SAUL Timesheet November 2003 by h6VfBUk


									      SAUL TIMESHEET
      Notes on Completion for Claimant:
                      Fields completed automatically or
                      by SAUL Lead Partner
                      To be completed by Claimant
      1) Claimant should complete the form and pass it to the SAUL Partner when requested.
      2) Days are usually classified as 7.5 hours.
      3) Price Per Unit should be based on salary cost for SAUL Partner staff, or charge-out rates for
      Groundwork Trust staff.

      Name of SAUL Partner:
      Name of Claimant:
      Period of Report:
      Currency used (€ or £):

                                       UNITS (time      PRICE PER           TOTAL
                                      spent on SAUL      UNIT (cost       (units x price
                          Month          - DAYS)         per DAY)           per unit)
                         January                                               0.00
                         February                                              0.00
                          March                                                0.00
                           April                                               0.00
                           May                                                 0.00
                           June                                                0.00
                           July                                                0.00
                          August                                               0.00
                        September                                              0.00
                         October                                               0.00
                        November                                               0.00
                        December                                               0.00
                         TOTAL               0                                 0.00

                      Signature of

      Notes for SAUL Partner:
      1) SAUL Partner should should enter these details onto the Partner Payment Claim Form on the
      SAUL website under 'Partner Staff' or 'External Experts' (according to the agreed SAUL budget).
      2) An original copy of this form should be sent to the Lead Partner along with the paper copy of
      the Partner Payment Claim Form.


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