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      Planned Giving
         as part of

  A Christian Estate Plan
Do you have a passion for one of
these ministries?
                 Local Outreach

 Lutheran Schools
       Social Ministry
                         324 Congregations
        Listed Service
With a strategic estate plan, you
could support one of these
ministries for many years.

Thank you for taking the time
to find out how.
An Estate Plan could include:
• Powers of Attorney
• Last Will and Testament (with a Christian Preamble)
• Health Care Directive (Living Will)
• Funeral Arrangements with your Pastor
• Pre-purchased Arrangements with a Funeral Home
• A planned gift to a ministry of your choicechoice
  A planned gift to a ministry of your
• Open discussion with family on all of the above
Does your Estate Plan need work??
So what is “Planned Giving”?
• Planned Giving uses a small portion of the
  accumulated wealth of your estate to provide a gift
  to a ministry of your choosing.

• Approx. 45% of gifts from an estate can usually be
  derived from the strategic use of tax credits.

• For many estates, fundamentally you’re either
  paying tax to Canada Revenue or instead, opting to
  give a gift to LCC ministries of your choosing.
Estate Distribution (with a Gift)
      Three Main Beneficiaries Assumed
   Family                    Ministry                   Canada
$$$$$$$$$$                    Gift                      Revenue
$Most people carry
  $$$$$$$$$                                                     $
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $plan Unfortunately, on most estates
   their estate $ $                                             $
 thinking $ $ $ $youRRSP/RRIFs are taxed at the
$ $ $ $ $ assume
     Let’s this far,..... give                                  $
                  $       highest marginal tax rate of
     a gift from one your
  my family will getof about 45 %; there may also be            $
      $ $ $ high
$ $ $everything. $ assets
     estate’s$ $ $ tax Probate and Capital Gains tax.
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 45% of the gift is returned to the estate   $
                              Effectively, credits generated!
                             due to the taxabout 45% of the
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$
                              gift is funded by tax credits.
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$
                         Consider how much work will
                          continue in the ministries of
                           your choice with this gift.
Types of Gifts to Consider
 • Life Insurance
 • “Gifts in Kind”, including:
   - Public Securities, Stock Options,
   - Real Estate, Vehicles, Jewelry, Art
 • Cash
                                   Gifting Methods
                                  • Major Gift (while living)
                                  • Bequests (testamentary)
                                  • Endowments
                                  • Charitable Gift Annuities
Where can my gift be directed?
YOU specify where….
   • Local Outreach (District)
   • International Missions
   • Christian Education
       • Seminaries
       • Lutheran Schools
   • Media Ministries
       • The Lutheran Hour
   • Social Ministry
   • Development Fund
All in support of……
Biblical Responsibility & Stewardship
 If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and
 especially for his immediate family, he has denied the
 faith and is worse than an unbeliever. (1 Timothy 5:8)
 Simply consider all the you’ve been blessed with, and ask
 yourself, “How can I give to my family, while at the same
 time, give a portion of my accumulated wealth towards
 the on-going mission and ministry of the church?”
 Then take action!!!
What action should you take?
1.   Consider how God has truly blessed you.
2.   Honestly assess the needs of your family?
3.   Meet with a Gift Coordinator to discuss available options,
     get you information, and answer any remaining questions.
4.   Meet with your Financial Planner to:
      • Express your desire for a planned gift
      • Ask for a strategic proposal to meet
        your gifting goals for both family and
5.   Share your plan with your family.
            Call a Gift Coordinator today!
                   Allen Schellenberg - ABC District
                      Tom Brook - Central District
                        Alfred Feth - East District

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