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									                                         Fairview Middle School

       hh                Trojan Review
Volume 6, Issue 2           “A Community of Learners Becoming Tomorrow’s Leaders”             November 30, 2009

 Fairview Receives                       Fairview Needs                        FMS Cheerleaders
New Computers for                        Watch D.O.G.S.                         Sponsor Girls’
  Stanford Lab &                      Fairview Middle School is in need of         Lock-In
                                      Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great
       Library                        Students).
                                                                               On August 28, the Fairview
                                                                               Cheerleaders sponsored the Fall
In October, Fairview received 14      WATCH D.O.G.S.® is a K-12
                                                                               Girls' Lock-In at Fairview. Forty-
new computers and 2 new laser         program that invites fathers,
                                                                               four girls participated in the lock-
printers for the library. These       grandfathers, uncles, or other father
                                                                               in, along with Mrs. Rock, Mrs.
computers and printers were           figures to volunteer at their child’s/
                                                                               Plass, Mrs. Gales and Mrs.
provided by Memphis City Schools      student's school during the school
                                                                               Woodard. Everyone arrived in the
Library Services.                     year. There are many ways in which
                                                                               auditorium after school on Friday
On November 17, 2009, Fairview        you can help by becoming a
                                                                               with their sleeping bags, pajamas,
received 27 new Lenovo computers      member of Watch D.O.G.S.
                                                                               and lots of excitement! The doors
for the Stanford Lab. These           If you are interested in helping our
                                                                               were locked at 4:00p.m. and the
computers were made available         students by becoming a member of
                                                                               fun began!
through a collaboration with Middle   this organization,
                                                                               The girls enjoyed playing lots of
College High School.                  please contact
                                                                               games, dancing, playing charades,
These computers are state of the      Mrs. Gipson at
                                                                               giving each other manicures and
art, with 19-inch flat screen         416-4536.
                                                                               pedicures, styling each other's hair
monitors, and feature Windows XP                                               (the teachers' hair too), popping
and Microsoft Office 2007.                                                     popcorn, and watching movies.
                                        Upcoming Events                        Everyone also enjoyed pizza,
                                      Nov. 30    ThinkLink Test A Begins       donuts and lots of snacks. The girls
                                                 Healthy Choices Week          had lots of fun at the Lock-In!
                                                                               The Fall Girls' Lock-In was a great
                                                                               success! Mrs. Rock and the FMS
                                      Dec. 4    ThinkLink Test A Ends          Cheerleaders are already planning
                                      Dec. 8    5th 20-Day Period Begins       the Spring Lock-In!
                                      Dec. 14   SBDMC 5:00p.m.
                                                PTSO Meeting 6:00p.m.
                                                Résumé Class 6:00p.m.
Students enjoy working on the new     Dec. 15   Semester Exams
computers in the Stanford Lab.
Above, Sixth Grade students work      Dec. 16   Semester Exams
diligently on their Stanford Math     Dec. 17   Semester Exams
during Stanford Lab.
                                                First Semester Ends
Students can access Stanford                 Winter Break
     Math from home!
          Just go to                                                           The girls at the lock-in played many
     http://epgyschools.                                                       games, including Ships and Sails.
                                      December 18 – January 1
     2009-2010                            Student Council                       7th Grade Frog Race
 Basketball Schedule                       Elections Held                       Mrs. Wilbern’s seventh grade
                                                                                science classes have been learning
Nov. 30   Cypress @ Cypress             Friday, September 18, 2009,             about speed and distance. To
Dec. 2    Airways @ Airways             Fairview Middle School held the         practice this concept, Mrs.
Dec. 3    Humes @ Humes                 2009-2010       Student      Council    Wilbern's students participated in
Dec. 7    Douglas @ Douglas             elections.                              a Frog Race.
Dec. 10   MBA @ MBA                     The student body met in the             Each student created a frog out of
Jan. 4    Bellevue @ Bellevue           auditorium to hear the candidates’      an index card. If folded correctly,
Jan. 6    Riverview @ Riverview         speeches for the offices of Class       the frog will hop across a level
Jan. 7    Cypress @ Fairview            Events     Commissioners,       Class   surface.      Students    had     an
Jan. 11   Oakhaven @ Fairview           Senators, Treasurer, Secretary,         opportunity to personalize their
Jan. 14   Humes @ Fairview              Vice-President, and President. Each     frogs before the race began.
Jan. 20   Riverview @ Fairview          candidate was introduced to the         Students worked in groups. The
Jan. 21   Airways @ Fairview            student body by his or her campaign     students marked a starting line
                                        manager. The candidates then            and finish line. Then, measured the
All girls games begin at 3:30p.m.       presented their campaign speeches.      distance between the two lines.
Boys’ games immediately follow.         Following the speeches, students        Once this was done, the students
                                        voted for the individuals they          took turns racing their frogs. One
Games with Douglas and MBA begin        wanted to represent them for 2009-      student would race his or her frog
at 4:00p.m.                             2010.                                   from the starting line to the finish
                                        The 2009-2010 Student Council           line, while the the group's time
Girls’ Coach: R. Shirley                officers are DuValle, H., 7th Grade     keeper recorded how long it took
Boys’ Coach: R. Wimbley                 Events Commissioner; Angel O., 8th      using a stop watch. Each student
                                        Grade Events Commissioner; Devin        had three chances to race his or
  FMS Cheerleaders                      M., 7th Grade Senator; Ciara S., 8th
                                        Grade Senator; Quentessa W.,
                                                                                her frog. The fastest time was
                                                                                recorded for the official race.
      Place in                          Treasurer; Jada A., Secretary; Justyn   After the fastest times were
                                        M., Vice-President; Jevonta P,          recorded, students continued to
    Competition                         President.                              work in their groups to create a
On Friday, November 20, 2009, the       Each homeroom will vote for             poster sized lab report. This
Fairview Middle School cheerleaders     homeroom representatives who will       allowed students to share their
traveled to STAR Academy in North       also be part of the 2009-2010           data with other groups in the
Memphis to compete in the Third         Student Council.                        class.
Annual Middle School Jamboree.             Are you searching
The girls competed with fourteen
other area schools. Fairview came in           for a job?
a close second to Snowden.
                                              Check out
                                        This web site has hundreds of
                                         jobs listed for our area. See
                                          Mrs. Woodard if you need
                                                   assistance.                  After the frog race, Mrs. Wilbern
                                                                                discusses the student-created poster
                                            We will also have a                 sized lab report with Jessica G.,
                                        Résumé class on Monday,                 Duvalle H., and TaCoria F.

The cheerleaders perform their award-
                                        Dec. 14 @ 6:00p.m. in the
winning routine at the competition.                 library.

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