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					New Zealand Riding Clubs

                             Riders Round Up
Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping         SURVEY
warm but still getting out on a lovely day
like today. I looked at my outside
temperature gauge this morning and got a        It was brought up at the meeting that :
shock, it was -15 degrees!!!!!! The ground
was white with frost but what a lovey day it
is now.                                           1. Some members would like there
The AGM was a success and lots of things             to be some more choices in the
were discussed and you can read the                  Rulebook for Phases at
minutes in this issue of RRU as well as
some profiles from Officers. (More to come           NITE/SITE eg leTrek, Hoof
in future issues)                                    Ball.
Chief Steward for NITE 2013 will be               2. Some members would like to see
Rosemary Lee-Oldfield from the South
Island and Donna Hurley will be traveling            the jumping Phases be Non
from the North Island to Steward at SITE. A          Compulsory so that you could
great way to get impartial Stewards to               run a NITE/SITE with no or
officiate at these events.
Amendments to the RC Rulebooks will be               just one Jumping Phase.
out within two months so look out for those
to update your Rulebook.                        Could Clubs please discuss with their
New Zealand Riding Clubs Secretary has a        members. Please email me by the 21st of
new email address.                              September with your thoughts so that I Andrea can be       can compile a report for the meeting on
contacted here with any inquires.
New Zealand Riding Clubs have a Facebook        the 29th of September in Wellington.
page. Check it out at                           (Venue and Times to be advised)
Please feel free to add and comment on the      If you have suggestions for new phases
page.                                           we will need all details pertaining to
New Zealand Riding Clubs website is   how these are run, rules and scoring.
Have a look. Lots of interesting stuff to       Many of the committee will not have
read.                                           done these new events and all rules etc
 Please read and discuss the survey with        will need to be added to the Rulebook
your members and email your ideas to me         and we can’t write them if we have no
by the 21st September at
                                                idea how they are run.
                                                Thank you.
Happy riding and keep warm.                     Heather
                AGM held at the St Johns Hall, Rata Street, Ohakune
                                    9th June 2012 at 10am

WELCOME AND OPEN MEETING: Evelyn welcomed everyone to the meeting. Opened 10.05hrs

  PRESENT: Helen Hansen, Bev Birkett, Christine Christian, Rosemary Lee-Oldfield, Evelyn Cooper, Judy
  Williams, Noeline Jeffries, Heather Cooper, John Moore, Claire Norton, Andrea Parker, Donna Harley, Vicky
  Siddall, Alison Cunningham, Glenda Schumacher.

  APOLOGIES: John Flintoff, Marilyn Montgomery, Jean Fitzgerald, Sheryl Goble, Karen Mansen, FARG, Val
  Tester, Christine Prat - HORSE.
                                                                      Judy / Helen

  MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The minutes read and one mistake identified. NITE 2011 should read
  NITE 2012.
                                                               Helen/ Noeline

  MATTERS ARISING: John Moore, raised concern about his reports that had been submitted. Last year he
  submitted a letter regarding the Christchurch earthquake. John received no response from this letter. John
  would like to see more communication between clubs, and have more responsibility given to committee

  Jenny Pearce and Shirley Collie have CD copies of how to run NITE. These are available to any club who
  wish to run NITE.

     Marilyn Montgomery - AGM apology
     John Flintoff - AGM apology


     PATRON: John Moore gave a verbal report as per matters arising. John / Donna

      PRESIDENT: Helen Hansen presented a written report.                 Helen / Judy

      NI VICE-PRESIDENT: Noeline gave a verbal report.                    Noeline / John

      SI VICE-PRESIDENT: Christine presented a written report.            Christine / Bev

      NI BRIDLEWAYS: Bev presented a written report.                      Bev / Christine

      SI BRIDLEWAYS: Rosemary presented a written report.                 Rosemary / Judy

      TRAINING COMMITTEE / EXAMINER: Evelyn presented a written report. Evelyn / Rosemary

      RIDERS ROUND-UP: Heather gave a verbal report.                      Heather / Helen

      WEB SITE EDITOR: No report received.

        NZRC Chq Account as at 30th March 2012                    $12366.54
        NZRC Achiever Acc as at 30th March 2012                   $ 5413.97
                      BALANCE OF ACCOUNTS                         $17780.51

          Bridleways Chq Account as at 30th March 2012            $ 485.67
          Bridleways Achiever Acc as at 30th March 2012           $ 5439.23
                         BALANCE OF ACCOUNTS                      $ 5924.90
                                                                         Donna / Helen

    PATRON NI:         John Moore              accepted
                                                                      Judy / Noeline / unanimous

    PATRON SI:         Jenifer Howard          subject to Jennifers approval
                                                                        Judy / John / unanimous

    PRESIDENT:         Christine Christian     accepted
                       Helen Hansen            declined
                       Noeline Jeffries        declined

    NI VICE-PRESIDENT: Evelyn Cooper           declined
                    Noline Jefferies           accepted               Unanimous

    SI VICE-PRESIDENT: Christine Christian declined (elected president)
                    Vicky Siddall          accepted                Elected
                    Rosemary Lee-Oldfield accepted
                    Vicky elected by secret ballot

                   Heather Cooper        declined
                   Donna Harley          declined
                   Rosemary Lee-Oldfield accepted
                   Andrea Parker         accepted                     Elected
                   Andrea elected by secret ballot

    BRIDLEWAYS SI: Rosemary Lee-Oldfield accepted                     Judy / Vicky / unanimous

    BRIDLEWAYS NI: Bev Birket                  accepted               Judy / Helen / unanimous

    RIDERS ROUND-UP: Heather Cooper            accepted               Helen / Donna / unanimous

                  Evelyn Cooper       accepted                        Helen / Bev / unanimous

    COMMITTEE:         Marilyn Montgomery     accepted
                       Judy Williams          accepted
                       John Flintoff          accepted
                       Sheryl Goble            accepted
                       Donna Harley            accepted
                       Helen Hansen            accepted
                       Glenda Schumacher       accepted               All duly elected / Unanimous

    WEB SITE EDITOR: Jean Fitzgerald           accepted               Unanimous


ACCOUNT SIGNATURES: Christine Christian, Andrea Parker and Donna Harley.                Helen / Judy

REGISTERED OFFICE: Judy moved that John Moore remain the registered address.            Unanimous

REVIEWER FOR 2012/13: Trish Furness

AFF FEES: Season 2013/14 are to be $30 and $5.00
Helen moved that they remain the same as the current year.            Helen / Noeline

      Individual                               $15.00
      Club                                     $30.00
      Club affiliation members                 $ 5.00
      Family (Bridleways)                      $20.00
      National Body (Bridleways)               $30.00
      Constitute bodies                        $85.00
AGM 2013: Springston Pleasure Riding Club to host in June 2013.

SITE 2013: McLeans Island, Easter 2013.

NITE 2013: Email from Pukahu and Hawkes Bay ARC read. Email to be sent to Pukahu asking if the new
committee will consider running NITE 2013.


         Review of books                                                       $100.00
         Facility – Hall Hire                                                  $ 60.00
         Waimarino ARC meeting expenses                                        $100.00
                                                               Total            $260.00
Helen moved that the accounts be paid.                                  Helen / Judy

    AGM Traveling – John Moore felt that there are not enough meetings and that communication needs
     to be far better between the committee and individual clubs. Committee members are paid to attend
     meetings but no recognition is given to the Patron or other past committee members that have spent
     many hours of their own time. John also raised concerns over NZRC’s assets and their whereabouts.
     He also thought that NZRC needs to be promoted more - perhaps through the Queens Honours list.
    Helen moved that we purchase a hard drive to store all the old documents. The AGM minutes were
     identified as the most important. Helen is to look through all of her old documents and do this.
     Glenda mentioned that councils store old documents. Heather suggested that we have two hard
     drives, one as a backup.
    Alison Cunningham asked if the SI Bridleways reports could please be forwarded to Heather so that
     they can be put in the Riders Roundup for all clubs to read.
    Helen moved that should Bev have any expenses before the next meeting that the executive
     committee has the authority to authorise any payment up to $500.00.         Helen / Judy

A presentation was made from John Moore - NZRC Patron, to Helen Hansen our retiring president.

MEETING CLOSED: 12.35 hours.

                                           Helen Hanson, getting her teeth onto the job when
                                           opening her thank you gift.

                                           Ps: A pocket knife was produced so she didn’t need to eat
                                           her way in!!!!

                                                Meeting 2012.
                                                Standing left to right: Judy Williams, Donna
                                                Hurley, Heather Cooper, Glenda Schumacher,
                                                Noeline Jefferies(F) Bev Birkett, Helen
                                                Hansen(F), Rosemary Lee-Oldfield, Vicky
                                                Siddall(F), Evelyn Cooper.
                                                Sitting Left to right: John Moore, Andrea Parker,
                                                Christine Christian.
                                              Committee Meeting
                                          St Johns Hall, Rata Street,
                                           9 June 2012 at 8.30am

PRESENT: Helen Hansen, Bev Birkett, Christine Christian, Rosemary Lee-Oldfield, Evelyn Cooper, Judy Williams,
Noeline Jeffries, Heather Cooper, John Moore, Claire Norton, Andrea Parker, Donna Harley, Vicky Siddall, Alison
Cunningham, Glenda Schumacher.

APOLOGIES: John Flintoff, Marilyn Montgomery, Jean Fitzgerald, Sheryl Goble, Karen Mansen, FARG, Val Tester,
Christine Prat - HORSE.
                                                            Judy / Helen

MINUTES: Christine read these.
                                                                 Judy /Donna

The Host clubs were given $100-00 each but some have donated these funds.
Taupo Club gave to Taupo Bridleways.

   FARG thoughts on NITE
   Insurance
   NITE to do list – Pukahu

A letter to go back to FARG thanking them for their letter.
Jenny Pearce and HORSE Club have a programme for scoring at NITE.
A committee member to be arranged to be a steward for NITE and SITE.
Steward for NITE Rosemary Lee-Oldfield
Steward for SITE Donna Harley
North and South Island Vice Presidents to get in contact with hosting clubs to make themselves available to help with
any difficulties clubs may have in running these events.

Forms for the Insurance to be signed and sent back.

A letter from Pukahau club about notes on how to run a NITE Event. This will be passed on to the next hosting club.
These are only suggestions.
A letter to be sent back to this club thanking them.

Evelyn tabled her Waimarino Club NITE Report

    Travel Expenses
    NZRC Face book page
    NZRC Secretary email address – Hotmail
    NITE x/country – Waimarino

Vicky read out a summary from SITE. She has been approached that there is not enough in the rulebooks to choose
from. She would like to add more options in the phases in the rulebook. They do not want to have compulsory
jumping phases. SITE may need to alter their entry fees to cover their costs.

It was suggested that Riders Roundup set up a survey about what clubs would like in these events.
Submission to all clubs about what they would like added and clubs to make up suggestion to the rules. When we
have this data we can discuss this at the next committee meeting.
Noeline/ Evelyn.

Rosemary would like to add to the rules Show Cross (Derby) and Le Trek.
Vicky would like to have a Face book page set up for NZRC. This can be linked to riders roundup and the website.
Andrea to set up. Passed.
Meeting suspended 2pm.

Meeting commenced 8am 10 June 2012.
Jenny Pearce joined the meeting.

A lovely gift was given to Helen for her service as President. Donna has retired as well. Unfortunately the committee
was unaware that Donna was stepping down. Bev has offered Donna a lovely Saddle Cloth for her service to NZRC.

Voting Process
Information does not seem to be getting out to clubs. Papers have been sent out 40 days prior the AGM. Clubs are
choosing not to vote.
Papers should be supplied 3 months prior. This gives clubs more time to decide. Photo’s and profiles need to be on
the website as well.

Riders Roundup
This goes out bi-monthly. Information needs to get to Heather by the 20 for her to get the newsletter out at the
beginning of the month. A bi-monthly report from the President, Nth and Sth Vice Presidents and Bridleways
Conveners to be included.

Could everyone send Heather and Jean a short Profile please.

Christine suggested tele-conferencing between meetings. A discussion was held on communication.
Christine moved that we have our next meeting September/October 2012. Passed

The working account usually has $2000-00. The excess is to be invested. The Secretary/Treasurer has the discretion
to pay bills up to $200-00 with the approval of the President. A discussion was held on Internet banking. This option
does not suit our needs at this time. The Executive Committee to decide
how much to invest.

Insurance $2532-00.
Donation $100-00 to ILPH.
Travel $1681.50
The above to be paid

Travel expenses:
A discussion was held on Travel Expenses. At present NZRC pays half of travel with some clubs picking up the other
half. Not all clubs are able to meet these costs though.
Mileage reimbursement will be increased to $0.85 cents per km for one way.

Laptop Computer.
Vicky is to look into the cost of leasing a Laptop for the Secretary/Treasurer.

A discussion was held on the Cross Country Phase of NITE.
Andrea read a letter from Val Tester. Emails were circulated from other clubs.

Judy read emails from her club. She stresses that horsemanship counts as well.
She moved there are more judges at each end to hear the riders to judge the horsemanship if the course if too large
for one Judge.

Bev discussed that it is a Team and should be ridden as a team. She made a point that at Taupo there are limited
mobiles. She sets the course so everyone can watch the riders get around.
Jenny would like to make it consistent for all clubs who are hosting this event to follow.

Rule 5:3A.4 The Maximum height of the alternative fence must not exceed 65cm.



5:2A: 4(a) Judges must stop the quadrille if the music stops and the team asked to start again when the music is

Section 5. Phase Three Events. Page 38
To be added. It is highly recommended that a body/back protector be worn for all cross-country phases.

3:17(b) Page 17, 5:1B: 1 a) Page 25, and 5:2A: 6 Page 35. Page 69 (Index) says Helmets/Hats. Remove all mention
of Velvet hunting caps from the above rules.

Section One 1:4 Page 1 on application to the National Sec/Treasurer NZRC will supply the host club $300 donation
and a $200 advance. This advance must be refunded after the Event.
This was passed at the committee meeting dated 25 June 2011.
Amendments to the rules to be sent to all clubs and committee members.


The rule about Stallions may have been changed.
Andrea to check the minutes
it was suggested that a North Island Team compete at SITE and vise verse. Maybe on borrowed mounts. A note to
go in the Riders Roundup.

John would like an inventory on NZRC property and put into a book so everyone knows what the resources are. We
seem to be missing the Club Banner. Andrea to check with Helen and if she does not have this then an email to clubs
be sent out to find this banner.

There seems to be a lot of excess records. Helen to go through her boxes and retrieve the minutes and other
important records. The rest can be destroyed.

Meeting Closed: 9.57am

                                                  Tracey WRC, Jenny- Quizmaster WRC
                                                  and Vicky SPARC.
                                                  Charades to decide a tiebreaker.

                                      Profile – John Moore - Patron

I have been on the NZRC Committee since 1985.

In 1988 I was voted in as President at the NZRC’s AGM.

With the help of some very good committee members, we set up a Rules and Constitution, became an
affiliated society, affiliated to the British Riding Clubs and took Bridleways under our umbrella.

I visited Riding Clubs from Auckland to Dunedin, then with one of our main committee members Jenny
Kinloch, set up Riding Road Safety.

I was President of the Wanganui Riding Club (which was about the last time I got to actually ride a horse
properly) but because of my position with the civil construction industry I was transferred to New Plymouth
where it didn’t take very long before there was a knock at the door. Next thing I knew I was running the
New Plymouth and District Riding Club of which I am still a Life Member.
In this time I also helped to set up the Coastal Branch and we also set up Life Memberships for the good
workers at NZRC level.

I have seen many changes over the year’s, the worst to affect us was the loss of the 40 hour working week.
Back in the good old days we had about 75 active clubs around New Zealand, and I think with better
communication we can get more clubs involved again.

Also for the last few year’s, I have been chairing the Taranaki Miniature Horse Society’s AGM, and even
further back have worked on School Marching Associations and the St Johns Working Mans Club

Sandy my wife, Katherine our daughter and I, run a life style property on which we breed and show Lowline
cattle. We also have sheep, a 26 year old horse, a dog, 2 cats, breed gold fish in an outdoor pond, have
chooks and an aviary of birds, no slacking off in this household!

I would love to see the NZRC come back stronger than ever, we have a lot to offer riders at all levels and
ages, we just need to get out there and let it be known.
John Moore, Patron, Life Member NZRC.
                                  Profile – Christine Christian – President

Hi my name is Christine and I have been a member of the Pegasus Riding Club for 9 years. I shifted from
Timaru in 2002 to Christchurch and joined the riding club soon after shifting. I went to committee meetings
for that year and at the next AGM I was elected President. I was President for 3 years and opted not to stand
for a 4th year as I think that it’s good to share the responsibilities around encouraging other members to put their
hands up for key positions in the club.
I am now in my role as VP for the 3rd year and have been on the committee since joining. As a club we try to
cater for all the needs of our members and organise different events. This has been tested in the last 18 months
from the earthquakes that Christchurch has been experiencing.

I am married with 4 grown up children. We live on a small lifestyle block just out of Rangiora. I work
fulltime for NZEI as the South Island Admin Manager. We share our home with 3 dogs, chickens, 5 cats, 4
horses, a foal and a cockatoo, 1 Flemish giant rabbit that is as big as a cat, 6 guinea pigs and a kune kune

I enjoy trekking over some of the South Islands scenic terrain and meeting lots of interesting people along
the way, also competing at a low level, which is what I understood Adult Riding clubs to be all about. I do
not aspire to represent this country at the Olympic games but certainly enjoy the camaraderie and friendship
that comes with belonging to an adult riding club. The social side of the club is very important to me as its
fun being able to meet like minded horsey people to exchange stories and yarns with.

I am looking forward to fulfilling my role as President in the upcoming year and with the help of the
dedicated and enthusiastic committee, making sure that the needs of our members are met.

It will be great if I get the opportunity to meet some of you so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have
any queries. My contact details are or 0272641715
                        Profile – North Island Vice President - Noeline Jefferies

I was one of the original members and involved in the setting up of the Hamilton Older Riders Social
Equitation Club (HORSE Club) in the mid 1980’s.

I have ridden in two North Island Teams Events. One at Taupo in the Quadrille phase on my ex race horse
Temigo as the “1812 Riders” and in 1995 on my late mother’s horse Glenstrae (Charlie Horse) as “The
Cottage Gardeners”.

For many years now (too many to remember), I have supported the HORSE Club’s team at NITE as either
Team Manager or general helping hand. I have also judged the Quadrille phase
on several occasions at NITE.

One of my most memorable occasions was receiving a Civic Award from the Hamilton City Council and
presented by the Mayor of Hamilton, Bob Simcock, at a ceremony in December 2007 for service to the
Equestrian Sport.

In 1984 I was the instigator of the founding of the Waikato Combined Equestrian Group (WEC) and took on
the role of Secretary of that Group for six years from 1985 to 1991. I held the position of Chief Executive
Officer from 1998 to 2003 and retired from the committee in 2007.

When the Masters Games were held in Hamilton I was co-ordinator for the Dressage Section from 2000
until 2008.

Horse riding is my life and it was extremely heart-breaking for me to have to give up riding due to advanced
osteo-arthritis of the hips and it is now too painful for me to ride.

Most of my weekends are spent either judging dressage as a Level 3 NZEF Dressage judge or helping out
wherever I can either with Pony Club or judging Ribbon Days and other horse related events. I have added
Ballroom Dancing to my list of activities and go out dancing
at least four times a week.

I am grandmother to five children and three step-grandchildren. I am soon to be a great grandmother in July
to a wee girl. Hope she likes horses.

I feel extremely honoured to be elected Patron of the Waikato Combined Equestrian Group (Inc), and the
Hamilton Older Rider's Social Equitation Club Inc (HORSE).
                            Profile – South Island Vice President – Vicky Siddall

I’m Vicky and I live in Springston with my husband Andrew and our three children aged 6, 9 and 14, our Rhodesian
Ridgeback, Great Dane, 4 horses, 7 turkeys and numerous chickens! (not bad for a girl who was terrified of chickens
once! ) I am very family orientated with of course my own and extended family, church family and of course my
riding club family. We run a Computer Software Development Company from here in Selwyn District.

I’m introducing myself as I have been elected as South Island Vice Chairperson in the New Zealand Riding Club. I am
a founding member of Springston Pleasure Riding Club (SPRC).

I know the South Island clubs will have a much needed voice in the National Body now that there are 4 people
representing them. There are many great clubs in the South and it will be fantastic to hear from you and what you
have been doing. You will inspire others especially in this dreary winter!

SPRC will be hosting the Harris, Pegasus and South Island Teams Events at Easter at N.E.C, Maclean’s Island,
Canterbury in 2013. We are looking forward to this indeed and ask you all to think about this event now to raise
funds, get the word out and support these great adult level competitions aimed at challenging but also fun and
friendship between SI clubs. We will also be hosting next year’s AGM and conference right here in Christchurch.

Please send Heather things to put in the newsletter. Like all of us she is super busy but will make time to put the
Riders Roundup together. Please share what your clubs have been up to, recipes, puzzles etc. It doesn’t all have to
be about horses! We live in some awesome places with different things happening. Give us an excuse to sit by the
fire, reading with a cuppa and a bickie (or 2 or 3).

Thank you all so much for making a feel so welcome at the AGM and especially Evelyn who put up with 5 of us
staying with her. She is truly a very inspirational person.

Please feel free to email me any questions you may have. I am also on Facebook (thanks to my daughter). I look
forward to talking to you soon.

Yours in safe and happy riding.


                                 Profile - Secretary/treasurer – Andrea Parker

My name is Andrea Parker and I’m married with two grown girls. Both of who ride as well. My eldest
daughter has recently taken up sidesaddle and my youngest daughter has produced her horse to Intermediate
Level in Eventing.
I have been involved with horses since I was 8 years old. My Mother and Grandfather had hunting stables
in England so there has been a lot of knowledge passed down. My sister whom you all know is also very
much into all equine as well. I have been a follower of Andrew McLean for the last 6 years of so. I attend
his clinic’s every year.

I am the Secretary/Treasurer of the Masterton Adult Riding Club, Treasurer of Eventing Wairarapa, and will
be on the committee for Dressage Wairarapa as of next week. I am a current member of Solway Dressage
Group and ESNZ Training competitor as well. I currently Event at Training Level. I am riding at Level 2
Dressage. I have competited in NITE since 2000. I have passed the ESNZ Introductory for Riding and
Management. I am currently doing the Development level for Equine Management with ESNZ.

I work at Clareville Saddlery and have done so for the last 5 years. This gives me the opportunity to keep up
with the latest in equine knowledge and products. I also get to meet and advise a very wide range of the
horse community.

I have spent most of my professional career in Banking.

Thanks, Andrea Parker

                         Profile – South Island Bridleways – Rosemary Lee-Oldfield

I got my first horse when I was 14. My parents decided that if I had a horse, I might forget about boys during those
teenage informative years. I still had that wee mare when I married 10 years later and she was soon joined by a hack
for Lee and an Appaloosa colt which we imported from Australia. We ran a stud for several years, breaking the lad
to saddle and into harness. Its not comfortable for two people to ride the same horse at the same time, so breaking
him into harness was our solution. We became involved with the Nelson Riding Club in 1980, shortly after returning
from our first OE, and a few years later, NZRC was established, and after many hours of discussion, we became
involved with this body proclaiming itself as our “National body”. Along with Riding Club activities, I also evented,
played polo-cross, endurance rode, rode western, was a member of the Starborough Hunt, and held down a full time
job as a Traffic cop/Police officer. Somewhere in that time, our son was born, and we moved house a couple of
times. The last move was to a 6 acre block in Wakefield, approx. 30 kms from Nelson.

2012: I’m still actively involved with local riding club, and have been on National Committee in a variety of roles,
from NZRC Chair to my current role of South Island Bridleways Co-coordinator. I have a couple of home bred and
trained horses . My riding now is mainly Riding Club events with the occasional Trail Ride. Riding my appaloosa
mare I have won High point trophies at western events, competed at SITE on several occasions,( bringing home some
beautiful ribbons,) and have hunted over several seasons. My TB/Clyde cross has won Champion at several in-hand
shows and has won Ridden Hunter on the Flat at A&P shows. They share their home with 1 cat and 1 dog. I have
my own business as a Registered Course Provider with LTNZ, assessing people for their heavy trade licenses and

When I originally went on National Committee, I spent my first few years as one of the committee members who
spent hours and hours re-vamping the rule book for SITE and NITE. Every change was done by remit and every remit
had to be fully discussed. These discussion groups always met in the North Island, so it took a great deal of
commitment and time on my part. Then having done my apprenticeship, I then moved into the South Island Vice
President role which I held for several years before becoming New Zealand Riding Club and Bridleways Inc.
Chairperson. I held that role for 5 years and then stood done (as per Constitution) and once more became South
Island Vice President. During this period, I travelled to Christchurch and along with some Canterbury clubs, ,
resurrected SITE, which had disappeared off the event calendar. By working together, we made a competition
which was not only open to Riding Clubs (SITE)but also non riding clubs (Harris and Pegasus trophies)in an effort to
get non NZRC clubs to join NZRC. This two day extravaganza is a load of hard work for the organizing committee, but
is great fun for the participants. We made it a condition of entry, that if you won the competition, you had to host,
so not winning became part of the game.

I also had a couple of years as the Riders Round Up editor. Unlike now, where everything is sent by email, I spent
hours researching, cutting and pasting, photocopying, stapling and mailing up to 90 newsletters, every two months,
for clubs around New Zealand. Some RRUs went out covered in pussy cat prints, (she did try to help), for hours my
lounge floor was carpeted in paper and the mailman hated me because I used staples that pricked his fingers. My
son became very adept at collating and folding paper.

I resigned from Committee and took a couple of years break, then came back at the 2011 AGM, and was voted on as
South Island Bridleways Co-coordinator, the role which I currently hold.

My role as Bridleways Co-coordinator is to help direct clubs into finding the correct contacts to enable them to
establish bridle paths in their areas, especially as more and more areas are losing freedom riding and safe ways to
move between points A and B. As a current committee member, I have also started a South Island Newsletter as a
means of spreading news between the clubs and have also managed to get National to agree to establishing a
Facebook page. Opening up lines of communication has been one of my personal goals since coming back onto
Committee., hopefully this is now happening.

Please feel free to contact me about any Riding Club matter, I may not be able to give you the answer straight away,

but I will find you an answer. My contact email address is or phone 03 5418949


Presidents Report July 2012
Well this is the inaugural Presidents report written by yours truly. The aim is to get communication going
between the NZRC and all the Adult Riding clubs dotted all over NZ. What is the point of taking on the role
of President and effectively managing with the help of the committee and other elected national exec
members YOUR governing national body if we don’t ever hear from any of YOU. We represent you at a
national level so welcome any feedback. A wonderful way to meet all of you is at the upcoming SITE and
NITE. This is a chance for all clubs to come together in a social and competitive level and have FUN. Isn’t
this what riding is all about? When did we stop having fun and start becoming deadly serious. How many
of you remember competing in a team at Springston Trophy (sorry North Island people not sure what your
equivalent is). The fun of going away with fellow team members and representing your club in a
competition. The disco held where all fellow competitors came together for a night of fun and frivolity. So
when you see the information coming out on SITE and NITE discuss it at your committee meetings and see
if you can rally interest to commit to a team for the event. Southern South Islanders would be great to see
some of you. SITE will be held Easter 2013 on the Saturday and Sunday so plenty of time to travel to the
event at McLeans Island in Christchurch and NITE is pencilled in 5/6 January 2013 at Taupo.

How many of you know who are on the national body and what we do. We aim to eventually provide a bio
of each committee member giving you the readers an insight into who and what we are. This edition will
feature the President, NI Vice President, SI Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer. We are accountable just
like any other committee so if you feel we are not fulfilling our obligations then please voice your opinion.
We will have a facebook page shortly this will be linked through the website and we want you to contribute
to this page as we value your input. Our website will contain all the contact details of the committee and
please remember that when your club changes position holders email our secretary Andrea at to advise us of the changes so the list of affiliated club details can be updated.
This will ensure that your club receives all the latest information and news.

We are hoping to get Riders Roundup to your club around the 1st of every 2nd month. Make sure that you
distribute it to your members. If you have interesting snippets of information, a joke anything really then
send it off to Heather Cooper our editor at by the 20th of month. She will
welcome any interesting titbits you have to offer.

I had the privilege of attending the Winter Pot Luck dinner held by the Springston Pleasure Riding Group
and meeting those members who braved the cold frosty conditions to come together for some wonderful
food and an evening of enjoyment without their four legged friends for a change. Some of them even bought
their 2 legged friends (their partners or husbands). It was a great evening and a big thanks to Linda and her
husband who allowed the use of their home to host it. Off course it had to be the same night as the All
Black v Ireland game but not to leave out the avid followers of rugby the TV was going in the media room
for those who wished to watch it. Was even better that we managed a win over the Irish even if it was down
to the wire to achieve this (nail biting stuff).

Here's a joke that I thought was funny
Hone Harawira was seated next to a little girl on an Air NZ flight. He turned to her and said, “Do you want to talk?
Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.”
The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total stranger, “What would you like to talk
“Oh, I don’t know,” said the MP smiling smugly, “how about global warming, universal health care, or stimulus
“OK,” she said. “those could be interesting topics, but let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all
eat the same stuff: grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces
clumps. Why do you suppose that is?”
Hone looked visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it and says, “hmmmm. I have no idea.”
To which the little girl replies, “Do you really feel qualified to discuss global warming, universal health care, or the
economy, when you don’t know shit?”
She went back to reading her book.

                      HELD AT OHAKUNE 9th & 10th JUNE 2012

This is my second report as NI Vice President to the NZ Riding Club’s AGM.

I also would like to congratulate Waimarino for coming the party at the last minute and hosting the North
Island Teams Event at Taupo assisted by HORSE Club who organised the Quadrille phase, Kapiti Adult
Riding Club the Showjumping and Turnout, Taupo Adult Riding Club the Cross Country and Manawatu
Saddle Club the Riding Club Mount phase..

The Team Spirit was wonderful and I can assure you it was a really hard job judging the Quadrille phase
because there is such talent out there in co-ordinating the freestyle and the costumes and outfits for the
horses were amazing. It was great to see the newly formed Te Awamutu Riding Club joining in and
everyone appeared to be having a great time encouraging each other in the jumping phases.

Our Patron John Moore emphasised the importance of communication amongst our committee and
members. I endorse his comments and pleased to see that it was included in the Agenda to be discussed and
addressed at the committee meeting next day.

I wish all the NZ Riding Clubs every success for the coming season and its not too early to start organising
your teams for 2013 NITE. I am only too pleased to assist wherever and whenever I can.

Noeline Jeffries
NI Vice President
  New Zealand Riding Club & Bridleways
    South Island Report … July 2012
Winter is well and truly with us. Plenty of snow and        TREKKING CODE
that wintery breeze which drops the temperature oh
so quick. And yet, one of my mares is telling me it is      GENERAL:

spring. Shes moulting. Her body clock is way out of         Get permission. Check if permission is required from
wack.                                                       landowners before heading out. Access to private land
                                                            is a privilege, not a right. The local riding club,
Still, during the middle of the day, it’s a great time to   regional council, city council, DOC, or BRIDLEWAYS
just go for a hack. No pressure, no learning tests or       will probably know who owns the land.

gritting ones teeth to pretend that you’re not scared,      If riding in a group and you have an inexperienced
just a meander along a track to wherever and back.          rider with you, always consider this rider's ability. A
Enjoy a hack every now and then, it’s a good chance         "hoon" up a hill or over a nice large paddock is always
                                                            fun for an experienced rider, but an "out of control bolt"
to recharge not only yours, but your horses batteries       is terrifying for a beginner
                                                            On longer rides or with larger groups, make sure that
I have access to hundreds of hectares of forestry to        someone in your group is carrying a first aid kit and is
ride in, but the fun part is riding down the river bed to   trained in first aid. Many horse clubs can arrange for
                                                            these courses for their members. A cellphone can be
get to the forestry. My lovely wee mare thinks ponds        useful in an emergency
and rivers were invented for her to stop, drop and roll
in and it doesn’t matter whether its summer or              Always inform someone of your plans, including
                                                            location, route, number in your group, and your
winter, a swim’s a swim. So, as we travel down the
                                                            intended time of return
river bed, making several crossings as we go, you
have to remind yourself to keep your leg on her side        REMOVE HORSE DROPPINGS where necessary -
if you don’t want to get wet. Once we are in the            take a little shovel with you!
forestry, the worries of the world slip off my
                                                            Wear a high-vis vest where visibility is an issue.
shoulders, and time and watches belong to other
people not me.                                              RESPECT OTHERS

What ever your do over the winter period keep warm          Always give way to others. Even if it seems
                                                            inconvenient, being considerate will foster a positive
and keep safe…its very slippery both on the road and
                                                            attitude towards horse riders.
in the paddock, and if you are like me and have holes
in your gumboots, don’t forget to put a plastic bag         Move aside if you encounter walkers or bikers.
around each foot before putting them into your
                                                            Pass walkers with care Avoid startling walkers. If you
gummies.                                                    suspect that this will happen, call out a greeting as you
                                                            approach. Use this opportunity to improve the public
                                                            profile of horse riders

                                                            Don't upset livestock Give animals a chance to get out
                                                            of your way.

                                                            Always leave farm gates as you find them. If you're
                                                            riding at some distance from others in the group, don't
                                                            assume that riders following you will know to close a
                                                            gate that you have left open for them. Make sure that
                                                            the gate gets closed.

                                                            Be prepared to be excluded from farmland at lambing
                                                            time, usually from July to October.

                                                            courtesy of NZRC Bridleways Website
                                                          Next National Committee meeting:
                                                          29th September        Venue: Wellington

                                                          Well, thinks that me for now. If you have anything
                                                          for the RRU, don’t forget to send it to Heather at

                                                          When I get the RRU, I will forward copies to you.
As my rambles are now going to be included in the         Hopefully that way no one will miss out.. North Island
Riders Roundup, I would like to welcome the North         clubs do you want to be included on my Mailing List
Island readers to my newsletter. I’m always on the        for this?
look out for juicy bits of gossip to share around the
                                                          Safe and happy riding…no falling off, it hurts
clubs, so if you have something, let me know and I will
                                                          (experience talking) especially in the colder
spread it. Doesn’t have to do with horses, just
                                                          weather…take care…
something you would like to share. (Like my using
plastic bags inside my gumboots)                          Rosemary Lee-Oldfield (

The minutes from the AGM and the following                Other South Island Committee:
Committee meeting are now out. If you haven’t got a
copy and would like one, give me an email and I will (Christine)
send them through. Committee meetings are going to
be held more regularly and I will let you know the
dates so that if you have any item you want discussed,      (Marilyn)
make sure you get your thoughts, ideas, complaint to
a Committee member in plenty of time.
                                      An Idea was muted at the Committee
                                      Meeting that some members might like to
                                      travel and compete at NITE or SITE with
                                      borrowed horses.

                                      Anyone interested please email me.
                                      It will be a big effort to organise etc but
                                      wouldn’t it be great.
                                      A fantastic way to unite the NEW
                                      ZEALAND Riding Clubs!!!

                                      We would also need people to loan their
                                      horses to the visiting team in the North
Caption this!!                        and South Islands.
The best one will be published next
issue.                                If you are willing to help in any way
                                      please email me at
                             with Team
                                      Challenge in the subject line, so that I can
                                      report to committee at the next meeting on
                                      the 29th of September.
I have had an email about a survey that is doing the rounds.
Join in and sign the petition to allow horses on recreational trails.

A petition has been started because horses are now being excluded from recreational trails, even
those roads which once were purposely built for horse drawn vehicles and the ridden horse.

Some examples include:

      Motu Trails Cycleway on Old Motu Coach Road. Opened May 2012

      Ohakune Coach Road. Opened July 2010 [10km] Restricted to cyclists and walkers only - This is part of the nationwide cycleway which shuts out
     horse riders. The govt is investing millions of dollars directly and indirectly into this scheme.

      Waikato River Trails. Opened November 2009 [100km]. Restricted to cyclists and walkers

It’s well overdue for us to fight the current action of horses being excluded from recreational trails. If
not for us, then our childrens’ children.

We need 52,000 signatures to petition Parliament. The petition respectfully requests:

That the House of Representatives
“Recognise horses as an alternate mode of travel in New Zealand, compel The New Zealand
Transport Agency to include ridden and driven horses in their planning and facilitation process, and
that The Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand be included in all discussions regarding walking,
cycling and combined access recreational trails.”

Check out the following pages (the forms can be printed
from this site) and

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