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									                                    Chapter 3 Study Guide
1. What guaranteed the right to trial by jury?
2. What is the first permanent English settlement in North America?
3. What season was the “starving time” in?
4. What carried 20 enslaved Africans?
5. Who escaped persecution by England’s king by leaving England?
6. Why did the Puritans found their colony?
7. Who disagreed with Puritan leaders and left Massachusetts?(two leaders)
8. Who is the chief of the Wampanoag?
9. Name the states that make up the Southern Colonies.
10. Name the states that make up the Middle Colonies.
11. What is a proprietary colony?
12. What is a royal colony?
13. Explain the motives of the English in colonizing North America.
14. Who believed in religious toleration in their colony?
15. Which colony did Delaware originally belong to?
16. What is the western section of Pennsylvania called?
17. What is Tidewater?
18. Why did Bacon’s Rebellion breakdown?
19. Where is the Mason-Dixon line?
20. What type of colonial settlement did New York start as?
21. What is another name for Pilgrims?
22. Who did not get protection under the Act of Toleration?
23. Why did Powhatan turn against the Jamestown settlers?
24. What did James Oglethorpe want?
25. Why did the Spanish establish missions?
26. Why did the Pilgrims create the Mayflower Compact?
27. What was the first step that Americans took towards self-government?
28. Which church was supported in Rhode Island?
29. Which state is known as “America’s breadbasket”?
30. Name the type(s) of agriculture developed in the Tidewater region.
31. Why did many enslaved Africans go to Florida?
32. Which colony depended on the plantation system for their economic system?
33. What does the phrase “He who works not, eats not” mean?

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