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									  Solid-state Compact Blue-green Lasers: Research and
Development; Practical Implementation and Applications in
                Science and Technology
                        Stepan Essaian
                     Spectralus Presentation

                            April 22 2009

September 29, 2012                 SPECTRALUS CORPORATION   1
                                        Introduction to Spectralus
• Founded in 2003
   •   Funded by angel investors in 2003-06
   •   Raised expansion round of funding in 2007
   •   Partnered with Satori Electric Co. in 2007
   •   Now expanding production and sales

• Headquarters in Santa Clara, CA (USA)             →
   •   Management
   •   Marketing and sales
   •   Customer support
   •   Laser lab

• Production facility in Yerevan, Armenia
   • Crystal manufacturing
   • World-class crystal R&D group
   • Upgrades completed in 2008: Disco saw, polishing machines, etc. for better production capabilities

• Experienced team
   • Strengths in crystal, optics, and laser design & manufacturing, consumer electronics, and instrumentation

       September 29, 2012                               SPECTRALUS CORPORATION                      2
         Spectralus’ Periodically Poled Crystal Technology

• Spectralus developed and began production of new nonlinear optical crystals:
  periodically poled MgO-doped lithium niobate and lithium tantalate
     •    Also known as: periodically poled LiNbO3, MgO:LiNbO3, and LiTaO3

• These crystals enable new laser capabilities because of their advantages over
  traditional materials

     •    Wavelength conversion ~10x to100x more efficient than in old materials (KTP, LBO)
     •    They can be engineered for any target wavelength: UV, visible, IR, THz
     •    They are suitable for volume manufacturing for large consumer markets
     •    Low cost is achievable via proprietary wafer-scale production process

  September 29, 2012                           SPECTRALUS CORPORATION                    3
                      Spectralus’ Nonlinear Crystal Technology: What is Different?

   •   Nonlinear crystals convert laser wavelength from efficient IR range (1064nm, 976nm,
       810nm) to application-desirable 532nm, 488nm, 460nm, 405nm, 355nm, etc.

   •   Traditional (uniform) crystals phase-match (synchronize) fundamental and converted
       laser beams within directions and nonlinearities defined by nature:

                       P                                                        P

   •   Periodically poled crystals use highest nonlinearity coefficient and convert any
       wavelength (color) by appropriate design of poling period

                      P                                                        P

                            deff   -deff deff -deff deff   -deff deff   -deff   P2
Direction of polarization
of ferroelectric material

 September 29, 2012                                         SPECTRALUS CORPORATION    4
      Comparison / Bulk Type and Waveguide

• Waveguide

・High conversion efficiency
 by keeping incindent laser beam

・Low yield due to very small
 incidence area
・High cost due to low yield
      Comparison / Bulk Type and Waveguide

• Bulk Type

Suitable for Mass-production
due to wider incidence area
than Waveguide

Lower cost than Waveguide
due to better production yield
                 Spectralus’ PPMgOLN Technology in Pictures
    Ready-to-pole wafer             Finished PPMgOLN         Efficient nonlinear conversion
     and poled grating                   elements             in customer’s laser system

MgO:LiNbO3 with our patented           SHG crystals                    532nm green
processing (semi-conductor-fab
compatible). US patent 7413635

                                     OPO & DFG crystals                 488nm blue

               periodically poled
                domain grating

     September 29, 2012                       SPECTRALUS CORPORATION                 7
              Spectralus Microchip Technology

Spectralus Microchip is bulk type innercavity element, not a
waveguide. Length of the Microchip is only 1-2mm which enables us
producing compact size Green DPSS laser .

Output power : 100-150mW (CW)
WPE : 10-15%

  808nm (IR Pump        Lens            Microchip Element

September 29, 2012                                                  8
                                  Main Green Laser Architectures
                                                                  Spectralus Microchip DPSS Laser

 IP: Kuehnelt et al., US2007081564:
 • Optically pumped semiconductor laser platform
 • Discrete components, multiple alignment steps (cost!!!)
 • Great packaging but low efficiency (7%) and high cost
                                                              IP: S. Essaian et al, US application 11/
                                                              788916, publication number 20080317072.
                                                              • 808nm diode pumped solid state microchip
                                                              laser platform
                                                              • Monolithic structure, practically no
                                                              alignment steps, low cost
                                                              • High efficiency, 15-20%

IP: Shchegrov, A.Mooradian et al, US 7,359,420
• Electrically pumped semiconductor laser platform
• Discrete but components, medium cost, efficiency ~9%
• Technology, still needs work. But company is no longer …

        September 29, 2012                              SPECTRALUS CONFIDENTIAL                     9
                                                   Markets and Applications:
                                            Spectralus’ technology is enabling for …

    Laser Instrumentation                             Consumer Electronics               Military Applications
 Frequency-converted laser
    sources for:                                     Efficient, low-cost visible              Key product:
 • Biomedical (flow cytometry,                           lasers for                     Spectralus green laser for
   DNA sequencing, etc.) –                           • Laser projectors
   488, 532, 473 nm
                                                     • Entertainment (e.g.                   • Laser displays
 • Semiconductor inspection -                            laser shows)                           • Dazzlers
   488, 532 nm
 • Medical – 560-590 nm
 • Spectroscopy / security –
   1.5-4.5 mm

          September 29, 2012                                        SPECTRALUS CORPORATION                  10
       Market Opportunity in Mobile Projectors

• Mobile projectors is a huge emerging market,
  projected to be in multi-billion USD by 2011

• First-generation LED-based mobile projectors
  just appeared in 2008: Toshiba, 3M, Dell

• LEDs are not bright enough. Industry wants laser                      Toshiba
  sources but there is no adequate green product               3M
  (red & blue ok)

• In the green-laser product race, leading players include
  large corporations: Corning, Osram, Mitsubishi

• However, Spectralus’ unique technology has the best chance
  to win on efficiency and low production cost

    September 29, 2012                       SPECTRALUS CORPORATION         11
September 29, 2012   SPECTRALUS   12
                    Spectralus Green Laser Performance vs. Ambient

•    The design temperature can (and will) be shifted towards higher values by
     changing the target PPLN temperature

December 12, 2008                      SPECTRALUS CONFIDENTIAL                   13
September 29, 2012   SPECTRALUS CONFIDENTIAL   14

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