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									                            Exploring the

                           a major week by
                            exploration of
Every Sunday evening at       the books
     ‘Bible Explorer’        of the Bible
   we will explore the
question ‘what does this       Tonight
book mean for us today?’   1 and 2 Samuel

•1 and 2 Samuel – describe the founding of
the State of Israel from Judges to a United
Kingdom 1000BC.
•3 key figures a King Maker, and the first two
•Samuel – man of God prophetic and priestly
leader, Saul – anointed King by Samuel
•David the specially chosen king who
establishes the ‘holy city’ – Jerusalem.

•Two main themes: “Samuel went back to
Ramah” – his Home : “The Lord is King!”
•In the N T Samuel is spoken of as last of the
Judges Acts 13:20. and the first of the
Prophets Acts 3:24 and is among the
Hebrews 11 list of great OT men of faith.
•In the Old Testament he is Eli’s successor to
the Priesthood and Jeremiah considered him
to be the greatest figure since Moses.

•What is it about this guy that is so special?
Special Childhood and Adolescence
•1 Sam Chs 4,5 and 6 - This was a miserable
time for Israelites
•Sam Ch 7 - 20 the people are at last
recognising their poverty of spirit and
•Sam 7:15-17 “....Samuel continued as judge
......... But he always went back to Ramah
where his home was and there he also judged
Israel and built an altar to the Lord.”

•1Samuel Ch 8 So now Samuel is getting old:
1Sam 8 vv 7 Message for us as individuals and
a Church – “ is God people are rejecting ...”

•Samuel really was a Great Guy!
•Favoured and Spiritually advantaged by
Godly Parents and upbringing.
•Finding rest and relaxation in his home life.
•Carrying out a huge number of leadership
•no mistakes, though knows frustration of
family and nation not listening to God.
•Always living in the knowledge that The Lord
is King!
Saul Anointed Transformed Mistaken

Saul is introduced to us as “an impressive
young man
God changes Saul from a man guided by his
servant, into a leader of a nation.
Saul fails to wait for Samuel
Saul makes an oath in battle
Saul fails to carry out God’s instruction
Saul Anointed Transformed Mistaken

For us today – to be anointed, transformed
but not mistaken
How do we discern God’s path for us?
When we are given new tasks and challenges
because we have asked God for more then we
must expect to have the bar set high in our
execution of that.
What might that mean for us as we work
through expectations of our new building

•God rejects Saul and David anointed at
Bethlehem (1 Sam 16:1-13).
•David ministers to Saul’s depression
•After Goliath he incurs Saul’s jealousy
•David flees and is pursued by Saul
•After Saul’s death David becomes King first in
Hebron and then from Jerusalem.
•He places the Ark of the covenant and the
vision for a Temple gathers pace.

The Dreadful Deed:
•2 Sam 11: David has an affair with Bathsheba
and murders her husband Uriah.
•After Nathan’s rebuke David repents deeply
(2 Sam 12)
•but the seeds of lust and deceit sown
•David’s dying days - tragedies of Absalom’s
rebellion and the scheming of Adonijah and

Words for us today:
•God is working his purpose out right in the
midst of the mess of sin and selfishness
•God can still use us even when we mess up
big time!
•God forgives

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