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									Differentiation in online travel Ian McCaig CEO

- lastminute.com

June 2006

New challenges in online travel
Supplier direct became reality Tour ops and Airlines expanding online functionality/features to encourage customer transition to online channels LCCs successfully cross-selling Increased pressure on customer acquisition costs – strong brand resonance/heritage and customer loyalty are core advantages Metasearch becoming usable – driving commoditisation (but at a cost in high marketing spend).

Differentiating through Brand
Position ourselves as giving our customers the inside track to smarter travel and leisure solutions (without paying more for them) Brand tone and personality is a key differentiator – continue to evolve and develop proposition to grow loyalty for existing customers but also engage new customers in a way that’s meaningful Strive for innovative and eye catching creative executions: cut through and differentiation Contextual and topical activity - push the brand in surprising and new places - take risks and stretch the boundaries For lastminute.com, score against our brand values and maxims list all the time – it’s smart, it challenges you and delivers unique value

Differentiating through Product
Fundamental customer choice advantage – 17K suppliers for lastminute.com Scale drives exclusivity, delivers customers: virtuous circle Retailing mindset: anticipation of desires and speed of reaction to consumer behaviour Rich user experience: getting to filtered results faster, relevant/targeted merchandising and continuous customer usability tracking Non-travel products – lifestyle partner which helps you to get the most out of your life

View of the future
Rich content – User-generated content – High quality, searchable details on products, made available via multiple media (wireless, idtv, mobile) Customer empowerment – Review content increase leads to increased reliability – Social networking drives opinion-forming CRM – Loyalty - travel and lifestyle breadth promotes loyalty in multiple combinations of products – Help customers to get smarter – Trust as lifestyle expert and encourage visits every day (and repeat purchases)


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