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1st Issue, Voice of Afghan

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  Founded By Toap           Voice of Afghan
                                                       Fortnightly Publication
     29-09-2012        ‫افغان غږ- صدای افغان‬


Is it issue of trade or Pashtun? By Salman Baloch

A piece of appreciation! By Khan Wali Khan Basharmal

New capitalist policy, by Wali Khan Olaaspal
Is it issue of trade or
Pashtun?                          By Salman Baloch
In previous days, a column of         in Pakistan and as well as he   Sarmachars. Mr. Shadizai’s
Amanullah Shadizai appeared           wants        partition     in   party Jamat-e-Islami hands
in Daily Tawar ti tled”Southern       Baluchistan. Further he         are colored with blood of
Pashtoonkhawa will come in            writes for his mental           Bengalis Muslim and Afghan
existence” and writer has             satisfaction that southern      revolutionaries. In Bengal,
gone through this. Mr.                Pashtoonkhawa will come into    their party formed two
Shadizai has got a journalistic       being. Amanullah Shadizai       groups; Al-Shams and Badar
nature of ever been writing           belongs to fascist and          with the support of Pakistani
disputable           columns.         extremist religious group i.e   Beharies to crush Bengalis
Unfortunately, writer always          Jamat-e-Islami. This party      and in Afghanistan for
studies      his      columns         only talks for Muslimism and    strangulating            Sore-
thoroughly.                           Pakistan and he in this         Revolution and stood on the
                                      perspective                     imperialist side and formed
                                                                      Jihadi      Groups.     Those
                                                                      elements have destroyed
                                                                      Afghanistan and caused
                                                                      bloodshed of Afghan people.
                                                                      Now they are going to fuel
                                                                      the fire in Baluchistan by
                                                                      bellowing flames between
                                                                      Baloch and Pashtun, but here
                                                                      they will face failure.

                                                                      Concerning Pashtoonkhawa,
                                                                      it is racist, short-sighted and
                                                                      chauvinist party, and this has
                                      enticing Balochs for being
                                                                      been laid on the base of
Mostly his write-ups apprise          Muslim and patriot of
of analytical reports, which                                          Baloch antagonism. If the
                                      Pakistan but in contrast to
                                                                      said      party     gives    up
lacks academic quality and            this he has confined himself
research    elements.     His                                         opposition to Baloch, then
                                      in circle of Pashtuns and
                                                                      this party existence would be
discussed essay was also              supporting Mehmood Khan
partial and is presenting his                                         vanished, hence antagonism
                                      Achakzai and his party
mind sketches. For formation                                          is crux need of this party for
                                      manifesto. During a seminar
                                                                      political     and     economic
of Southern Pashtoonkhawa,            conducted by NGOs and
he didn’t bothered to peep in                                         survival. Pashtoonkhawa has
                                      Human Rights Organization,
                                                                      been claiming since last
the fields of politics,               he becomes supportive of
economic, geography and                                               three decades the territories
                                      Pashtoonkhawa workers and
needs of 21st century but has                                         of Bolan to Chitral and Amo
                                      adopts antagonist policy for
                                                                      River to Indus River to
put forth disputed history’s          Balochs and favors Baloch
references and relied on                                              Pashtun belonging but failed
                                      Genocide and uses poisoning
                                                                      in getting mass support and
assumptions. Mr. Shadizai is          words        for      Baloch
desirous for more provinces                                           withdrew from “Lar and Bar
Pashtun” stance including       they spread in every nook         leader and Khan Abdul
Durand Line.                    and corner of Pakistan,           Ghaffar got side-lined from
                                particularly in Sindh, they are   practical politics and till his
That’s why they don’t           joint with Karachi hotel          death he remained silent.
                                businesses, bread shops,          Khan’s son and disciple
want      to    sacrifice       transport, labor etc. and in      Asfand Yar Wali Khan has
Pakistan’s                      Punjab fabric and wood            abandoned true stance as
comprehensive markets           businesses         and       in   well as has gone in
                                Baluchistan going towards         imperialist’s    camp      and
for Kabul’s limited
                                mines of coal. Similarly a        withdrew from demand of
market.      In      this       large number of Pakhtoon          Pashtoonkhawa              and
perspective Mehmood             has been appointed in Army,       accepted       upper     hand
Khan Achakzai says              on bureaucratic posts and         Punjabi’s     given    Khyber
                                with the passage of time          Pashtoonkhawa.
“save Pakistan instead
                                they occupied Pakistani
of democracy”,                  economy and markets.              Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai
                                                                  or his son Mehmood Khan
                                Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan           and Amanullah Shadizai’s so-
In the past, Khan Abdul         was disappointed with this        called             Southern
Ghaffar Khan and his son        attitude of Pashtuns. The         Pashtoonkhawa is a dream
Khan Abdul Wali Khan had        Late Pashtun leader had           and never felt to be real,
endured imprisonments for       stated in his last days of        because Mehmood Khan and
decades against demand of       illness that his remains          his party don’t seem sincere
Pakhtoonkhawa             and   should     be    buried in        with formation of Southern
Pashtun’s rights, as well as    Jalalabad, Afghanistan.           Pashtoonkhawa province.
faced blames of being agent
of Afghanistan, Russia and
India. The father and the
son’s entire life struggled
against imperialists and the
then rulers and remained
honed with their words until
last breath but never
compromised. But sadly to
say that Pashtun nation
didn’t support them and
instead of Pashtoonkhawa
and Kabul’s markets, they
looked towards Pakistani
markets    and      preferred   His son Wali Khan in Sawabi       If they were sincere, then in
economy, jobs and business.     constituency was defeated         constitutional        reform
In pursuance of this purpose    and it shocked the great          committee, why the bigot
supporter,            Raheem      but trade, which they are        slavery chains for losing.
Mandokhail in senate and          expanding     with    the        Today Baloch is in war
party representative did not      assistance of Punjabi and        against state forces for their
insist      for     Southern      migrants (Muhajirs).             land, national identity and
Pashtoonkhawa during 18th                                          national resources. Baloch
amendment bill? When in           That’s why they don’t want       political workers are being
                                  to     sacrifice    Pakistan’s
Bhawalpure Siraaiki, Hazara                                        beheaded and decomposed
and     those    who        are   comprehensive markets for        dead bodies are being found
                                  Kabul’s limited market. In
demanding for Bhawalpure                                           from deserted areas. But
province had arranged a           this perspective Mehmood         Southern Pashtoonkhawa is
convention and Mehmood            Khan Achakzai says “save         an ally of these forces and
Khan Achakzai was invited         Pakistan       instead      of   the      said    party    has
but didn’t took part in it and    democracy”, he         means     establishment’s      complete
                                  saving market is essential.
with this he proved that he                                        support. Those who are close
has no such concern of            During      previous      days   allies of establishment and
demanding           Southern      Pashtoonkhawa’s        Usman     are bargaining Pashtuns’
Pashtoonkhawa.                    Kakar said, “We are not          resources could never be
                                  Baluchistani”. But he didn’t     well-wisher     of    Pashtun
                                  elaborate that if they are not   nation.
                                  Baluchistani, so what they
                                  are? They are Pakistani,            A Piece of
                                  Afghani, or Pashtuns? If they
                                  have this much hatred for        Appreciation
                                  oppressed nation Balochs’          Khan Wali Khan Basharmal
                                  province, then why they are
                                  struggling for Baluchistan’s
                                  seats of National and            The decades’ war-duped
                                  Provincial         assemblies,   country     Afghanistan,     is
As well as Baloch leaders
                                  Senate, incentives and high      effectual    to gain the
several times uttered that
                                  government posts? Why they       confidence of International
Pashtun can constitute their
                                  are doing business in Baloch     Community for the second
province by their own
                                  areas? Why enjoying benefits     time after second Bonne
desires. They can annex or
                                  of Balochs’ coal, gas            Conference in Germany.
merge it in other province,
                                  etcetera? Getting enrolment      Undoubtedly, Afghanistan
but     that     time    their
                                  in Baluchistan University and    developed in all fields, like
leadership had become quite
                                  declaring      it      Quetta    transport,     infrastructure,
like “Ostrich hide its head in
                                  University. These acts are       building national        army,
                                  short-sighted and biased         national police, national
In fact Pashtun genuine           which will be destructive for    intelligence, building cricket
problem isn’t Northern or         Pashtuns in coming times,        and football national teams.
Southern    Pashtoonkhawa         because Baloch has only          All       the        chitchats,
                                                                   predications and analyses
dashed to ground by these        serve Venezuelans by the         same that why he shouldn’t
great achievements which         request of Hogue Chavez, the     support his inexperience and
were doing by neighboring        President of Venezuela. This     war victim brothers When
and anti-Afghan elements,        is greater than Marshal Plan     they need me immediately?
but this is less appreciating    of billions of dollars for the
when we neglect the hectic       progress of Afghanistan, as      All the international media
                                                                  especially    Iranian     and
efforts of our Sawabian,         the well devoted sincerity
Peshawari       and     great    and struggle can take out        Pakistani media gave chance
                                                                  to rumors against Afghans
Pukhtunkhawa contribution        Afghan from the complexity
in medical, construction,        of problems and decline.         that they are terrorists,
education and all walks of                                        extremists and destructive

 The labor keep standing
beside corners of ruined
roads, building or school for
reconstruction with dusty
eye lashes and eye brows,
will be a resident of
Peshawar or some other
place         of        great                                     creation on the surface of
Pakhtunkhawa. We have            No doubt, the devoted            the earth, but when they put
good     experts,     doctors,   contribution of our Afghan       this blame on Pashtun Belt,
engineers and professors         brothers     belong      from    then they        really but
except those who leg up          Pakhtunkhawa for the cause       intentionally forget that
Talibanization           from    to    develop     and lead       Pashtun are considered the
Punkhtunkhawa. We also           Afghanistan towards meeting      top heart’s specialist doctors
strongly believe in the          modern      challenges      of   in America, British and India.
interference      of       the   modern age, as I personally      They are in majority doing
establishment of Pakistan, in    interviewed a professor          Ph.D. from foreign countries
bringing instability in all      Muhammad Haleem Duadzai          due to their talented nature,
walks of life, but can’t         who belongs to Peshawar,         that’s why they make a way
neglect the well warm            Nemakmandi, Pakhtunkhawa         to scholarships.
contribution                of   that what is his mission here
                                 in Afghanistan? He humbly        Besides        this,      the
Pakhtunkhawa for the cause
                                 and sincerely responded that     International War gangs and
to earn their livelihood and
                                                                  establishment of Pakistan
stable Afghanistan.              just to help my war victims
                                 Afghan brothers in the field     converted their native lands
This contribution exactly        of education. Mr. Abdullah,      into war industries and
resembles Cuba when she          Gold medalist in MBA             terrorists well secure zones.
sent recently 25000 doctors      finance      belongs        to   These anti Afghan elements
to Venezuela for the cause to                                     destroy their schools, but
                                 Afghanistan also vowed the
make terrorist centered          centuries old law FCR             prosperity in Afghanistan and
seminaries; they destroy         (Frontier Crimes Regulations)     in the region?
their public approachable        and awarded by terrorist’s
infrastructure but gave place    jackets.                           We asked again and again to
to Drones attacks. No                                              International      Community,
hospital, no road, no                                              that for God’s sake; send
                                                                   your peacekeeper’s troops to
entertainment      and     no
universities are available                                         secure tribe’s population
                                                                   from       extremism       and
there for the twelve million
population including tribal                                        orthodoxy. Don’t give chance
areas of Afghanistan.                                              to those elements that foist
                                                                   their extreme thoughts, two
But unfortunately, there are                                       nation’s theory, narrowness,
available on each mile                                             old tradition and old
distance, cadet colleges and                                       thoughts. If we don’t avoid
army artillery centers where     The very first question to        our plan from further pre
all kinds of facilities are      realize is the sacrifices of      planned ignorance which are
available to the children of     hundreds       of     teachers,   going to be implemented in
army generals, lieutenants       workers, and intellectuals        tribal areas, will create mega
and brigadiers. These all        given on the sake to develop      problems for the peace of
centers are under instruction    and secure Afghanistan. The       the world and whole Asia.
and training that how can        sixty percent youth of both
                                 sides of Durand Line are          But in these all situations, a
they keep alive Two Nations
theory of Pakistan and how       suffering      with       multi   piece of appreciation should
can they suppress the tribals.   problems due to war against       be bestowed upon the
                                 terrorism,     unemployment       engineers,     doctors     and
But look at the situation of     and poverty. Along these          labors’         class        of
Afghan tribal residents as       factual      figures,       the   Pakhtunkhawa that they
they are really in juncture      International      Community      contributed devotedly and
and plight, but have the zeal    needs to analyze the              sufficiently their services to
for     meeting       modern     situations belong to both         the people of Afghanistan as
challenges for their bright      sides as they claim that          compared to other nations of
future, even in the absence      Waziristan is the place where     the world. The land of Great
of all facilities and state      roots of terrorism can be         Afghanistan can be prosper,
which are important for the      found. Then we ask to             green and populated by
children of a progressive and    Pakistan, and International       humanistic approach and
modern state. The state has      Community that do they            human-centered policies.
been since 1947 training the     really wish to eradicate
majority of population for                                         A piece of sincerity and
                                 terrorism? Do they wish that
the cause to secure Pakistan,                                      humanism will be needed to
                                 Pakistan shouldn’t be a
considering     them     non-                                      sense that the Sawat Valley,
                                 training center for terrorism?
                                                                   Balkh, Badhashan, Noristan,
citizens of Pakistan, facing     Do they really want to see
                                                                   Paktia, Mardan, Parachinar
 and Kaghan could be              rotten game          of their      accident of kingdom and
 decorated naturally and          collapsed and tired capitalist     capitalist world but the lords
 artificially again for the       economic system in this new        were warned about this all
 purpose to revisit these         era of capitalist world. On        catabolism tic change since
 places      by    tourist for    the other hand the working         then and they tried to put it
 entertainment and sharing        class is out in the streets        hidden from the masses. But
 multi cultures. Then there       where all ways are closed by       now it is impossible anymore
 will be the real freedom for     their Bourgeois lords. Now         to put up with their external
 all mankind forever and the      what they want? (The               shining as the masses now
 humanistic civilization will     proletarian)       The     new     have to break into their
 enjoy the modernity and          capitalist order is making         internal    dark     capitalist
 progress, while the ruined       some pseudo-reform efforts         castles.
 tribal areas can be developed    as a way to solve the present
                                                                     The masses are out on the
 for the purpose of business,     issues but the real situation
 trade and transaction, in        by all means declare that          roads and the protests are
 case        of      promoting    nothing happened! They are         going all over the world in
 industrialization instead of     still trying to reopen a way to    different shapes but the case
 creating       or   promoting    run the cruel capitalism and       is the same like we have seen
                                                                     and still ongoing Arabian
 terrorist well-saved centers.    it is obvious that they will. As
                                  Lenin said they are very           revolutions. The masses

New capitalist                    clever and opportunist in a        want       freedom,
                                                                     democracy and jobs. They
                                  short interval they can
policy                            achieve the goal which they        like an iron wall against their
                                                                     cruel kings. They are
                                  want, means reform their
By Wali Khan Olaaspal             status quo in a moment             struggling and their protests
                                                                     are in both shapes; armed
                                  whenever we give them a
                                  chance.                            and unarmed. They are
 The new western capitalist
                                                                     giving their sacrifices for
 policy and USA have been
                                  The drowned economy of             freedom and bright future.
 making the absolute valuable
                                  upper class is alarming to         But one thing is important to
 achievement to control the
                                  save     the     nations   of      say that the movement of
 economic crisis throughout
                                  postmodern countries in            masses is hijacked by some
 the Europe which the self-
                                  which some pointed people          fundamentalist      elements,
 called          stamp-labeled
                                  play with their future             vividly product of capitalism
 postmodernist have been
                                  dramatic dreams. We enter          and they both have the same
 facing since 2008. Still, it’s
                                  into a new global battle of        targets of controlling their
 plausible to say that it might
                                  classes, it is a basic change      feelings and consequently
 have been there before but
                                  and       something       has      ruling them, and how to use
 now they are facing with
                                  happened in the backbone of        the people for their vested
 such difficulties again in a
                                  economy and it’s going to a        interest in the shape of
 new stage which makes it
                                  dark point and the people          religion?
 difficult to play their years-
                                  are shocked suddenly by an
 The Islamic fundamentalists      dream to have the power           do not have any clash with
are leading protestors with       and use the sources to            Islamic theory, but they just
the order of their theoretical    achieve wealth and the            want to push the people to
lords (the USA’s CIA and          world remains capitalist          extreme point and bond the
European       criminal     and   burning hell for poor nations     masses with hidden powers
colonial institutes) and with     and it is the chant of            which make them more
the help of lord holy forces      capitalist society. So at least   fanatics and to love with
which is known as NATO&           we can say that the Islamic       metaphysical     life    and
ISAF. The criminal and            fundamentalism is the last        disconnect them with their
terrorist       fundamentalist    chance to control and save        real lives. While, in the
leaders are best alternative      their drowning economical         meantime, the neighboring
and         the         Islamic   ship in the sea of crisis. The    countries of Afghanistan are
fundamentalism is offering        known        and     unknown      supplying the terrorists and
more life to the bourgeois        fundamentalist elements are       destroying Afghanistan with
rules in this critical moment.    busy to serve for the lord        the help of such terrorist
The Akhwani Muslimin and          selected rich classes where       elements.
all Wahabies lobbies are          they involve the people in
active and have the mission       issues that have links with       This is the real index of
                                                                    capitalism to promote the
to         engage           the   demands of public in
fundamentalist strategy to        Afghanistan.                      policies of ISI and CIA while
hack the real masses’ targets                                       ther European countries are
with the help of their (Public)   The same game is being            sucking the blood of our
theoretical immaturity.           played by USA and other           innocent nations. The Islamic
                                  international forces here.        fundamentalism and

 The western new strategy is
based on Islamic extremism        They are pushing the people       extremism is the best route
and assisting extremism to        to extremism by burning           to provide them chance to
rule the Islamic mineral full     their Holy book and other         get their necessary goals
                                  activities. In such case they     with     the    help     of
countries. They have the
Talibanizatin.           Other    And the big boss has no          Is it the end of history? So
terrorist’s groups like Hizbi     more power to maintain           the bourgeois stated with
Islami and Al Qaeda are           their intimation of modern       the defeat of Soviet Union,
trying to compel the people       imperialism. The Occupy          the end of history, but they
to stand in the rows of           Wall Street was one of the       misunderstood, it was the
fundamentalists. Such forces      attention-grabbing reactions     beginning of history.
are also working for the          of working class against
power and strength of             capitalist     yak.     These
capitalist theory of the Jew’s    catabolic social uprisings are
fundamentalism in the shape       the        most      powerful
of Israel. The So-called          threatening       warns     of
Islamic Republic of Pakistan      proletarian to bourgeois.
and Israel were the creation      Now the USA economy is on
of feudal and capitalist          a brink of collapse and one
strategic plans of British and    can foresee the end of
Western       Union     against   capitalist history. Now the
socialism, so these both are      recent European economic
doing their jobs well for the     shock sagged and surprised
protection of such theory         euro union. It is breaking all   Actually, the compromiser
throughout the world.             records of past in euro zone.    dictatorship of Stalinist USSR
                                  The whole business is            was collapsed. It was not the
 It is easy to say that the       remarkably indicating the        end of socialism, now the
fundamentalists           and     basic critical situations of     theory once again is offering
capitalists are two faces of
                                  European economy and             to follow. There is no route
the same coin and some            showing the exact face of        without       fully     planed
artificial wars among them is
                                  modern western economic          economy.       Now      it   is
the essential part of their       strategy. This yak has           important to know that the
strategy. But due to reaction     slaughtered the masses and       American new policy makers
of proletarian class, we have     the story is going to the end    are decreasing their the
the movements in European         in a new stage. The history is   number of their foreign
countries and USA. The
                                  beginning to start a new         troops and giving more relief
protest of students in            story. It is the ridiculous      to critically drowned banks
London and Chile against          struggle of bourgeois class to   to maintain the status quo
high       fees   and     the     save each other in this          and protect the banks from
devaluation of Italy, Yunnan      unbelievable but real critical   downfall and the new policy
and USA banks in more than
                                  moment         after     what    is failed even before its
200 different states is an        happened to everything in        application. It is possibly
alarming sign of socialist        the initial bone of economy.     creating more crises and
trend. The last Occupy Wall       Now, where is the end? We        opening the ways to bring
Street       movement       of    see whose end is real?           the masses to roads once
proletarian is pointing that
                                                                   again. The capitalist and
something has happened.
feudalists are blowing up          again the crisis indicating
themselves,       as    Marx       that the colonial failed to
explained that capitalism is a     contain their strategies and
crisis prone system, it can        the planned economy offers
only go forward            by      a best alternative to the
increasing demand but that         working class.
is no longer possible.

They are cutting back
                                   The bourgeois are seeing the
production and investment
and are cutting demand. The        fearful dream of socialist
                                   statue after a short time
market      has     completely
sagged and in such case the        once again in their own
world poor residents have          system. In near future, it is
nothing to put up with the         going to finish this headache   “The Voice of Afghan is a
slaughtering          capitalist   of colonialism from Europe.     fortnightly publication by
                                   It is sure that they have no    a group of young Afghans
market. In this era, they have
no absolute reason to              capacity to reform once         who started their political
contain the colonial system        again in old form of
                                                                   awareness activities in the
in the minds of their              modernist economic system;
                                                                   shape of a facebook group
proletarian      class;     the    it means they are facing with
                                                                   named Toap.”
                                   a new headache of crisis. So
squeezer broke all the bonds
after    social    democratic      it is giving a chance to
                                   proletarian to change the
system, which they reformed
with social democracy in           system and open the way to
European              countries    planned economy. It is a
                                   chance to make the world a
regarding the threat of
communist lava in the area in      home of peace and freedom.
19th and 20th century. It is
still a serious matter once

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