35W Bridge Proposal by DXn2S53


									To:    Eric Embacher/Barry Nelson                                      8/03/2007
       Minnesota Department of Transportation
       MN/DOT Metro Division – Mendota Office
       2229 Pilot Knob Road
       Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Ref:   I-35W Bridge Removal – Summary of Scope, Equipment and Availability


       Listed below is a bulleted summary of the anticipated scope of services to be
provided as well as a listing of equipment and manpower available.

►      Anticipated Scope of Services to be Directed by MNDOT

        ● We anticipate immediate mobilization to begin the clearing of the commerce
channel on the south side of the channel.
        ● We would immediately track our 999 American Crane 110 ton and assemble the
boom on the north side of the channel to assist MNDOT personnel with inspections. 260
feet of boom are available for this operation. Our crane is currently 3 blocks from the site.
        ● We can immediately mobilize two 418 Link Belt crawler cranes with 110 Ton
capacity with 180 of boom in each crane. One is located in South Minneapolis and the
other is located in East St. Paul. We can commence dismantling and demolition operations
on the south shoreline, the other can be stationed in the middle of the channel on barges.
        ● Two Cat 350 backhoes equipped with 360 degree multi-purpose attachments are
immediately available to assist in shoreline and channel demolition.
        ● One 245 with grapple attachment is also available immediately to assist in either
shoreline or channel demolition.
        ● We have the capacity to install and remove cofferdams or staging platforms along
the shoreline. We currently have a 330 backhoe equipped with a mounted robotic vibratory
hammer moored on the river off of Raspberry Island in St. Paul.
        ● A full spectrum of support equipment including backhoes, dozers, loaders, small
capacity cranes, trucks, light plants, generators, acetylene torches, high capacity jacks,
winches, pumps, grippers, pullers, rigging, etc. are available at your option.
        ● Experienced Supervision and personnel is available at your disposal with an
anticipated work schedule of 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
        ● We can provide a complete experienced dive crew operation for rigging,
underwater torching, and any other underwater retrieval available with one day notice.
        ● We have sawcutting crews available immediately for the removal of the bridge
        ● We can provide 1 EA – 70’ x 26’ x 6.5’ spud barge immediately, 1-EA 80’ x 40’ x 8’
spud barge immediately, 1 EA 140’ x 35’ x 8’ spud barge immediately, 4 EA – 200’ x 35’ x 8’
deck barges immediately, 1 EA 48’ x 16’ x 3’ spud barge immediately, 1 EA – 48’ x 16’ x 3’
deck barge immediately, 1 800 HP tow boat, 1 350 HP tow boat available in two weeks,
Two experienced deckhands are available immediately.
           ● We can provide a MNDOT approved environmental remediation contractor to
   handle any issues should they arise.
           ● We can provide MNDOT certified DBE trucking firms if desired.
           ● Our recycling yard located off of Vandalia and University is available to accept all
           ● Our Malcolm Yard off of Malcolm and University is available for your use if desired.
           ● Portable Barge offers a lay down area in St. Paul at River Mile 836 that is 5 to 21
   acres secured with 350 to 400 ton crane capacity for unloading.
           ● We can provide 2 each Kann Survey crew boat sand related equipment.
           ● We understand that this contract will be cost plus and would like to offer any steel
   credits to be sent directly to MNDOT.
           ● None of this work will interfere with our other Contracts.

    ►     Larger Capacity Rental Equipment Type and Availability If Desired

● One 150x50x8 crane barge with Manitowoc 3900 WV 140 TN crawler, available immediately
● One CC2800 660 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane within 1-2 weeks.
● One M 2250 330 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane within 1-2 weeks.

      We appreciate the opportunity to provide this proposal and look forward to working with
you. We will be available continuously over the weekend should you have any questions or
desire to begin mobilization.

Respectfully,                                        Respectfully,

Evan Mackey                                          Todd Planting
Demolition Division Manager                          Senior Project Manager

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