Comedy Troupe by VU24O1e


									BVN Comedy Troupe – Sponsor: Dr. Max Brown

Auditions will be held on September 4th, 2012: 6:30pm-8:30pm. $5.00 cash to pay for our professional
leader. So as to give the new troupe plenty of time to prepare for their first show in October. Mr. Brown
will be bringing in third-party professionals to judge who gets in and who doesn’t. The troupe will consist
of about fourteen members.


The troupe will be organized by troupe Co-presidents to be assigned later. They will guide/join new
members in preparation and performance of the shows.

Each member of Comedy Troupe must have a form signed by a parent with the following

No cursing
No sexual innuendos
No racial slurs
No toilet talk
No promotion of illegal acts (drinking, drugs, etc.)
No disrespect of the administration or faculty during performances/rehearsals
Must contribute original material
Must attend practice and show commitment


If a student breaks one of the rules:

First Offense: He/She will not be allowed to participate in or attend the next show.
Second Offense: He/She will not be allowed to be on the troupe for the remainder of the year nor be
allowed to attend any of the shows (he/she can try for the troupe again the next year after a meeting with
Mr. Brown and an administrator).


       Practices will be held 1-2 times a week, with dates and times being chosen to accommodate play
practice and other activities. However, once these times are set, it is expected that the students treat the
rehearsals as they would any other practices, meaning that they attend no matter what.

        Attendance is mandatory, but because students have other conflicts, two strikes will be issued
concerning unexcused absences at practices. Students should know not to plan doctor’s appointments
during rehearsal times. Excused absences will consist of academic related activity (such as taking a test
after school).

Please keep this half of the form.
Parent/Student Consent and Agreement form:

I hereby affirm that I have read the above material.

As a student, I agree with all of the above statements, and will adhere to said statements. IF accepted into
the troupe; I promise to commit to all rehearsals and shows. I will contribute my thoughts to all matters of
discussion in the troupe, and will fully commit to working on whatever projects that the troupe decides on
as a whole. I will also allow myself to be directed by the co-presidents, and understand that sponsor Max
Brown has final say in all Comedy Troupe matters.

As a student, I agree that IF accepted, I will never do any of the following during a show: swear, innuendo,
slur against another, toilet talk, elevate illegal acts (make illegal activity seem cool), attack the
administration or faculty, use material that is not my own, and/or commit any act that would in any way
compromise the integrity of myself or the BVN Comedy Troupe. I understand that if I commit any of these
acts, then I will be subject to the penalty system outlined above. I also understand that if I have more than
two unexcused absences, then I will be ejected from the troupe. I understand that by signing below, I agree
to all of this and the above, and realize that I do not have a spot on the troupe, and must still audition to
gain entrance. I understand and will comply with the school’s social media policy and not us FB, texting or
any other communication method to bully, seriously or in jest, another student, staff or administrator.

As a parent, I give my student permission to participate in the activities of the BVN Comedy Troupe. I
understand that they will be held accountable for their actions during performances and rehearsals, and
are subject to discipline should they break any of the above rules. I also understand that they are required
to be at all scheduled rehearsals, and may only be excused from these rehearsals for emergencies or
academics. Doctor’s appointments and the like should be scheduled around rehearsals, not the other way
around. By signing below, I agree to all of this and the above, and realize that the signing of this form in no
way guarantees my student a spot on the Comedy Troupe, merely the ability to audition for it. By my
signature, my son/daughter realizes the impact of the new social media policy concerning bullying online,
by email or any other technical communication tool.

Parent Signature x ______________________________________

Student Signature x ___________________________________________

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