Undergraduate Scholarship Application FY12 by ne2ygHvN


									                                          CSU Honors Program
                                  Undergraduate Scholarship Application
                                      For College Juniors and Seniors in the Honors Program
                                        Application may be downloaded as a word document at
                                  Please type all responses. See criteria for selection on the final page.
                                                           Deadline: April 15

 Contact Information & Application Checklist
 Last, First M.I
        CSU ID                                                                 Phone
        Number                                                                Number
 Email Address

 Home Address


Anticipated CSU Graduation Date

Please list all honors coursework that you will have completed by May 15th this year:

By signing below, I agree to allow the Honors Program to access my academic record to retrieve my
current grade point average and attempted credit hours to confirm my eligibility.

Signature:                                                                         Date:

 Please attach the following to this application:
     Current curriculum vita
     Cover Letter
     Two Letters of Recommendation, preferably from an honors instructors and instructors in
        your major.

Office Use Only
CSU GPA:           Overall GPA:       Earned Credit Hours:        Enrolled Credit Hours:          Active Member Since:

 Rev. 1/12
Eligibility & Criteria

The Honors Program Scholarship for Undergraduates is designed to award active participation
in the Honors Program and support all academic activities that may enhance the education and
development of its best scholars. The goals of this scholarship program are to retain
outstanding students at CSU and support national and international pursuits that raise the
stature of the Honors Program. By funding activities that lead to recognition and success of its
students, the Honors Program hopes to make CSU a destination of choice for outstanding
students who desire personalized attention to their academic goals. Scholarships of up to $1250
per semester, renewable up to four semesters, would be awarded based upon funding available.
Funding remaining available from endowments after the “Entering Freshmen” competitions
would be used as well as funds from prior scholarship recipients who have withdrawn or were
suspended from the program.

To be eligible for the Honors Program Scholarship for Undergraduates, undergraduates must
        be an active member of the Honors Program. Honors program members on
           probation are not eligible.
        have completed 45 credit hours, of which 9 credit hours is in honors program

Awards will be based upon the applicant’s

           ability to complete the Honors Program, including either the senior thesis or
            alternative to thesis.
           balanced record of strong academics, service & leadership, and extracurricular
            experiences related to their career goals.
           compelling argument that the funding is needed to further their educational goals.
            This may include financial need as well as funding for special projects (e.g.
            internships, undergraduate research, conference travel).
           supporting letters from honors faculty and faculty teaching in their degree program.
            At least two letters should be included with the application and may not be from the
            Honors Program Director.

Rev. 1/12

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