FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL
                         Homecoming Guest Permission Slip

1. Name of Forest Park Student ________________________________________________________

                Grade ________________           Telephone Number ____________________________

2. Name of Guest _____________________________________________________________________

Other Guest (not attending High School):

3. Other Guest: Please read and sign the section below, record the name of the last high school you attended,
   record the name of the college you are attending (if applicable). All guests must be under the age of 20.
I, ________________________________________________, agree to respect and abide by all the school rules,
regulations and policies of Forest Park High School while I am a Guest at Homecoming on Oct. 6th 2012.

    Last High School Attended __________________________ College Attending__________________________
                                                         (if applicable)

   ***FP Student Parent’s Signature: __________________________________________

High School Guest:

4. High School Guest: Please give this form to your high school administrator. The School
   Administrator section must be completed and return to you.

School Administrator: Please indicate the behavior status of student at your high school, sign and fax to 703-897-
5018. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Feemster, Assistant Principal, at 703-583-3256.

    ____________      This student is in good standing at our school.

    ____________      This student is NOT in good standing at our school.

    ____________      Please contact me regarding this student.

Administrator ______________________________________
                          (Please print)

Signature __________________________________________              Telephone Number_________________________

School Name: ______________________________________

          The Forest Park student must present this slip when ticket is purchased

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