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									Teachers of English are invited to participate in online teacher training courses
designed and managed by the British Council.

The courses on offer are:

       Teaching English – Learning Technologies for the Classroom
An online course about using the latest technologies with learners.17-module course for
teachers of English in state and private schools. The course covers the following areas:
    1. Getting started
    2. An introduction to learning technologies
    3. Evaluating and selecting websites
    4. Integrating the Web
    5. Searching
    6. Copyright and copyright-friendly materials
    7. Office applications for whole-class teaching
    8. Using office applications in a computer room
    9. Cyber well-being
    10. Ideas for school links projects
    11. Using the interactive Web in the classroom
    12. Collaborative online writing
    13. Online writing for students and teachers
    14. Social networking for educational use
    15. Practising listening and speaking with online audio
    16. Practising listening and speaking with online video
    17. The future and the end

       Primary Essentials –former ETTO, is a six module course for English teachers
working with young learners. It uses virtual learning environment to show participants
various methods to make learning fun and enjoyable.

     TKT Essentials Module 1
      TKT Essentials Modules 2/3

Provides teachers of English with a course in the classroom knowledge they need.
The online course comprises three modules divided into a total of 33 units varying in
length between 90 and 180 minutes
    Module 1 - Language and background to language learning and teaching (18 units)
    Module 2 - Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching (8 units)
    Module 3 - Managing the teaching and learning process (7 units).

All the courses last up to 3 months and are entirely online and closely moderated.
Successful participants will receive British Council certificate.

Those who wish to participate should have a personal email address, reliable internet
connection and good computer skills. Minimum 3 year teaching experience is a

CLIL Essentials (online) – Content and Language Integrated Learning Essentials a
20-unit course for teachers who teach school subjects such as geography, history, maths
and science in English in state and private schools.
Introducing practical methods to identify challenges in the classroom and simplify delivery
so that learners meet the course objectives and have extended opportunities to use
The full course covers the following areas:
    1.  Aims of and rationale for CLIL (available free – follow link below)
    2.  Language across the curriculum
    3.  Communication skills across the curriculum
    4.  Cognitive skills across the curriculum (available free – follow link below)
    5.  Learning skills across the curriculum
    6.  Assessment unit - Principles of CLIL
    7.  Planning a lesson and a series of lessons
    8.  Language demands of subject content and accompanying tasks (available free –
        follow link below)
    9. Resources
    10. Integrating technology in the curriculum
    11. Materials selection and adaptation
    12. Task types
    13. Classroom language
    14. Scaffolding content and language learning
    15. Methods to help students develop learning strategies
    16. Consolidating learning and differentiation
    17. Focus on assessment
    18. Types of assessment
    19. Support strategies
    20. Assessment unit - Classroom practice
As well as a providing practical training, this syllabus will support teachers looking to take
the Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test CLIL module (TKT: CLIL).

Each unit of the online course consists of:
    articles, videos and presentations on the practical application of Content and
       Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
    teaching ideas and lesson plans
    forums and wikis for participants to collaborate in
    exercises to test and extend knowledge
    links to further resources
    opportunities for reflection and learning through practice.

CiSELT - Certificate in Secondary English Language Teaching

A certificate course for practising secondary teachers of English
There are two levels, Proficient (48 hour course) and Advanced (48 hour course).

The aims of this course are to:
       develop teachers' methodological skills
       develop communicative, reflective and learning-centred teaching skills
       develop classroom-based research skills
       professionalise teachers' classroom practice.

This training course is for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and suitable for
teachers who:
        teach English to 11-18-year-olds
        are at CPD Framework stage 3 wishing to develop skills
        are at CPD Framework stage 4 wishing to refresh skills and reach the proficient
You will learn practical approaches to improve your teaching skills in areas such as
motivating teenagers, classroom management, teaching language awareness and how to
provide inclusive learning for teenagers with specific learning needs.
The course will help you develop continual reflective practice and assessment will be
based on your submission of a final e-portfolio.
All 6 courses are available during the following dates:

30 April – 30 July 2012

If you want to participate in any of the course please fill in a simple form given below and

send it to Tamuna Kvachadze at

Please send the completed forms for your desired courses by 12th of April 2012.

Course fee is around 130 GEL but it may vary according to number of participants.

Please note that payment should be made during registration and will not be

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