Physics Class Policies and Procedures by cKJ3212f


									                               Pre-AP Physics Class Policies and

Bring to class every day:
    Pen or pencil (pencil is preferred for problems)
    Notebook (keep in it all assignments, notes, labs, etc.)
    Notebook paper or spiral
    Calculator – doesn’t have to be “super-duper” but needs trig functions
    Textbook (not at beginning of year – I’ll let you know when you need to bring it)

    We’ll have fun in class.
    Physics is a challenging course for any student. Expect Pre-AP physics to be especially
    Homework will be assigned most days.
    Students will work cooperatively with all students in the class.
    Students will complete their own work.
    Food, drink, and cell phones are not permitted in class.

Grading Policy
    Homework is due at the beginning of the period.
    Late work is not accepted.
    Work from absences must be completed the next class meeting after returning to school. Check
      my web site ( for assignments and handouts. Copies will also be in
      the makeup work crate in the classroom.
    Category weights
          Tests– 50%
          Labs – 30%
          Classwork, homework, quizzes – 20%

Things you should know about Mrs. Anderson
I follow the rules and expect my students to do the same.
I enjoy teaching and look forward to having fun in class each day.
I am available for tutoring and makeup work during the following times:
        Before school – 8:00 to 8:35 every day
        1st Lunch – come in at the beginning of first lunch any day
        After school – most any day, please let me know you are coming

Contact information:
      School phone number:          (830)357-2795
      Email address:      
      Web site:           

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