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									                             Year-End 2012

Last Updated: May 11, 2012
Year End

• This session will:
   – Provide important information designed to
     educate departments on year end processes

   – Information is provided from the view point of
     the following critical business offices:

      • Budgets
      • Accounting
      • Purchasing
Budget Office – Negative Budget Lines

• For year end close, general funds and trust
  funds must be positive in total

• Salary lines must be positive

• Operating lines can be negative but must
  be positive in total
Budget Office – Budget Revisions
• SRCI budget revisions – flex’s
  – General funds only
  – Salaries, benefits, contracted services, between
• Budget Office revisions
  – Increase revenue in trust funds
  – Operating to salary (or salary to operating) in
    trust funds only
• On line budget revisions
  – No pennies
  – Don’t cross program codes
  – Use default org codes
Budget Office - Overrides
• Current year requisitions
  – Budgeted funds are required to move budget to
    cover requisitions
     • Special circumstances require detailed explanation
       and Budget Officer approval
  – Unbudgeted funds, cash must have been
• Future requisitions
  – Require email request to Budget Office
     • Requisition number
     • Funding source
     • amount
 Budget Office – Time Limited Positions

• HR 3.30’s are required for all time limited
  positions that will continue into the new year
   – Due to Budget Office June 1st
   – No more than 3 years

• General funds positions
   – SRCI flex
   – Time limited certification

• Trust funds
   – Include position funding in budget package
Budget Office – Budget Rolls
• General funds operating roll
  – Continuation or permanent budget
  – June 1st

• Carry forward
  – 2.5 % of University appropriation
  – Divisions receive 2.5% of permanent operating
     • Allocated by VC
  – Not always allowed by the governor
 Budget Office – Budget Rolls (Cont.)
• Special funds (budgeted trust)
   – Departments build budgets Jan – May
   – Approved by Budget Director May – June

• Unbudgeted trusts
   – Ending cash balance is rolled to new year as
     109970 budget entry
   – Mid to late July

• Position roll
   – Late June
Accounting – Deficit Fund Balances

• Review funds with deficit fund and cash
  balances (negative/credit) starting on
  June 1 of the fiscal year.

• All deficit balances should be cleared no
  later than 11:00am Friday, June 22.
  – Fund deficit balance from another source
  – Move an expense that caused deficit balance
    to another fund

• This applies mainly to Trust funds, which
  are not state appropriated funds.
Accounting – Small Balances
• Funds with small balances and little activity may
  need to be closed

• Review your funds with small balances and
  inactivity. Determine if they need to be closed for
  the upcoming Fiscal Year.

• Funds with balances will require a journal entry to
  move balance to another fund.
   – Funds cannot be closed with a Fund Balance
   – Refer to General Accounting’s Year-End (Month-end
     June) calendars for specific JE cutoff dates.
   – Terminate funds via Banner Fund Change Request
Accounting – Change Funds

• Reminder letters will be mailed to
  departments with change funds in late

• Change funds must be counted and
  verified. Verification must be received in
  Accounting by Friday, June 22.
  – Count verification form included in mailing
  – Must be signed by custodian

• Custodian information must always be up-
Accounting – Petty Cash

• Expenses must be recorded at year end.

• All money and expenditure documentation
  must be turned in to General Accounting
  before 10:00am Friday, June 22

• Department may request money for
  upcoming Fiscal year, issued July 1.

• Custodian information must always be up-
Accounting – IDI’s and JE’s

• All Interdepartmental Invoices to be paid
  from FY funds must be received in
  Accounting before 11:00am Friday, June

• Journal Entries that cross funds
  – Crossing funds – Entry between a General
    Fund (1xxxxx) and any other type of fund
    (2xxxxx, 3xxxxx, 5xxxxx, etc)
  – MUST be received before June 22
Accounting – Check Requests

• Goal is to pay all expenses that occurred
  within current FY in that same FY.

• General funds
  – Subscriptions purchased at FY End will only
    be paid with General Funds if there is NOT
    currently an existing subscription
  – Certain registrations may not be paid if for the
    next FY
Accounting – Check Requests

• All check requests to be paid from FY
  2011-2012 funds must be received in
  Accounts Payable by 10:45am Friday,
  June 22

• Check requests will be processed only if
  ALL approvals and required
  documentation are in order.
Accounting – External Billing

• All External Invoices for FY 2012
  – Must be prepared and submitted to billing
    email box ( before 5:00pm
    on Monday, July 9, 2012

  – This includes all invoices that are for goods
    sold or services rendered through June 30,

  – Invoice description must reference date
    service was provided to ensure inclusion in
    correct fiscal year.
Accounting – Travel

• ALL travel reimbursement requests to be
  paid in current Fiscal Year should be
  received for payment by 5:00pm
  Thursday, June 21.

• Purchasing Airfare from our travel
  Agencies must be entered online by
  5:00pm Wednesday, June 20.
Accounting – Contact Us

• Controller’s Website

• Look for Year End Documentation for 2012
  with specific contact information here:

Year End
Purchasing - Receiving

• Receiving and invoices required for
  payment by June 22nd
• Receiving must be completed as soon as
  goods/services received
• Do not enter receiving if goods/services
  not received
• uShop – “Receipt” entered into uShop
Purchasing - Receiving
Purchasing - Receiving
Purchasing - Invoices

• All invoices must be sent to Accounts
  Payable for payment processing by June

• May email to

• Departments needing copies of invoices
  for files – make copy before forwarding to
  Accounts Payable
Purchasing - Encumbrances

• Purchasing Responsibilities
  – Expediting for delivery of as many PO’s as
    possible by June 22nd deadline
  – Reviewing and processing PO cancellation
    and liquidation requests
  – Processing current year PO’s using non-
    general funds for emergencies and research
  – Processing Future PO’s
  – Identifying PO’s with “0” balances for closure
  – Identifying PO’s with remaining balances for
    closure and liquidation
Purchasing - Encumbrances
• Departmental Responsibilities
  – Monitor for PO’s with open encumbrances
     • Needs receiving
     • Needs invoice
     • Order Complete, need to close and liquidate
         Email: Susan Suits at
  – Reports To Use
     • Banner
        – FGIENCD
        – FOIDOCH
     • SSRS
        – Open Encumbrance Report – Financial
          Reports>Campus Reports>Reconcilliation
          Reports>Open Encumbrances
Purchasing – uShop Reports
Purchasing – uShop Reports
 Purchasing – uShop
Year End Saved Reports
  Purchasing – uShop
Year End Saved Reports
Purchasing - Encumbrances

• Standing Orders
  – Departments need to submit invoices prior to
    June 22nd to Accounts Payable

  – Purchasing will liquidate all orders with
    Delivery Date June 30 or prior before Year-
    End Roll

  – Purchasing will rollover Non-General Fund
    Orders with Delivery Date after June 30

  – Delivery Date based upon “time period” as
    specified on Standing Order Form
Purchasing – Future Requisitions

• Future Requisition
   – Special needs requiring early July delivery
   – Must be ordered prior to July 1
   – Will be received after July 1

• Will be processed on a case-by-case basis

• For further information:

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