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									                         Create Pandora’s Box                Name:

          You will have time in class this week to work on this project and the
 project is due                              . The project is due on that day whether you
 are in school or not. If you do not turn a project in on Monday, you will receive a zero.
For this project you will need to design and make Pandora’s Box. The different elements
                           you need to include for this project are-

              - A container (box, shoebox, etc.) You must have a
              container by Monday                or you will loose points
              - Material to decorate your box (I will only give you 2 pieces of
              construction paper for this. I will also have glue, hot glue, and tape)
              - 10 things that you consider evil found in modern society
              (your evils may not be a person)
              - One item to represent hope (this will not have wings)
              - Write a short essay (2 paragraphs) or poem (6 - 10 lines)
              about why one of your evils is evil and provide a solution to it. If you write
              a poem, it just has to be about the evil, not the solution

1. Find a container (shoe box, box, etc.) and decorate it so that it generates much
curiosity and no one could resist opening it. I don’t want to be able to look at your box
and see the Nike logo. If you are using a box, it must be completely decorated on the
outside and the inside.

2. Next, make ten evils and place them in your container. I want to be able to look at
your box and see all the evils displayed. All evils must be have wings. You can either
choose to draw and color your evils, print them out at home, or make three-dimensional
objects. Please label each evil in Latin (I will help you with this).

3. Also, one item representing Hope must be placed in your container. The Latin word
for hope is spes. Please make sure you label your item representing hope with the
word spes. This item will not have wings.

4. Finally, either write a poem or a two paragraphs about one evil contained in your
Pandora's box. You must also provide a solution to the evil you have chosen. If you
choose to write a poem it can be about the evil or the evil’s solution.
                                     Rubric for Pandora’s Box

Overall look of the outside of the box: 1             2       3       4       5       6 7 8    9 10

Overall look of the inside of the box:        1       2       3       4       5       6 7 8   9 10

Inclusion of 10 evils and one item        1       2       3       4       5       6 7 8       9 10
representing hope:

Latin words clearly displayed:            1       2       3       4       5       6 7 8       9 10

Quality of construction:                  1       2       3       4       5       6 7 8       9 10

Creativity:                                               1       2       3       4    5   6 7 8     9 10

Quality of description of an evil:        1       2       3       4       5       6 7 8       9 10

Individual work effort through the week: 1            2       3       4       5       6 7 8 9 10

Prepared to work on project each day: 1               2       3       4       5       6 7 8    9 10

Total:                        Your grade will be calculated by diving the total

number by 90.
Please have your parent/guardian read these instructions, sign below, and
       return this for a homework grade by                       .

 I have read the instructions and I understand what this project entails.

  I also understand that my student will lose 2 points each day they are not working in
class and 2 points if they are unprepared (this means not having a box, not having or
forgetting materials to decorate their box, not having any evils if they are bringing them
in or printing them off) to work on their project since they have class time to complete it.

 I also understand that the project is due on                           whether my child is
in school or not.

parent/guardian signature:

student name:

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