Combat Pistol Operations by 9Poq16Eo


									                                                     Galveston Police Dept
                                                            Training Division
Dynamic Entry for Law Enforcement                                              409-765-3642
Instructors: J. Attaway / J. Schirard / T. Maffei

Course Length: Two Days – 16 HRS

Cost: $75.00

Course Description:
D.E.L.E. is a course designed for both Officers assigned to specialized divisions, i.e.
Warrants, Narcotics, SWAT, Anit-Crime, etc, and to line level Patrol Officers wanting to
further their CQB/Entry Skills. Dynamic Entry for Law Enforcement is designed to give
the student an overview of Close-Quarter Combat Skills as well as Dynamic Entry and
approach techniques. Principals stressed during the class include; 2-4 Man CQB / Room
Clearing, Suspect Encounters, approaches, breaching techniques, and raid planning.
These principals will be taught and emphasized using drills that accurately resemble real-
world deployment. Several different locations will be used in the course of the training
and the class will culminate in a force on force exercise in which the students will have to
plan and execute a raid on an undisclosed location.

Active duty Law Enforcement

Equipment Needed:
Standard Duty / Tactical “Rig”
Simunition Markers / Sim Ammo (If available, not required)
Eye Pro / Paintball Mask
Seasonally Appropriate Attire
Rain Gear

Class will be held at several different locations over the two days, some inside, some
outside. Bring seasonally appropriate clothing and be prepared to be outside.

Payment Method:
Payment is not due until the first day of class. Please make checks payable to City of

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