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Why Headhunting?

•Passive job seekers constitute the largest percentage of best
talent in the industry.

•40-45% of the workforce in the industry comprises of
passive job seekers.

•Quality not quantity is the name of the game.
Portals          Headhunting                Networking

• Finance        •Functional Head           • HR
• Sales          • Niche Skills             • EA
• Service        • Any position which       • Sales & Marketing
• Production     has been       open for
• Supply Chain   long
• Marketing      • Any position for niche
• R&D
                 •Any position for which
•CA              all the other methods
•CS              have been tried
Headhunting Methodology

•Mapping Talent

•Name gathering

•Getting past the gate keeper

•Identifying candidate motivators

•Call and subsequent conversation
•Selling the benefits to the candidate
•The client pitch
•Objection / Concern handling
•Managing the process
•Managing resignation
What is Talent Mapping?
Who is where”                      – The Human Capital
“Who knows what”                 - Talent/Competencies
“Who joined whom (client)”       – Talent Tracking

Talent Mapping Process

Step1- Detail research about the client company
Step2- Detail understanding of the JD
Step 3- Identifying target sectors or target companies
Methods of Name gathering

•Linked in

•Job Portals

• Google


•Target companies website
Getting past the gatekeepers

1) Just ASK- Call up the receptionist and ask “can I speak with the X Manager.”
   There being " are so many thing in the world you could fear more than the fear
   of judged" by others. SO MOST IMPORTANT and the BEST WAY - JUST

2) Interview:-Become a candidate

3) Business Seminar- Want names for sending the information about a

4) Become a prospective customer

5) Proposing to sell a product or service for which the decision maker would be
   a person whom you are trying to headhunt.
Identifying the motivators

• Challenging job

• Salary

• Brand image of the client company

• Better career path in the clients company.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared
water or do you want a chance to change the world?
                                            - Steve Jobs
Benefits of Headhunting over other
recruitment methods

• Exclusive database for the position

• Database for future

• Best candidates as compared to other consultants

• It justifies the high rates which Mafoi charges as compared
to other consultants.
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