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									Learning To Use
New Testament

   Lesson VII
Elements Of Greek

  •   Mood
  •   Voice
  •   Person
  •   Number
  •   Tense
  •   **Stem**
               Elements Of Greek
• Mood
   – The kind of action to the realm of reality
       • Indicative – I loose the servant.
              – Has happened, will happen, is
                 happening (certain)
       • Subjunctive – Though he loose the servant, I
         will not go. John 3:16
              – The realm of possibility of something
                 happening (wishful)
       • Imperative – Loose the servant.
              – The mood of command.
       • Infinitive – To loose the servant is difficult.
              – Can express verbal idea without limiting
                 by specifying person & number
         Elements Of Greek
• Voice
  – The relationship between the subject
    and the verb.
      • Active – the subject is said to perform
        the action.
            – The apostle looses the slave. luvw
      • Passive – the subject receives the action
        of the verb.
            – The slave is being loosed by the
               apostle. luvomai
      • Middle – the subject performs the
        action but for, or to, itself
            – The slave looses himself. luvomai
  Elements Of Greek
• Person
  – Expresses whether the subject is
     speaking (1st person), is being
     spoken to (2nd person), or is being
     spoken about (3rd person).

                  Singular      Plural

  1st Person          I           we
  2nd Person        you         you all
  3rd Person      he/she/it      they
Elements Of Greek
• Number
  – Whether the subject is
    singular or plural
• Tense
  – Reference to time element
    (past, present, future) & kind
    of action (imperfective,
    aoristic, perfective).
                                Elements Of Greek

                                                   Time Of Action
  Kind Of Action                   Past                    Present                 Future
     Imperative        Imperfect                  Present                   Future
in process / ongoing   eluvon – I was loosing     luvw – I loose (am        luvsw – I will loose
       Aoristic        Aorist                     Present                   Future
undefined (no          eluvsa – I loosed          luvw – I loose            luvsw – I will loose
   comment on
       Perfective      Pluperfect                 Perfect                   Future Perfect
completed state of     leluvkein – I had loosed   leluvka – I have loosed   luvsw – I will loose
a[gw – a[xw
I lead – I will lead
ajkou;w - ajkou;sw
  I hear – I will hear
bapti;zw – bapti;sw

 I baptize – I will baptize
ble;pw – ble;ysw

 I see – I will see
gra;fw – gra;ysw

 I write – I will write
dida;skw – dida;xw

 I teach – I will teach
doxa;zw – doxa;sw
 I glorify – I will glorify
eJtoima;zw – eJtoima;sw

 I prepare – I will prepare
e]cw – e]xw
I have – I will have
qerapeu;w – qerapeu;sw

I heal – I will heal
khru;ssw – khru;xw

 I preach – I will preach
lu;w – lu;sw
I loose – I will loose
pei;qw – pei;sw
I trust in – I will trust in
pe;mpw – pe;myw
 I send – I will send
   pisteu;w – pisteu;sw

I believe – I will believe
 sw;zo – sw;sw

I save – I will save

I am
mh; – ouj

 • Conjugations – related patterns of verbs
    – Latin conigo – “I join together”

    -w conjugation        - mi conjugation
luw          agw     didwmi    apollumi
lueis        akouw   didwV     deiknumi
luei         blepw   didwsi    dunami
luomen       ecw     didomen   apodidwomi
luete                didote    qhmi
luousin              didosi
 Primary Active Suffixes
      Singular          Plural

1 -w = I           -men = we

2 -eis = you       -te = you all

3 -ei = he/she/it -ousi(n) = they

        Primary Tenses                   eis
Present – I love / I am loving           ei
Future – I will love                     omen
Perfect – I have loved
Future Perfect – I will have loved

      Secondary Tenses
     Present And Future
    Active Indicative Of luw
Present Active     Future Active
      luw                lusw
     lueis              luseis
      luei               lusei
   luomen             lusomen
     luete              lusete
   luousin            lusousin

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