LCRP 5 Search Warrant Affidavit by cKJ3212f


									                                        Your Case
Assignment: You are a narcotics agent. The following is your story. You are to use
the relevant and valid information for an affidavit for a search warrant and an
affidavit for an arrest warrant. You will need to use YOUR NOTES! You will also
need to use the GEORGIA CODE!

I have been in law enforcement for ten years. I was promoted to narcotics two years ago.
Since then I have taken classes in street enforcement training, drug identification, undercover
operations, and undercover operations II. All classes were taken at the Forsyth POST Training
Center. I have made over 90 arrests in the past two years.
On March 17th I began an undercover investigation based upon an anonymous phone call to
the narcotics department. The caller had a strong Latino accent. The caller stated that she
lives on Frazier Street. She stated that she was tired of a drug dealer dealing drugs around kids
in the neighborhood. She stated that a man on her street is selling crack. She stated that the
man is a large white male, late teens/early twenties, who lives in the corner house and goes by
"Oso". She hung up before I could ask more.
I drove down Frazier Street in a few times in the evening on of the17th and found several
possible suspects. I finally came across a confidential informant "John Doe".
John Doe has been an informant of mine for about six months. He cut a deal between myself
and the county D.A.'s office when he was busted dealing marijuana. John has given
information to me in the past in four cases. All information has been accurate and has resulted
in five arrests. I asked Doe about Oso. Doe stated that Oso was the nickname of Mike Hanz.
Doe knew Hanz from the party scene. Doe stated that Oso meant "bear" in Spanish. He
stated that the local Latino drug users referred to Hanz as Oso because is about 6 foot 4 inches
and around 350 pounds and is big like a bear. Doe stated that Hanz had just moved in the area
and was living at the corner of Frazier and Oxbo. Doe further stated that Hanz was "rolling" in
public and could be easily caught. Doe stated that Hanz was dealing crack, powder cocaine,
and powder heroin to drive by users. Doe is impressed by Hanz method of using juvenile
Latinos to actually do the transactions. I take Doe to drive by and verify the house Hanz lives
in. Doe points to a white ranch style house, one story, with blue shutters located on the
eastern corner of Frazier Street and Oxbo Street. The house faces Frazier Street and has the
street number 208 on the front door. Doe states that he will try to discover more for me.
I using binoculars observe several vehicles pull up slowly in front of Hanz's house. One of two
younger Latino males approach the vehicle and, from my experience, take money from the
customer. Then the juvenile shouts something in Spanish to another juvenile on the porch.
The juvenile on the porch then enters the residence and returns quickly jogging to the car
where he drops something in the car. The vehicles then leave and turn on Oxbo Street.
At about 22:00 hours I returned to the police department and meet Officer Ryan Kennedy in a
uniform vehicle. Kennedy parks on Oxbo Street. At approximately 22:40 a blue BMW 320i with
tag # AJD 800 pulls up and appears to make a transaction. I radio Kennedy to advise him that

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the BMW has a taillight out. Kennedy pulls the BMW over once it turned on Alpharetta
At 23:10 Kennedy contacts me to report that he has arrested the driver for possession of
cocaine. I meet Kennedy and his suspect at Roswell Police Department.
I meet Kennedy in the interview room. With Kennedy is Benjamin Roberts Dover, AKA Ben
Dover, a 17 year old. Kennedy hands me a small vial containing a white crystalline substance
that I test using a field reagent kit. The kit identifies the substance as cocaine. I read Dover my
Miranda card. Dover signs a Miranda waiver statement. Dover states that he is junior at
Chattahoochee High School and wished to avoid a record. He agrees to do anything if we
"help him out." I have Dover write a statement. In his statement Dover states that he
frequently uses "Oso's Boys" to buy his cocaine. When asked he states that he has only
bought from "Oso" once. About two months ago he was purchasing an "eight ball" for a big
party and when he asked "one of the boys" for an "eight ball" they told him to park his car and
go inside the house. Once inside a man known as "Oso" introduced himself and took Dover's
money. Dover described Oso as a white male, about 6 foot 4 inches tall, with brown hair and
possibly blue eyes. Dover remembered seeing a "Celtic" tattoo around his upper arm and
another of a "Mayan" sun on his other arm's biceps. When asked, Dover recalls seeing a "Tec-
9" type weapon on the table. Dover did not recall anyone else in the building. When asked
Dover states that he not sure if "Oso" is there at this time.

It is now 01:30 hours on the 18th. You have called North Fulton Narcotics and they will be ready
to go in within the hour. Write an affidavit for a search warrant & an arrest warrant.

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