WSEAS Trans. on SIGNAL PROCESSING, June 2006 by 8tDh90y


									                            WSEAS TRANSACTIONS
                            on SIGNAL PROCESSING

                                       Issue 6, Volume 2, June 2006
                                ISSN      1790-5052  

Visual Attention Guided Salient Edge(s) and Region(s) Extraction Algorithm for Image Retrieval          857
Songhe Feng, De Xu, Xu Yang

Clustering-based Control of Discrimination Power in Target Tracking Applications                        863
Abder Rezak Benaskeur, Francois Rheaume, Patrick Maupin

Utilising Speech Recognition System Capabilities to Recognise Cursive Arabic Text                       869
M. S. Khorsheed

Simulating Acoustic Propagation using a Lattice Boltzmann Model of Incompressible Fluid Flow            876
Nathan Fraser, Richard Hall

The Effect of Inharmonic and Harmonic Spectra In Javanese Gamelan Tuning (1): A Theory of the Slendro   882
Guangming Li

Neural Network Based ECG Signal Analysis for Heart Rate Detection                                       889
Mamun B. I. Reaz, Muhammad I. Ibrahimy, Rosminazuin A. Rahim

Parameters Selection of Filter for Fingerprint Enhancement                                              896
En Zhu, Jian-Ping Yin, Chun-Feng Hu, Guo-Min Zhang

Motion Detection and Human Tracking for Smart Room Applications                                         903
Guo Jing, Deepu Rajan, Chng Eng Siong

Lossless Adaptive Data Hiding                                                                           909
Mehdi Fallahpour, Mohammad Hossein Sedaaghi

Measures of Acoustical Spatiality in an Italian Opera House                                             914
Lamberto Tronchin, Valerio Tarabusi

Quad Tree Decomposition of Fused Image of Sunspots for Classifying the Trajectories                     919
Farhad Besharati, Mana Tarjoman, Hassan Ghassemian

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