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E-mail :        bethkmartin@yahoo.com                         Master of Business Administration, major in Computer
                                                                    Applications & Information Systems
                                                              Bachelor of Science in
                                                                    Business Administration and Accountancy
                                                              Certified Public Accountant


Client           Dates   Modules                                  Project                     Role
UNHCR, Budapest,          2009-2011   KK, PO, AM, INV, AP,        Support / enhancement for   Senior IT Officer – PeopleSoft
Hungary                               AR 8.4, GL, nVision,        worldwide users;            Financials
                                      Query, Ptools 8.50          IPSAS project
Intermaché, Bondoufle,    2008        GL, AP, BI, AR 8.8          Implementation for          Func-Tech Consultant
France                                                            Switzerland and France
Ville de Lausanne,        2008        PS Query for HR 9 users     Training in french          Trainer
AON, Rotterdam, the       2006-2008   GL, AP, AM, EXP 8.18,       Support / improvement       Func-Tech Consultant, Security
Netherlands                           nVision, Query              projects for Europe         Administrator

ING Real Estate, the      2005-2006   GL, AP, PO, PC, EXP         Support for Europe, US      Functional Consultant
Hague, the Netherlands                8.8, nVision, Query         and Australia
PROLOGIS,                 2004-2005   GL, AP, AM, PC 8.0,         Support / improvement       PeopleSoft Support Manager,
Amsterdam, the                        nVision, Query              projects for Europe         Func-Tech Consultant, Security
Netherlands                                                                                   Administrator
SETAR, Aruba              2004        GL, AP, PO, AM 8.4,         Support                     Func-Tech Consultant, Security
                                      nVision, Query                                          Administrator
SETAR, Aruba              2004        AM 8.4                      Implementation              Func-Tech Consultant
SETAR, Aruba              2004        PO 8.4                      Implementation              Func-Tech Consultant
SETAR, Aruba              2003        GL, AP 8.4                  Upgrade from 7.5 to 8.4     Functional Consultant
AON, Rotterdam, the       2003        GL, AP, AM, EXP 8.18,       Support and upgrade for     PeopleSoft Specialist
Netherlands                           nVision, Query              Europe
Cité des Sciences et de   2002        GL, AP, PO 8.1              Training                    Functional Consultant
l’Industrie, Paris
Vedior Bis, Paris         2001        GL, AP, PO, AR 8.12         Implementation              Co-Project Manager
AXA Corporate             2000-2001   GL, AP 7.52                 Implementation, Phase 2     Global Project Manager
Solutions, Paris
Proxis Services, Paris    2000        GL, AP, AR, BI 7.53         Audit                       Project Manager
AXA Corporate             1999-2000   GL, AP 7.52                 Implementation, Phase 1     Project Manager
Solutions, Paris
Caisse de Dépôt et        1999        GL, AP, PO 7.52             Implementation              Functional Consultant
Consignation, Paris
PeopleSoft, Paris         1998        GL 7.52                     Pre-Sales Prototype         Functional Consultant
AXA Financials, NY        1997-1998   GL 6.1                      Upgrade from 3.0 to 6.1     Analyst, Developer, Project Lead
NMHI (AXA),               1997        GL, AP 6.01                 Implementation              Functional Consultant
Melbourne, Australia
AXA Financials, NY        1993-1996   GL 0.9, 1.1, 3.0, 3.0       Bêta Test, New MIS          Analyst, Developer, Project Lead
                                                                  Reporting System, New
                                                                  MIS Reporting System
                                                                  Combination of MIS,ERS

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Functional General Ledger (GL) 1 / 2; Purchase Order (PO); Accounts Payable (AP); v8 delta GL / PO / AP; Asset
           Management (AM) v8.4; Billing (BI) v8.8; Accounts Receivable (AR) v8.8; Project Costing (PC) v8.8; self-
           trained in Expenses (EXP) v8.8 and Inventory (INV) v.8.4
Technical  PeopleTools 1/2, PeopleCode, SQR/SQL, Upgrade, nVision, Query, v8 Application Engine, v8 Security;
           self-trained in Crystal 9


Client : UNHCR Global Service Center, Budapest, Hungary                          11-09-12/11
 Provided business applications support, design and maintenance of MSRP Financials system to ensure a
    stable system accepted by users and auditors. This includes:
     analysis of user enhancement requests
     gathering of functional requirements
     preparation of functional, technical and security specifications
     testing and follow up until migration to production
     coaching of other section staff and consultants
 Provided business applications support for IPSAS project. Changed or added setup, processing, security,
    reports and queries in cooperation with Finance users and other team members
 Acting as Officer-In-Charge in the absence of Section Manager
 Attended various required and optional training such as IPSAS, Business Analysis, Effective Thinking,
    Time Management

Client : Intermarché, Bondoufle, France                                           06/08-12/08
 As Func-Technical consultant in team of 4, implemented PS GL, AP, AR, BI v8.8 in french for 16
    French business units and for Switzerland, a new country in the system; on time, on budget.
 Documented flow of all tables used in project for PS GL, AP, AR, BI 8.8
 Created SQL scripts for all parameter tables used in project for PS GL, AP, AR, BI v8.8
 Traced, investigated, solved program errors. Wrote detailed requirements for Developers.

Client : Ville de Lausanne, Switzerland                                                   05/08-05/08
 PS Query training in french for HR 9.0 users. Received rating of Excellent.

Client : AON EMEA, Rotterdam, Netherlands                                        05/06-01/08
 Support for PS GL, AM, AP, EXP v8.18 users in several European countries, including implementation
    of new countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
 Improved setup, documentation, procedures, security and performance of processes and reports.
    Decreased night batch time by more than 1 hour. Decreased business unit creation time by several hours.
 Traced, investigated, corrected program errors (PeopleCode, PeopleTools, SQR, App Engine).
 Worked within ITIL and SOX. Created documentation using User Productivity Kit.
 Wrote project plan for Ireland GL/AP implementation.

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Client : ING Real Estate, the Hague, Netherlands                              10/05-04/06
 Support for GL, AP, PO, PC, EXP v8.8 users worldwide, mainly for Project Costing and Time Tracking.
    Client had several hundred Business Units, used multi-currency processes.

Client : PROLOGIS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands                                 08/04-08/05
 Trained users and support team in PS GL, AM, AP, nVision, Query and Security.
 Implemented improvements to PS security, GL, AM, AP, PC v8.0. Decreased night batch time by more
    than 1 hour. Decreased business unit creation time by several hours.
 Worked within ITIL and SOX.
 Client had several hundred Business Units, used multibooks and multi-currency processes.
 Promoted to PeopleSoft Support Manager in Jan 2005.

Client : SETAR, Aruba                                                        11/03-08/04
 Upgraded from PS GL and AP 7.5 to 8.4 as Functional consultant working with a Technical consultant.
    Project completed in 2 months; on time, on budget.
 Implemented PS AM 8.4 alone in 2 months; on time, on budget.
 Implemented PS PO 8.4 alone in 2 months; on time, on budget.
 Implemented PS Security.
 Solely responsible for all Production Support of PS GL, AP, PO, AM, nVision, Security.

Client : AON International Shared Services Center, The Netherlands           04/03-11/03
 Support for PeopleSoft GL, AM, AP, EXP v8.18 users in several European countries.
    Functional Lead on SP3 upgrade. Attended PS Asset Management v8.4 training.
 Worked within ITIL and SOX.

Client : City of Science and Industry, Paris, France                         11/02-12/02
 Prepared PeopleSoft Financials v8.1 (GL, AP, PO) user training using TutorMaker.

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AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP EUROPE                                          London, UK
Senior Financials Analyst                                                    06/01-01/02
Client : AIG Finland                                                         06/01-01/02
 Implemented AXS One Computron v5, an insurance and reinsurance invoicing, receivable and payable
    system which interfaced with GL, insurance front end systems and CDCS payment system. On time for
    Dec 3 Go Live. Windows 95 / UNIX / Sybase database platform.

LOGFI                                                                      Paris, France
Senior Consultant                                                          03/99-04/01
Client : Vedior Bis                                                        01/01-04/01
 Co-Project Manager of PS GL, AP, PO, AR v 8.12.10 system implementation.
 Attended PeopleSoft training on version 8 Security, delta GL, AP, PO.

Client : AXA Corporate Solutions                                            06/99-01/01
 Global Project Manager of PeopleSoft v 7.52 GL/AP global implementation on Windows NT / HP UNIX
    10.20 / single Oracle database platform.
     Project was on schedule for Go Live dates:
     France/Montreal subsidiaries -          April 2000
     US subsidiaries -                       Jan 2001
     AUSTRALASIA subsidiaries -              Feb 2001
     UK subsidiaries -                       July 2001

Client : Proxis Services (a PeopleSoft France project)                          10/00-11/00
 Project Manager for system audit of PS GL, AP, AR, BI v7.53/Europack system that was live since
    January 2000. System successfully passed external financial audit on December 2000.

Client : Caisse de Dépôt et Consignation                                      03/99-06/99
 Designed, built and documented parameters of PS GL, AP, PO v 7.52 and workflow system on Windows
    95/Oracle database platform. Customized Commitment Control.
 Attended PeopleSoft (i.e., Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, OLAP) training

OTHERS                                                                              Paris, France
Independent Consultant                                                              12/98-02/99
 Completed General Ledger v 7.52 pre-sales prototype (e.g., business units, setids, ledgers, chartfields,
   allocation, elimination/consolidation, closing, trees, nVision reporting) for PeopleSoft France customer
 Reviewed, tested and translated to English PROMODAG Reports software for Microsoft Exchange
   Server; wrote user manual

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Senior Financial Systems Analyst                                                 03/91-03/98
 Upgraded MIS PS GL v 3.25 to v 6.1 on Windows95/Banyan/DB2 v 4 platform as a new system
   implementation.                                                               1997-1998
 Consultant on implementation of PS GL, AP v6.01 on Windows 95/Oracle/HP Unix platform for
   National Mutual Health Insurance (AXA) in Melbourne, Australia.               1997
 Implemented combination of MIS and Expense Reporting System (ERS) PS/GL v 3.0 as first phase of
   project to replace DBS GL v3.4 with PS/GL v 6.0.
   Reviewed PS/GL v5.1 and v6.0 to anticipate effects on next upgrade project. 1996
 Implemented MIS using PS/GL v3.0 (PeopleTools v3.25)
   Presenter at PeopleSoft 1995 Users Conference session on GL customization and upgrade. Promoted
   due to outstanding performance.                                               1995-1996
 Implemented MIS to combine various reporting systems into one using PS/GL v1.1 (PeopleTools v2.22).
   Promoted due to outstanding performance.                                      1994-1995
 Performed beta test of PS/GL, nVision and Security.                            1993-1994
 Provided analysis and user support for DBS GL                                  1991-1993
 Others :
    Attended training in PeopleSoft (i.e., General Ledger I and II, PeopleTools I and II, PeopleCode,
       SQL/SQR, Upgrade, nVision, Query), Microsoft Access, and DB2 application design and
    Attended AXA Manager Program in France

ANDERSEN CONSULTING (ACCENTURE)                                            Manila, Phil.
Information Technology Staff (Senior Level)                                01/88-07/90
 Implemented DBS GL v3.0, a multi-currency system, at Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia in Jakarta,
 Attended all DBS GL and Millennium training.
 Attended all Andersen Consulting mainline training up to Senior level.

SMITH BARNEY HARRIS UPHAM & CO., INC.                                       NY, NY
EDP Auditor (Intermediate Level)                                            12/86-12/87
 Reviewed computerized accounting and investment banking applications using CULPRIT/EDP Auditor,
 Prepared management audit reports

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP                                                NY, NY
EDP Auditor (Junior Level)                                                  08/85-07/86
 Reviewed computerized accounting and insurance applications using Auditpak, Easytrieve/PanAudit,
 Prepared management audit reports

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Audit Staff (Junior Level)                                                  12/81-08/83
 Performed year-end financial audits
 Attended 3-month training on COBOL and Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques
 Reviewed computerized accounting applications
 Prepared management audit reports
 Designed, coded (in BASIC) and tested a manufacturing company payroll application on IBM S/23

GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION                                       NY, NY
   Degree : Master of Business Administration                                   09/83-10/85
   Major : Computer Applications and Information Systems
   Extra-curricular activity : Vice President of Asian Students Association

UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES                                                    Manila, Phil.
   Degree : B.S. Business Administration and Accountancy                        07/76-04/81
   Extra-curricular activities :active member of AIESEC, studied Spanish and Japanese 3 years

   Studied German Beginner 1.1.1, Hungary                                       2012
   Studied Hungarian Beginner 1, Hungary                                        2010
   Obtained Certificate in Business French by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris,
    France                                                                       2009
   Studied Dutch Beginner 1, the Netherlands                                    2004
   Obtained Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults at ACS IH Ecole de Langues,
    Geneva, Switzerland                                                          2003
   Studied advanced French at Alliance Francaise, France                        2002
   Studied intermediate French at Alliance Francaise, France                    1999
   Studied intermediate Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala                           1998
   Attended Database Management and LAN administration courses at New York University School of
    Continuing Education, New York                                               1994-1995

   Certified Public Accountant, USA                                             11/87
   Certified Public Accountant, Philippines                                     07/82

   Travel -          lived and worked in 9 countries, traveled in 66 countries, went back-packing
                      for 6 months in Central and South America, willing to travel 100%
   Languages –       fluent English, business French, intermediate Spanish, beginner Dutch,
                      beginner Hungarian, beginner German
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