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					           Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications Sponsored by McGill
                  Responsibilities and Procedures for Completing Applications 2012

This document outlines the major elements of the fellowship competition and the responsibilities of the
applicants, proposed supervisors, Units, Faculties and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) in the
application process.

Program Description
(Please consult the Banting Fellowships web site for full details)
The purpose of the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships is to build world-class research capacity by
recruiting top-tier Canadian and international postdoctoral researchers at an internationally competitive
level of funding. The objective is to attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent, both nationally and
internationally, to develop their leadership potential and to position them for success as research leaders
of tomorrow, positively contributing to Canada's economic, social and research-based growth through a
research-intensive career.
Unique Application Requirements: The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program is distinguished
from existing postdoctoral fellowships programs by its emphasis on:
      The synergy between an applicant's individual merit and potential to launch a successful research-
       intensive career; and
      The host institution's commitment to the research program and environment with which the
       applicant is to be affiliated. An application to the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program must
       be completed in full collaboration with the proposed host institution.
Program Details:
      70 new two-year fellowships will be awarded annually.
      The value is $70,000 per year (taxable) for two years; payment will begin April-October 2013.
       The fellowships are tenable ONLY at the institution that supported the original application for
       the program.
      These fellowships are for new recruits, who have obtained their PhD, PhD-equivalent or health
       professional degree from universities other than McGill. While it is not impossible for a McGill
       graduate to apply for a Banting Fellowship to be held at McGill, a solid justification – related,
       for example, to availability of highly unique equipment – will be an absolute requirement. Such
       special circumstances are expected to be exceptionally rare in the context of the Banting
       Postdoctoral Fellowships Program.
      Both Canadian and international recent PhD, PhD-equivalent or health professional degree
       graduates are eligible to apply for Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships. International students must
       hold their awards at Canadian institutions, as must Canadian citizens or permanent residents who
       obtained their degrees from foreign universities. Canadian citizens and permanent residents who
       received their degrees at Canadian institutions may hold their awards at Canadian institutions OR
       at institutions outside Canada.
      Eligibility window: All applicants must fulfill or have fulfilled all degree requirements for a PhD,
       PhD-equivalent or health professional degree on a date within the eligibility window of
       November 1st, 2009 through December 31, 2012 OR no earlier than November 1, 2007 if they
       have had their career interrupted or delayed for the purpose of childrearing, illness, or health-
       related family responsibilities or, for health professionals only, have engaged in post-degree non-
       research related clinical training (residency, etc).
      The fellowships will be distributed equally across Canada's three federal granting agencies: the
       Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Science and Engineering Research
       Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

   Responsibilities and Procedures for Applications Sponsored by McGill

“Applicant” refers to the proposed postdoctoral fellow.
“Supervisor” refers to the proposed supervisor.
“Unit” refers to the supervisor’s McGill Department/Unit/School/Institute/Centre with responsibility for
“Postdoctoral Administrator” refers to the staff person in the Unit dealing with postdoctoral
“Director of Postdoctoral Affairs” refers to the faculty member in the Unit who is responsible for
       academic oversight of postdoctoral fellowship applications and for drafting of institutional
       components. This person may be the Chair/Director or another designated faculty member.
“GPS” refers to McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Overview of Internal Process
From now until October 22, 2012, the Unit will identify applicants and sponsoring supervisors; identify a
faculty member (Director of Postdoctoral Affairs) and administrator (person currently handling postdoc
registration) to oversee/assist with preparation and processing of applications in the Unit; review and
identify outstanding applications to endorse for Institutional Review, and provide documents for applicant
to submit as specified in Table 1, appended. Sponsoring supervisors and/or Units are expected to
work closely with the applicants in ensuring the best possible submissions.

Faculties will undertake the Institutional Review, the notification of applicants, and the final process of
applications selected for final submission.

October 22 – October 31 GPS and the Principal’s office will arrange the signing of the Letters of
Institutional Endorsement and their provision to nominated applicants for submission on ResearchNet.

November 1: Deadline for the applicant to submit the complete application, including Institutional
components, through ResearchNet.

Applicant’s Responsibilities
(Consult the Banting web pages on applying)
      Obtain agreement from a supervisor to sponsor the application.
      Register for access to ResearchNet and to the Canadian Common CV site.
      Become familiar with all the components of the application and the guidelines/process for their
      Complete the applicable sections of the application form on ResearchNet in close consultation
       with the proposed supervisor. Ensure that someone has edited/proofread the application.
      Consult with the supervisor and his/her Unit on procedures for completion of the Institutional
       Letter of Endorsement, the section on Research Environment, and the section on Professional
       Development for the application – procedures will vary with the Unit and the Unit’s Faculty.
       Provide an electronic copy of the application and any other documents to the Unit or Faculty
       according to their internal procedures and deadlines.
      Provide documents for internal Institutional Review. Provision of the University’s endorsement is
       not automatic. These fellowships are highly competitive and prestigious; award winners are
       selected according to criteria beyond the typical postdoctoral fellowship. An Institutional Review
       will be conducted to select the applications that McGill will endorse for final submission. Consult
       Table 1 (appended) for Faculty-specific instructions to submit the application for Institutional
       Review by the deadline determined by the faculty. Applicants and Units will be informed of the
       decision of the Review Committee.
      The signed Institutional Letter of Endorsement and final versions of any other Institutional
       components will be returned to you if your application is selected to go forward. Upload to
       ResearchNet to complete your application.
      Endorsed applicants must submit their final applications to ResearchNet before the November 1,
       2012 deadline.

Supervisor’s Responsibilities (see Banting home page and Information for Host Institutions):
      Solicit/respond to eligible prospective postdoc(s) and agree to sponsor the application (see
       Program description for eligibility).
      Assist the postdoc in completing the application, particularly the research proposal, and provide
       careful editorial input.
      Provide guidance in the use of ResearchNet and the Canadian Common CV and provide editorial
       assistance for the entire application.
      Prepare the Supervisor's Statement (2 pages); see description below.
      Consult with the Postdoc Administrator, Chair, or Director of Postdoctoral Affairs in the Unit to
       be informed of the internal procedures for endorsing applications, for preparing the sections on
       Research Environment and Professional Development, for drafting the Institutional Letter of
       Endorsement, and for submitting the required materials to Institutional Review; communicate
       these procedures to the applicant – procedures will vary with the Unit and the Unit’s Faculty.
       Consult Table 1 for instructions according to Faculty Accordingly, assist in writing these pages
       and ensuring that the applicant follows the prescribed procedures by the specified deadline.
      Ensure that the applicant, if selected for endorsement by the Institutional Review process, uploads
       the Institutional Letter of Endorsement and other supporting documents to ResearchNet and
       submits the complete application by the final deadline of November 1, 2012.
Responsibilities of the Unit Chair and/or designated Director of Postdoctoral Affairs
(see Banting home page and Information for Host Institutions)
      Identify a faculty member, if other than the Chair, to serve as Director of Postdoctoral Affairs to
       coordinate the applications submitted through the Unit.
      Review the information for Host Institutions on the Banting Fellowships web site.
      Encourage supervisors to solicit applications from excellent prospective postdocs (not McGill
       graduates or current postdocs).
      Establish internal procedures to select applicants to endorse at the Unit level and for submitting to
       Institutional Review according to Faculty-specific procedures by the deadline set by each faculty.
   The University’s endorsement of applicants is not automatic. Please be highly selective in those
   recommended by your Unit. These fellowships are highly competitive and prestigious; award
   winners are selected according to criteria beyond the typical postdoctoral fellowship. The
   Faculty review Committee will select the applications to endorse for final submission and will provide
   a signed Institutional Letter of Endorsement.
      Inform the Postdoc Administrator and potential supervisors in the Unit of the internal procedures
       for processing and completing applications, and your Faculty’s process for Institutional Review
       (Table 1). Designate the person to respond to inquiries from applicants and supervisors.
      For Institutional Review, draft or assist in drafting the following Institutional components
       according to Faculty-specific requirements (see Table 1 appended):
          o Institutional Letter of Endorsement (see details and GPS support below)
          o Section on Research Environment (see details below)
          o Section on Professional Development (see details and GPS support below)
       Provide required documents to the applicant, who will submit the application for Institutional
       Review according to instructions in Table 1. GPS will provide the signed Letter of Institutional
       Endorsement. All other final documents must be provided by the Unit.
Responsibilities of the Associate Deans (Graduate Education) of Faculties
      Communicate with Units within the Faculty to encourage competitive applications.
      Communicate with Units to ensure establishment of internal mechanisms for processing
       applications, selecting applications, preparation of the Institutional components and submission
       for Institutional Review according to Faculty-defined mechanisms (Table 1*).
      Consult with the Dean/Associate Dean GPS to select applications to endorse and to finalize the
       Institutional Letters of Endorsement, as necessary.
   Each faculty will conduct the Institutional Review through an internal mechanism with direct
   submission of applications to the Faculty office.

Responsibilities of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
      Provide generic documents to assist Units/supervisors/applicants in drafting:
          o the Institutional Letter of Endorsement:
                     statement regarding gender equality issues and the Social Equity and Diversity
                      Education (SEDE) Office
                     the University Strategic Plan (White paper)
          o the section on Professional Development
                     information on SKILLSETS workshops and other opportunities
      Obtain the Principal’s signature on the Institutional Letter of Endorsement.
      Provide a signed copy of the Institutional Letter of Endorsement to the applicant before the
       deadline of November 1 to submit complete application on ResearchNet.

Details of Institutional Components

Institutional letter of endorsement (2 pages)
      The letter must be completed by the proposed host institution and signed by the institution's
       president or his/her official designate. (GPS will provide generic information to assist the
       Unit/Faculty designate in drafting the letter and will arrange for the signature of the Principal or
       her designate).
      It must describe the institution's documented strategic directions and illustrate the synergy
       between that strategy and the applicant's proposed research program. (GPS directs the
       Unit/Faculty to the University’s strategic plan. The Unit/Faculty designate must incorporate
       details of the relevance of the applicant’s research to corresponding or supporting elements of this
       plan and those of the Unit and/or Faculty).
      In order to ensure that gender equity issues are considered in an institution's decision to support a
       given applicant, proposed host institutions will be required to confirm their commitment to gender
       equity and involve institutional equity officers (or equivalent) in the endorsement of applicants for
       these awards. (GPS has provided the statement to include in the generic sample letter).
     Name document according to the following format:
      “Banting_Letter_last name_first name.doc/docx” (e.g. “Banting_Letter_Doe_John.doc”)

Research environment (2 pages)
     Provide details concerning the applicant’s proposed research environment. These details should
      clearly state the institution's commitment, for example in terms of the funding, facilities/resources
      and personnel that will be available to support the applicant. (This section must be written by the
      Unit/Faculty designate in consultation with the supervisor).

Professional development (1 page)
     Describe the institution's commitment to the applicant's professional development, clearly
      indicating the resources and/or mentoring activities that are available through the institution to
      support career development. (GPS has provided generic information on workshops (SKILLSETS)
      and other opportunities at the university level in the sample letter. Unit/Faculty designates should
      add specific opportunities at the Unit or Faculty level, including opportunities to disseminate
      research, etc.).
     Specific information from the Banting application instructions: Describe the Institution's
      commitment to the applicant's professional development, clearly indicating the resources and/or
      mentoring activities that are available through the institution to support career development. These
      could include, but are not limited to: career counselling; training in preparation of grant proposals,
      publications and presentations; training in knowledge translation/mobilization; training in
      intellectual property; guidance on ways to improve teaching and mentoring skills; guidance on
      how to effectively collaborate with researchers and knowledge users from diverse backgrounds
      and disciplinary areas; and training in responsible professional practices.

Supervisor's statement (2 pages)
     To be completed by the proposed supervisor
     Provide evidence that the supervisor is well positioned to provide the required support to the
      applicant in relation to the research proposed.
     Includes supervisor's description of their academic and research background, key
      contributions/accomplishments to date. (Note that a full CV for the supervisor is not requested).
           Faculty                 Contact                        Email                    Telephone       Deadline Date
                              Sarah                                                      (514) 398-4400   September 24,
                              Kaderabek                                                  (x094822)            2012
                                                                                                           28 September
 Dentistry                    Maria Palumbo            (514) 398-6699
 Schulich School of                                                                                        24 September
                              Helene Drouin             (514) 398-4469
 Music                                                                                                      2012, 16:00
 Agricultural and                                                                                          24 September
                              Ian Strachan               (514) 398-7935
 Environmental Studies                                                                                         2012
 Religious Studies                                  (514) 398-5693   15 October 2012
                                                                                         (514) 398-4400    22 September
 Law                          Pascale Legros
                                                                                         (X 00981)             2012
                                                                                                           24 September
 Science                      Peter Grutter             (514) 398-8110
                              Vanessa                                                                      24 September
 Education                                           (514) 398-7040
                              Bridgman                                                                         2012
                                                                                                           21 September
 Medicine                     Mandana Bassiri           (514) 398-2849

 Engineering                  Kristy Clark              (514)398-2913    October 1, 2012

 Management                   Stella Scalia             (514) 398-4074        TBD

**Please ensure that you generate a PDF of the entire application on ResearchNet and submit that
document. You should be able to view and save a PDF without submitting the application.
Subject line of email: “Banting_Faculty_your surname” (e.g. Banting application_Music_Doe”). It is very
important to specify the Faculty to which the supervisor belongs (see list in Table 1)
Naming files:
Application: “Banting_Application_last name_first name.pdf” (e.g. “Banting_Application_Doe_Jane.pdf”)
Draft Institutional Letter of Endorsement: “Banting_Letter_last name_first name.doc/docx”
                                              (e.g. “Banting_Letter_Doe_John.doc”)

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