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					                                        Katy West Houston Aggie Moms Club
                                                September 1, 2011
                                              General Meeting Minutes

President: Tondi Martin-Branch called the meeting to order at 7:19 PM.
Tondi welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially the new members, and gave a short history of the club. She explained
about our donations to various Texas A&M clubs and our scholarship program. Tondi then introduced the 2011-2012 officers
and committee members who explained their various positions and responsibilities.

Officer and Committee Reports:

Secretary: Maria Ferley presented the minutes from the May General Meeting. Minutes were approved as e-mailed.
Treasurer: Rhonda Murray presented the Treasurer’s Report:
        Checking Account Balance as of 6/30/2011                                        $ 5,207.89
        Income                                                                         $ 2,364.60
        Expenses                                                                        $ 378.12
        Checking Account Balance as of 7/31/2011                                       $ 7,194.37

        Amegy Bank Investment Account Balance as of 6/30/2011                              $ 5,223.04
        Investment Income Interest (November-estimate)                                     $     0.62
        Amegy Bank Investment Account Balance as of 7/31/2011                              $ 5,223.66
The Treasurers’ Report will be filed for audit.

1st Vice President at Large: Kay Pontious reported on the Federation Meeting and Workshop and thanked those that attended.
She explained that the Love Fund was used to send cards to members who are experiencing an illness or death in their families
and reported that the balance was $90. Kay urged members to plan to attend the next Federation District meeting on January
20th and 21st. She reported that the Corps has enrolled the most fish in 24 years and the most cadets in 15 years. She then
announced that the Gilbert Leadership Conference would be held in Katy/West Houston on November 3 and 4 and asked
members to consider hosting some of the students.
Vice President/Student Drawings: Lisa Minmier explained how all proceeds were used to purchase gift cards for the students.
Parliamentarian: Donna Berg had nothing to report.
Membership: Susan Cessna asked if everyone would make sure to sign in.
Directory: Carre Perry reported that the directories would be available at the November meeting and explained that there was
ad space available.
Programs: Joan Summers reported that our first program would be four students from the Student Traditions Council and the
second would be representatives from the Wells Project. She welcomed suggestions for future speakers.
Publications: Jamie Wagner had nothing to report.
Webmaster: Cathy McMaster informed members about the website and Facebook page.
Hospitality/Door Prizes: Julie Arnst/Candy Schaefer thanked everyone for bringing food throughout the year and passed a
sign-up sheet for the next meeting.
Care Packages: Ann Coker and Amy Schreiber showed the bags which would be used for the Fall care packages and reported
that we would deliver 180 packages which would cost $25 each.
Ways and Means: Melissa Houser was absent. Jackie Walker explained how all sales went to our scholarship fund. She told
members that the coolers could be ordered on the website.
Socials: Debra Daigle announced the upcoming social events: a trip to Roundtop antique fair on Oct. 1st, and dinner at
Treehouse Baja Grill Thursday in the Bellagio Center on Oct. 13th at 6:30. She also announced that there would be a
Remembrance on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 at La Centera from 12:00 on and program starts at 6:30. She welcomed any
ideas for future socials.
Bunco Belles: Onaida Reichen reported that the next Bunco was Oct. 18 from 7-9:00 at the Empanada House. Bunco is $5
and empanada plate and drink is $10 with 20% being donated to our club. All proceeds go towards the scholarship fund. The
$10 plate is available at any time with the donation available. Make sure to ask for the KWHAM Bunco belle’s plate.
Historian: Linda Blanchard had nothing to report.
Scholarships: Jeanette Doll was absent.
Howdy Raffle: Nancy Finney was absent.
Rebates: Mary Okruhlik informed members that we receive rebates from Randall’s and Kroger and asked members to bring in
their used ink cartridges.
                                         Katy West Houston Aggie Moms Club
                                                 September 1, 2011
                                               General Meeting Minutes

12th Mom Stretch: Members took a short break to finish punches on the football ticket and purchase student drawing tickets.

Old Business:
    Our May 2011 $100 contributions were to: Carpool, Big Event, Impact, The Wells Project, Aggie Relay for Life, Fish
       Camp, Alternate Spring Break, MSC/Aggies Reaching Out, and Gilbert Leadership Conference.
    2011 $1000 Scholarship recipients were John Gottfried, John Ilsevic, Lauren Redeker, Graciely Reichen, Sarah

New Business:
    Sonna Lumpkins presented information on the Aggie Mom Fish Camp Weekend Retreat to be held on Nov 11-13 and
      urged everyone to attend. Deadline to register is Oct. 8th.
    Matinee Movie Moms: next is 4 Days in Utopia. Meet at 11:10 at Katy AMC.
    Kay announced that Midnight yell would be Saturday night for the game on Sunday and the Former Student
      Association would be selling football tickets this year along with having useful information for game days.

Tondi asked all the new members to introduce themselves and tell us their aggie’s name and major.


       Tondi announced that Maroon Out shirts could be ordered at www.maroonout.tamu.edu for $8.00 each and the maroon
        out game is the UT game this year.
       Tondi informed members of several websites for aggie parents.

Drawing for Door Prizes: Karen Bodkin, Deborah Huebel, and Anke Meyer had their names drawn to receive a door prize.
Student Drawings: Seven students will receive gift cards
Aggie Brags and Good Bull Stories were shared.
Next General Meeting: Thursday, October 6 @6:45pm (social), 7:00pm (meeting).

Meeting adjourned at 9:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Maria Ferley
Secretary 2011-2012
Katy/West Houston Aggie Moms Club

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