Insanity            Nov-10
Elite (Bowlers Paradise)              Warfare             Jul-11
      Euro-Strike                     Tel Star            Sep-'01
        EXY-D1                         Hygge              Dec-'08
        Faball                      3D Hammer             May-96
        Faball                    3D Maxxx Offset         Mar-98
        Faball                     3D Violet Pearl        May'00
        Faball                     4-D HPT Tour           Dec-99
        Faball                      4-D Reactive          Apr'00
        Faball               Accelerator (Bowl America)   July-'01
        Faball                     Black Hammer           Jan-'91
        Faball                  Black Hammer 2001         Dec-'00
        Faball                     Blue Hammer            Jan-93
        Faball                  Blue Hammer 2001          Mar-'01
        Faball                  Bravo ( Burgundy )        Dec-96
        Faball                    Bravo ( Purple )        Dec-96
        Faball                     Bravo ( Red )          Dec-96
        Faball                     Bravo ( Wine )         Dec-96
        Faball                   Burgundy Hammer          Oct-92
        Faball               Claw Hammer (Pearl Black)    Jun-98
        Faball               Claw Hammer (Pearl Blue)     Jun-98
        Faball              Claw Hammer (Pearl Orange.)   Jun-98
        Faball                 Claw Hammer (Purple)       Jun-98
        Faball                 Claw Hammer Ocean          Nov-'00
        Faball                  Claw Hammer Tiger         Nov-'00
        Faball                       Fire Claw            Nov-'01
        Faball                   Hammer (Purple)          Dec-94
        Faball                    Hammer 4D HPT           Nov-99
        Faball                     Hammer PC 2            Oct-96
        Faball                     Hammer PC 3            Oct-96
        Faball                 Hammer Red Reactive        Jun-94
        Faball                        Hatchet             Aug'00
        Faball                        Ice Claw            Nov-'01
        Faball                     Jack Hammer            Apr-99

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        Faball                   Magic Hammer            Mar-'01
        Faball              Midnight Pearl 3-D Hammer    Aug-96
        Faball                      Nail (Blue)          Jun-98
        Faball                  Nail (Pearl Purple)      Jun-98
        Faball                 Nasty Nail Extreme        June-'01
        Faball                Nasty Nail-Jade Pearl      May'00
        Faball                  Nasty Nail-Jet Blk       May'00
        Faball                 Norm Duke Hammer           Jul-95
        Faball                    Nova Hammer            Jan-96
        Faball                 Nova Pearl Hammer         Jan-96
        Faball                 Offset 3-D Hammer         Jan-97
        Faball              Offset Black Hammer Tour     Sep-98
        Faball                Patriot (Bowl America)     July-'01
        Faball              Pearl High Rev 3-D Offset    May-97
        Faball                    Pink Hammer            Jan-'91
        Faball                Power Hammer 2000          Nov-'00
        Faball                   Purple Hammer           Sep-91
        Faball                    Razor ( Berry )        Jun-95
        Faball                    Razor ( Burg. )        Apr-95
        Faball                  Razor ( Ice Blue )       Nov-95
        Faball                    Razor ( Red )          Jun-95
        Faball                    Razor ( Tan )          Apr-95
        Faball                       Reaper              Aug'00
        Faball                      Reaper 2             Oct-'00
        Faball                    Red Hammer             Jan-'91
        Faball                    Simpsons-Bart          July-'01
        Faball                  Simpsons-Homer           July-'01
        Faball                   Simpsons-Krusty         July-'01
        Faball                    Simpsons-Lisa          July-'01
        Faball                   Sledge Hammer           Dec-98
        Faball               Sledge Hammer-Purple        May-99
        Faball                    Spike Hammer           Dec-99
        Faball                 Spike Hammer HPT          Mar'00
        Faball                Striking Red 3-D Offset    Nov-97
        Faball              Tour Gear Hammer Hitman      Nov-'00
        Faball                        Truck              Nov-'01
        Faball                        Wheel              Aug-'01
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD         Beyond Blue/Red          Aug-10
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD       Beyond Purple/Yellow       Aug-10
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD             Big Flood            Nov-10
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD      Big Flood Hybrid Particle   Sep-10
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD               Bigfire            Dec-09
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD             Newklear             Dec-09
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD       Newklear Exceed Pearl      Nov-10
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD         Newklear Particle         Jul-10
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD            Resurrection          Aug-10
Genesis Bowling Co. LTD           Turbo Vlaster          Jun-11
       Hammer                  **Black Widow Blue        Dec-'06
       Hammer              **Black Widow Purple (11 M)   Jun-11

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Hammer     **Black Widow Purple/Red/Gold       Sep-10
Hammer         **Black Widow Red NH            Sep-12
Hammer     **Black Widow Red/Black/Silver      Sep-11
Hammer      **Black Widow Red/Turquoise        Aug-12
Hammer            **Black Widow T              Feb-11
Hammer    **Switch Blade Black/Silver/Green   May-'06
Hammer       **Switch Blade Blue/Black         Feb-'06
Hammer             3D Power Roll               Dec-'04
Hammer             3D Super Hook               Jan-'04
Hammer                  4D                     Oct-'05
Hammer               4D Particle              May-'05
Hammer                Ambition                 Apr-12
Hammer                 Arson                   May-11
Hammer              Arson Death                Oct-11
Hammer              Arson Pearl                May-12
Hammer        Arson Pearl Black/Purple         May-12
Hammer                  Axe                    Apr-10
Hammer          BackLash Blue/Silver           Apr-10
Hammer         BackLash Red/Purple             Apr-10
Hammer            Big Block Diesel            March-'04
Hammer        Big Block Diesel Exceed          Dec-'04
Hammer                Big Blue                 Oct-'03
Hammer            Big Blue Limited             Oct-'04
Hammer             Big Blue Pearl              Feb-'04
Hammer             Big Blue Spare             April-'04
Hammer            Big Force Diesel            June-'06
Hammer             Big Rig Diesel              Jan-'05
Hammer           Black Myth Ignition           Oct-'05
Hammer              Black Widow               March-'06
Hammer            Black Widow Bite             Jan-08
Hammer      Black Widow Bite Bla/Blu/Vio       May-08
Hammer           Black Widow Bite II           Feb-08
Hammer         Black Widow Bite Pearl          Jan-11
Hammer           Black Widow Clear             Sep-07
Hammer          Black Widow Danger             Apr-10
Hammer           Black Widow Harv             Sept-'06
Hammer          Black Widow Harv II            May-07
Hammer         Black Widow Harv LTD            May-07
Hammer          Black Widow Hazard             Nov-08
Hammer           Black Widow Killer            May-08
Hammer   Black Widow Killer Purple/Blue/Red    Nov-08
Hammer           Black Widow Nasty             Nov-09
Hammer   Black Widow Nasty Black/Red/Green     Apr-10
Hammer       Black Widow Orange/Black         Sept-'06
Hammer           Black Widow Pearl             Nov-'06
Hammer    Black Widow Pearl - Orange/Black     Nov-07
Hammer          Black Widow Poison             Mar-09
Hammer          Black Widow Spare              Feb-07
Hammer    Black Widow Spare Bla/Red/Gold       Jul-07

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Hammer      Black Widow Spare Blu/Ruby/Gold       Apr-08
Hammer             Black Widow Sting              Oct-07
Hammer        Black Widow Sting Blue/Steel        May-09
Hammer            Black Widow Venom               Jun-08
Hammer         Black Widow Venom Again            Aug-08
Hammer   Black Widow Venom Spare Black/Caramel    Jul-08
Hammer            Black Widow Violent             Nov-11
Hammer             Black Widow Wise               Jan-11
Hammer                   Blade                    Aug-'02
Hammer                 Blade MK                   Aug-'06
Hammer          Blade MK Red/White/Blue           Nov-'06
Hammer               Blade Particle               Nov-'02
Hammer                 Blade Pearl                Aug-'02
Hammer                Blue Hammer                 Apr-11
Hammer                 Boss Hawg                  Jan-'06
Hammer                    Brick                   Nov-11
Hammer                   Cube                     Dec-09
Hammer                Dark Master                 Dec-'05
Hammer              Death Ultimatum               Oct-'08
Hammer           Death Ultimatum Pearl            Dec-'08
Hammer                    Devil                   Nov-'05
Hammer                  Devil (J)                 Nov-'06
Hammer              Devil Teal/Violet             Feb-'06
Hammer               Diesel Particle              Aug-'02
Hammer            Diesel Particle Pearl           Aug-'02
Hammer            Diesel Reactive Pearl           Nov-'02
Hammer                   Doom                     Aug-'05
Hammer                  Epidemic                  May-11
Hammer                Epidemic LS                 Jun-11
Hammer      Epidemic Turquoise/Navy/Silver LS     Jun-11
Hammer                  Everclear                 Oct-'02
Hammer                 Extreme X7                 May-08
Hammer       Extreme X7 Royal/Violet/Bronze       Jan-'09
Hammer                   Faze R                   Aug-'02
Hammer                    Fixer                   Aug-08
Hammer                Galaxy Harv                March-'06
Hammer              Gas Mask Clear                Feb-12
Hammer                    GTR                     July-'03
Hammer             Hammer Polyester              May-'06
Hammer               Hardcore Brawl               Oct-10
Hammer               Hardcore Grind               May-10
Hammer                   Hawg                     Jan-'05
Hammer                 Hawg Wild                  Aug-'05
Hammer                 Hawg Zilla                April-'06
Hammer                   Hazard                   Jul-08
Hammer                Hi Rev Offset               Jan-'05
Hammer               High Rev Pearl               Oct-'08
Hammer       High Rev Pearl Black/Silver/Red      Nov-09
Hammer                High Rev Pro                Oct-'05

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Hammer      High Rev Red/Copper/Royal          Nov-10
Hammer      High Rev Red/Magenta/Black         Aug-11
Hammer              Hot Sauce                  Feb-09
Hammer            Hot Sauce Pearl              Jan-'09
Hammer           Ignition Big Power            Jan-'05
Hammer                Infection                Jan-11
Hammer         Infection (Orange Pin)          Feb-11
Hammer              Infernal Fate              Sep-07
Hammer             Jack Hammer                 Oct-'03
Hammer           Jack Hammer Ultra             Dec-'03
Hammer     Jack Hammer Ultra Black/Silver     May-'05
Hammer                 Jigsaw                  Jun-09
Hammer             Jigsaw Corner               Dec-09
Hammer    Jigsaw Corner Cherry/Royal/Silver    Mar-10
Hammer              Jigsaw Trap                May-10
Hammer              Jigsaw Trick               Sep-10
Hammer              Made In USA                Mar-11
Hammer       Made In USA 2012 (Purple)         Jul-12
Hammer            Mega X Particle             April-'04
Hammer   Mega X Particle Navy/Hunter Green     Aug-'05
Hammer                Mega XJ                 May-'05
Hammer            Micro 4D Particle           April-'04
Hammer                  Nail                  Sept-'03
Hammer         Nail Black/Red/Orange          June-'06
Hammer             Nail Bowl Star              Aug-'06
Hammer           Nail Green/Orange            Sept-'04
Hammer           Nail Navy/Orange             June-'06
Hammer           Nail Navy/Red/Gold           June-'06
Hammer             Nail Red/Blue               Jan-'04
Hammer          Nail Red/White/Blue           June-'06
Hammer           Nail Smoke & Fire             May-12
Hammer                 Nail-J                 April-'05
Hammer                 Nail-L                 June-'04
Hammer              Nasty Blade               March-'06
Hammer               No Mercy                  Oct-'06
Hammer           No Mercy Absolute             Nov-08
Hammer            No Mercy Attack              Apr-09
Hammer       No Mercy Attack Red/Black         Oct-09
Hammer   No Mercy Attack Red/Magenta/Black     Apr-10
Hammer            No Mercy Beat'n              May-07
Hammer            No Mercy Limited             Feb-07
Hammer            No Mercy Violent             May-07
Hammer           No Mercy Whup'N               Mar-08
Hammer                 Plague                  May-10
Hammer                Pleasure                 Oct-'04
Hammer              Poison Killer             June-'06
Hammer             Poison Sweet                Aug-'06
Hammer              Power Diesel              Aug-'03
Hammer             Pure Hammer                April-'04

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Hammer        Pure Hammer Burgundy           May-'05
Hammer                Ratchet                May-12
Hammer               Raw Deal                Aug-'05
Hammer           Raw Hammer Acid             Nov-'08
Hammer          Raw Hammer Anger             May-'07
Hammer          Raw Hammer Attack            Sep-09
Hammer           Raw Hammer Burn             May-09
Hammer          Raw Hammer Crime             Jan-08
Hammer         Raw Hammer Dazzle             Feb-07
Hammer          Raw Hammer Freak             Sep-10
Hammer    Raw Hammer Jacked Red/Silver       Nov-09
Hammer   Raw Hammer Jacked Violet/Copper     Nov-09
Hammer           Raw Hammer Pain             April-'06
Hammer         Raw Hammer Psycho             May-08
Hammer        Raw Hammer Rebellion           Aug-11
Hammer          Raw Hammer Result            Jan-'06
Hammer          Raw Hammer Toxic             Nov-'06
Hammer              Razor Blade              May-'05
Hammer                 Razyr                 May-08
Hammer            Razyr Red/Black            Apr-09
Hammer            Razyr Red/Blue             Dec-'08
Hammer               Real Deal               Oct-'04
Hammer              Real Deal J              Feb-'05
Hammer           Real Deal Unchain           Oct-07
Hammer              Real Lucifer             Feb-07
Hammer          Real Lucifer Mighty          Sep-07
Hammer               Red Pearl               April-'03
Hammer                Rhythm                 Mar-12
Hammer              Road Hawg                Jan-'06
Hammer            Road Hawg Max              April-'06
Hammer               Saw Blade               Oct-'04
Hammer             Secret Sauce              Dec-'08
Hammer              Sharp Blade              Sept-'03
Hammer         Sledge Hammer Tour            Oct-'02
Hammer              Sling Blade              Feb-'03
Hammer                Swagga                 Sep-10
Hammer              Switch Blade             Feb-'04
Hammer     Switch Blade Blue/Black/Gold      Apr-11
Hammer                 Taboo                 Oct-10
Hammer             Taboo Ace T1              Apr-12
Hammer             Taboo Ace T2              Apr-12
Hammer             Taboo Ace T3              Apr-12
Hammer     Taboo Dark Electric Blue/Silver   Sep-11
Hammer          Taboo Deep Purple            Aug-12
Hammer            Taboo Jet Black            Jan-12
Hammer       Taboo Purple/Orange/Red         Aug-11
Hammer              Taboo Red                Apr-11
Hammer              Taboo RPM                Nov-11
Hammer              Taboo Spare              Sep-11

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Hammer      Taboo Spare Black Red/Sparkle      Dec-11
Hammer       Taboo Spare (Multiple Colors)     Jul-12
Hammer               Taboo TORC                Nov-11
Hammer          The Big Deal Cut-Throat        Jan-'05
Hammer                The Chalk                Feb-09
Hammer          The Chalk Black/Silver         Mar-10
Hammer                 The Deal               May-'04
Hammer            The Immortal Deal            Sep-12
Hammer                The Sauce               Sept-'08
Hammer             Tomb Raider SE              Jan-'06
Hammer                 Total X7                Oct-07
Hammer      Total X7 Burgundy/Orange/Silver    Mar-08
Hammer           Total X7 Purple Red           May-08
Hammer              True Real Deal            June-'06
Hammer                    Tuff                March-'05
Hammer               Turbo Diesel              Feb-'03
Hammer                Ultimate X7              Apr-09
Hammer                Ultimatum                Mar-08
Hammer               Ultra Mega X             March-'06
Hammer                  Unfair                 Jan-07
Hammer                   Vibe                 May-'05
Hammer                 Vibe Blue              April-'06
Hammer               Vibe Cherry               May-07
Hammer                Vibe Cobalt              May-12
Hammer               Vibe Emerald              May-08
Hammer        Vibe Grape (Purple/Green)        Apr-11
Hammer               Vibe Midnight             May-10
Hammer                Vibe Onyx                May-09
Hammer             Vibe Peach (Pink)           Nov-09
Hammer             Vibe Purple Red             Nov-07
Hammer             Vibe Teal Purple            Feb-08
Hammer                  Vicious               May-'02
Hammer              Vicious Attack             Feb-'03
Hammer              Vicious Particle           July-'02
Hammer           Vicious Particle Pearl        Dec-'02
Hammer               Vicious Pearl             Nov-'02
Hammer               Vicious Strike            Oct-'03
Hammer                    X2                   Jan-'05
Hammer                    X3                   Jan-'05
Hammer                    X4                   Jan-'05
Hammer                    X5                  March-'06
Hammer                    X7                  March-'06
Hammer               X7 Evolution              Apr-10
Hammer               X7 Unbeaten               Feb-11
Hammer               X7 XXXTRA                 May-07
Hard Ball            Rainbow Bell              Aug-09
Hard Ball           Rainbow Globe              Aug-09
Hard Ball           Rainbow Silver             Aug-09
 Head                 Hi Trac                  Apr-96

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Hell Bent                Black Stealth                 Aug-12
Hell Bent                  Daytona                     Dec-11
Hell Bent                   Diablo                     Mar-10
Hell Bent                  Diablo II                   Sep-10
Hell Bent         Dynamo Red/Purple/Black              Sep-10
Hell Bent                  Knuckle                     Nov-10
Hell Bent             Knuckle Dark Blue                Nov-10
Hell Bent                   Piracy                     Apr-11
Hell Bent              Target Urethane                 Jan-10
Hell Bent                 The Sense                    Sep-11
Hell Bent                The Tribute                   Mar-12
Hi-Sports                 Beat - Blue                  Apr-08
Hi-Sports                 Beat - Red                   Apr-08
Hi-Sports               Black Mat Gun                  Aug-'02
Hi-Sports                 DHC Clear                    May-12
Hi-Sports                    Dice                     Sept-'02
Hi-Sports                  Dice Ball                   Aug-12
Hi-Sports                   Direct                     Aug-'02
Hi-Sports                Fruity Melon                  Oct-'06
Hi-Sports              Fruity Strawberry               Jun-07
Hi-Sports             Fruity Watermelon                Oct-'06
Hi-Sports                    Gate                      Jan-'07
Hi-Sports                    Mark                      July-'03
Hi-Sports              Max Gear Lived                 March-'04
Hi-Sports              Neo Classic P2                  Jun-12
Hi-Sports              Neo Classic U2                 June-'02
Hi-Sports                 Space Gun                    July-'04
Hi-Sports                Strikes Clear                 Apr-08
Hi-Sports                   Sweep                     May-'03
Hi-Sports                Sweep Hard                    Jun-12
Hi-Sports        Tattoo Ball (Hello Kitty Love)        May-10
Hi-Sports       Tattoo Ball (Hello Kitty Music)        May-10
Hi-Sports   Tattoo Ball (Hello Kitty Wonderful Day)    May-10
Hi-Sports                 Trinity GR                   May-10
Hi-Sports                 Trinity RR                   Mar-09
Hi-Sports                Vertex Resin                 Sept-'08
Hi-Sports             Vertex Super Dry                 Jul-07
Hi-Sports              Vertex Super MB                 Jul-07
HJ Malone           High Skore Gold Seal              March-'06
HJ Malone             High Skore Target               March-'06
HJ Malone                Lanehawk                      Mar-'01
HJ Malone        Lanehawk American Eagle              Aug-'03
HJ Malone            Lanehawk Beachball                Oct-'00
HJ Malone           Lanehawk Blue Clear                Jan-'05
HJ Malone          Lanehawk Blue Dragon               Aug-'03
HJ Malone       Lanehawk Blue Flying Dragon           Aug-'03
HJ Malone              Lanehawk Clear                  Jan-'05
HJ Malone       Lanehawk Conferderate Flag             Aug-'03
HJ Malone            Lanehawk Gambler                  Jan-'05

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        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk Green Alien        Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk High Roller         Jul-07
        HJ Malone                 Lanehawk Human Heart          Jan-08
        HJ Malone                Lanehawk Japanese Mask        Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk Monk Sitting       Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                 Lanehawk Monk Standing       Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                    Lanehawk Orange           Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk Pair of Dice       Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                   Lanehawk Pink Rose         Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk Pirate Flag        Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                   Lanehawk Pumpkin           Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk Red Dragon         Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                   Lanehawk Red Rose          Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                 Lanehawk Sitting Merlin       Aug-'03
        HJ Malone              Lanehawk Skull and Crossbones   Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                Lanehawk Snake and Skull      Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                Lanehawk Standing Merlin      Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk Watermelon         Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                  Lanehawk Yellow Rose        Aug-'03
        HJ Malone                         Pro Ball             March-'06
      Hughes Plastics               Armageddon-Green            Apr-99
      Hughes Plastics                      Eagle                Jan-92
      Hughes Plastics                      Rebel                Jan-92
      Hughes Plastics                   Terminator              Jan-92
 In Site Bowling Products                 Almighty             Sept-'04
 In Site Bowling Products                Prophecy               Dec-'06
 In Site Bowling Products                Revelation             Sep-07
 In Site Bowling Products             Second Coming            Aug-'05
 In Site Bowling Products              Super Natural            July-'06
International Bowling Supply            Real Madrid             Dec-'04
           IWEI                        Genghis Khan             Jun-12
           IWEI                       **The Great King          Sep-11
           IWEI                 **The Great King Navy Blue      Sep-11
           IWEI                           Emperor               Jan-11
    J & K International                    Atom                June-'04
           JAB                             Gator                Jun-95
           JAB                         Reactive Gator           Nov-95
        Jet Bowling                       Altitude              Nov-11
        Jet Bowling                        Armor                May-11
        Jet Bowling                      Blackbird              May-12
        Jet Bowling                         Jet                 Apr-10
        Jet Bowling                Maximum Altitude Pearl       Jul-12
        Jet Bowling                      Surrender              May-11
           Jewel                      Black Diamond             Nov-07
           Jewel                 Black Diamond Blue/Green       Aug-11
           Jewel                  Black Diamond Blue/Red        Aug-11
           Jewel                    Black Diamond Gold          Dec-11
           Jewel                   Black Diamond Prime          May-12
           Keff                          Blaze Pro              Jul-10

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 Keff                   Pro                    Nov-07
Kinetic                Solaris                 Jan-'09
KRSF                 On The Ball               Nov-'08
Lane #1              Big Curve                 Apr-10
Lane #1             Black Panther              Mar-11
Lane #1              Boom'r-ang                Jan-11
Lane #1              Buzzbomb                  Jan-08
Lane #1       Buzzbomb Agent Orange            Nov-'08
Lane #1          Buzzbomb Carnage              Jun-11
Lane #1             Buzzbomb/R                 Jun-08
Lane #1               Buzzsaw                  Jun-92
Lane #1         Buzzsaw Carbide Plus          May-'06
Lane #1            Buzzsaw Clear              March-'06
Lane #1          Buzzsaw Clear Red             Feb-12
Lane #1          Buzzsaw Cranberry             July-'03
Lane #1          Buzzsaw Pro Purple            Nov-'00
Lane #1        Buzzsaw Super Carbide           Sep-'01
Lane #1             Buzzsaw THS                May-08
Lane #1             Buzzsaw XL                 Dec-'01
Lane #1         Buzzsaw XXL Smoke              July-'03
Lane #1            Buzzsaw XXXL               March-'03
Lane #1            Buzzsaw XXXL                Oct-'06
Lane #1       Buzzsaw XXXL Red Pearl          May-'06
Lane #1          Buzzsaw/C Carbide             Mar'00
Lane #1       Buzzsaw/C Carbide LRG            Feb-'01
Lane #1       Buzzsaw/C Carbide Pearl          Sep-'00
Lane #1       Buzzsaw/C Golden Nugget          Dec-'03
Lane #1           Buzzsaw/C Pearl              Dec-'01
Lane #1      Buzzsaw/C2 Blk Raspberry          Feb-'01
Lane #1         Buzzsaw/C2 Blueberry          June-'02
Lane #1      Buzzsaw/C2 Emerald Pearl          Nov-'02
Lane #1           Buzzsaw/C2 Pearl             Dec-'01
Lane #1            Carbide Bomb                Feb-'02
Lane #1      Carbide Bomb Purple Pearl        Sept-'02
Lane #1              Chainsaw                  Nov-'08
Lane #1          Chainsaw Massacre             Apr-09
Lane #1   Chainsaw Massacre Limited Edition    May-10
Lane #1    Chainsaw Massacre Red Death         Sep-09
Lane #1           Chainsaw S.O.S.              Jul-11
Lane #1         Cherry Bomb (Black)            Aug-'03
Lane #1        Cherry Bomb Carbide R          March-'03
Lane #1             Cobalt Bomb               March-'06
Lane #1          Cobalt Bomb Solid            Aug-'06
Lane #1              Comet Pro                 Mar-94
Lane #1                Curve                   Jan-10
Lane #1              Dirty Bomb                Oct-'04
Lane #1                 Droid                  Jan-12
Lane #1              Droid Pearl               Mar-12
Lane #1            Dynamic Curve               Jul-11

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   Lane #1                 Dynamo                Jan-'09
   Lane #1               Dynamo X2               Jul-09
   Lane #1      Dynamo X2 Dry Limited Edition    May-10
   Lane #1            Enriched Uranium           Dec-'05
   Lane #1            G- Force Evolution        May-'07
   Lane #1                Gemstone               Jul-09
   Lane #1         Gemstone Silver/Garnet        Jul-10
   Lane #1                 G-Force               Jan-'07
   Lane #1             G-Force Nebula           May-'07
   Lane #1                   H2O                May-'05
   Lane #1                Hacksaw                Nov-'06
   Lane #1            Hybrid Dirty Bomb          Jan-'05
   Lane #1             Hybrid Megaton            Jan-'06
   Lane #1                Liberator              Jan-08
   Lane #1          Massacre Blue Death          Nov-09
   Lane #1              Maxxx Curve              Sep-11
   Lane #1            Megatons Carbide           Nov-'03
   Lane #1               Megatons II            April-'04
   Lane #1              Pearl Panther            Nov-11
   Lane #1              Pink Panther             Sep-10
   Lane #1                 Ripsaw                Oct-10
   Lane #1          Rip Saw (Blue/Orange)        Jul-12
   Lane #1               Silver Bullet          June-'04
   Lane #1             Starburst XXXL            Jan-08
   Lane #1             Stealth Bomber            Jun-12
   Lane #1      Super Carbide Bomb (Polished)    Nov-'05
   Lane #1      Super Carbide Bomb (Sanded)      Dec-'02
   Lane #1               Super Nova              Aug-07
   Lane #1             Super Nova XP             Nov-07
   Lane #1               Time Bomb               Jul-10
   Lane #1            Time Bomb Solid            Nov-10
   Lane #1              Tsunami H2O             Sept-'05
   Lane #1            Uranium Buzzsaw            Feb-'04
   Lane #1              Uranium HRG              Oct-'06
   Lane #1         Uranium Solid Blue/Black      Aug-'04
   Lane #1                  Viper                Dec-95
   Lane #1              Viper ( Pearl )          Dec-96
   Lane #1               Viper Pearl            April-'02
Lane Concepts               WMD                  Mar'00
Lane Masters           Absolute Power           March-'04
Lane Masters          Absolute Power 2          June-'04
Lane Masters                 AP2                 Aug-'05
Lane Masters          Awesome Impact            June-'04
Lane Masters              Big Bang               Jan-'06
Lane Masters             Big/R Bang              Oct-'06
Lane Masters           Bio Guaranteed            Sep-10
Lane Masters           Black Diamond             May-09
Lane Masters     Black Diamond Particle Pearl    Mar-11
Lane Masters       Black Diamond Reactive        Sep-10

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Lane Masters                      Black Pearl                      Oct-'06
Lane Masters                  Black Pearl Mutiny                   May-12
Lane Masters                 Black Pearl Particle                  Aug-10
Lane Masters                 Black Pearl Reactive                  Jun-08
Lane Masters               Black Pearl The Pirates                 Sep-11
Lane Masters                    Blue Diamond                       Sep-10
Lane Masters                      Buzz Attack                      Oct-'08
Lane Masters                      Conqueror                        May-07
Lane Masters                    Counter Strike                     Jan-08
Lane Masters                     Deep Impact                      May-'03
Lane Masters                    Dynamic Power                      Oct-'08
Lane Masters                    Extreme Impact                     Feb-'02
Lane Masters                  Extreme Impact L                     Feb-'02
Lane Masters      Extreme Impact TF (Now Massive Impact)          April-'02
Lane Masters            Guaranteed Diamond Particle                Aug-'04
Lane Masters                        Hornet                         Feb-07
Lane Masters                      Hornet Red                       Feb-07
Lane Masters                    Intense Impact                    June-'02
Lane Masters                         Kong                          July-'05
Lane Masters                         Metal                         Feb-12
Lane Masters                    Metal Polyester                    May-12
Lane Masters                        Mirage                         Feb-'04
Lane Masters                  Never Compromise                    June-'04
Lane Masters                  Perfection Particle                  Dec-'03
Lane Masters                 Perfection Reactive                   Dec-'03
Lane Masters                Premium Guaranteed                     Sep-10
Lane Masters                    Pure Standard                      Sep-10
Lane Masters                      Solid Strike                     Dec-'08
Lane Masters               Solid Strike (Violet Pearl)             Jul-09
Lane Masters                    Straight Flush                    April-'06
Lane Masters                      Sure Strike                      Jul-07
Lane Masters                      Terminator                       Aug-'06
Lane Masters                 Terminator Rebellion                  Feb-08
Lane Masters               Terminator Resurrection                 Sep-10
Lane Masters                 Terminator Revenge                    Feb-12
Lane Masters                      The Answer                       Dec-'03
Lane Masters                       The Buzz                       March-'06
Lane Masters              The Buzz Premium Edition                 Aug-11
Lane Masters                       The Sting                       Jan-'07
Lane Masters               The Sting Widow Maker                   Dec-10
Lane Masters                    Ultimate Power                     Apr-10
Lane Masters                     World Class                       Jan-'06
Lane Masters              World Class Particle Pearl               Sep-07
Lane Masters                World Class Reactive                   Aug-'06
Lane Masters                   World Conqueror                     Oct-'08
Lane Masters                       XS Power                        Sep-07
Lane Masters                   Xtreme Damage                       Sep-09
Lane Masters                  Xtreme Damage II                     Sep-10
Lane Masters   Xtreme Damage II Palmer Fallgren Special Edition    Sep-10

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  Lane Masters        Xtreme Damage Particle Pearl    Feb-11
   Legend Star                  Accurate              Aug-99
   Legend Star               Accurate Max             Oct-'00
   Legend Star                  Force 10             June-'03
   Legend Star                 Hi-Tech 5              Mar-99
   Legend Star                 Justice 80            May-'03
   Legend Star              Miracle Balance          June-'03
   Legend Star            Miracle Balance NP          Feb-'04
   Legend Star         Miracle Balance Pro-Select     Nov-'03
   Legend Star                  Mission              April-'03
   Legend Star              Radiant Carbide           Aug-'02
   Legend Star            Radiant Ultra Carbon       May-'03
   Legend Star                 Rebellion              July-'04
   Legend Star          Rebellion Carbon GC-30       May-'04
   Legend Star             Tungsten Physics           Aug-'02
   Legend Star            Ultima Cutting Edge         Aug-07
   Legend Star              Ultima Extreme            Apr-07
   Legend Star               Ultima Heat Up          May-'06
   Legend Star               Ultima No Limit          Jan-'07
   Legend Star         Ultima Response High End      June-'05
   Legend Star            Ultima Response MB         Sept-'05
   Legend Star              Ultima Trust R-X          Oct-'00
   Legend Star              Ultima Trust R-Z          Oct-'00
    Legends                      Arrow                Nov-'05
    Legends                   Big Kahuna             June-'04
    Legends                High Standard 2.0          Dec-11
    Legends                High Standard 3.0          Apr-12
    Legends                   Masterpiece             July-'05
    Legends                       NS2                 Aug-'05
    Legends                    Satisfaxion           June-'04
    Legends                The New Standard          June-'04
    Legends                    Xcellence              Aug-'05
    Legends                    Yeah Baby             June-'04
      Linds              **Laser (Pink and Blue)      Oct-'06
      Linds                Easy Blue/Smoke            Feb-10
      Linds               Easy Flip Black/Red         Jun-10
      Linds                Easy Flip Fuchsia          Jun-10
      Linds                  Easy Flip Red            Jul-10
      Linds               Easy Red/Teal/Gold          Feb-10
      Linds                      Laser                Aug-'04
      Linds                      Laser               March-'06
Lloyd Price Brands   Lawdy Miss Clawdy Pin Buster     Mar-09
Lloyd Price Brands       Lloyd Price Pin Buster       Mar-09
    Lord Field                   Taurus               Aug-11
    Lord Field         Amazing (Red/Black/Blue)       Feb-10
    Lord Field             Arrow Clear Black          Aug-10
    Lord Field             Arrow Clear Silver         Mar-10
    Lord Field                 Bad News               Jul-12
    Lord Field                  Big Hurt              Jun-12

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       Lord Field              Big Hurt Punishment         Jul-12
       Lord Field                  Block Buster            Jul-11
       Lord Field              Block Buster Torture        Nov-11
       Lord Field                   Bulldozer              Sep-12
       Lord Field                  Burning Up              May-12
       Lord Field                     Crucial              Dec-11
       Lord Field                    Exodus                Feb-10
       Lord Field         Exodus Iron Blue-Teal-Magenta    Aug-11
       Lord Field          Exodus Reactive (Red/Blue)      Aug-10
       Lord Field             Exodus Reactive Pearl        Feb-11
       Lord Field                     Higgs                Oct-10
       Lord Field                  Higgs Force             Nov-11
       Lord Field                Heritage Particle         Sep-12
       Lord Field           Heritage (Red/Blue Pearl)      May-12
       Lord Field                    Jacked                Mar-12
       Lord Field                Judgement Day             Mar-12
       Lord Field                    Korrupt               Jul-12
       Lord Field                    LF Black              Oct-09
       Lord Field                    LF Red                Oct-09
       Lord Field                     Nasty                May-12
       Lord Field                OK Tenpin Pink            Nov-11
       Lord Field                Pin Hacker Pearl          Dec-10
       Lord Field           Rainbow Black (Hard Ball)      Jun-11
       Lord Field                     Razon                Jan-11
       Lord Field                  Terra Khan              Apr-11
       Lord Field                  Terra Power             Aug-10
       Lord Field                 The Grail V.1            Dec-11
       Lord Field          The Grail V.1 Blue/Hot Lemon    Mar-12
       Lord Field         The Grail V.1 Purple/Hot Lemon   Mar-12
       Lord Field                 The Grail V.2            Dec-11
       Lord Field                    Torment               Nov-11
       Lord Field                  Torment Evil            Nov-11
       Lord Field                    Warrior               Aug-11
       Lord Field                Zaru Blue Pearl           Nov-11
       Lord Field                 Zaru Hot Pink            Dec-11
   M & T Associates                 Black Myth             Sep-'01
 Magic Bowling Service              Demolition             Jan-10
 Magic Bowling Service             Demolition II           Jul-10
 Magic Bowling Service                M.B.S.               Jan-10
 Magic Bowling Service          M.B.S. Silver Pearl        Jan-11
 Magic Bowling Service            Mega Stinger             Sep-11
 Magic Bowling Service            Miracle Power            Dec-10
 Magic Bowling Service         Twin Turbo Red/Blue         Aug-10
 Magic Bowling Service         Untouchable Power           Dec-10
     Matsuda Co.                Mazdan Magnitude           Aug-'01
Maximum Bowling Service              Rakion                Mar-07
Maximum Bowling Service      Rakion Black/Purple/Blue      Dec-'07
Maximum Bowling Service         Rakion Black/Red           Dec-'07
Maximum Bowling Service      Rakion Pink/Purple/Blue       Dec-'07

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Maximum Bowling Service                   Rush                     Dec-'06
      Millennium                          Y2K                      Apr-99
      Millennium                      Y2K Sapphire                 May'00
        MoRich                      Aggressive Motion              Jun-11
        MoRich                           Archon                    Jun-07
        MoRich                       Awesome Finish                Mar-07
        MoRich                        Awesome Flip                 Feb-'06
        MoRich                  Awesome Hook Polished             June-'06
        MoRich                   Awesome Hook Sanded              June-'06
        MoRich                       Awesome Revs                  Oct-'06
        MoRich                          Colossus                   Aug-'01
        MoRich                       Colossus Pearl               May-'02
        MoRich                     Colossus Supreme                July-'02
        MoRich                 Colossus Supreme Carbide           Sept-'03
        MoRich                  Colossus Supreme Pearl            March-'03
        MoRich                    Complete Annihilation            Dec-'05
        MoRich                   Complete Annihilation II          Jun-07
        MoRich                Complete Annihilation Revival        Jan-'09
        MoRich                            Craze                    Oct-09
        MoRich                          DestroyR                   Jan-11
        MoRich                      EZ Lev RG ML&L                 Jan-08
        MoRich                           Frenzy                    Jun-09
        MoRich                     Grand Shock & Awe              May-'06
        MoRich                          Hercules                   Jan-'03
        MoRich                   Hercules Orange/Purple           April-'03
        MoRich                           HookR                     Nov-11
        MoRich                          Labyrinth                  May'00
        MoRich                         Lane Magic                  July-'04
        MoRich                 Lane Magic Revival ML & L           Jun-07
        MoRich                           LevRG                     Jun-07
        MoRich                      LevRG Response                Nov-'08
        MoRich                          LevRG-S                    Jan-08
        MoRich                         Loco Motion                 Feb-12
        MoRich                            Mania                    Jan-10
        MoRich              Maximum Shock & Awe Black/Red          Jan-'06
        MoRich            Maximum Shock & Awe Black/Red Pearl      Jan-'06
        MoRich                          Mayhem                     Nov-'03
        MoRich                        Mayhem LRB                  June-'05
        MoRich                       Mayhem LRBP                   Oct-'05
        MoRich                         Mayhem Up                  June-'04
        MoRich                         Mayhem-P                    Oct-'04
        MoRich                          Minotaur                   Feb-'01
        MoRich                           Mojave                    Jul-08
        MoRich              MoRich Polyester Blue/Black/Silver     Apr-09
        MoRich            MoRich Polyester Magenta/Black/Silver    Apr-09
        MoRich                       N Sane LevRG                  Nov-07
        MoRich                      N Tense Lev RG                 Jul-08
        MoRich                         Offset Retro                Jun-11
        MoRich                          Onslaught                  July-'03

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MoRich                     Paragon                       Jun-07
MoRich                 Perpetual Motion                  Nov-10
MoRich                      Pioneer                     May-'02
MoRich                      Ravage                      April-'04
MoRich                     Ravage II                    Sept-'04
MoRich                    Ravage III                     Jan-'05
MoRich                    Ravage IV                     Sept-'05
MoRich                   Ravage Pearl                   Sept-'04
MoRich                     Ravage V                      Aug-'06
MoRich               Ravage VG Balance                  June-'05
MoRich                    Ravage VI                      Jun-07
MoRich                    Ravage VII                    June-'08
MoRich                 Rev Annihilation                 April-'05
MoRich                       Rip R                       Jun-10
MoRich                      Sahara                      June-'05
MoRich                  Seek & Destroy                   Nov-'05
MoRich                   Shock & Awe                    March-'05
MoRich                   Solid LevRg                     Mar-08
MoRich               Sweeping Annihilation               Oct-'06
MoRich                 Total Annihilation               June-'04
MoRich                Total Annihilation P               Jan-'05
MoRich                Total Shock & Awe                 June-'05
MoRich                  Ultra Hercules                  June-'03
MoRich              Weapon of Mass Bias                  Nov-'04
MoRich              Weapon of Mass Bias II              May-'05
MoRich             Weapon of Mass Bias III               Jan-'06
MoRich    Weapon of Mass Bias Professional Blue/Red      Jan-'06
MoRich   Weapon of Mass Bias Professional Teal/Orange    Jan-'06
Motiv                       2 Cruel                      Jun-12
Motiv                       Ascent                       May-12
Motiv                    Ascent Pearl                    May-12
Motiv                     Cruel C51                      Aug-10
Motiv              Cruel C51 Limited Edition             Mar-11
Motiv                        GT1                         May-09
Motiv                        GX1                         Dec-'08
Motiv                   Primal Impulse                   Nov-11
Motiv                   Primal Scream                    Aug-12
Motiv                     Primal TV4                     Jan-11
Motiv               Quadfire QZ1 Cranberry               Dec-09
Motiv                Quadfire QZ1 Purple                 Dec-09
Motiv                    Quadfire QZ2                    Oct-10
Motiv      Quadfire QZ2 Backdraft (Black/ Fire Pearl)    May-11
Motiv                    Raptor Attack                   Jan-12
Motiv                     Raptor P7                      Jun-11
Motiv                     Recon RX1                      Jul-10
Motiv               Recon RX1 Silver Pearl               Dec-10
Motiv                    Sigma Hybrid                    Mar-12
Motiv                     Sigma Tour                     Aug-11
Motiv                       Sniper                       Apr-12

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     Motiv                        SR2                   Nov-09
     Motiv                        SX1                   Dec-'08
     Motiv                       Thrash                 Dec-11
     Motiv                        TR2                   Aug-09
     Motiv                        TX1                   Dec-'08
     Motiv                        TZ3                   May-10
Neo Technologies              Khameleon                 Feb-'03
 Nippon Ebonite                 Absolute                June-'02
 Nippon Ebonite             Genius Carbide              June-'02
 Nippon Ebonite               Genius HRU                Jan-'02
 Nippon Ebonite               Genius Pro                Jan-'02
 Nippon Ebonite                Genius RE                Feb-'02
 Nippon Ebonite               Independent               Dec-'02
 Nippon Ebonite            Next Century FR2             June-'01
 Nippon Ebonite            Next Century GPT             June-'01
 Nippon Ebonite            Next Century HRU             Sept-'01
 Nippon Ebonite            Next Century PPT             June-'01
 Nippon Ebonite         Next Century PPT Tourer         Sept-'01
 Nippon Ebonite               Phenomena                 Jan-'02
 Nippon Ebonite             Phenomena 101               Jan-'02
 Nippon Ebonite             Radiant Reactive            Dec-'02
 Nippon Ebonite                  Raker                  Aug-'02
 Nippon Ebonite        Ultima Response Carbide          Dec-'02
 Nippon Ebonite    Ultima Response Carbide Pro Select   April-'03
 Nippon Ebonite           Ultima Response RE            Oct-'02
 Nippon Ebonite          Ultra Break Carbide G          Feb-'02
    Nu-Line                   Deadly Virus              June-'01
    Nu-Line                     Gauntlet                Mar'00
    Nu-Line                     Genesis                 Dec-94
    Nu-Line                Oddessy ( Blue )             Sep-95
    Nu-Line                 Super X-Calibur             May-'02
    Nu-Line                   Vengeance                 Jan-97
    Nu-Line                      Virus                  April-'01
    Nu-Line                     X Treme                 Feb-94
    Nu-Line                    X-Calibur                Feb-92
    Nu-Line                X-Calibur Legend             Jan-'01
    Nu-Line                X-Calibur Super X            Jun-93
    Nu-Line                   X-Celerator               Jan-'02
    Nu-Line                    X-Pedition               April-'02
      PBA                PBA 50th Anniversary           Oct-'08
  Pin Breaker                   Furious                 Feb-08
  Pin Breaker           Lt. Blue w/ Orange Eng.         Jan-96
  Pin Breaker            Lt. Blue w/ White Eng.         Jan-96
  Pin Breaker            Lt. Blue w/ Yellow Eng.        Jan-96
  Pin Breaker          Pin Breaker / Fuchsia Eng        Sep-95
  Pin Breaker           Pin Breaker / White Eng         Sep-95
  Pin Breaker           Pin Breaker / Yellow Eng        Sep-95
  Pin Breaker            Pin Breaker ( Dk.Purp.)        Jan-95
  Pin Breaker            Pin Breaker ( Lt.Purp.)        Feb-95

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Pin Breaker          Pin Breaker (Purple)        Dec-95
Pin Breaker              Power Shark             Jan-08
Pin Breaker        Purple / Green Engraving      Mar-96
Pin Breaker       Purple / Orange Engraving      Mar-96
Pin Breaker        Purple / Yellow Engraving     Mar-96
Pin Breaker              Total Action            Feb-08
Pin Breaker              Total Omega             Jan-08
Pin Marketing            3 Pin Bottle            Dec-07
Pin Marketing              Tri Color             Nov-07
 Power Play     Bronze Advantage (Electra / R)   Sep-97
 Power Play           Gold Advantage II          Apr-98
 Power Play       Norm Duke Gold Advantage       Feb-97
 Power Play      Norm Duke Silver Advantage      Jan-97
 Power Play             P.P.B. Bronze            Jul-97
 Power Play                Prowler               Mar-98
 Power Play               Sidewinder             Mar-98
 Power Play           Silver Advantage II        Mar-98
 Power Play               Tomahawk               Mar-98
  Pro Bowl           Pro Bowl Blue/Black         Jul-10
  Pro Bowl        Pro Bowl Blue/Black/Silver     Jul-10
  Pro Bowl          Pro Bowl Cherry/Black        Jul-10
  Pro Bowl           Pro Bowl Lime/Black         Jul-10
  Pro Bowl          Pro Bowl Orange/Black        Jul-10
  Pro Bowl        Pro Bowl Red/Yellow/Silver     Jul-10
 Pro-Bowls                Discovery              Aug-99
 Profi Shop                 Aloha                Jun-07
 Profi Shop            American Eagle            May-09
 Profi Shop                 Apple                Apr-09
 Profi Shop              Austrian Flag           Jan-'09
 Profi Shop              Belgium Flag            Jan-'09
 Profi Shop               Earth Ball             May-09
 Profi Shop               Eight Ball             Apr-09
 Profi Shop              Finland Flag            Jan-'09
 Profi Shop              French Flag             Jan-'09
 Profi Shop                Gambler               May-09
 Profi Shop              German Flag             Jan-'09
 Profi Shop                Golf Ball             May-09
 Profi Shop              Green Alien             Jun-09
 Profi Shop               Happy Guy              Apr-09
 Profi Shop               High Roller            May-09
 Profi Shop              Holland Flag            Jan-'09
 Profi Shop              Human Heart             Jun-09
 Profi Shop              I Love Berlin           May-09
 Profi Shop             I Love Bowling           Apr-09
 Profi Shop             I Love Munich            May-09
 Profi Shop              I Love Swiss            Apr-09
 Profi Shop               Italian Flag           Jan-'09
 Profi Shop                Jackpot               May-09
 Profi Shop                Nine Ball             Apr-09

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  Profi Shop                  Orange               Apr-09
  Profi Shop                Pair of Dice           May-09
  Profi Shop                Pirate Flag            Jun-09
  Profi Shop                 Pumpkin               Apr-09
  Profi Shop               Red Dragon              Jun-09
  Profi Shop                 Red Rose              Jun-09
  Profi Shop                Royal Flush            May-09
  Profi Shop            Skull & Crossbones         Jun-09
  Profi Shop                  Soccer               May-09
  Profi Shop                Strawberry             Apr-09
  Profi Shop               Sweden Flag             Jan-'09
  Profi Shop                Swiss Flag             Jan-'09
  Profi Shop                  Tai Chi              Apr-09
  Profi Shop               Watermelon              Apr-09
Pyramid Bowling          Path (All Colors)         Aug-11
     QMR                      Burning              May-11
     QMR                      Coord                Jun-11
     QMR            Coord Polyester (All Colors)   Nov-11
     QMR                       Crisis              Feb-11
     QMR                     Fantastic             May-11
     QMR                   Fly Bullet (L)          Jul-11
     QMR                    Miraculous             Sep-11
     QMR                   Miraculous 1            Oct-11
     QMR                    The Drone              Jun-11
   Quantum                King Quantum             Aug-07
   Quantum             Quantum Allegiance          Feb-08
   Quantum             Quantum Blue/Black          Jan-'05
   Quantum             Quantum Blue/Purple         Jan-'05
   Quantum              Quantum Blue/Red           Jan-'05
   Quantum                Quantum Entry            Jan-08
   Quantum                Quantum Hook             Aug-'06
   Quantum            Quantum Purple/Silver        Jan-'06
   Quantum              Quantum Supreme            Aug-'06
   Quantum                 Quantum Sky             Jan-08
    Radical                    Slant               Mar-11
    Radical                  Slant HD              Jun-12
    Radical                Slant Hybrid            Nov-11
    Radical                 Slant Solid            Jul-11
    Radical           Team 2011 NYC Police         Aug-11
    Radical                 Time's Up!             Jul-11
    Radical              Time's Up! Solid          Jan-12
    Radical                    Torrid              Jul-12
     Rev                      Fugitive             Jul-11
     Rev                     Phantom               Nov-10
     Rev                      Terror               Aug-12
  Revolution                Cyber Gear             Mar-11
  Revolution             Rev AGL Danger            May-07
  Revolution           Rev Gear 10th Anniv.        Mar-08
  Revolution        Rev Pro Extreme Gear RX        Nov-09

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Revolution          Rev Pro Winning Speed             Sep-09
Revolution              Rev Speed Drift               May-07
Revolution           Rev Up Green Sparkle             Jan'00
Revolution        Rev-Asroc Orange/Red Pearl          Feb-07
Revolution       Rev-Asroc Purple/Silver Pearl        Feb-07
Revolution             Revolution Clash               Dec-'00
Revolution   Revolution Danny Wiseman Pro Series      Aug-'01
Revolution           Revolution Death Blow            Aug-'05
Revolution         Revolution Defiance ECX            Aug-'01
Revolution     Revolution Defiance ECX Proactive      Dec-'01
Revolution   Revolution Defiance ECX Silver Sparkle   April-'02
Revolution          Revolution IST 2000 LE            Jan'00
Revolution        Revolution IST 200X Limited         Dec-'00
Revolution            Revolution IST AGL              June-'04
Revolution          Revolution IST Blk Pearl           Apr'00
Revolution          Revolution IST Blk. TE1           Jan'00
Revolution         Revolution IST Blue Pearl          Jan'00
Revolution        Revolution IST Blue/Orange          Jan'00
Revolution        Revolution IST Burg Sparkle         Jan'00
Revolution         Revolution IST Command             Sept-'04
Revolution         Revolution IST Deep AGL            Feb-08
Revolution         Revolution IST Green TE1           Jan'00
Revolution            Revolution IST Navy             Jan'00
Revolution         Revolution IST Plum Pearl          Jan'00
Revolution           Revolution IST Purple            Jan'00
Revolution        Revolution IST Tour Copper          Aug-'02
Revolution          Revolution IZE Blk Pearl          Jan'00
Revolution           Revolution IZE Falcon            Feb-'04
Revolution        Revolution IZE Purple Pearl         Jan'00
Revolution            Revolution Jupiter X            Feb-'03
Revolution           Revolution Perfection            Feb-10
Revolution             Revolution Pro R'Z             Nov-07
Revolution        Revolution Pro Speed Master         Aug-10
Revolution           Revolution Progress C            Dec-'02
Revolution          Revolution Progress ISM           Aug-07
Revolution        Revolution Progress Master          Jan-'05
Revolution      Revolution Raiders Blue/Magenta       Oct-'03
Revolution       Revolution Raiders Blue/Silver       Oct-'03
Revolution             Revolution Rebel               Mar'00
Revolution         Revolution Rebel Blk-Pearl         Nov-'00
Revolution          Revolution Rebel Blood            April-'06
Revolution           Revolution Rebel DNA             Apr-10
Revolution           Revolution Rebel ECX             Jun'00
Revolution          Revolution Rebel ECX 2             Jul'00
Revolution         Revolution Rebel ECX Pro           Nov-'00
Revolution     Revolution Rebel ECX Purple Pearl      Feb-'01
Revolution          Revolution Rebel Egoist           Jun-07
Revolution           Revolution Rebel Fixer           Nov-'04
Revolution         Revolution Rebel Proactive         Nov-'00

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Revolution         Revolution Rebel Tradition           Nov-07
Revolution             Revolution Rebel X               Jan-'02
Revolution            Revolution Renegade               Apr'00
Revolution        Revolution Rev Gear Arrows            Jun-07
Revolution          Revolution Rev Gear Neo            May-'04
Revolution          Revolution Rev Gear Pro             Oct-'03
Revolution         Revolution Rev Gear Revive           Jan-'05
Revolution           Revolution Rev Max C               Jan-'03
Revolution         Revolution Rev Max Control           Oct-'06
Revolution           Revolution Rev Mission            April-'05
Revolution       Revolution Rev Pro Excite Gear         May-09
Revolution      Revolution Rev Pro Extreme Gear         Nov-'08
Revolution       Revolution Rev Pro Real Speed          May-08
Revolution          Revolution Rev Pro Stage            Feb-'05
Revolution     Revolution Rev Rebel Egoist Black        Jan-'09
Revolution      Revolution Rev Rebel Overcome           Aug-08
Revolution           Revolution Rev Remix              April-'05
Revolution           Revolution Rev Speed               July-'04
Revolution       Revolution Rev Speed Breaker          June-'05
Revolution       Revolution Rev Speed Checker          April-'05
Revolution          Revolution Rev Speed GS             Aug-'06
Revolution        Revolution Rev Speed Winner          March-'06
Revolution      Revolution Rev-Command Soldier          Dec-'05
Revolution           Revolution Rev-Cruise             Sept-'04
Revolution       Revolution Rev-Cruise Survivor         July-'05
Revolution           Revolution Rev-Cyclone            Sept-'05
Revolution            Revolution Rev-Force             March-'04
Revolution     Revolution Rev-Hit Charisma Black        July-'03
Revolution    Revolution Rev-Hit Charisma Black Ice    April-'05
Revolution   Revolution Rev-Hit Charisma Black Pearl   July-'03
Revolution   Revolution Rev-Hit Charisma Plum Pearl     Jan-'05
Revolution        Revolution Rev-IST Over Rev          June-'06
Revolution      Revolution Rev-IST Progress EX          Feb-'04
Revolution          Revolution Rev-Ize Gear            June-'03
Revolution          Revolution Rev-Ize Titan           May-'03
Revolution            Revolution Revolver               Dec-'03
Revolution          Revolution Rev-Succeed              Nov-06
Revolution           Revolution Rev-Sword              May-'05
Revolution           Revolution Rev-Traction            Nov-'04
Revolution               Revolution Rex                 July-'03
Revolution            Revolution Rex Gaia               Dec-'03
Revolution            Revolution Rex Helios            Sept-'03
Revolution           Revolution Speed Star              May-11
Revolution          Revolution Sunrich Rebel            July-'01
Revolution           Revolution Vengeance              May-'05
Revolution           Revolution Vengeance               Apr'00
Revolution                Revsolution                   Jan'00
Revolution               R-One Plasma                   Jan-07
Revolution                 Zest Rebel                   Mar-07

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Robby's                 Altus             July-'03
Robby's              Altus Attack         Aug-'03
Robby's                 Axle              May-96
Robby's            Axle ( Sanded )        Jun-95
Robby's                Omega              Aug-'02
Robby's            Omega Choice           Jan-'03
Robby's             Omega Curve           Aug-'03
Robby's             Omega Point           May-'04
Robby's                Premier            Dec-07
Robby's                 RPM               April-'05
Robby's                Terror             Sep-'01
Roto Grip            Active Cell          Jan-'09
Roto Grip              Alliance           Nov-'08
Roto Grip           Alliance Tour         Apr-09
Roto Grip            Apocalypse           Dec-'03
Roto Grip         Apocalypse Vision       April-'04
Roto Grip              Assault            Jan-'01
Roto Grip           Assault Pearl         May-'01
Roto Grip              Bandit             Jun-93
Roto Grip       Bandit (Black/Yellow)     May-11
Roto Grip             Bandit 2            Dec-94
Roto Grip              Berserk             Jul-12
Roto Grip                Cell             Dec-07
Roto Grip             Cell Pearl          Sept-'08
Roto Grip             Cosmos              Sept-'02
Roto Grip          Critical Theory        Jun-11
Roto Grip       Crown Clear Polyester     Apr-09
Roto Grip            Cubic Cell           Apr-09
Roto Grip             Dark Star           Oct-09
Roto Grip           Dark Theory           May-12
Roto Grip            Def Con 1            Aug'00
Roto Grip            Def Con 2            Aug'00
Roto Grip              Defiant            Nov-11
Roto Grip           Defiant Boom          Aug-12
Roto Grip           Defiant Edge          May-12
Roto Grip            Defiant XL           Apr-12
Roto Grip              Destiny            May-07
Roto Grip              Domain             Dec-09
Roto Grip            Duel Retro           Jan-'02
Roto Grip             Dynasty              Jul-09
Roto Grip               Earth             June-'06
Roto Grip              Empire             May-09
Roto Grip               Epic              June-'05
Roto Grip            Epic Battle          Jan-'06
Roto Grip            Epic Dream           Dec-'05
Roto Grip           Epic Journey          April-'06
Roto Grip           Epic Odyssey          Dec-'06
Roto Grip            Epic Saga            June-'06
Roto Grip     Extreme Mutant Cell Pearl   Jan-11

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Roto Grip                Fuel           July-'02
Roto Grip             Fuel Tour         Oct-'02
Roto Grip          Global Alliance      Jun-10
Roto Grip          Global Assault       Nov-'01
Roto Grip           Golden Globe        Aug-08
Roto Grip           Grand Illusion      Jun-08
Roto Grip             Grenade           May-10
Roto Grip        Grenade Polyester     May-'01
Roto Grip              Horizon         March-'06
Roto Grip           Horizon Solid      Sept-'06
Roto Grip               HRG3            Oct-98
Roto Grip            Hybrid Cell        Jul-08
Roto Grip              Illusion         Sep-08
Roto Grip           Impact Theory       Sep-12
Roto Grip           Infinite Theory     Jan-11
Roto Grip         Kaboose M-Track       Apr-'02
Roto Grip             Killer Cell       Nov-09
Roto Grip          Kingdom 90PH         Mar-12
Roto Grip             Kingdom           Apr-10
Roto Grip          Kingdom Pearl        Nov-10
Roto Grip              Liberty          Jul-11
Roto Grip           Liberty United      Aug-11
Roto Grip               M 16            Jan-'01
Roto Grip           Major Alliance      Aug-09
Roto Grip           Major Assault      April-'02
Roto Grip               Mars            Feb-09
Roto Grip         Mars Black/Silver     Sep-09
Roto Grip          Master Illusion      Mar-08
Roto Grip             Max Retro        March-'03
Roto Grip         Maximum Assault       Dec-'01
Roto Grip         Maximum Theory        Apr-11
Roto Grip              Mercury         June-'05
Roto Grip             Monarch           Oct-11
Roto Grip                MTX           March-'05
Roto Grip            Mutant Cell        Jul-09
Roto Grip         Mutant Cell Hybrid    Feb-10
Roto Grip         Mutant Cell Pearl     Apr-10
Roto Grip               Mystic          Jan-07
Roto Grip              Neptune          Dec-'06
Roto Grip             Neptune II        Jul-07
Roto Grip              Nomad            May-09
Roto Grip          Nomad Dagger         Oct-10
Roto Grip           Nomad Hybrid        Nov-09
Roto Grip           Nomad Pearl         May-09
Roto Grip           Nomad Pro/V         Jun-10
Roto Grip             North Star        Mar-12
Roto Grip              Oracle          June-'04
Roto Grip           Oracle Vision       Jan-'05
Roto Grip          Oracle Wisdom       April-'05

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Roto Grip               Outlaw             Oct-92
Roto Grip        Outlaw (Black/Red)        May-11
Roto Grip            Plasma Cell           Nov-'08
Roto Grip                Pluto             Dec-07
Roto Grip             Pure Fuel           June-'03
Roto Grip               Quest              Jul-07
Roto Grip              Quest 2             Nov-07
Roto Grip               Realm              Nov-09
Roto Grip              Red Line            Mar-'01
Roto Grip             Renegade             Mar-92
Roto Grip              Republic            Aug-10
Roto Grip             Retro Cell           Jan-12
Roto Grip         Retro Resurrection      March-'04
Roto Grip          Retro Roto Pearl        Mar-'01
Roto Grip          Retro Roto Solid        Mar-'01
Roto Grip                Riot              Jan-10
Roto Grip             Rising Star          Jan-11
Roto Grip             Rogue Cell           Feb-09
Roto Grip         Roto Grip M-Trax        May-'02
Roto Grip        Roto Grip Polyester       Sep-'01
Roto Grip           Royal Dynasty          Jul-12
Roto Grip                RS-1             Sept-'04
Roto Grip                RS-P              Aug-'05
Roto Grip                RS-X             April-'05
Roto Grip                Rush              Oct-'03
Roto Grip            Saturn Pearl          Jan-'06
Roto Grip            Saturn Solid          Jan-'06
Roto Grip              Scepter             Oct-10
Roto Grip              Scream              Jul-12
Roto Grip               SD 73              Sep-98
Roto Grip           SD 73 Classic          Jan-'05
Roto Grip           SD 73 Infinity         Jan-'05
Roto Grip           SD 73 Legend           Dec-07
Roto Grip       SD 73 Limited Edition     Aug-'03
Roto Grip         SD 73 Pro Edition       March-'04
Roto Grip               Shatter            Jul-12
Roto Grip            Shining Star          May-11
Roto Grip           Shooting Star          Aug-11
Roto Grip               Shout              Jul-12
Roto Grip            Silver Streak         Feb-'02
Roto Grip          Silver Streak EX        Dec-06
Roto Grip          Silver Streak LE        Aug-'06
Roto Grip        Silver Streak Particle   March-'03
Roto Grip         Silver Streak Pearl      Oct-'02
Roto Grip          Silver Streak RS        Aug-07
Roto Grip          Silver Streak SE        Aug-'05
Roto Grip          Silver Streak SS        Mar-12
Roto Grip           Silver Streak/R        Jul-08
Roto Grip                Sonic             Nov-'01

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Roto Grip            Sonic 2 Black          July-'02
Roto Grip           Sonic 2 Green           July-'02
Roto Grip             Sonic Boom            Dec-'03
Roto Grip               Sonic X             Oct-'02
Roto Grip           Sonic X "Solid"        June-'03
Roto Grip             Sonic X '03          April-'03
Roto Grip             Spare Tire            Jan-'05
Roto Grip            Star Alliance          Jan-12
Roto Grip             Strike Cell           Apr-08
Roto Grip             Super Cell            Jul-10
Roto Grip            Super Nomad            Mar-10
Roto Grip            Super Sonic           April-'04
Roto Grip            Super Streak          June-'04
Roto Grip             Techno Flip           Dec-11
Roto Grip           Techno Theory           Sep-11
Roto Grip               Theory              Oct-10
Roto Grip            Theory Pro/X           May-11
Roto Grip              Top Fuel             Dec-'02
Roto Grip          Top Fuel Carbide        March-'03
Roto Grip           Totally Berserk         Sep-12
Roto Grip            True Alliance          Feb-11
Roto Grip           Ultimate Streak        June-'05
Roto Grip             Ultra Sonic           Nov-'04
Roto Grip               United              Apr-11
Roto Grip               Venus              June-'06
Roto Grip           Winning Streak         April-'05
Roto Grip           World Alliance          Nov-11
Roto Grip                XLR8               Oct-98
 Seismic               Aftermath            Apr-10
 Seismic             Aftermath K2           Sep-10
 Seismic            Aftermath Pearl         Sep-10
 Seismic              Desperado             Nov-09
 Seismic       Desperado Limited Edition    Nov-11
 Seismic               Epicenter            Aug-09
 Seismic               Euphoria             Mar-11
 Seismic              Raging Bull           Jun-11
 Seismic          Raging Bull Charged       Jun-11
 Seismic         Raging Bull Stampede       Jun-12
 Seismic            Solaris Blackout        Sep-10
 Seismic           Solaris Requiem          Apr-09
   SM             Black Myth G Force        Nov-'05
  Spark                  Bulls              May-95
Sports Tec        Accura (All Colors)       Feb-'01
Sports Tec             Cyber - X            Aug-96
Sports Tec            Cyber - XR            Aug-96
Sports Tec              Inferno             Aug-96
Sports Tec           Prestige Plus          Aug-'00
Sports Tec               Steel              Aug-'02
Sports Tec               Stone              Aug-'02

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Square Bowling Products            Dice - Black            Jul-07
Square Bowling Products            Dice - White            Jul-07
Square Bowling Products            Half and Half           Jul-08
Square Bowling Products                Swirl               Jul-08
        Storm                      **Super Spin            Aug-'05
        Storm                          2Fast               Jun-10
        Storm                        2Furious              Jun-10
        Storm                  Absolute Domination         Mar-08
        Storm                          Agent              April-'06
        Storm               Alien Concepts Violet Virus    Jul-97
        Storm                  Alien Concepts Virus        Dec-96
        Storm                      Amko Stealth            Feb-97
        Storm                        Anarchy               Oct-10
        Storm                   Angular Dimension          May-09
        Storm                       Asia Storm            March-'06
        Storm                      Asia Storm II           Oct-'06
        Storm                Atlantic Storm Pink/Black     May-07
        Storm                Atlantic Storm Silver/Gold    May-07
        Storm                     Atomic Charge            Nov-'04
        Storm                      Attitude Shift          Sep-07
        Storm                      Barbed Wire            Sept-'03
        Storm                        Baseball             May-'01
        Storm                       Basketball             Dec-'00
        Storm                      Big D Pro Am            Feb-'03
        Storm                     Big Hit Particle        May-'04
        Storm                 Big Hit Pearl Blue/Red      May-'04
        Storm                Big Hit Pearl Purple/Teal     July-'02
        Storm                      Big Hit Solid           July-'02
        Storm                       Black Hole             Jul-97
        Storm                          Blast               Oct-99
        Storm                     Blue Hot Flame           Aug-98
        Storm                   Blue Pearl Thunder         Feb-97
        Storm                 Blue Pearl Thunder Pro       Mar-97
        Storm                  Blue Sanded Flame           Oct-99
        Storm                           Bolt               Jan-98
        Storm                        Bolt Pro              Feb-98
        Storm                 Bowl America Rattler X      May-'04
        Storm                 Bowl America Scorpion       Aug-'03
        Storm                  Bowl America Zip R2        Aug-'02
        Storm                      Brain Storm             Jun-12
        Storm                        Buster IX             Nov-97
        Storm                 Complete Domination          Sep-07
        Storm                   Control Black/Silver      Sept-'08
        Storm                   Control Navy/Silver        Feb-08
        Storm                   Control Red/Silver         Feb-08
        Storm                    Core Power HRG            July-'02
        Storm                     Core Power LE            Feb-'03
        Storm                    Core Power LRG           Sept-'02
        Storm                       Crossroad              Dec-11

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Storm        Crossroad Extreme         Apr-12
Storm           Crown Storm            Sep-98
Storm        Dark Sky Thunder          Jul-97
Storm           Dark Thunder           Nov-'05
Storm        Dark Thunder Pearl        Oct-'06
Storm           Deep Gravity           Feb-11
Storm        Deep Gravity Gold/V       Apr-12
Storm           Depth Charge          March-'04
Storm               Diablo            June-'05
Storm             Dimension            May-08
Storm         Domination Nano          Apr-11
Storm     Domination Nano Long oil     Dec-11
Storm     Domination Nano Short Oil    Dec-11
Storm       Domination Nano Solid      Jul-11
Storm           Domination X           May-10
Storm             Dominator            Oct-10
Storm        Don Carter Major 52       Jan-12
Storm       Don Carter Wise Man        Jan-12
Storm           Double Agent           Aug-'06
Storm              El Nino             Sep-98
Storm           El Nino 2000           Feb'00
Storm         El Nino 2000 Pro         Nov-'00
Storm           El Nino 2002          June-'02
Storm           El Nino 2003          March-'03
Storm            El Nino Gold          Jul'00
Storm           El Nino Level I       April-'05
Storm          El Nino Level II       April-'05
Storm          El Nino Premier         Oct-99
Storm          El Nino Returns         Jan-07
Storm           El Nino Wrath          Jan-99
Storm            El Nino X-It          Oct-'00
Storm          Electrical Storm        Jan-95
Storm              Erase-It           May-'01
Storm              Erased              Mar-12
Storm               Eraser             Apr'00
Storm              Eraser 2            Mar-'01
Storm          Eraser Banshee         Nov-'04
Storm           Eraser Blaze           Mar-'02
Storm           Eraser Boost           Mar-'02
Storm        Eraser Burn Carbide       Aug-'02
Storm          Eraser Particle        April-'03
Storm            Eraser Tour           Oct-'01
Storm            Euro Storm           June-'02
Storm           Euro Storm 2           Aug-'03
Storm            Euromania             Oct-'06
Storm       Falcon Tropical Blk/Sil    Jul-08
Storm       Falcon Tropical Blu/Sil    Jul-08
Storm                Fast              Apr-09
Storm           Fatal El Nino          Dec-'01

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Storm            Fear Factor          Sept-'03
Storm            Fire Power            May-99
Storm             Fire Road            May-12
Storm             Fire Side            Aug-12
Storm            Fire Storm            Jan-95
Storm             Fired Up            April-'05
Storm           Fired Up Burn          Dec-'05
Storm            Fired Up II           Mar-08
Storm         Fired Up Mr. 300         Oct-09
Storm             First War            Dec-11
Storm              Flame               Oct-97
Storm          Flame Reactive         Sep-'00
Storm         Flame Red/Purple         July-'01
Storm         Flame Teal Pearl         July-'01
Storm            Flash Flood           July-'04
Storm            Flash Force          March-'04
Storm            Flash Point           Nov-'03
Storm              Football            Jan-'02
Storm     Forest Fire Storm (Green)    Nov-95
Storm              Frantic             Aug-11
Storm         Frantic Black/Red        Dec-11
Storm            Frantic Pro           Jul-12
Storm             Freedom              Jan-'02
Storm              Fringe              Feb-12
Storm              Furious             Apr-09
Storm         Global Domination        Aug-09
Storm            Global Shift          Dec-07
Storm             Golf Ball            Jan-'01
Storm           Gravity Force          Mar-09
Storm           Gravity Shift          Jan-08
Storm      Greater Memphis Open        Feb-'03
Storm         Green Sunstorm           Aug-98
Storm            Hi-Power G           April-'06
Storm           Hit Blue Pearl        June-'03
Storm          Hit Blue Sparkle        July-'02
Storm          Hit Purple Pearl       April-'03
Storm           Hit Red Pearl         June-'03
Storm          Hit Red Sparkle         July-'02
Storm           HKD Devil QX           Jun-94
Storm             Hot Point           Sept-'03
Storm            Hot Point II         Sept-'05
Storm             Hot Rod              Feb-'03
Storm          Hot Rod Hybrid          Dec-'04
Storm         Hot Rod Pro Stock        July-'04
Storm      Hot Rod Pro Stock Pearl    Sept-'04
Storm        Hot Rod Super Sport      May-'05
Storm     Hot Rod Super Sport Pearl   Sept-'05
Storm             Hot Shot             May-99
Storm             Hot Wire            May-'03

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Storm           Hunter Storm       Nov-97
Storm           Hyper Gravity      Dec-'08
Storm             Hy-Road          Oct-'08
Storm             Ice Storm        Apr-07
Storm         Ice Storm - Black    Jun-10
Storm         Ice Storm - Purple    Jul-11
Storm           Infinity Excel     Dec-96
Storm             Invasion         Nov-09
Storm           Invasion 2010      Mar-10
Storm          Invasion Nano       May-11
Storm        Invasion Nano Pearl   Oct-11
Storm                 IQ           May-12
Storm              IQ 300           Jul-12
Storm             IQ Score         Sep-12
Storm              IQ Tour         May-12
Storm                Jolt          Aug-'06
Storm            Jolt Particle     Feb-07
Storm             Jolt Pearl       Aug-'06
Storm              La Nina         Sep-99
Storm          Lightning Flash     May-99
Storm         Lightning Flash II   Aug-'03
Storm         Lightning Revive     Aug-07
Storm          Lightning Storm     Sep-96
Storm          Lightning Tour      May-97
Storm               Lucid          Aug-12
Storm            Mainframe         May-10
Storm          Mainframe Red       Aug-10
Storm               Manic          Feb-12
Storm              Marvel          Dec-10
Storm           Marvel Pearl       May-11
Storm            Marvel Skid        Jul-11
Storm            Marvel X/H        Nov-11
Storm        Master Domination      Jul-12
Storm          Maximum Heat        Nov-10
Storm             Mega Hit         April-'03
Storm              Meteor          May-97
Storm            Meteor Blue       May-'04
Storm           Meteor Flash       Aug-97
Storm            Meteor Red        June-'04
Storm           Meteor Storm       Jun-97
Storm            Mighty Shift      Apr-08
Storm          Modern Marvel       Dec-11
Storm          Moebius Beam        Dec-'00
Storm         Moebius Beam 2       May-'01
Storm         Moebius Plasma       Dec-'01
Storm        Moebius Plasma Pro    Dec-'01
Storm              Natural         May-09
Storm           Natural Pearl      Oct-10
Storm           Neo Ballistic       Jul-97

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Storm           Neo Classic R           Jan-'01
Storm            Neo Contrast           Jan-'01
Storm            Neo Jasper             May-95
Storm     Neo Plasma BB-X Carbide       Aug-'02
Storm            Neo Quattro            Oct-99
Storm             Neo Traffic           Aug-97
Storm          Neo Traffic Hard         Jan-98
Storm     Nugget (Prospectors Inc.)     Nov-95
Storm          NXT Dimension            Jul-09
Storm         NXT/G Domination          Nov-'08
Storm            Pacific Storm          Mar-96
Storm      Pacific Storm Black/Teal    March-'06
Storm     Pacific Storm Navy/Purple    May-'05
Storm     Pacific Storm Purple/Black    Oct-'06
Storm      Pacific Storm Purple/Blue   March-'06
Storm       Pacific Storm Red/Blue      Jan-'05
Storm             Paradigm             Sept-'05
Storm       Paradigm Domination        Sept-'06
Storm              Passion              Jan-'06
Storm            Passion Lust           Dec-07
Storm           Passion Pro-V           Aug-'06
Storm               PDW                May-'02
Storm         Perfect Dimension         Jul-08
Storm              Perfecta             Nov-'05
Storm               Phase              April-'03
Storm              Phase II             Aug-'03
Storm          Point Blue/Silver        Feb-09
Storm         Point Purple/Silver       Feb-09
Storm           Point Red/Gold          Feb-09
Storm          Point Teal/Silver        Feb-09
Storm        Polar Ice Blue/Green       Nov-11
Storm        Polar Ice Red/Purple       Nov-11
Storm            Power Agent            Apr-08
Storm             Power Bolt            Apr'00
Storm        Power Charge Pearl        April-'03
Storm            Power Storm            Sep-98
Storm         Premier Paradigm         May-'06
Storm            Pro X Factor          March-'04
Storm              Prodigy              Jun-10
Storm            Prodigy Elite          Sep-10
Storm                Pyro              March-'06
Storm           Radical Marvel          Apr-11
Storm          Ragin' Banshee          June-'05
Storm          Rainbow Storm            Aug-96
Storm             Rapid Fire            Dec-07
Storm          Rapid Fire Pearl         May-08
Storm            Razor Wire             Jan-'04
Storm             Recharge              July-'04
Storm           Red Hot Flame           Feb-98

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Storm          Red Sun Storm          Apr-94
Storm            Reflex Blue          Aug-'01
Storm            Reflex Red           July-'01
Storm               Reign             Jun-09
Storm           Reign of Fire         Dec-09
Storm          Reign Supreme          Oct-10
Storm         Riverside Pro-Am        Dec-'03
Storm      Riverside Resort Pro-Am    Feb-'03
Storm          Rolling Thunder        Nov-'04
Storm        Screamin Banshee        April-'05
Storm        Second Dimension         Dec-'08
Storm           Secret Agent          May-07
Storm               Shift             Jan-'07
Storm             Shift SLT           May-07
Storm          Shock Trauma           July-'02
Storm        Shock Trauma Elvis       Feb-'03
Storm              Shocker            Jan-97
Storm              Sky Bolt           Apr-98
Storm            Soccer Ball          Mar'00
Storm           Spare Storm           Sep-96
Storm     Spare Storm Aqua Sparkle    July-'02
Storm           Special Agent         Nov-'06
Storm         Special Agent 007       Apr-07
Storm         Spin X Blue/Silver     March-'05
Storm         Spin X Red/Black       March-'05
Storm            Spirit-Blue          Oct-99
Storm             Spirit-Red          Oct-99
Storm             Spit Fire           Aug-'06
Storm           Storm Breeze          Oct-95
Storm       Storm Glow Polyester      July-'02
Storm              Stormy             Oct-'03
Storm            Street Rod           Apr-08
Storm         Street Rod Pearl        Apr-08
Storm          Sun Storm Pro          Sep-98
Storm        Sun Storm Red TE1        Aug-94
Storm           Super Charge          Nov-'03
Storm         Super Domination        Jan-'09
Storm            Super Fast           Dec-09
Storm           Super Power           Sep-'00
Storm        Super Power Pearl        Apr-'01
Storm        Super Power Pearl II     Aug-'03
Storm             Sure Fire           Jul-07
Storm           T Domination          May-07
Storm            Team Storm           Jan-'04
Storm            Team Storm           Oct-'08
Storm         Team Storm Black        May-12
Storm        Team Storm White         Sep-10
Storm          Third Dimension        Feb-10
Storm           Thunder Flash         Dec-99

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Storm          Thunder Flash Pro           Dec-99
Storm           Thunder Power              Jan-'01
Storm            Thunder Road              Sep-97
Storm         Thunder Road Cool            June-'01
Storm          Thunder Road Hot            May-'01
Storm         Thunder Road Pearl           Apr-98
Storm          Thunder Road SE             Feb-'04
Storm           Thunder Struck             June-'06
Storm        Thunder Struck Pearl          June-'06
Storm            Thunderstorm              Sep-96
Storm               Too Hot                Feb-'01
Storm              Top Agent               Oct-07
Storm            Total Anarchy             Mar-12
Storm            Total Invasion            Jun-10
Storm              Tour Block              May-'03
Storm             Tour Block II            Mar-08
Storm            Tour Block NU             Sept-'08
Storm           Tour Domination            Nov-09
Storm             Tour Power               July-'01
Storm         Toxic Blade Limited          Sept-'04
Storm             Toxic Storm              June-'04
Storm               Trauma                 Jan-'01
Storm             Trauma ER                June-'01
Storm          Trauma Recovery             Nov-'01
Storm          Trauma Response             Feb-'02
Storm            Trauma Tour               Feb-'05
Storm        Trauma Unit Carbide           Jan-'03
Storm             Trauma XR                Oct-'01
Storm            Triple X Factor           Jan-'04
Storm     Triple X Factor Turning Point    Jan-'05
Storm        Triple Xtreme X Factor        May-'04
Storm            T-Road Pearl              Nov-'06
Storm     T-Road Pearl (Red Pewter)        Oct-07
Storm            T-Road Solid              May-07
Storm    Tropical Breeze Black/Cherry      Feb-12
Storm     Tropical Breeze Black/Teal       Apr-11
Storm   Tropical Breeze Kona Blue/Silver   Apr-11
Storm     Tropical Breeze Pink/Purple      Apr-11
Storm      Tropical Breeze Red/Silver      Jun-12
Storm      Tropical Heat Black/Purple      Feb-12
Storm      Tropical Heat Black/Silver      Apr-10
Storm      Tropical Heat Indigo/Violet     Apr-11
Storm     Tropical Heat Orange/Purple      Apr-10
Storm       Tropical Heat Red/Blue         Apr-10
Storm            Tropical Storm            Apr-94
Storm      Tropical Storm Blue/Green       May-07
Storm     Tropical Storm Blue/Orange       May-07
Storm     Tropical Storm Blue/Yellow       June-'05
Storm     Tropical Storm Blue/Yellow       Sept-'06

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Storm      Tropical Storm Green/Yellow         May-'05
Storm      Tropical Storm Green/Yellow         Sept-'06
Storm       Tropical Storm Indigo/Ivory         Apr-09
Storm   Tropical Storm Majestic Purple/Ivory    Apr-09
Storm       Tropical Storm Ocean Sky            Jun-08
Storm        Tropical Storm Pink/Black         June-'06
Storm        Tropical Storm Red/Black           Dec-'05
Storm        Tropical Storm Red/Black          Sept-'06
Storm       Tropical Storm Red/Purple          June-'05
Storm       Tropical Storm Red/Purple          Sept-'06
Storm       Tropical Storm Teal/Purple         June-'06
Storm      Tropical Storm Yellow/Purple         Apr-10
Storm              Turning Point               Sept-'05
Storm     Turning Point Silver/Purple/Blue     March-'06
Storm         U.S Open Pro Am 2001              Dec-'01
Storm                Ultra Fast                 Feb-11
Storm              Ultra Furious                Feb-11
Storm                Ultra Hot                  Oct-'01
Storm               Ultra Storm                 Nov-97
Storm         Urex Final Countdown              Sep-97
Storm                USA Gold                   July-'02
Storm              Victory Road                 Dec-10
Storm           Victory Road Solid              Jun-11
Storm           Victory Road Tour               Apr-11
Storm             Virtual Energy                May-09
Storm         Virtual Energy Pro Tour           Sep-09
Storm             Virtual Gravity               Sep-08
Storm           Virtual Gravity LTD             Jul-09
Storm          Virtual Gravity Nano             Jan-11
Storm        Virtual Gravity Nano ADV           Sep-12
Storm        Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl         Aug-11
Storm   Virtual Gravity Nano Special Edition    Nov-11
Storm       Virtual Gravity Premier XG          Mar-12
Storm            Virtual Gravity XG             Oct-11
Storm           Virtual Gravity Xra             Sep-12
Storm             Virtual Mission               Apr-10
Storm              Virtual Tour V               Apr-10
Storm             Virtual Tour XG               Nov-10
Storm              Virtual World                Jul-10
Storm             Virus Code TX                 Oct-97
Storm               Virus Pure                  Apr-98
Storm                  Vivid                    Jan-12
Storm               Vivid RNP                   Jun-12
Storm                  War                      Aug-10
Storm              War Machine                  Jan-11
Storm                 Wizard                    Oct-'05
Storm           World Domination                Oct-07
Storm                X Factor                   Nov-'02
Storm        X Factor 35th Anniversary         Sept-'05

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          Storm                       X Factor Ace          Sept-'04
          Storm                      X Factor Deuce         Jan-'03
          Storm                      X Factor Friction      Dec-'04
          Storm                    X Factor Re-Loaded       May-'03
          Storm                      X Factor Trifecta      June-'05
          Storm                     X Factor V Power        June-'05
          Storm                      X Factor Vertigo       Feb-'05
          Storm                  X Factor Vertigo Victory   May-'05
          Storm                      X Factor World         Aug-'03
          Storm                    X Tacy Domination         Jul-08
          Storm                  X Tacy Domination Tour     May-09
          Storm                      Xtreme HyRoad          Sep-09
Storm (High Score Products)            Black Storm          Dec-91
Storm (High Score Products)         Blue Pearl Storm        Sep-92
Storm (High Score Products)            Teal Storm           Mar-92
Storm (High Score Products)         Yellow Sun Storm         Jul-93
       Strike Maker                      Tri Color          Aug-07
         Sunrich                        Gauntlet P          Jun-07
        Superbowl                        Redline            Dec-10
     Synsheen (Star)                  Jupiter (Blue)        Nov-95
     Synsheen (Star)                 Saturn (Burg.)         Nov-95
          Tayoto                          Comet             Nov-97
          Tayoto                          Shine             Nov-97
        Track Inc.                        100P              May-11
        Track Inc.                        300A              May-12
        Track Inc.                        300C              Jun-10
        Track Inc.                        300T              May-11
        Track Inc.                        405A              Aug-12
        Track Inc.                        405C              Nov-10
        Track Inc.                        407C              Mar-11
        Track Inc.                        408A              Nov-11
        Track Inc.                        408C              Apr-10
        Track Inc.                    408C Encore           Jan-11
        Track Inc.                        502A              Feb-11
        Track Inc.                        503C              May-11
        Track Inc.                        503T              May-12
        Track Inc.                        505A              Sep-09
        Track Inc.                        505C              May-09
        Track Inc.                 505C Special Edition     Mar-12
        Track Inc.                        505T              May-10
        Track Inc.                        508A              Dec-11
        Track Inc.                 607A Special Edition     Jun-10
        Track Inc.                        706A              May-12
        Track Inc.                        715A              May-09
        Track Inc.                        715C              Jan-10
        Track Inc.                        715T              Sep-10
        Track Inc.                        716C              Sep-11
        Track Inc.                        716T              Jan-12
        Track Inc.                        718A              Sep-10

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Track Inc.            718A (Orange Pin)               Jan-11
Track Inc.           811A Special Edition             Nov-11
Track Inc.            916AT All Terrain               Oct-10
Track Inc.                   911T                     May-12
Track Inc.                   912T                     May-12
Track Inc.       916AT Teal/Purple/Burgundy           Apr-11
Track Inc.                  919C                      May-11
Track Inc.                  920A                      Nov-09
Track Inc.                   920T                     May-10
Track Inc.                   930T                     May-09
Track Inc.           ABS K.O Punch Pro                Nov-99
Track Inc.                  Animal                    Dec-'03
Track Inc.             Animal Untamed                April-'04
Track Inc.                 Arsenal                    Feb-'05
Track Inc.           Arsenal Aggressive               Jan-'05
Track Inc.             Arsenal Artillery              Feb-'06
Track Inc.             Arsenal Reactive               July-'05
Track Inc.                 Assassin                   Mar'00
Track Inc.                 Avenger                    Oct-'00
Track Inc.                Blue Heat                  May-'05
Track Inc.              Boxing Glove                  Aug-'00
Track Inc.        Code Red Special Edition            Dec-98
Track Inc.                  Crash                     Feb-'04
Track Inc.         Critical Mass "code red"           Jul-94
Track Inc.          Critical Mass (Purple)            Nov-'93
Track Inc.                 Crunch                     Feb-'03
Track Inc.               Crunch Time                  Oct-'03
Track Inc.                 Darkside                  Sept-'03
Track Inc.               Desert Heat                 June-'05
Track Inc.                 Domino                     Jun-07
Track Inc.                 Dry Heat                   Oct-'03
Track Inc.               Elite Remix                 April-'05
Track Inc.               Elite Revival                Jan-'05
Track Inc.                   EMB                      Feb-'01
Track Inc.                EMB Pearl                  June-'01
Track Inc.                 EMB XF                    Sept-'01
Track Inc.                 Enforcer                   Dec-99
Track Inc.                 Equation                   July-'06
Track Inc.                Equation 2                  Dec-'06
Track Inc.                EZ Money                   March-'02
Track Inc.           Flaming T Spare Ball            March-'06
Track Inc.              Flare (Copper)                Aug-95
Track Inc.                  Freak                     July-'02
Track Inc.                Freak Out                   Oct-'02
Track Inc.               Freak-A-Zoid                 July-'04
Track Inc.                  Havoc                     Jan-'04
Track Inc.               Heat 2 Pearl                May-'01
Track Inc.         Heat Black/Purple/Silver           Jan-12
Track Inc.   Heat Black/Purple/Silver (Orange Pin)    Apr-12

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Track Inc.             Heat Blast             Jan-'06
Track Inc.           Heat Burgundy            Feb-'05
Track Inc.            Heat Wave               Nov-'06
Track Inc.           Hex Darkside             June-'03
Track Inc.            Hex-Plosion             June-'04
Track Inc.             Hex-Treme              Feb-'02
Track Inc.               Inertia              July-'06
Track Inc.            Killer Project          Apr-12
Track Inc.            K.O Champ               Oct-99
Track Inc.             K.O Punch              Jan-99
Track Inc.       K.O. Punch Pro Edition       May-99
Track Inc.               Kinetic              Jun-07
Track Inc.             Kinetic Art            Jan-08
Track Inc.            Kinetic Black           Mar-09
Track Inc.           Kinetic Energy           Jan-08
Track Inc.            Kinetic Pearl           Jun-08
Track Inc.           Kinetic Power            Oct-09
Track Inc.               Legion               Nov-'06
Track Inc.        Legion Cherry Silver        Sep-07
Track Inc.     Legion Cherry/Silver/Black     Nov-'06
Track Inc.      Legion Purple/Teal/Red        Sep-07
Track Inc.              Machine               Feb-'06
Track Inc.           Mean Machine             July-'06
Track Inc.               Mo Jo                July-'02
Track Inc.               Money                Jan-'02
Track Inc.               Mutant               Jan-'03
Track Inc.            Mutant Joker            Dec-'04
Track Inc.           Mutant Mania             Aug-'04
Track Inc.      N. R. G.(Burnt Orange.)       Feb-95
Track Inc.                Nuke                Mar-93
Track Inc.          PBA Tour Racing           Oct-98
Track Inc.              Phenom                June-'03
Track Inc.        Phenom Unleashed            Sept-'03
Track Inc.      Phenom Unleashed 3.0          May-'05
Track Inc.       Phenom Unleashed II          June-'04
Track Inc.              Phoenix               Jan-07
Track Inc.        Phoenix - Fire Eagle        Feb-08
Track Inc.          Phoenix Forever           Apr-09
Track Inc.          Phoenix Newbrid           May-07
Track Inc.       Phoenix Newbrid Alpha        Sep-07
Track Inc.       Phoenix Newbrid Beta         Jun-08
Track Inc.          Power Machine             Sept-'06
Track Inc.               Project              May-09
Track Inc.    Project Navy/Turquoise/Silver   Jan-11
Track Inc.             Revmaster              Oct-'02
Track Inc.         Revmaster Magic            April-'03
Track Inc.               Rising               Aug-07
Track Inc.              Rising II             Sep-10
Track Inc.            Rising Again            Feb-08

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Track Inc.               Rising HE                May-12
Track Inc.             Rising Particle            Dec-'08
Track Inc.               Rising SE                Oct-'08
Track Inc.              Rising Star               Feb-09
Track Inc.              Rising Sun                Mar-08
Track Inc.               Robo Rule                Dec-'05
Track Inc.                  Rule                 July-'04
Track Inc.             Rule Blue/Gold             Jan-10
Track Inc.              Rule Delta 1              Aug-'05
Track Inc.               Rule GP2                Dec-'04
Track Inc.                Sensor                  Dec-94
Track Inc.            Sensor X - Cell             Dec-96
Track Inc.               Sensor 2                 Jul-95
Track Inc.             Sensor 2 Plus              Dec-95
Track Inc.               Sensor/C                 Apr-96
Track Inc.                 Shark                  Mar-91
Track Inc.              Sheer Havoc              April-'04
Track Inc.                Silencer                Jun'00
Track Inc.               Slash Blue               Oct-'04
Track Inc.               Slash red                Oct-'04
Track Inc.          Solution Power Plus           Aug-'05
Track Inc.         Solution Power Plus EX        Aug-'05
Track Inc.                 Spell                  Apr-'02
Track Inc.                 Stomp                  Apr-99
Track Inc.              Stomp Black               Jun'00
Track Inc.              Stomp Pearl               Dec-99
Track Inc.             Strike Machine            May-'06
Track Inc.              Super Freak               Jan-'03
Track Inc.         Super Freak Black/Red          Mar-11
Track Inc.        Super Freak Blue/Purple        May-'03
Track Inc.       Super Freak Purple/Orange       March-'03
Track Inc.              Super Rising              Feb-10
Track Inc.         Synergy ( Dark Green )         May-96
Track Inc.            Synergy (Green)             Jan-96
Track Inc.            Synergy E.T.S.              Aug-96
Track Inc.   Synergy ETS Burgundy/Emerald/Blue    Dec-'04
Track Inc.       Synergy ETS Teal/Blue/Red        Jan-'05
Track Inc.              Synergy LF               April-'03
Track Inc.                Tantrum                 May-08
Track Inc.                Temper                  Jul-07
Track Inc.                Thrash                 March-'03
Track Inc.                 Threat                 Jan-'03
Track Inc.            TKO Contender               Feb-99
Track Inc.              Track Magic              July-'01
Track Inc.         Track Magic "The Hex"         Sept-'01
Track Inc.              Track Spare               Dec-'08
Track Inc.              Triple Threat            June-'03
Track Inc.                 Triton                 Jan-97
Track Inc.              Triton TKO                Jul-98

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           Track Inc.                      Triton Elite         Jan-98
           Track Inc.                   Triton Elite Pearl      Mar-98
           Track Inc.                      Triton Heat          Aug-97
           Track Inc.                     Triton Heat 2         Dec-'00
           Track Inc.                    Triton Hot Coral       May-97
           Track Inc.                       T-Shark             Oct-92
           Track Inc.                       Uprising            Jun-08
           Track Inc.                Uprising Red/Gold/Blue     Jan-11
           Track Inc.                       Volcano             Oct-92
           Track Inc.                      Volcano R            Feb-94
           Track Inc.                       Voo Doo             Jan-'02
           Track Inc.                      Wizard LF            Dec-'01
           Track Inc.                      X-Ception            Nov-'04
          Track Inc.                     X-Ception 5.0         May-'05
         Twins Sports                 Summit α Blue/Purple     Jan-10
     Ultimatus International             Super Ultimatus       March-'04
Underground Bowling Association           Money Maker           Oct-10
            US Act                        70 Plus One           Jul-12
            US Act                         Andromeda            Dec-10
            US Act                            Astro             Jan-08
            US Act                           Attack             Jan-'09
            US Act                            Bad               Jun-08
            US Act                            Bang              Apr-09
            US Act                          Blue Fire           Sep-11
            US Act                            Boom              Sep-07
            US Act                        Broken Arrow          Sep-07
            US Act                   Broken Arrow 70 Power      Apr-11
            US Act                   Broken Arrow 70 Special    Oct-09
            US Act                     Broken Arrow Final       Jan-12
            US Act                    Broken Arrow Level 3G     Nov-09
            US Act                    Broken Arrow Level 5F     Oct-10
            US Act                    Broken Arrow Level 6F     Mar-10
            US Act                    Broken Arrow Level 8E     Oct-09
            US Act                    Broken Arrow Level 8F     Oct-10
            US Act                  Broken Arrow Version 723    Jul-10
            US Act                           Caution            Sep-11
            US Act                           Control            Feb-'09
            US Act                     Control Cube Card        Nov-11
            US Act                      Control Cube Dice       Nov-11
            US Act                      Control Cube Slot       Nov-11
            US Act                        Control Earth         Sep-09
            US Act                        Control Fever         Jul-11
            US Act                        Control Flag          Feb-'09
            US Act                         Control HD           Feb-'09
            US Act                        Control Saver         Feb-'09
            US Act                        Deep Caution          Dec-11
            US Act                         Deepspace            Jan-08
            US Act                        Fabulous #16          Apr-09
            US Act                     Galaxy Red Comet         Mar-11

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US Act          Galaxy Regulus           May-07
US Act               Grace               Dec-'08
US Act               Greed                Jul-07
US Act            Greed Pearl            Aug-07
US Act           Integral Starter        Jan-'09
US Act                Jade                Jul-11
US Act              Kick Off             May-08
US Act             Marvelous             Dec-'08
US Act              New Era               Jul-08
US Act         New Era Almighty          Oct-09
US Act      New Era Almighty Power       Mar-10
US Act           New Era Pearl           Jun-08
US Act          Origin CE Power          Nov-'06
US Act        Origin CE Response         Nov-'06
US Act             Paramount             April-'07
US Act          Paramount Pearl          April-'07
US Act            Penetration            May-08
US Act              Pleiades             Mar-08
US Act              Plus 10              Sep-07
US Act              Red Blitz            Mar-12
US Act           Regulus PBS              Jul-09
US Act           Regulus Rosso           Aug-07
US Act                Rise               April-'07
US Act             Rise Pearl            April-'07
US Act              Scorpio              Oct-'08
US Act             Strong Fire           Feb-11
US Act              ST Swift             Jan-12
US Act                Swift              Nov-11
US Act               Taurus              Mar-09
US Act          The Untouchable          May-10
US Act              Wanted               May-10
US Act          Wanted Level 7E          Aug-10
US Act         Wanted Level 7G           Sep-10
US Act             X-Magnet              Jun-09
US Act        X-Magnet Spellbound        Jan-10
Vettex              Winners              Aug-96
 VIA                 Axe 1               July-'05
 VIA               Black Hole            Jan-'05
 VIA                 Chaos               Aug-'06
 VIA                 Devil               Jan-08
 VIA           Keone International       April-'06
 VIA               Myth Hera             Apr-07
 VIA              Myth Warrior            Jul-09
 VIA               Myth Zeus             Nov-'06
 VIA                Pageant              Dec-11
 VIA      Planet EX Blue/Orange/Green    April-'04
 VIA      Planet EX Purple/White/Green   April-'04
 VIA                Rail Gun             May-08
 VIA               Rectangle             June-'04

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   VIA            Skyfolk Green/Orange    April-'04
   VIA             Skyfolk Red/Yellow     April-'04
   VIA                 Spin Along         Dec-11
   VIA                  Spindle           Dec-11
   VIA                 Superstar          Feb-'06
   VIA                Triple Stone        April-'06
   VIA                 Vaguelette         Sep-11
   VIA                  Victoire          Dec-11
VIA Trading             Summit             Jul-09
 Vision-X               Cranium           Aug-07
 Vision-X            Cranium Brain        Dec-10
 Vision-X            Cranium Tribe        Aug-08
 Vision-X                 Dice            Jun-09
 Vision-X               Eye Ball          Aug-10
 Vision-X               Fire Ball         Jun-08
 Vision-X               Flag Ball         Nov-11
 Vision-X                Flames           Aug-07
 Vision-X                Globe            Aug-07
 Vision-X                 Pig             Aug-07
 Vision-X              Poker Ball         May-11
 Vision-X             Pyramid Ball        Nov-11
 Vision-X               Reach 2           Aug-07
 Vision-X               Red Dice          Aug-11
 Vision-X              Star Strips        Jun-12
 Vision-X              Strawberry         Aug-07
 Vision-X             Winking Star         Jul-09
 Vision-X                World            May-09
 Visionary               Amulet           Oct-97
 Visionary              Centaur           April-'04
 Visionary            Centaur AMB         Dec-'04
 Visionary        Centaur AMB Particle    Jan-'05
 Visionary         Centaur AMB Solid      Jan-'05
 Visionary        Charcoal Executioner    Oct-'01
 Visionary           Clear Gargoyle       Feb-'03
 Visionary        Executioner Red Pearl   Dec-'00
 Visionary            G-3 Gryphon         Nov-'03

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    Visionary                   Gargoyle                 Feb'00
    Visionary                Gargoyle Burg.              Aug-'00
    Visionary               Gargoyle Granite             Aug-'00
    Visionary                   Gladiator                Feb-08
    Visionary                Gladiator Pearl             Feb-08
    Visionary         Gladiator Pearl Limited Edition    Dec-09
    Visionary                Glowing Amulet              Aug-'01
    Visionary                    Gryphon                 Oct-'02
    Visionary          Gryphon Burgundy Particle        April-'03
    Visionary        Gryphon Frankie May Signature       Feb-'05
    Visionary                   Hatchling                Sep-09
    Visionary              Immortal AMB Pearl            Jan-'05
    Visionary              Immortal AMB Solid            Jan-'05
    Visionary                  Mixed Breed               Aug-11
    Visionary               Mixed Breed Pearl            Nov-11
    Visionary             New Breed Crossover            Sep-10
    Visionary           New Breed Particle Pearl         Sep-09
    Visionary               New Breed Pearl              Nov-'08
    Visionary               New Breed Solid              Nov-'08
    Visionary                     Ogre                   Nov-'06
    Visionary                 Ogre Particle              Jul-08
    Visionary               Ogre Purple/Black            Jan-07
    Visionary                Ogre Silver/Blue            Jan-07
    Visionary                Ogre Urethane               Nov-'08
    Visionary            Purple Ice Executioner         June-'02
    Visionary                   Scorcher                 Apr-99
    Visionary                 Scorcher NPT               Oct-99
    Visionary                  Scorcher R                Aug-99
    Visionary                 Scorcher RU                Aug-99
    Visionary                 Scorcher RW                Aug-99
    Visionary              Slate Blue Gargoyle           July-'03
    Visionary                    Sorcerer                Mar-97
    Visionary                 Sorcerer " B"              Apr-97
    Visionary                 Sorcerer " C"              Apr-97
    Visionary                 Sorcerer " D"              Apr-97
    Visionary                    Spartan                 Oct-10
    Visionary                  The Classic               Apr-12
    Visionary                Violet Gargoyle             July-'04
    Visionary                    Warlock                 Mar-97
    Visionary                 Warlock " A "              Nov-97
    Visionary                 Warlock " B "              Nov-97
    Visionary                 Warlock " D "              Nov-97
    Visionary          Warlock DC (Purple Pearl)         Jun-98
    Visionary           Warlock DC Tour Edition          Sep-98
     VPS300                       NS-1                   Nov-'02
Winsome Industrial        Winsome Maple Leaf            March-'03
X-Calibur Bowling                X-Rated                April-'04
 Xtreme Bowling                  Electric                May-12
 Xtreme Bowling                Electric AC               Aug-12

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Yellow Jacket              Attack        Nov-10
Yellow Jacket             Enemy          Jul-11
   Yue An                 Atlanta        Jun-11
   Yue An                 Chicago        Jul-11
   Yue An                Las Vegas       Jul-11
   Yue An               Los Angeles      Jul-11
   Yue An            New York New York   Jul-11
   Yue An             Washington DC      Jul-11

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