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									                                                     Treasurers Report
                                               Arfon Masters Swimming Club
                                                    Financial Year 2009

                                                 Prepared by Trixie Wilson
                                                    15th February 2010

2009 Accounts checked by Ruth Cordingley. Special thanks extended to Ruth.

2008 Amendments

     £48.00 – 2008 Membership paid in after the 2008 accounts closed.
     £40.00 – 2008 Straits Swim - Invoice submitted late for refreshments provided by the Royal Yacht Club for 2008 Open
      Water Swim. This was noted in the 2008 Treasurers Report.

2009 Accounts

Membership Income & Expenditure

     Total Income for 2009 was £2,083.00.
     Membership Payments to Swim Wales for 2009 were £1,456.00.
     Income over Expenditure was £627.00. The membership income and expenditure for 2009 has decreased reflecting the
      drop in Membership numbers from 74 in 2008 to 56 in 2009.

Pool Income and Expenditure

     Total revenue received from Training Sessions for 2009 was £4,703.77. Total costs incurred for the hire of Bangor and
      Caernarfon facilities was £5,761.42. This shows a total expenditure exceeding Income by £1,057.65p. I should like it to
      be noted that the figure for the total costs incurred should be decreased by £261.00. This was due to Gwynedd Council
      overcharging the Club for Pool hire at Caernarfon during the period May 2009 to December 2009. VAT was added to the
      Invoices in error. As the Invoices for that period have already been processed, Gwynedd Council have agreed to take this
      amount of the Invoice charges for January – March 2010 and this will be noted in 2010’s accounts. However, a loss of
      £796.00 was incurred for the year. This was despite the fact that session charges were increased in April 2009 from £3.00
      to £3.50. The shortfall was due in part to the decrease in numbers attending the sessions over the year. In particular the
      Sunday sessions for the months of July and August and the ever increasing pool hire charges. The Committee did take
      some steps to stem the loss of income by decreasing the Pool time on a Sunday session from 1½ hours to 1 hour in order
      to reduce the pool hire charges. This is still in place. It may become necessary to consider the cancellation of the Sunday
      sessions during August 2010 if the Club cannot increase the numbers attending. Pool hire charges will be increased as from
      April 2010 but we do not know how much the hourly charge will be as yet. But it is probably going to be in the region of
      £38.00 per hour. This means that to break even we need 11 swimmers to attend each session. The average number of
      swimmers attending sessions for 2009 was 9 swimmers. Working on this average for 2010 the Club could stand to make a
      loss of approximately £950.00 if we do not come up with a strategy for dealing with this.

Arfon Gala 2009

     The 2009 event was again a successful and enjoyable event thanks to a team effort from all. Gala Income was £2,230.00
      and expenditure was £1,982.81. The income was down on last year by approx £1,000.00 because competitor numbers
      were down by some 36 swimmers compared with 2008. Expenditure for the gala was slightly less than last year as
      attendance at the evening event was also down. Overall we did make a small profit of £247.19 but this would not have
      been the case if we had not increased our entry fees from £3.00 to £3.50 for 2009. This is our main fund raising event and
      we need to make it work. Pool hire charges will be increasing for 2010 and we could find our selves in the situation where
      we only just break even or make a loss. We need to continue attracting swimmers to our Gala. The Committee have
      agreed that the 2010 Gala entry fee be increased to £4.00. This is in line with other Gala entries.

Open Water Events

     The Straits Swim and Pier to Pier event were cancelled for 2009. The Straits swim due to weather conditions and the Pier
      to Pier because of lack of competitors. We did have expenditure of £133.64 for the Straits swim even though it was
      cancelled. Outlay for the engraving of medals and some secretarial expenses were incurred. The medals will be used for
      the 2010 swim. £40 was paid out to the Royal Yacht Club for refreshments provided for our 2008 event which was not
      invoiced for in 2008 and is shown on the 2009 expenditure. This was noted in the 2008 Treasurers Report. We also
      received cheque for £100 kindly donated by Mrs Rhona Roberts in memory of her son Richard on what would have been his
      50th birthday this year. As special thanks is extended to Rhona for her continuing support of the Open Water Events.
Club Kit Sales & Expenditure

     Total income for sales was £24.50 and expenditure for kit purchased was £66.00.

2009 Christmas Dinner Event

     This year’s event was held again at the Blue Sky Restaurant, Bangor and was very well attended. Income was £557.80 and
      expenditure was £571.10. Thanks to Lucy Hale for the organisation and collecting of money for this event.

Dragon Mark

     6 free swim vouchers were given out to swimmers who had attended events that made up the Dragon Mark Rating.

Community Chest Grant

     The Club applied for and was granted a Community Chest Grant of £550.00. This funding was used to send our Club
      Coach Andy Waterhouse on a course run by the Institute of Sports to further and improve his coaching skills. Expenditure
      for this course was £275.00 plus travel expenses of £148.50.

Coach’s Expenses.

     £80.00 Hotel Accommodation expenses for Coach to attend Welsh Masters in Swansea and £95.00 expenses for attendance
      at training sessions during 2009.

Other Expenses

     £25.00 - AGM Room hire, Eryl Mor Hotel 2009
     £70.00 - Engraving of Club trophies
     £17.96 - Gifts for Pool staff
     £28.76 - Secretarial Expenses
     £98.79 – Printer cartridges for Club laser printer
     £248.40 – Much needed Club Notice Display Board to replace old one.


     A collection was made for a leaving gift for departing Coach Jenny Shaw. Total was £135.00. The expenditure of £103.34
      was also shown against this. There is a sum of £31.66 which is to be refunded to Mair Martin for food provided for leaving
      party. This item has been shown through the Club Accounts because a Club cheque was issued to re-reimburse the Club
      Secretary for expenses and this also included the purchase of a leaving present for Jenny.

Saving Accounts

     The opening balance for the Savings account was £6,354.81. Closing balance was £6,370.09. November/December 2008
      interest was included in this years account as no bank statement was received for the final 2 months of 2008. So interest
      for those 2 months was not recorded in 2008 accounts. The balance for 2009 is as at 9 th November 2009. December 2009
      interest will be recorded on 2010‘s accounts.


     As per the Income and Expenditure sheet the 2009 accounts made a loss of £729.65. However, the real loss was less the
      £261.00 overpayment to Gwynedd Council for pool hire charges giving an actual figure of £468.65p. The overpayment
      will be deducted from the 2010 Invoices and will be recorded in the 2010 accounts.

       Balance in Current Account: £2,454.41
       Balance in Saving Account; £6,370.09

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