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					Press release (Saturday 13 November 2010)

Latest News from the SPORTS CAR WORLD !

                            CAR OF THE YEAR
 A car that was in “a million bits 20 years ago” and entered this Worldwide
competition by a father and daughter team has not only been rebuilt and
assembled in time to get the car to the Jowett’s 100 Year Anniversary
International Rally held near Bradford, Yorkshire, UK in May 2010, but it just
been announced that it’s taken out a class win and the ultimate glory, the very
prestigious 2010 “Practical Classics Best Car of the Show”.

From the Classic Car of the Year voting web page:

 “Jowett Jupiter SC 1954 *

   Owner: Amy Clements

In January 1979 Keith Clements bought a Jowett Jupiter SC with the intention
of restoring it in time for his daughter Amy’s 17th birthday in the summer of
 Some progress was made before life (rallying and racing Keith’s
other Jupiter...) intervened. Amy’s 17th birthday came, went and Napoleon the
Jupiter languished in several thousand pieces. In early 2009 Amy (now 30)
asked “will my car ever be ready, dad?” The response: “yes, if you help”. Amy,
along with her partner Jack, accepted the challenge. 

In July 2009 work started in earnest, with no real deadline. Then it dawned on
Team SC that 2010 was Jowett’s centenary year, with the national rally in
May... the deadline was set. 
 By the end of March Napoleon was still in
hundreds of pieces, the bodywork was stripped but not prepared, and the
hours put in by Amy, Keith, Jack and Chris (token grumpy northerner)
lengthened as the deadline loomed and the project looked nigh on impossible.
Friends were drafted in, Jack broke things, unobtainable parts were
machined, American Jowetteers brought parts over. Despite everything, on
the night before the rally the steering column broke. 

Finally, on Friday 28th May 2010 Napoleon undertook his first real journey
since 1972. The brakes failed en route and roadside repairs were needed for
him, Amy and Team SC to get to Wakefield - they made it and went on to win
two awards that weekend. Napoleon is now being used regularly to make up
for lost time!”
Amy Clements and her team of helpers . . . way back!

Amy and partner Jack “today”.

To read the full saga, go to:

or to learn more about Jowetts in general:


Try Googling for “Jowett Jupiter” and visiting

Jowett Car Club of New Zealand:

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