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									                                                              SUICIDE HELPCARD

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                                                        COMBAT OPERATIONAL
                                                      STRESS REACTION GUIDE

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                                                         DEALING WITH STRESS:
                                                           WHERE TO GET HELP

Every Soldier is different, so every Soldier’s treatment for stress will be a little
different. However, there are three things that help most people deal with stress:
1) Talk therapy, 2) Medicine, and 3) Time. Below is a list of resources for each
that you can use if you run into stress-induced problems like depression,
substance abuse, or post-traumatic stress disorder.


    Chaplains
     Chaplains help Soldiers, leaders, and family members deal with faith issues,
     stress, anxiety, redeployment concerns, reunion issues, and ethical values.
     For the most part, sessions with chaplains are confidential—and the
     chaplain will tell you when a subject is not. Chaplains also make referrals for
     Soldiers so they can see other medical professionals. Soldiers and their
     families can see a chaplain at any time during the mobilization process.

    Army OneSource
     User ID: army
     Password: onesource
     800-464-8107 (When calling from the US)
     800-464-81077 (To call international toll free)
     Army OneSource is a free telephone counseling service. You can call
     trained professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help you deal with
     life’s issues. Through Army OneSource, you can also meet with a licensed
     counselor face to face in your local community, if you live anywhere in the
     United States or Puerto Rico. The first six sessions are free. All you have to
     do is call the number above.

    Soldiers Talking to Soldiers
     Talking to other Soldiers, especially war veterans, helps Soldiers deal with
     stress reactions related to mobilization. Other veterans have probably had
     similar experiences and can relate to what a Soldier is going through.


    Military Medical Command
     When you are deployed, a medical unit will serve your Guard unit. The
     medical unit is staffed with doctors who can give you a diagnosis and
     prescribe medicine when necessary.

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    Family Doctor
     Your family doctor is also an excellent resource before you mobilize and
     when you return home. Your family doctor already knows your medical
     history and can help you in the short- and long-term as you deal with stress.
     Your doctor can also refer you to specialists.


     The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers ongoing benefits and
     services to Guard members who served on active duty. To see all the
     benefits you qualify for as a Guard member, go to Here are
     two VA resources:

    Vet Center
     Vet Center provides free and confidential counseling services to war
     veterans. Many of the counselors are also war veterans, so they understand
     your problems in readjusting to civilian life and have training to help you
     solve those problems. They provide individual counseling; group counseling;
     marital and family counseling; and community, social service, and medical
     referrals. To locate the Center nearest to you, visit

    VA Medical Centers and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics
     Main website:
     VA medical centers are like regular hospitals, but they are designed for
     Soldiers. Community-based outpatient clinics also offer a range of services.
     Some offer substance abuse and stress treatment programs, mental health
     clinics, and psychiatry services. To find out what the nearest VA medical
     center and community-based outpatient clinics in your area offer, visit


As you learn about additional Guard and community resources, fill in the
information in this section.





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