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					Idaho Medicaid February WIREC article

The road to implementation of the Idaho EHR Incentive Program moves forward with the January 2012
CMS approval of our State Medicaid HIT Plan. Our goal is to work with Medicaid providers in an
effective way to encourage HIT adoption and use. Over the next few months program development
and testing of the Incentive Management System (IMS) continues. When implemented, Idaho will be
able to accept provider applications through our IMS system. The system Idaho is building is currently
in use in Kentucky and is not tied to the Molina MMIS system.

Once the system is close to completion Medicaid will announce the launch date. The first steps for
eligible providers will be to register for a Medicaid incentive from Idaho on the CMS website. We will
have an interface in place to receive the information and initiate contact with the registrant.

Currently the communication and outreach strategies for launching the Idaho EHR Incentive Program
are being finalized. In collaboration with WIREC, Medicaid will provide Webinars and conference calls
with eligible providers and hospitals in the weeks prior to launch. They will focus on pre-launch
activities, including how to attest with the state and eligibility qualifications. WIREC and professional
organizations will be the primary vehicles for communication of those dates. They will also be listed
on our website at www.Medicaidehr.dhw.idaho.gov

Important steps providers should take now to prepare to participate in the Idaho Medicaid EHR
Incentive Program:
    1. Visit the Idaho EHR Program’s website for program information and updates.
    2. Determine if you are eligible for either the Medicare or Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs.
        Eligibility guidelines are available on the CMS website at
    3. Eligible professionals need to decide whether to apply for Medicare or Medicaid incentives.
        CMS has information and a decision tool available on their website to assist eligible providers
        with this decision. Eligible hospitals qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid incentive
    4. Hospitals may pre-register for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program before Idaho launches,
        but you will be placed in a “pending state validation” status until Idaho’s system is ready to
        receive the information. Eligible professionals can only register once Idaho’s IMS is available,
        so watch our website for that upcoming launch date.
    5. Eligible hospitals applying for both Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments must be
        enrolled in the Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS). Verify PECOS
        enrollment information on the CMS website.
    6. Confirm that you have an active NPI number.
    7. Verify that your EHR technology meets certification requirements. There is a list of EHR
        systems that meet the requirements on the ONC website at http://onc-chpl.force.com/ehrcert

An ‘Ask the Program’ feature is available on our website allowing you to send a question or comment
to the Idaho Medicaid EHR Program for a response. We welcome the opportunity to share
information about the EHR incentive program, so please inform us of provider outreach opportunities
through your stakeholder organizations that you would like the EHR Program staff to be involved in by
e-mail at EHRincentives@dhw.idaho.gov

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