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									trauma frequency & chance of ptsd
 overall 60.7% of men and 51.2% of women had
  experienced a severe traumatic event
 different types of event had different chances of
  producing PTSD - e.g. rape, childhood physical
  abuse and combat exposure had worse outcome
 women were both more likely to experience
  “worse” events and then to develop PTSD
 8.2% of men exposed to severe trauma developed
  PTSD in contrast to 20.4% of women
ptsd prevalence
   10.4% women     7.8% estimated to suffer
                    from posttraumatic stress
                    disorder at some stage
                    in their lives
                   10.4% of women and
                    5.0% of men
                   more than a third do not
                    fully recover even many
    5.0% men        years after the trauma

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