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									Rater Summary Examples:
Sample rater’s summary                     Competency (ies)                          Analysis of Competencies                   Possible Goal
statement                                  Cite competency and ID #,Page #                                                      Statement
                                           p.18 Area II Child Growth and             Strengths: Instead of idle waiting, the    Goal: To increase the
Regard for children’s perspectives was     Development;#3 Individual                 teacher read a story.                      frequency of
sometimes shown, but at other times,       Differences, 3.1 ; #5.1 Facilitation of                                              supportively
their concerns and opinions were           Development                                                                          acknowledging
overlooked. For example, the children                                                                                           children’s feelings
were often given choices of jobs and
                                                                                                                                (matched affect).
activities. However, while waiting for
lunch to be served, the teacher selected
a Halloween book and read it as one                                                  Needs Strengthening: Matched affect,
child protested that she did not like                                                acknowledging feeling and responding
scary books. The teacher ignored her                                                 supportively
protestations and continued reading
while the child buried her head in her
hands and covered her ears.
                                           Related Milestones                        Strategies to model or                     Related PD
                                           Give Domain, page #                       Recommend                                  Activities,/courses
                                                                                     Model giving children words to             Child Guidance and/or
                                                                                     describe feelings.                         training in
                                                                                     Suggest not using scary books              temperament,
                                                                                     Suggest feelings books and activities to   social/emotional
                                                                                     develop emotional literacy                 development
Sample Rater’s Summary                      Competency (ies)                  Analysis of Competencies                Possible Goal
Statement                                   Cite competency and ID #,Page #                                           Statement
While telling the story of, “The Old Lady                                     Strengths: The table activities were    Goal: The teacher will
Who Swallowed a Fly,” and using puppets                                       related to the story. A variety of      plan a schedule that
and varied voice inflections, the teacher                                     instructional learning formats were     allows access to
asked children to predict which animals                                       used. Children were encouraged to       “Activities,” Books and
might be swallowed, next. “The animals                                        make predictions. Responses were        Pictures,” and
are getting bigger and bigger”, she said.
                                                                              charted.                                Relaxation and
“What is bigger than a goat? Will she
swallow something bigger or smaller?                                                                                  Comfort“ for a
What could it be? What has she already                                                                                substantial portion of
swallowed? Let’s chart them so we can                                                                                 the day.
remember.” Children were engaged for
the first 20 minutes of the activity, but                                     Needs Strengthening: Scheduling to
many (4 +) appeared to lose interest and                                      support flexibility of movement,
move from their assigned spaces, as the                                       provide access to classroom materials
story and charting progressed. “Chris-                                        for SPD, and encourage peer
Cross” the teacher reminded them three                                        interactions .
times, during the next 10 minutes.
Following the story, the children were
directed to a table activity to glue
sequence pictures. The children were
required to continue other related table
activities for 40 minutes.

Related Milestones                          Strategies to model or            Rating Scales Connections:              Related PD
Give Domain, page #                         Recommend                                                                 Activities/courses
                                                                              ECERS: All “Activities,”, “Schedule”
                                                                              “Group Time,” and “Interactions”
                                                                              CLASS: Classroom Organization
                                                                              Instructional Support
Example of a Rater Summary                  Competency (ies)                           Analysis of Competencies                    Possible Goal
Statement                                   Cite competency and ID #,Page #                                                        Statement
The teacher sometimes used verbal           Area V, Learning Environment,pp.40-41      Strengths: Teacher described and            Goal: To increase the
mapping and initiated conversations          #3 Curriculum; 3.3 Social and Emotional   modeled, in the context of a                frequency of verbal
relating to shared activities. ” For        Development 3.4 Approaches to              meaningful activity, the behavior she       mapping of teacher
example, during a seed planting activity,   learning; 3.6 Learning about               wanted to reinforce. The word,              and child activity
the teacher described sharing behavior.     Mathematical Concepts; 3.7 Learning
                                                                                       “sharing” was paired with its definition.
“We’re sharing. That means we’re taking     about the World
                                                                                                                                   Goal: To increase
turns. We’re planting seeds together.”
Most of the time, however, the teacher                                                 Needs Strengthening: To increase the        frequency of
silently observed children or carried out                                              frequency of mapping children’s             interactions during
activities without interpretation or                                                   activities and interacting with children,   activity-center times.
commentary.                                                                            during play.

Related Milestones                          Strategies to model or                     Rating Scales Connections                   Related PD
Give Domain, page #                         Recommend                                                                              Activities/courses
                                            Model facilitating learning in activity CLASS: Instructional Support                   Courses : Language
                                            centers, as children interact with the ECERS: Interactions, Activities,                ARTS CHD 118;
                                            materials                                                                              Training: Questioning
                                            Consider generating a list of                                                          techniques, Play and
                                            concepts that can be developed in                                                      Learning connections
                                            activity centers during play (blocks:
                                            math, physics, geometry, language,
                                            for example)
Rater Summary Examples:
Summary statement with                       Competency (ies)                  Analysis of Competencies              Possible Goal
related RS areas                             Cite competency and ID #,Page #                                         Statement
                                                                               Strengths: Approximately 20% of       Goal: The teacher will
More than 80% of the activities                                                the activities were hands-on and      plan a schedule that will
consisted of worksheets, letter or shape                                       included real-world connections.      provide access to
identification activities, using charts or                                                                           activities for SPD.
flash cards. Most activities were at the
recall, identification level. A few hands-
                                                                                                                     Goal: Activity centers will
on activities were provided for children
who arrived early. No real-world                                               Needs Strengthening: Planning and     include real-life materials
connections were observed.                                                     facilitating appropriate learning     such as natural
                                                                               opportunities, scheduling access to   collections.
                                                                               materials SPD. Questioning and
                                                                               interaction strategies                Goal: Teacher will
                                                                                                                     demonstrate open-ended
                                                                                                                     questioning techniques,
                                                                                                                     and responses that
                                                                                                                     facilitate language and
Related Milestones                           Strategies to model or            Rating Scales Connections             Related PD
Give Domain, page #                          Recommend                                                               Activities/courses
                                             Model questioning prompts and                                           Introduction to ECE
                                             language support strategies                                             course
                                             Provide examples of appropriate                                         Training on benefits of
                                             materials                                                               play (learning
                                                                                                                     connections) and how to
                                                                                                                     facilitate play
                                                                                                                     Language Arts course
                                                                                                                     and/or training in
                                                                                                                     language support

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