When you travel on the Tube in London by x7lpXA6w


									Messages 4, Unit 4


1 Match the underlined words in sentences 1–10 with their explanations a–j.

1 It’s a good idea to visit famous places off-season because it’s much cheaper.
2 I’d like a return ticket to Brighton, please.
3 When you travel on the Tube in London, you can use a smartcard called an Oyster card
    or a Travelcard.
4 You must put credit on your Oyster card before using it.
5 When you have used almost all your credit, you must top up your Oyster card.
6 You must touch your Oyster card on card readers when travelling so that you are
    charged the right fare.
7 You save a lot of time and money if you book your tickets to London attractions in advance.
8 Fast Track tickets for the London Eye allow you to bypass a section of the queue.
9 All tickets to the London Eye include free access to the 4D Experience.
10 If you book a ticket to the London Eye online, you get a 10 per cent discount.

a   the price of a bus/train journey
b money
c   to a place and back
d before the journey
e   go past
f   lower price
g   during a less busy period
h also allow
i   add money to
j   used to pay for things and store information

1 __g___       2 ______         3 ______     4 ______     5 ______
6 ______       7 ______         8 ______     9 ______     10 ______
Messages 4, Unit 4

2 Match the words with their explanations.

1 to commute              a    a journey on a big ship during which you visit different places
2 a customs officer       b to travel for free in a stranger’s car
3 a cruise                c    a place at an airport where you get your bags after your
4 baggage reclaim              plane has landed
5 a platform              d arriving or departing at a later time
6 delayed                 e    a card you have to show before you get on a plane
7 jet lag                 f    to travel between work and home
8 boarding pass           g    a comfortable bus for travelling long distances
9 a coach                 h a person who checks your bags when you enter another
10 to hitchhike                country
                          i    the feeling of tiredness after a long flight
                          j    a raised part at a railway station where you get on or off a

1 __f___       2 ______       3 ______      4 ______       5 ______
6 ______       7 ______       8 ______      9 ______       10 ______
Messages 4, Unit 4

3 Complete the sentences. Use a word from the same word family as the word in

1 I can’t find a direct __flight__ from Ljubljana to New York. (fly)
2 There’s just a narrow road through this valley but there are lots of motorbike
   __________________. They go so fast that you have to drive really carefully. (ride)
3 My sister knows all the modern fashion __________________ and she thinks the young
   ones are much more interesting than the famous ones. (design)
4 Americans have some rather special __________________; June 14, for example, is Flag
   Day and February 2 is called Groundhog Day. (celebrate)
5 We’re learning about the American Civil War in our history lessons and we’ve watched a
   film about __________________. (slave)
6 There are huge coffee __________________ in Latin America, Africa and Asia. (plant)
7 Wars cause so much unnecessary __________________. (suffer)
8 A healthy diet __________________ talked to us about the importance of organic
   farming. (campaign)
9 In summer, many people from __________________ Europe travel on holiday to the
   south. (north)
10 Lots of people had an unhappy __________________ because of World War II. (child)

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