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					Interactive Whiteboard

                    Project Leads:
                   Thomas Fennell
                      Amy Perrey
Interactive Whiteboard Solution                   Regina Catholic Schools


This project was started with the goal to establish a plan for
division wide access to interactive whiteboards for
instructional purposes that is supportable and maintainable
within Regina Catholic Schools. Technology Services decided
to facilitate this project and help build a process that will
better suit our teacher’s needs.

The interactive technology provides our teachers with a
learning tool to engage with their students as they teach
various subject matters. The technology is best known for its
math and science capabilities due to providing a visual and
“hands on” approach to problem solving.

SMART has been the current interactive solution in our
classrooms but as technology quickly changes; we need to
ensure we are providing the best solutions for our staff. We
currently have 70 SMARTBoard’s within Regina Catholic

The leading companies for this technology were all contacted
and data was gathered to help determine the best solution.
These included Mimio, SMART, Promethean and PolyVision.
After reviewing the initial information, product demonstrations
and a testing phase with the product in the hands of multiple
Regina Catholic Schools teachers, and have determined the
Mimio interactive solution fits our needs the best.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                   Regina Catholic Schools

Initial Findings

This process started by creating a Requirements Determination of what we need this solution to do.
This was built on the current information gathered from using SMART over the past 4 years and the
feedback we were getting from those who use the product in their classroom. The top companies were
researched that develop this type of solution and contacted them to see how they matched up against
our requirements.

After reviewing their answers and a brief test of the software, Promethean was ruled out due to its high
cost, lack of mobility and the complexity of the software compared to other products. PolyVision was
also ruled out due to extremely high costs and lack of mobility.

As most interactive products are the board itself that reacts to touch, Mimio displayed a new type of
technology that used infrared cameras to determine a stylus’ location on any surface. Instead of having
to bracket mount an interactive board, this gave us the option to mount the Mimio Teach bar to any
surface with the use of magnets or 3M Sticky Tabs and interact with the image displayed via the
projector. The Mimio Teach bar is also roughly 3”x20” in size and extremely light weight.

Mimio looked very promising due to extremely low costs, mobility and ease of use for anyone to pick-
up and start using the software. An open application process was created for individuals to apply and be
a part of an Interactive Whiteboard Review Committee. This committee was to be compiled of staff
from various backgrounds such as current SMART teachers, to those with no interactive experience,
from different grades and instructional areas. This was determined to give us the best overall feedback
of each product based on their respective areas.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution           Regina Catholic Schools

Interactive Whiteboard Review Committee

SBA / Coordinator (3)
Richard Brown – St. Angela
David Ripplinger - Leboldus
Richard Donnelly - CEC

SMART Teachers (5)
Stacey Gherasim – St. Marguerite
Tammy Appell – St. Theresa
Jennifer Stewart-Mitchell - Deshaye
Greg Rieder – St. Matthew
Karen Istace – St. Jerome

Teachers (8)
Meaghan Kirkpatrick – St. Pius
Kerry Gaillard - Leboldus
Lisa Hautcoeur – St. Mary
Geena Wagner – St. Jerome
Jillian Buchinski – St. Augustine
Lee Garinger – St. Catherine
Krysta Grieve - Miller
Jennifer Johnson - Riffel

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                      Regina Catholic Schools

The Technology

The Mimio Teach interactive system is placed on a wall or dry-erase board and is attached using
magnets. The system is then connected to a projector and computer via Bluetooth. A stylus pen is
calibrated to the Mimio Teach system using a combination of ultrasound and infrared to identify its
location. Essentially ultrasonic pulses are transmitted from the stylus and received at two points on the
bar and then the stylus acts as a mouse, allowing the user to manipulate the contents of their computer
as it’s displayed.

The SMARTBoard is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input – eg. Scrolling,
right mouse click – in the same way normal PC input devices, such as a mouse or keyboard work. A
projector is used to display a computer’s video on the interactive whiteboard which then acts as a large
touch screen. The SMARTBoard typically comes with four pens, which use digital ink and replace
traditional whiteboard markers .SMARTBoards uses a multi-touch technology that supports up to 4
simultaneous points of interaction. SMART does not support the use of dry-erase markers on their
product and will result in permanent damage over time.

Each solution has a student response system called the Mimio Vote or SMART Response. These are
handheld devices for the students to interact with their teacher’s lesson plans. They allow the student
to answer multiple choice questions, vote on a discussion topic, provide feedback after a lesson, etc.
The results of using this product is then available to the teacher to help grade or evaluate based on the

There is also a mobile tablet for each product called the Mimio Pad or SMART Slate. This tablet allows
the teacher to walk around their classroom and still interact with their screen with the same
functionality as if they were standing at the front of the class. This tablet can also be given to a student
to have them interact with the current lesson plan or whatever the teacher would like them to do,
without them having to leave their desk.

Since the primary uses for this technology are for math and science, both solutions have a document
camera called the Mimio View or SMART Document Camera. This is a camera that also acts like a
microscope and can be displayed through the projector. Then the teacher or students can interact with
the image displayed with the software provided by Mimio or SMART.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                   Regina Catholic Schools

Product Selection

SMART and Mimio were both contacted and asked to hold product demonstrations for our review
committee which were held on Dec. 13th and 19th, 2011 respectively. Both presenters were asked not
to disclose cost of the product but they could explain warranty. This was decided to get an un-biased
opinion of the solution to see which one is best for us, regardless of cost.

After the presentations, the review committee members filled out a short survey rating the different
aspects of each solution from hardware quality, mobility, software, etc. Mimio scored the highest with
hardware and SMART the highest with software. The decision at the end of the survey was 11 in favour
for SMART and 5 for Mimio.

An open discussion was held on Feb. 6th, 2012 to go over the feedback of both presentations, at this
time pricing information was released as the following and does not include taxes or environmental


        -   Mimio Teach - $899
        -   Data Projector - $800
        -   Install/Move Costs - $0-300 (power, data projector)
        -   Cost of full install (each) - $1849

        -   Mimio Vote - $1899 (24), $2199 (32)
        -   Mimio Pad - $359
        -   Mimio View - $679


        -   SBX880 Board - $2359
        -   SBX880 Board w/ Projector - $3599
        -   Install/Move Costs - $750-1000 each (board, power, data projector)
        -   Cost of full install (each) - $4474

        -   SMART Response - $1889 (24), $2359 (32)
        -   SMART Slate – $415
        -   SMART Document Camera - $945

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                    Regina Catholic Schools

        -   SMART Audio - $1299 (not installed)
               o Cost of install: $475

For a 5 year cost breakdown, see Appendix A.

After this information was released, it was unanimous that SMART’s software capabilities could not
compete with Mimio’s price. Since Mimio is a different type of technology, an infrared bar rather than
a board, it was decided that an in-house test would be the next step to see how Mimio actually worked
in the classroom.

A hybrid solution was discussed but due to software licensing restrictions, it would not be feasible.
Having a hybrid solution would cause tremendous work for Technology Services to ensure our software
licensing is compliant each year. It would also be difficult to provide proper training and resources for
2 interactive solutions and would start to divide our staff on which lesson plans can be used where.
SMART does offer individual licensing but at the cost of $789 US per user. They do not offer site or
division licensing.

Six Mimio Teach bars were tested with 7 committee members (2 at the same school) where some had
experience with SMART and some had no interactive experience at all. The test lasted 1 month and
during this time the Mimio Pad and Vote systems were also given out for testing. They tested all
aspects of the product from lesson plan conversions, software ease of use and the durability of the
hardware. It was tested on whiteboards, chalk boards and concrete walls. The best surface for the
product is a whiteboard but with its camera technology, it can work on any hard surface.

On April 17th, 2012 the review committee met to give feedback and discuss their testing. A unanimous
decision was made that Mimio was the best interactive solution for Regina Catholic Schools as long as
the right process was put in place to help transition from SMART to the new technology. The
recommended process was finalized with the review committee and agreed upon that it is the best route
to implement and maintain our solution.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                    Regina Catholic Schools

Process Recommendation

1. Current Devices

All SMART devices are to be removed after 2 years by Sept. 1st, 2013. Minor exceptions will be given
on a case-by-case basis for SMART Board’s that are deemed still new by Technology Services. All
current SMART teachers are recommended to apply for the new Mimio solution and start transitioning
to the new, supported solution.

Once a teacher applies for a Mimio Teach, if they currently have a SMARTBoard, Technology Services
and Facilities will work with them on removing the board at that time. This will include any power
requirements, board repairs, etc. Additional devices, such as the SMART Response and Slate’s will be
removed at the same time.

Mimio does have a trade-in program and will accept any SMARTBoard we want to trade for a $200
credit per board. It does not matter the size or working condition of the board. If a board is
determined to be worth more than that, Technology Services will facilitate selling the board.

2. Software Transition

Since RCS teachers have 4 years invested into SMART lesson plans, those resources need to be
converted to be used with the Mimio solution. Those teachers would already feel comfortable with
lesson plan software and can use their Personal Development days to help convert their resources as
well as learn about the new Mimio products.

The Technology Service Desk can also be used as a resource if a teacher has any difficulties with
converting their lesson plans.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                    Regina Catholic Schools

3. How to Apply

There will be an online application available to all staff to apply for a Mimio Teach. The staff member
will need their principal/supervisors’ approval with the application for it to be accepted. To request a
Mimio Teach in a multi-purpose area such as the Gym or Library, the application must be filled out by
the principal.

If the teacher changes schools, they are to take their Mimio Teach with them to their new school. If the
teacher goes on a leave, it is the principal’s decision what to do with the Mimio Teach within their
school but it is to be returned to the teacher once they come back.

The Mimio Votes, Pad and View have been determined to be a school solution and a separate
application will be available for the principal to fill out and apply for these devices. They will be
associated with a school and not a person and is up to the school to schedule their use. This is because
these devices are not needed in every lesson and can be shared amongst those who use a Mimio Teach.
However a school should not be limited to the number of these devices they can apply for if they are
using them.

A copy of both applications can be found in Appendix B and C.

4. Time Frame to Apply

Staff can apply anytime throughout the year.

An application review committee will meet in June and Nov. and plan for Sept. 1st/Jan 1st installations
respectively. This allows any power or location specific issues to be resolved over the summer and
through December/Christmas break. Install times may be subject to change due to supply and location
requirements such as projector and power.

The application review committee will consist of a (1) representative from each Curriculum, Business
and Finance, Facilities and Technology Services. Each application will be reviewed and the applicant
notified if they were accepted or declined.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                    Regina Catholic Schools

5. Once Approved

Participants are encouraged to:

        -   Submit resources to an internal site/resource for all RCS staff to access and will be
            categorized by grade/subject criteria.

        -   Attend monthly online training sessions offered by Mimio

Once approved, there will be 2 Personal Development days budgeted for each applicant in their first
year of use. After that, on-going PD offerings will be made available through different mediums for all
staff by the Technology department.

The principal is responsible for the use of the Mimio equipment in their schools after it’s been approved
and installed. It is up to the principal on how they want to do this and a recommendation would be to
attach the use of Mimio to their approved staff’s C2PL.

6. Life Cycle

DYMO/Mimio warrants all Mimio hardware to be free of defects for a period of 2 years from purchase.
The warranty can be extended for an additional 3 years with registration online at

Any issues with the Mimio hardware or software will be reported to Technology Services who will
work with Mimio on the resolution. Technology Services will also have a small number of spare devices
on-hand for quick replacement if a device is damaged or will not work.

Once the equipment is out of warranty and is damaged, it will be replaced with the latest approved
model type from Mimio. If a new product model comes out (E.g. Mimio Teach bar 2.0), the applicants
will be responsible for reapplying and the review committee will determine if their device should be
replaced. Technology Services will provide any details around this product around new software
installs or deployment, changes in any power requirements, or any other changes from the previous

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                            Regina Catholic Schools

Appendix A – Interactive Solution 5 Year Cost Breakdown

                             Year 1 (125) Year 2 (175) Year 3 (50) Year 4 (50) Year 5 (25)

Hardware and Installs $144,237.50 $201,932.50 $57,695.00 $57,695.00                $28,847.50
Personal Development $62,500.00 $87,500.00 $25,000.00 $25,000.00                   $12,500.00
Additional Devices     $71,214.00 $28,485.60 $-          $-                        $17,803.50

Total                        $277,951.50 $317,918.10 $82,695.00 $82,695.00         $59,151.00

                                                                  Total           $820,410.60

* Hardware cost does not include projector
** Additional Devices - 1 Pad, 1 View and 1 32 Vote kit per school
*** PD days estimated at $250/day
**** Year 5 Additional Devices estimating 5 schools worth of equipment replacements

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                Regina Catholic Schools

Appendix B – Interactive Solution Application







Number of years with RCS:

Principal / Supervisor Email:

Do you currently have an interactive solution in your class?

          -   If so, please list them:

How would you use a data projector in your room?

Describe how the Mimio will be utilized as a tool to enhance teaching and learning in your
classroom. Include 2 examples with specific subject areas and tasks.

Once submitted by the staff member, an email is sent to the Principal / Supervisor email for approval
with the entered information. The Principal/Supervisor can accept or deny the application via links
in the email. Once approved, the information is stored in a secure location for the Application
Review committee to review at their next meeting.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution                                                 Regina Catholic Schools

Appendix C – Additional Interactive Devices Application

(Principals/Supervisors only)




Please indicate the quantity of each device you’d like to order:

Mimio Vote (24) –

Mimio Vote (32) –

Mimio Pad –

Mimio View –

Once submitted by the Principal/Supervisor, the information is stored in a secure location for the
Application Review committee to review at their next meeting.


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