Scrap Therapy Charming Buds by 8tDh90y


									                                                         Scrap Therapy Charming Buds
                                                         Class Dates: Sat. Jan. 10th or Wed. Jan 21st
                                                         Times:            10:00 – 3:00
                                                         Instructor:       Martha Lorshbaugh

Fabric Requirements:
Select focus border fabric first, then choose coordinating lattice and sashing fabrics. Lattice
fabrics should be similar value.
“Charming Buds” pattern (We have in stock)
1 ½ yds focus print fabric for border
2/3 yds coordinating fabric for block lattice 1
2/3 yds coordinating fabric for block lattice 2
1 ¼ yds coordinating fabric for sashing
Scrap Therapy bins with 5” and 2” squares
1 ½ yds for extra-wide binding (extra-wide is optional)
3 ½ yds backing

Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies
Rotary cutter
Scrap Therapy 7” x 14” ruler
7” x 7” ruler or similar

From your Scrap Therapy bins select the following:
 Forty-eight 5” scrap squares to match focus fabric
 Sixty-three 2” scrap squares for corner stones

From each block lattice fabric:
 Cut twelve strips 1 ½” wide. From each strip cut four 1 ½” x 10” rectangles, making a total of
   forty-eight 1 ½” x 10” rectangles from each lattice fabric.
From sashing fabric:
 Cut nineteen strips 2” wide.

Bring strips and all extra fabric to class.

You may bring your lunch or order out.

If you have questions prior to class, call Mt. Pleasant at 585-243-0767.

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