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                                                       Due March 15

The Ohio FCCLA Endowment Scholarships will award $3500 in scholarships to members. Four $500 scholarships will be
awarded to members planning to major in Family and Consumer Sciences or a Family and Consumer Science related career
in a college, university or technical school. Three $500 scholarships will be awarded to non-Family and Consumer Sciences
majors planning to attend a two-year or a four-year post secondary school. If no FCS major candidates apply, all 7
scholarships may be awarded to non-majors.

Scholarships in addition to the FCCLA scholarships are as follows:

            Adel Riegel Scholarship Fund will grant a $500 scholarship to an FCCLA member demonstrating outstanding
             leadership qualities. This scholarship will be granted to a member planning on majoring in Family and
             Consumer Sciences Education or a member exhibiting outstanding leadership qualities.

            Ohio State University offers a $2000 scholarship to an outstanding FCCLA member majoring in Family and
             Consumer Science Education. Applicants must meet Ohio State requirements.

Additional scholarships will be awarded through participation in State Food Service Events by
Sullivan College, Johnson-Wales, The Culinary Institute of America and Baltimore International Culinary Institute.
(Applications for these scholarships are not required)

To qualify for the scholarships, applicants must:
       1. Be an affiliated FCCLA member and include a copy of their affiliation form with their name highlighted.
       2. Complete the scholarship application form (Applications must be typed or on a computer generated form
            similar to this one).
       3. Attain State Degree, Power of One or Leaders at Work.
       4. Ask a school administrator to complete the High School Administrator's Recommendation for Scholarship
            Form and return it directly to local Adviser.
       5. Ask two people to complete statements of recommendations and return them directly to local Adviser.
       6. Include a transcript of high school grades with the scholarship application.
            (A 2.5 GPA OR ABOVE ON A 4.0 SCALE IS REQUIRED)
        7.   Have local Adviser compile the application package and send to
             Ohio Association FCCLA, Scholarship Applications, Jay Hershey/Donna Benshoff, 25 South Front Street,
             MS#611, Columbus, OH 43215

Applicants will be interviewed in Columbus prior to the FCCLA State Leadership Conference. Winners' names will be
announced at the conference. Recipients must be present to receive award at State Leadership Conference.

Scholarships will be paid to individuals for use toward books, tuition and room and board. Receipts must be submitted
before February 1. Scholarship monies will be dispersed in the month of February of the following year. Students must
maintain a 2.0 GPA to receive scholarship money.

     Ohio FCCLA Information and Forms Book 2010-11                                                    Page 201 of 268
                                    Scholarship Application
NOTE: A copy of your chapter affiliation with your name highlighted must be submitted along with this application.


                            Last                   First             Middle

                       Number                               Street

City                                                         State                             Zip

Email                                                      Phone (      )

Date of Birth                                               Place of Birth

Name of High School                                                           Year of Graduation


The college, university, or technical school that I plan to attend is

My field of study is

The field of Family and Consumer Sciences in which I plan to major in is

Application is for: (Check all that apply)
  Adel Riegel Scholarship

   Ohio FCCLA Endowment Scholarship (4 FCS majors, 3 non-FCS majors)

   Ohio State University Scholarship

Father's/Guardian's Name



Mother's/Guardian's Name



Number of dependent children, including applicant

Ohio FCCLA Information and Forms Book 2010-11                                                        Page 202 of 268

How long have you been a member of FCCLA? ___
Adviser's Name: ________

List FCCLA activities:

List FCCLA offices you have held:

List FCCLA awards or special accomplishments (Include award dates or dates of anticipated completion):

One of the following is required:

   State Degree (Include award dates or dates of anticipated completion):

   Power of One (Include award dates or dates of anticipated completion):

   Leaders at Work (Include award dates or dates of anticipated completion):

   National Dynamic Leadership ( Include award date or date of anticipated completion):

Ohio FCCLA Information and Forms Book 2010-11                                                     Page 203 of 268
List Activities (Other than FCCLA):



    Offices Held:

Hobbies or special interests:

Ohio FCCLA Information and Forms Book 2010-11   Page 204 of 268
Do you consider a scholarship, employment, or both necessary to enable you to attend college?
(Check one)       YES or          NO

Please explain briefly:

* On a separate sheet please write or type your answer to the following question: Please
state your career goal(s) and describe how FCCLA has influenced your career goals. (300
words or less)

Date _________________________ Signature _____________________________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian _________________________________________________________

Signature of Chapter Adviser ___________________________________________________________

Have you included the following with this application before mailing?
- A copy of your chapter affiliation form with your name highlighted.
- A school administrator's recommendation.
- Two letters of recommendation.
- A transcript (2.5 on a 4.0 scale required).
- Answer to the essay question on a separate sheet.

                     Send the completed application by March 15 to:
                        Ohio FCCLA Endowment Scholarships
                                                ATT: Donna Benshoff
                                            25 South Front Street, MS#611
                                                Columbus, OH 43215

                                                Telephone: 614-644-6824

Ohio FCCLA Information and Forms Book 2010-11                                                   Page 205 of 268

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