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					Entrepreneur Center (EC) / Social Enterprise Project
Meeting Notes/Deliverables

Background Information
   ● EC currently supports social enterprises
   ● (More information will be gathered during EC interviews)

Interview Questions
    ● How would you define social entrepreneurship?
    ● How does your organization support social enterprises currently?
    ● What business models have you seen be successful in the social enterprise realm?
    ● Are there any specific characteristics of the businesses or individuals that launch these
    ● What business/corporate structure do you feel is most successful?
    ● What skillsets lead to successful social enterprises?
    ● What are the biggest gaps and obstacles to successful start-ups?
    ● How are these skills different from for-profit start-up entrepreneurs?
    ● How are these skills different from non-profit start-up entrepreneurs?
    ● How can we (the EC) identify qualified social entrepreneurs that need funding/support?

Draft Deliverable/Proposal
   ● Document current process that EC uses to support social enterprises
            ○ Agree upon definition of social enterprise
            ○ Gather all off-the-shelf material from EC on social enterprise support
            ○ Investigate finalizing 100 day plan for social enterprise
   ● Interview social enterprise subject matter experts in Nashville
   ● Interview social entrepreneurs to gather customer feedback
   ● Design/modify processes to better support social enterprises
   ● Create a whitepaper for :
            ○ Distribution to mayor’s office
            ○ Publication in local press
            ○ Publication in national press via Vanderbilt press contacts
            ○ Communication to social entrepreneurs
   ● Establish plan for potential CTP implementation in following years

Social Enterprise Subject Matter Experts - Target for Interviews
    ● Jim Schorr
    ● Hal Kato
    ● Louis Levine
    ● Elizabeth Crooke
    ● Margaret Dolan
    ● Ellen Lehman

Meeting Information
Date: 9/23/2011
   ●   Michael Burcham - EC Head
   ●   Clay Jackson - EC Director of Marketing
   ●   Sam Lingo - EC Chief Operating Officer
   ●   John Murdock - EC Director of Communications
   ●   Scott Rouse - EC Creative Director
   ●   Shaka Dickerson
   ●   Mario Avila
   ●   Samuel Frank

High-Level Project Plan
October (Interviews)
    ● Complete social enterprise subject matter expert interviews
    ● Conduct kick-off meeting with EC to understand current state
    ● Identify 5 social entrepreneurs to interview (Triple Thread)
November (Fact-Finding)
    ● Complete 5 social entrepreneur interviews
    ● Finalize definition of social enterprise
    ● Gather all off-the shelf material from the EC
    ● Review material from the EC
    ● Investigate tech deliverable (web dev team)
    ● Redesign EC support processes
    ● Start creating content
    ● Refine whitepaper content and marketing kit
    ● Finalize whitepaper/marketing kit and all material
    ● Present to EC and CTP
    ● Publish material to mayor, press, EC, and social entrepreneurs

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