Peace in All Circumstances by md820pSH


									      And the peace of God, which surpasses all
understanding, will guard your hearts and minds
                           through Christ Jesus.
 Is the peace God gives us different than what the world
 Why or why not?
• Phil. 4:4-Having peace with God
• Rejoice in the Lord
• Nothing wrong with being happy with our
    accomplishments and accolades
•   Yet, our joy should always be devoted/fervent in the Lord.
•   Our joy shouldn’t be relevant to our situation. This means
    the source of our joy shouldn’t rest in our possessions or
    our feelings of the day.
•   Our confidence is in the Lord not our issues/troubles.
•   So, REJOICE in the LORD ALWAYS, Again I say,
• Happy people are not easily distracted by
  troubles/problems that naturally arise, because we are
  all human and none of us are perfect.
• Don’t let disputes, quarrels and disagreements
  separate you from the peace of God.
• It’s not about us, It’s about Jesus-be of the same mind
  in Christ (Phil. 4:2).
• We are all called to this Joy in the Lord regardless of
  are station in life or our personalities.
• Phil. 4:5-How to keep my peace
• Let your moderation (gentleness, patient mind,
  forbearing spirit, unwillingness to contend) be known
  to ALL men.
• This moderation is to everyone, not just to whom we
• People who let that moderation be known are less
  likely to take or give offense (which disturbs our
  peace), when issues come up.
 Phil. 4: 6-Peace in my Circumstances
 This is a practical guide to our lives, as we constantly
  work on being more like Christ
 When your attention is diverted towards the storm,
  the floods, the waves-you can sink.
 Be Anxious for NOTHING: This is a command not a
  option in order for you to keep you peace. God is in
  control-Allow Him to rule.
• Phil 4:6-Peace in my Circumstances
• In EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication-
  Everything is the proper subject for prayer. Prayer is
  talking to God
• Supplication is directly asking God for something.
• Let them (your prayer/supplications) be known-some
  prayers are not answered because we are asking for
 Phil. 4:6-Peace in my Circumstances
 With Thanksgiving: This helps not to whine, or
  complain (which adds to disturbing our peace) while
  making our request.
 If you come out of prayer being more anxious than
  when you went in-you may have put a complaint
  before God without the praise/thanks.
• Phil. 4:7-Peace in all Circumstances
• Three aspects of the peace of God:
1. Peace from God: God’s peace is a gift
2. Peace with God: Describes the relationship we enter
   into with God through His Son.
3. Peace of God: Beyond the power of our thinking. It
   is beyond “all mind”
4. It surpasses understanding-beyond our ability to
   understand-It must be experienced
• Phil. 4:7
• Let His peace guard your heart & mind
• Guard-speaks of a military actions.
• When we let the peace of God reign/allowing Him to
  be in control-this allows the peace of God to be on
  guard over our hearts & minds.
• When people lose their hearts & minds to anxiety fear,
  it is usually because they absent from the peace of God
  reigning in their lives.
• Allow His peace to guard you.
 Phil. 4:6-Attention determines my peace.
 When God says think of these things He means dwell
  on them/take account of this things and meditate on
  this things
 Attention determines my perspective
 When we put good things into our minds, they stay in
  our minds and then come forth from us
 As a man or woman thinketh so is he or she.
•   Phil. 4:8 Attention determines perspective
•   Whatever Things Are:
•   True,
•   Noble (honorable, worthy of reverence),
•   Just ( right),
•   Pure(suitable proper),
•   Lovely (lovable)
•   Good Report (attractive, gracious, kind),
•   virtue (excellence),
•   Praise (worth of praise)
• Phil. 4:8 Attention determines perspective.
• Attention determines my peace
• Think on these things.
• We are transformed by the renewing of our minds
• What we choose to meditate/think about does matter
• This a practical way to bring every thought into the
 obedience of Christ (II Corin. 10:5)
• Phil.4:9-14
• What we learn about peace, we must apply it, then the
    peace of God will be with us.
•   Contentment is learned, just as Paul had to learn to be
    content is whatever state he was in.
•   Our thankfulness cannot only be based on receiving
    everything we want or need.
•   It must be based in our thankfulness to God and our
    dependence on Him to see us through
•   Our contentment is achieved through the strength we
    receive from Christ.
• Phil. 4:15-20
• It is nothing wrong with being a blessing and giving to
    others (ex. the Philippians w/ Paul)
•   But Paul, neither should we as adults depend on other to
    supply our daily needs.
•   God will supply ALL your needs (this is a promise that does
    not go beyond needs).
•   There is no lack in God’s riches in glory, we should be at
    peace and be encouraged that there will never be a lack of
    God’s supply for us.
•   God rewards us on a scale worthy of His wealth. It is God
    that gives power to get wealth. God has spoken once. Twice
    I have heard this: That power belongs to God. (Ps. 62:11)

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