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Mathematics - Download as DOC by 9Poq16Eo


									                              Curriculum Newsletter for parents – April 2012.

Year 6                                             Class teacher - Mrs Gallagher

Dear Parent,

Your child will be working on the following curriculum during this term. Please feel free
to talk to the class teacher about any area of this curriculum.
                 Mathematics                                    English
Revision for SAT’s                                Revision for SAT’s
Shape and Space 2D and 3D shapes, circles and     ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ by C.S
patterns.                                         Lewis – in depth study of a novel.
Handling Data – graphs and tables, interpreting
data.(cross curricular)
Maths Puzzles – using and applying number.
          Information Technology                                      Science
Research for IPC topics – The Olympics past and   Sex Education, Puberty and Reproduction
present.                                          Plus IPC

Lifestyles and Cultures
How drugs affect our body -IPC

                             THROUGH THE TOPICS OF:
                              The Athlete - The Olympics
              IPC-The Olympics                                 IPC curriculum links:
The main focus of these units is the history of          PE: How to measure our heart rate, if
the Olympics, the planning and preparation of             we can improve our performance over
the modern Olympics, the physical and mental              time, which is more important: talent or
challenges faced by the athletes, and the                 practice?
Olympic aim: to represent the unity of the five          Technology: How athletes use the
continents symbolised by the Olympic rings.               latest technologies, how to invent a new
Issues surrounding fair play and international            high tech device.
peace are also explored.                                 Science: effects of exercise on your
                                                          body, how friction, forces and gravity
The children will find out about how Olympic              work, how drug use affects your body.
athletes train, what they need to eat, and what          History: how the Olympics have
motivates them, as well as discovering more               changed, how important the Olympics
about the human body, sporting talent and the             is.
power of practice. The children’s learning will          Geography: which cities have hosted
then focus at the exit point on their own                 the Olympics, the journey of the
Olympics Day.                                             Olympic flame.
                                                         Music: how to write a song for our
                                                          Olympics Day.
                                                         Art: how to depict movement in art,
                                                          how to create an Olympic sculpture.
                                                         International: what are the Olympic
                                                          values, what the future holds for the

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