Some children are arriving well after 9 o clock but most are coming to school between 5 and 10 minutes late in the mornings

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					                                     Burnside Primary School
                                      3 Glenlui Anenue, Glasgow, G73 4JE
                                   TEL: 0141 634 1916 FAX: 0141 630 0883
February 2011                                     Hea d Te a ch e r : M r s . H ele n M cG a rve y
                                          he ad te a ch e r@ b ur nsi d e - p ri .s - l an a r k .s c h . uk

                Dear Pupils, Parents, Carers and Staff,
                At long last January has come to an end        first thing in the morning. We see
                and there is some daylight left at the         many distressed children merely
                end of the school day. We have a long          because they have arrived late.
                and busy term ahead as you will see            The minutes missed very quickly
                from class newsletters issued last week.
                                                               amount to hours lost in
                Please note that the school will be            education. In some classes, the
                closed on 11th (in-service) and 14th and       level of latecoming is so high that
                15th February (mid-term). Pupils               the teaching and learning of the
                return on Wednesday 16th February at           entire class is delayed on a daily
                9 am.
                                                               basis. In addition, our office staff
                              Latecoming                       are increasingly taken away from
                                                               important early morning duties in
                Latecoming is at its highest level
                                                               order to ensure that latecomers
                ever at Burnside Primary. Pupils are
                                                               are logged in, order lunch and in
                marked ‘late’ within the system if
                                                               many cases reassured, before
                they are not with their class when
                                                               arriving in class. We appreciate
                the register is taken. Some children
                                                               that children may be late for
                are arriving well after 9 o’clock but
                                                               school on a rare occasion but I ask
                most are coming to school between
                                                               for your support in improving the
                5 and 10 minutes late in the
                                                               current concerning situation and
                mornings. This is causing a high level
                                                               ensuring that your child is in the
                of disruption within school and I ask
                                                               playground ready to join their
                for your support with this. Where
                                                               class line at 9 o’clock. Please let
                children are frequently late for
                                                               me know if the school can help in
                school, they become emotionally
                                                               any way.
                affected as well as missing out on
                important information and teaching

                January Highlights……..                         available, please come along and try
                                                               it out! It’s free until 7th February.
                ~ Our 2011/12 P1 pupils were enrolled
                                                               ~ P1 and P7 teamed up to introduce
                ~ P5 pupils were involved in science
                                                               P1 officially to our library (thanks to
                activity on ‘Body Heat’ and ‘Insulation’
                                                               P7 pupils- you did a great job!)
                and took part in a special Glow Meet
                                                               ~ Room 9 visited the Science Centre
                with other schools
                                                               as part of their studies around ‘Clyde
                ~ R.6 pupils, teachers and parents have
                                                               in the Classroom’
                been working with Karen Robertson,
                                                               ~ P7 pupils have been undertaking
                Home School Partnership on an exciting
                                                               training in sports coaching and P6
                project ‘Querks’
                                                               pupils are being trained as
                ~ Parents’ Yoga got underway on
                Mondays at 9 am. Places are still
Page 2 of 3                   Burnside Primary School             February 2011 Newsletter

                              Current Clubs at Burnside Primary
                  Yoga Club for P5 – Monday                      Blairbeth Church
                   lunchtimes with Mrs. McGinness
                                                                 Choir for P6 & 7 – Wednesday lunchtimes with
                  P7 Football training – 3.15 pm                 Mrs. McGarvey
                   Mondays with Mr. Port
                                                                 Chess Club for P4-7 – Wednesdays 3.15-4.00
                  P6 Football Training – 3.15 pm                 with Mr. Hanley
                   with Mr. McGill
                                                                 Stamp Club for P4-7, Thursday lunchtimes
                  J.A.M Club for P6 & 7 – Tuesday                with Glasgow Philatetic Society
                   lunchtimes with Ross, Karen &
                   Andrea                                        Streetdance for P6 – Friday lunchtimes with
                                                                  Active Schools
                  Badminton Club for P5-7 –
                   Tuesdays 5-6 pm, Burnside-                    Art Club for P3 – starting Tuesdays at 3.15 pm
                                                                  from 22nd February with Miss Barnes

                              The Month Ahead……February
                       1st    Room 13 visit Stirling Castle
                       1st    Room 11 continue tennis lessons at Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club
                       7th    Height and weight checks for P1 pupils
                               Parent Council meets at 7 pm, all welcome
                       10th   Chess League for selected pupils
                       11th    Inservice day for staff – school closed to pupils
                       14th & 15th February – Mid-term holiday, school closed
                       17th   Mid-term discos. P2-4, 6.15-7.15 pm      P5-7, 7.30-8.30 pm
                       23rd   Photographer in school, family photos and individuals R.2-10
                       24th   Photographer in school, individuals R.11-15
                              Viking visits R.9
                       25th   Family Disco, 7-10 pm, Springhall Community Centre. Tickets
                               are available from Parent Council or school office. All proceeds to
                               school funds

                             Parental Involvement
                  Please support the school by taking         Thanks to all of you who have joined
                  advantage of Easyfundraising. You can       so far.
                  register at
                                                              Please continue to send in vouchers
                  WWW.BURNSIDEPRIMARY.ORG or
                                                              from Morrison’s ‘Let’s Grow’. Also,
                  WWW.EASYFUNDRAISING.ORG.UK/                 Sainsbury’s collection is now
                  CAUSES/BURNSIDEPRIMARY                      underway again. Our highest total was
                                                              over 18,000 vouchers a couple of
                  Every purchase raises money for the
                                                              years ago ~ let’s see if we can beat it
                                                              by end of June! The vouchers allow
                                50/50 Club                    the children to benefit from
                  Congratulations to Donna Kelly and          additional play, P.E and gardening
                  Ailsa McCann who were recent winners!       equipment.
Page 3 of 3                             Burnside Primary School                  February Newsletter

Healthy Burnside
In line with SLC Guidelines, we ask       There are various leaflets available
that you contact the school office in     on health related matters from the
the case of your child’s absence. We      school foyer ~ please help yourself!
have an answering machine for
                                          Week beginning 21st March will be
messages or you can e-mail the
                                          ‘Emotional Health week’ at Burnside
office:- office@burnside-pri.s-
                                          Primary when we will have a focus
                                          on emotional wellbeing. We
                                          welcome any suggestions you might
Please remember to check your             have to enhance this.
child’s head regularly for head lice.
If you would like any further advice,
Dawn Lowden, our school nurse can
be contacted through the school

School Developments
We will be stepping up our work towards developing our Mathematical
Garden. The pupil focus group will be making decisions about the design of
the garden and we hope to get started before the spring break. Thanks to
those parents and members of the local community who have already
volunteered their services ~ we will be in touch soon. Please let us know if
you would like to become involved in any way.

I will shortly send home a letter asking for e-mail addresses as I am hoping to be able to send school
newsletters directly to you in the future. We will of course continue to ensure they are available on
the school website and paper copies will be available at the office on request.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the school, please add these to the ‘Talk 2 Us’ box in
the foyer and we will respond.

I hope that you enjoy the February weekend!


Helen McGarvey
Head Teacher

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