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									      *** Be an Avon Helper ***
When you work as a Helper, you earn a nice percentage of the orders you get as a
   commission paid in free product that you decide how to spend on AVON.

                  Here’s how it breaks down into commission groups:
            (all order totals are figured before tax and processing fee)

              0-$149     10% Commission toward your own Avon order

            $150-$284 20% Commission toward your own Avon order.

            $285-424      25% Commission toward your own Avon order.

            $425-$899 30% Commission toward your own Avon order.

 For example, you and three customers place orders that total (before taxes and
  processing fees) $184.00. The commission rate at $184.00 is 20%, so you would
receive Credit for $36.80 to use toward your own order placed that campaign or in
 a future campaign! That’s $36.80 that you can spend on Avon products at no cost
                 to you! You’ve earned it by putting in the time to
                           get more sales as my helper!

                             Here is what you will do:

        1) Show or Distribute brochures to family, friends, co-workers, etc.
             2) Collect and place the orders with me by the due date on
                               the back of the brochure.
                            (via phone, e-mail or in person)
              3) Collect the balances owed and distribute the orders.

Please call or email me if you would like to take part in this program. Also, if any of
     your friends or family may be interested in this opportunity, let me know.
                             I can get them started, too!

     *Please note: the terms of this program are subject to change any time.

                                  Jenna Legere
                     AVON Independent Sales Representative
                            Phone: 978-658-8177
                        e-mail: jennasavon@comcast.net
                       Web: www.yourAVON.com/jlegere

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