Grade 5 Theme 1 Selection 1 Earthquake Terror by ne2ygHvN


									Created by Virginia Bateman for FCUSD 2008            5th Grade theme 1, Selection 1

  Name_______________________________________                                           Date _____

                                                          Earthquake Terror

                   Depth and
   1.                                        Survey at least 20 people. Ask what kind of natural disaster do you most fear –
                                             an earthquake, a tornado, a hurricane, or flood. Compare your research with
                                             others in your class who are doing this activity. Organize your results into a
                                             graph to show the trends.

   2.                                        The picture clues and title were pretty good hints about this story and you
                                             probably predicted correctly many of the elements. Let’s suppose you wanted to
                                             throw a curve into the very predictable pattern of this story. What would you
                                             have happen that the reader might never expect? Since this is realistic fiction, be
                                             sure to make the event something that could really happen.
   3.                                        Jonathan knows what to do in an earthquake at school, but he has not been taught
                                             the rules for surviving an earthquake when caught in the open. Research
                                             earthquake safety rules for various situations, such as in the open or in a car.
                                             Create a pamphlet that shows how to behave during an earthquake in various
   4.                                        Notice that the author uses varied and strong verbs, adjectives, and figures of
                                             speech to describe how the earth was moving. Create a three column chart
                                             showing these verbs (shook), adjectives (undulating), and figures of speech such
                                             as metaphors or similes (like riding a roller coaster) .
               Language of the
   5.                                        How do you think Jonathan’s memory of this event will change over time?
                                             Write a description of Earthquake Terror as Jonathan might remember it 50 years
                                             from now.

                Change Over Time
   6.                                        Retell this incident from the viewpoint of the dog, Moose. How id Moose aware
                                             of the danger before the children. Jonathan is motivated to both protect his sister
                                             and himself. What do you think will be the dog’s primary motivation as the
                                             earthquake progresses?
               Multiple Perspectives

    Must Do: 1 2 3 4 5 6                          May Do: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (Choose ____ )

    ______            Write a Response to Literature to this story using the outline

    ______            Read story 3 times: once by yourself, once with a friend, and listen to it once on the CD.

    ______            Do Practice Book pages ____________________________

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