JOB SPECIFICATION                                                                           DATE:

    Job title:                 Resident Liaison Officer

    Company:                   Mears Projects

    Line Report:               Head Of Customer Services
                               Site Manager

    Direct Reports:            Regional Customer Services Manager

    Location:                  Mears Ltd North


    To manage the delivery of customer care for individual properties. To liaise with tenants regarding
    the decent homes work, ensuring their individual satisfaction and work with operations team to deliver
    the service.

1   To provide positive and effective communication with the tenants, local client, staff and branch, and
    deliver the customer experience.
2   To be the first point of contact for customer issues and encourage resolution to stop complaints.
3   Record all contact, issues and complaints following the policies and procedures as laid out. Escalate
    all unresolved issues/complaints to your customer & community manager on a defined regular basis.
4   To develop contacts within the community through tenant groups and bring potential projects to the
    customer & community manager.


    The role is to work with the site team, reporting to the site and partnering managers.
    This role provides a service to a business which is generally to one branch, however on occasion in
    order to attend training and meetings, the job holder may be required to travel. The jobholder must
    be able to do such travel with the occasional overnight stay away from the base office.


    To monitor all potential claims, ensuring minimal financial impact to the branch and company.


    The job holder will participate as an active member of the branch team and report to the partnering
    and site manager.

    The jobholder will liaise with all levels of management and employees/workers throughout the
    business, as well as clients and tenants of all contracts.

1      Regular liaison with the tenants prior, during and upon completion of the decent homes work, as
       per company and branch standards. Deliver and collect satisfaction surveys as per contractual
2      Ensure that all customer care policies and procedures are adhered to and documented.
3      Continuous liaison with the partnering manager and site manager, updating on issues raised and
       any information which requires action.
4      Respond positively to any new initiatives that are brought into practice making sure they easily
       become part of the customer experience service delivery.
5      To ensure all properties are prepared for the works to commence by conducting a full property
       induction, white goods and pre condition survey.
6      Ensure that all written communication is carried out as per the customer care procedures and any
       contractual specification.
7      Attend all meetings as required, from internal site/branch to external meetings with area housing
       and tenant groups, along with the customer & community manager.
8      Attend choice events and assist tenant in making and recording their choices.
9      Assist tenants who have special requirements with areas such as packing up goods etc.
10    Assist with tenants who
PERSON SPECIFICATION have special requirements, with areas such as packing
      up goods etc.
   Essential         Ability to deliver the customer experience, via the procedures and policies.
                     Proven track record of working within customer care.
                     Knowledge of IT systems and experience of working with computerized systems.
                     Ability and willingness to absorb new information and use it.
                     Committed, trustworthy and reliable with a good sense of humour.
                     Patience, tact, and approachability.
                     Willingness to develop self and others.

    Desirable        A basic knowledge of the construction trade.
                     Experience of working in partnership with a Local Authority client.

    Competencies     Communication skills
                     Team working
                     Customer focus
                     Negotiating skills
                     Organizational skills
                     Problem solving
                     Lateral thinking
                     Decision making

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