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									                                                                          ADHESIVES FOR USE WITH
                                                                       CERAMIC TILES AND MOSAICS
                                                                                          TDS 137

  BRITISH STANDARDS                     AMERICAN NATIONAL                 LATICRETE® &
       INSTITUTE                       STANDARDS INSTITUTE
                                                                      LATAPOXY® PRODUCTS
      BS5980:1980                             (ANSI)
Type 1: Hydraulically Hardened        ANSI A118.1:                    LATICRETE THINSETS:
Mortar: Portland cement               Specification for dry set       272/280/317/253/288
aggregates with additives             Portland Cement Mortar
produced as a dry mixture, to be
mixed with water on site before
5980 Class: AA
Type 2: Organic Adhesive: Ready       ANSI A136.1                     LATICRETE 15
to use mixture consisting of          Ready to use paste or mastic.   LATICRETE 9
aqueous emulsions, latex with
5980 Class: B
Type 3: Dispersion/Cement             ANSI A118.4:                    LATICRETE 4237 & 211
Adhesive: Consisting of powdered      Latex Portland Cement Mortar    LATICRETE 3701 & Thin-set
components, with or without                                           LATICRETE 333 & Thin-set
Portland cement, that are mixed                                       LATICRETE 101 & Thin-set
with latex just before use and
                                                                      LATICRETE 3030
5980 Class: AA
Type 4: Dissolved Resin               Solvent-based Mastic            THERE ARE NO SOLVENT
Adhesive: Factory- prepared,          Adhesive                        BASED, FLAMMABLE
ready to use, consisting of fillers   (No ANSI Standard)              LATICRETE ADHESIVES
binders and volatile solvent.

Type 5: Reactive Resin Adhesive:      ANSI A118.3:                    LATAPOXY QG100
Consisting of two or more             Tile Setting and Grouting       LATAPOXY 300
separate components with              Epoxy Adhesive
mineral fillers which are mixed in
specific proportions just before
use. Hardening occurs by              ANSI A118.8:                    LATAPOXY 210
chemical reaction between the         Modified Epoxy Emulsion
components.                           Mortar/Grout
5980 Class: AA

Class AA:   Materials with faster development of water resistance.
Class A:    Materials with slower development of water resistance.
Class B:    Material with no requirement for water resistance.

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