Comenius ABSTRACTS 2012 by VU24O1e


									                                 COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

Code of          TOPIC OF PROJECT                                     SCHOOL
Project                                                               TYPE
COM-1            MY FATHER IS MY HERO                                 Kindergarden
COM-2            Journey in the fairy tale world                      Kindergarden

COM-3            Health is fun - working on a healthpolicy            Kindergarden

COM-4            "Together in many-sided Europe"                      Primary
COM-5            The value of living green                            Primary
COM-6            To know the past, understand the present and shape   Primary
                 the future.                                          School
COM-7            Museums in Europe…. a trip to knowledge!             Primary

COM-8            Take my hand and be my friend!                       Primay
COM-9            Safe World                                            Secondary
                                                                         School /
COM-10           LET'S TRAVEL IN EUROPE                               Secondary
                                                                      School /

Dear partners,

We have 10 almost finished Comenius Project and looking fort he schools from EU countries. Our
projects have already 3 partners each and we are trying totally 6 – 7 partners each.

Com-1, COM-2, COM-3 for kindergardens 7 preschool institutions. COM-4, COM-5,COM-6,COM-
7,COM-8 are for primary school and COM-9 and COM-10 is for secondary schools.

   1) We will prefer the schools which sent their partnership form in 3 days ,
      because we know we wasted time to find the partnership form of the
      partner. ( ) Please fill,
      rename like ( PartnerForm_Italy_schoolname_COM-05 ) we mean

                          COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

     (PartnerForm_CountryCode_schoolname_Projectcode) and send subject is COMENIUS

  2) We prefer the schools can be coordinator because we are finishing the
     proposal. We need responsible partners.


  COM-1      MY FATHER     When the word of “parents” comes, only mothers           Kindergarden
             IS MY HERO    comes to mind in the first place. But fathers are also
                           important for the success of the children in the ages
                           of 1-5 as well. The children between 1-5 ages are
                           cornerstone of our society and these children will
                           build up our future. In this project the children and
                           their fathers learn how to make good relation
                           among them and through the activity of this project
                           fathers understand that children are the mirror of
                           their parents. The parents will be more careful
                           while raising their child. During the project children
                           are asked about their imagination fathers, the
                           stories about them, and photographs about what
                           they are important for them. Fathers have chance
                           to spend time with their children at least one day in
                           two weeks. In these two years of project, fathers
                           keep in touch with the schools for the success of
                           their children. Even after the project, a special day
                           is going to be organized for fathers and children.
                           This project is implemented by five different
                           countries, Turkey, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx,
                           and xxxxxxxxxx. In each country 20 children are the
                           beneficiaries of the project.
  COM-       Journey in    The main purpose of the project is by introducing        Kindergarden
  2          the fairy     European fairy tales, the children to enrich their
             tale world    knowledge about our national and European
                           cultural heritage, to realize your national identity
                           and unique personality. Making the project will
                           create in children sense of belonging to European
                           culture,will prepare them consciously and
                           responsibly to live in United Europe.
                               The realizing of project activities will help
                           children to develop the creative imagination, to
                           stimulate their artistic experience and the wish for
                           studying foreign European language.

                     COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

                        We expect:
                        -the children to except and re-create fairy tales
                     from the folklore of the European people and to set
                     up positive attitude to classical literature as a part
                     of spiritual culture of each people.
                        -to develop the creative abilities in children by
                     re-creating literature ideas and characters of
                     European literature for children. Making dolls and
                     books from recycling materials.
                         -while studying and playing,the children to
                     enjoy,to learn verbal and nonverbal means of
                     communication and association.
                         -to build up respect the book and to realize the
                     necessity of it, as a herald of moral values, new
                     knowledge and opportunity for discovering new
                        -the common work will give a chance to measure
                     the develop our education by European criteria.
                     The teachers will get closer with European
                     educational systems,methods of teaching and
                     possibilities for cooperation.
                         As one of most important activities of the
                     project we definite using the technologies and
                     innovations in the educational area.
COM-3   Health is    Children these days spend a lot of time in front of a Kindergarden
        fun -        television - or computer screen (looking at cartoons,
        working on playing computer games); they often eat fast food         (Ada
        a            (which frequently results in obesities) and spend       anaokulu)
        healthpolicy too little time outside. The number of obese
                     beneficiaries nearly doubled from 2005 to 2009 in
                     Europe, and the spending incurred by them almost
                     tripled. Overweight and obesity is also a crisis
                     among children. The number of overweight children
                     aged 6-11 has tripled over the past three decades.
                     With the project ''Health is fun" schools coming
                     from seven countries wish that their youngest
                     children could become aware of the need to live by
                     a healthy lifestyle. Partners want to work this out
                     primarily by stimulating them to do physical
                     (outdoor) activities but also by emphasizing the
                     importance of eating healthy food, having attention
                     for healthy mental activities (live by positive values)
                     and environmental applications (problem of
                     garbage, climate, ...). They want them to create a
                     healthy consciousness. They wish to provide the
                     right information not only to the pupils but also to

                     COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

                     all the actors living around them, starting from the
                     families: adequate instructions are necessary for
                     students to learn essential health education
                     knowledge and skills that are developmentally
                     appropriate and useful during all their life.
COM-4   "Together    The project is being developed jointly by teams         Primart
        in many-     from schools - partners from xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx,        School
        sided        xxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxx and
        Europe"      Turkey. Planned activities related to exploring the
                     cultural - historical heritage and traditions in the
                     participating countries in the use of English as a
                     working language of the project and ICT at all
                     stages of the project to share good teaching
                     practices in schools. Main themes provided during
                     both school years are:
                          1. First year. The world of the young person and
                     the common European values-my family, me and
                     my friends, me and my school, my hobbies, the
                     world is big.
                          2. Second year. Folk traditions of my country.
                     Every European nation keeps its identity, culture
                     and history.
                         The participating countries will carry out
                     research trips and gaming activities in order to
                     provide historical and cultural heritage associated
                     with the selected topics, and personal world of
                     young European. The participants will develop
                     presentations on common European values: family,
                     friends, education, hobbies national traditions of
                     their country and folk festivals, culture and history
                     of countries suite for the most representative
                     cultural, historical and natural attractions of their
                     towns and regions. A multimedia CD which include
                     manufactured thematic presentations and records
                     of research carried out expeditions in various
                     countries with photographs and descriptions of
                     visited cultural and historical places will be
                     prepared in English by all the participating schools.
                     School dances and a festival "Europe in fairy tales"
                     will be organized in the participating schools,
                     which submit their cultural and historical
                     heritage.The results achieved and all made products
                     will be presented in web-pages of the schools.
COM-5   The value of The idea for this project came from observing           Primary
        living green certain realities concerning the degradation of the     School
                     environment. The point of departure for our project

                      COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

                       was that all partner countries are confronted with
                       environmental degradation issues. That is why
                       offering environmental education to the young
                       generations is an obligation of every school.
                       Students should be made aware of the importance
                       of having a responsible attitude toward the
                       environment. The partnership will lead to creating
                       Eco-teams made up of students and teachers, that
                       will become active in promoting an environmentally
                       friendly lifestyle. The activities will encourage
                       students to think and act in an environmentally
                       friendly manner. Each participating school will
                       collect statistical data and information concerning
                       the types of ecodegradation present in their
                       respective regions. The Eco-teams will carry out
                       field work, and the photographs taken on these
                       occasions will be used to create collages, posters,
                       PowerPoint. They will also prepare and administer
                       questionnaires in order to identify the types of
                       behaviors adopted by students in each country
                       towards the environment. Then the students,
                       assisted by their teachers, will analyze and interpret
                       the responses and will set up an “Eco(Green)Code”
                       for European citizens. The students will be involved
                       in activities such as: tree planting, greening,
                       landscaping activities around their schools,
                       analyzing water and soil samples in polluted areas,
                       contests on environmental topics, debates and
                       meetings with representatives of local NGOs. The
                       aim of this partnership will only be reached if we
                       manage to offer students not only the information,
                       but also the means and methods they may use in
                       order to become actively involved in the
                       responsible preservation of a healthy environment.
COM-6   To know        The project for multilateral partnership refers to the Primary
        the past,      past, present and the future of our local              School
        understand     communities in the aspect of history, social
        the present    problems and ecology. Our goals such as: exploring
        and shape      the richness of European heritage, diagnosing the
        the future.    problems of youth, arousing ecological
                       consciousness and promoting our local
                       communities will be obtained in three stages:

                       I. “To know the past” – the schools will implement
                       research into the past of their communities, most
                       important events, significant people and collect

                     COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

                      material in the form of maps, paintings,
                      photographs, excerpts from the city archives etc. All
                      the materials collected are then sent to the partner
                      schools where the students conduct further
                      research, compare historical facts, look for
                      similarities and the exceptional experience their
                      partners' culture emerged from.

                      II. “To understand the present” - the students will
                      diagnose different aspects of life of young people in
                      their communities by means of questionnaires,
                      make research into voluntary organizations and
                      charity actions organized in their regions. The
                      students will take part in the Youth City Council
                      session and discuss their findings with the local

                      III. “To shape the future”- the final part of the
                      project teaches young people responsibility for the
                      future of their local communities. The students
                      analyze the condition of their natural environments,
                      become familiar with how the institutions
                      responsible for environmental protection function
                      such as: a sewage or water purification plants,
                      examine potable water springs, document habitats
                      of rare plants taking cycling tours.
COM-7   Museums in    The project aims to set out the culture. It intended    Primary
        Europe…. a    not only as written tradition but as knowledge          school
        trip to       of the Arts and the Environment of the world,
        knowledge!    through the partecipative and active fruition of the
                      historical - cultural - museums of the different
                      Comparison of the similitudes and differences
                      storical - cultural through different collections and
                      exhibitions in various museums that there are in
                      The creation of a proposal about a "historical -
                      cultural - didactic museum" on a pupil scale.

                      The objectives of the partnership are:
                      _ To enriche the knowdlege of the children about
                      the usages and customs of the countries
                      _ To promote the active citizenship.
                      _ To implement the ability to organize the
                      _ To develop and to strengthen the use of the new
                      _ To strengthen the knowledge of the foreign
                      _ To favor practices of cooperation through the

                     COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

                      comparison, the exchanges and the reflection
                      _ To live different approaches related to the visit of
                      a museum
                      _ To learn, to read and to understand the
                      informazioni/messagges presented to the inside of
COM-8   Take my       The project's “Take my hand and be my friend" aim        Primay School
        hand and      is to improve the quality and accessibility of special
        be my         needs students to education, by finding, creating
        friend!       and putting into value the best methods used at
                      European level.
                      Through the European partnership will be
                      identified, developed and produced learning
                      materials that will improve the methods and ways
                      using to work with special needs students and for
                      the people taking care of them (parents, teachers,
                      special pedagogues, speech therapists and etc). The
                      project will help to find the best ways how to help,
                      to educate parents having children with special
                      needs. Partners will share, learn, promote and
                      apply good and modern practices, experiences and
                      methods how to create an effective team working
                      with a special needs student. The work - groups and
                      the channels for dissemination will be open to other
                      actors from the countries involved, organizations,
                      institutions and authorities, who will benefit from
                      the experience acquired. This will also help to
                      shaping a positive attitude of the society towards
                      this marginalized group. The end product will be a
                      bilingual manual of good practices, in English and in
                      each partner’s language, published on paper and on
                      the web sites of each participating school.
                      The participating institutions will use the modern
                      techniques of communication for keeping in contact
                      in order to develop the project activities.
COM-9   Safe World    A Safe World will be a multi-art form project using      Secondary
                      artistic and theatrical media to explore the theme       School /
                      of child safety. We believe all children have the        Primary
                      right to feel personally safe and want to help           School
                      children to recognise the feelings they should
                      associate with danger and safety and the links from
                      this to feeling both safe and unsafe. These feelings
                      of safety are basic in all and can act as barriers to
                      learning causing children to withdraw and become
                      less involved not participating in healthy and active
                      pursuits not only education but life as a whole.

                      We will explore these emotions and feelings, giving

                   COMENIUS PROPOSALS FOR 2012

                    the children an understanding of the benefits of
                    safety and how an individual can by being aware to
                    situations, help them negotiate safely through their
                    life. This will be done through the medium of self
                    expressive art music and drama.

                    We will look at this in a European context
                    comparing and contrasting examples of incidents
                    and events in each of our partners area, discussing
                    themes around similar issues that effect our
                    children. We will use this to bring the children
                    together through a common cause of helping one
                    another to overcome issues pertinent to them on
                    safety and supporting each other. This will be done
                    through the dissemination of their combined
                    experience using the medium of web conference,
                    blog and visit information, providing our children
                    with a European wide support network to discuss
                    their feelings of safety.
                    This project will offer an opportunity to share
                    language development and experiences of and
                    approaches to child safety amongst other European
                    Education groups providing a pedagogical approach
                    by our teachers to look at best practice in this field
                    through a European context but supporting the
                    curriculum and objectives of promoting safety.
COM-   LET'S        For a successful Europe, we all need a new               Secondary
10     TRAVEL IN    European conscience, the idea of belonging to the        School /
       EUROPE       same space of European values, and the                   Primary
                    understanding of the meaning “united in diversity”.      School
                    It has been getting more difficult to have cross
                    cultural relationship between the European
                    countries, preserving our diversity through what
                    we are as nations, and being united in our attempt
                    of keeping this diversity unaltered in the future as
                    The European society should preserve certain
                    important values, especially peace, respect and
                    tolerance, where the religions must coexist, and the
                    respect which demands a greater intercultural
                    Nowadays European countries want to know more
                    about other countries trying to stay away from the
                    reasons which make us foreign to the other culture.
                    However it is possible to change the
                    misunderstanding of the different countries'


  Preparing questionnaires, pupils will enrich their
 knowledge, preparing school museums will show
 the other cultures to the students, learning
 different countries' songs will make the students
 closer, communicating by internet will motivate
 them know each other for living a Common Europe.
  In order to increase our awareness about different
 countries' culture among our children and to make
 our life more colorful and more conscious, we need
 to learn about the other's culture and European
 We would like to assign more effective roles to
 teachers, for their students' success, increase the
 consciousness and awareness between each other
 while having cooperation with other schools to
 develop dialogue between various cultures.

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