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									                                           Education, Learning & Leisure

Course No.   CPD09 1.02                Title:   Promoting Active Learning in the
                                                Primary Classroom

Venue: Kintore Primary School          Date: Tuesday 18 November 2008
                                       Time: 1.00 pm – 3.30 pm

 Tea/coffee and registration 12.30 – 1.00 pm

 SCHOOL                       PARTICIPANT                   POSITION
 Alford Primary               Caroline Stewart              P6/7
 Alford Primary               Karen Watt                    P1/2
 Alford Primary               Sharon Douglas                P2/3
 Alford Primary               Margaret Beth Forbes          DHT P1/2
 Alford Primary               Jane Middleton                P7
 Alford Primary               Shona Patterson               P5/6
 Ardallie Primary             Dorothy Johnston              P1-4
 Ardallie Primary             Lynne Stewart                 HTR P5-7
 Banchory Primary             Jull Callander                P6
 Banchory Primary             Carol Hendry                  P2
 Banchory Primary             Rosemary McKenzie             P1
 Banchory Primary             Audrey Pope                   P5
 Banchory Primary             Carole Taylor                 P2
 Bracoden Primary             Shirley Murray                P3/4
 Chapel of Garioch Primary    Amanda Davidson               HT
 Chapel of Garioch Primary    Kyla McLeod                   P4/5
 Chapel of Garioch Primary    Barbara Rae                   HTR
 Chapel of Garioch Primary    Fiona Wallace                 P6-7
 Dunnottar Primary            Lynn Zaccarini                P1/2
 Echt Primary                 Victoria Farrow               P1-4
 Echt Primary                 Michelle Greaves              Nursery Teacher
 Echt Primary                 Catherine Walker              Nursery Nurse
 Fordyce Primary              Samantha Lima
 Fordyce Primary              Lesley Mair                   P1-7
 Fordyce Primary              Sheila Smith                  HT
 Gourdon Primary              Vivienne Cuthill              Perm Supply
 Gourdon Primary              Sandra Japp                   HT & P1/2
 Gourdon Primary              Susan Madden                  P3/4/5
 Hatton of Fintray Primary    Pauline Dow                   HT & P1/2
 Hatton of Fintray Primary    Jan Morrice                   HTR & P5/6/7
SCHOOL               PARTICIPANT           POSITION
Insch Primary        Rebecca Inglis        Early – P3
Insch Primary        Amanda Kirk           Upper Stages
Longside Primary     Helen Birnie          P7
Longside Primary     Frances Ingram        P4/5
Markethill Primary   Aileen Auchnie        ASN Nursery
Markethill Primary   Allison Bremner
Markethill Primary   Fiona Cameron         Nursery Nurse
Markethill Primary   Elspeth Dalgarno      Teacher
Markethill Primary   Anne Dyrlaga          Teacher
Markethill Primary   Davina Gardiner       Teacher
Markethill Primary   E A Gronkowski        Nursery Nurse
Markethill Primary   Emma Hall             Teacher
Markethill Primary   Christian Henderson   DHT
Markethill Primary   Tanya Dale-Johnston
Markethill Primary   Lynne Houston         Teacher
Markethill Primary   C J Irvine            Teacher
Markethill Primary   Linda Jenkins         Nursery Teacher
Markethill Primary   Kristin Kowalczyk
Markethill Primary   Susan Laing           Teacher
Markethill Primary   Gillian Heron
Markethill Primary   Laura McGuigan        Teacher
Markethill Primary   Ruth McKell           Teacher
Markethill Primary   Heather McKenzie
Markethill Primary   Morag Matthews        Teacher
Markethill Primary   Fiona Morrison        Teacher
Markethill Primary   Anne Robertson        PT
Markethill Primary   Emma Swinnerton       Teacher
Markethill Primary   Norma Will            ASN Teacher
Markethill Primary   Clare Young           Teacher
New Machar Primary   Susan Gibson          P1
New Machar Primary   Elizabeth Howell      P1/2
New Machar Primary   Wendy Kelman          P3
Pitfour Primary      Lilian Allyson        P6/7
Pitfour Primary      Amanda Baxter         CA
Pitfour Primary      Ruth Bryant           Nursery Nurse
Pitfour Primary      Dianne Buchan         SFL Aux
Pitfour Primary      Gwen Coull            P1/2
Pitfour Primary      Alison Little         P4/5
Pitfour Primary      Nicola Little         Early Int N Nurse
Pitfour Primary      Heather Ritchie       CA P6/7
Pitfour Primary      Jane Scarborough      HT
Pitfour Primary      Paula Stott           P3/4
SCHOOL                            PARTICIPANT                       POSITION
Pitfour Primary                   Melissa Sutherland                Nursery Teacher
Pitfour Primary                   Sonia Will                        Nursery Nurse
Portsoy Primary                   Kim Findlay                       P4
Portsoy Primary                   Seonaid Hutcheon                  Pr / Nur Teacher
Portsoy Primary                   Marion McKenzie                   HT
Portsoy Primary                   Eileen Moir                       P5
Portsoy Primary                   Iona Philips                      Primary Teacher
Portsoy Primary                   Sonia Stephen                     P6
Portsoy Primary                   Linda Stewart                     Primary Teacher
Portsoy Primary                   Jacqueline Youngson               P2
Rathen Primary                    Marilyn Bruce                     P5/6
Rathen Primary                    Lynn-Maree MacGregor              P6/7
St Combs Primary                  Nellie Buchan                      P3-5
St Combs Primary                  Alison Mutch                       P1-3
Slains Primary                    Kim Davidson                       P4-7
Slains Primary                    Frances Slesser                    P4-7
Slains Primary                    June Small                         HTR P1-3
Strathburn Primary                Nicola Cocker                      P4
Strathburn Primary                Lindsay Mathers-Baikie             P3
Strathburn Primary                Ruth Wight                         DHT P5&7
Westhill Primary                  Jane Garden                        P6/7
Westhill Primary                  Morag McRobbie                     P3/4
Westhill Primary                  Stuart Mulligan                    P5
Whitehills Primary                Veronica Cunningham                P2/3
Whitehills Primary                Mary Mackay                        P3/4
Whitehills Primary                Linda Wann                         P1-2
Whitehills Primary                Corinne Wood                       P4/5/6

In order to reduce parking difficulties, travel costs and in the interests of sustainability
it would be appreciated if, where possible, transport could be shared. Thank you.

NB Petrol VAT receipts dated prior to the journey are required for travel

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