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					           Toonies For Terry
                  Terry Fox Run

In September, millions of Canadian youth will run again with a single purpose
in mind; to support the Terry Fox Foundation and their commitment towards
finding a cure for cancer! Our “First Annual Terry Fox Run Day” is quickly
approaching and will be held on Thursday, September 27th in efforts to
support cancer research. We will be having a school wide assembly in the
gym at 12:30 pm and then we will be going outside to walk or run around our

We would like to encourage everyone to come and join us for this very
important event. We would also like to encourage every student to donate a
toonie (or more) towards cancer research to help keep Terry’s legacy alive.
Cancer touches all of us in some way and a toonie from every student can
make a big difference.

Donations can be sent in from Monday, September 17th-Wednesday, September 26th
with your child to their home room teacher, or parents/guardians can drop by the
office and donate any amount into the donation box.

Thanks so much for your support!
Bessie Nichols School

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