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									                     Experimental Area Controls
                        and Data-Acquisition

                                   Gunther Haller

                                 Research Engineering Group
                          Particle Physics and Astrophysics Division

                                       11 July 2007

11 July 2007                                1                   Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                       haller@slac.stanford.edu
     Hutch Assignments
     LCLS versus LUSI Responsibilities
     Main Control & DAQ Sub-System Component Descriptions
     XES (X-Ray End Station) Control & DAQ Architecture & Components

11 July 2007                        2           Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                        haller@slac.stanford.edu
                     Hutch Assignments

                        **       **

                                                    AMO: LCLS
                                                    PP, XPCS, CXI: LUSI
                                                    ** SXR Imaging, SXR Pump-Probe,
                                                    HEDS are not funded at this time

11 July 2007                 3              Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                    haller@slac.stanford.edu
                                                  LCLS & LUSI
     Common Controls and DAQ System Design for LCLS and LUSI
         G. Haller is CAM for LCLS and LUSI Controls & DAQ, including XTOD Controls

     LCLS Controls & DAQ W.B.S
          Common services for all hutches
               Laser PPS
               Accelerator timing interface
               120 Hz beam-quality data interface
               Machine protection system interface
               User safeguards
               Network interface
          AMO experiment (NEH, hutch 2)
               All controls and DAQ
          2-D detector
               Control and DAQ for detector itself only

     LUSI Control & DAQ W.B.S
         X-Ray Pump Probe, XRPP (NEH, hutch 3)
         X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy, XPCS (FEH, hutch 1)
         Coherent X-Ray Imaging, CXI (FEH, hutch 2)

     LCLS & LUSI
         Local data storage in halls

11 July 2007                                              4                 Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                    haller@slac.stanford.edu
                      Controls & DAQ Organization
     Online Systems organized into following main blocks

               Vacuum, motion, power supply, etc

          Science Data-Acquisition
               Detector readout

               Online data movement, processing, feature extraction, filtering


11 July 2007                                              5                      Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                      haller@slac.stanford.edu
               Example: AMO Instrument Controls & DAQ

      Main Systems
          Power Supplies
          Detector Data-Acquisition

11 July 2007                          6         Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                        haller@slac.stanford.edu
                     Main Controls Sub-Systems
     Bias Supplies
     Accelerator Interface Systems
         120 Hz beam data
         Machine protection system
         Personal protection system
     Infrastructure (Racks, Cabling, Networking)
     Software Applications
11 July 2007                          7         Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                        haller@slac.stanford.edu
          Viewing/Camera System Block Diagram
                                                                 8 cameras
                                                                 PULNiX 6710CL (648x484, 9um x 9um)
                                                                 Up to 120 Hz
                                                                 Triggered by timing signal from timing
                                     Beam Line                   system event receiver PMC card
                                                                 Centroid finding software running on VME
                        EVR Timing         EDT Frame
                          PMC             Grabber PMC            EDT DV
            From                                                 CameraLink
          Accelerator                                            PMC card
          EVG Timing

                                           VME IOC
  EPICS                                   MVME6100

                                                                 PULNiX 6710CL

11 July 2007                                                 8                Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                    haller@slac.stanford.edu
                          Vacuum System Block Diagram
                  Gate              Ion         Cold Cathode    Hot Filament                                       2 Turbo-scroll pumps
                  Valve            Pump          and Pirani       Gauges
                                                                                                                   5 Ion pumps
                                                                                Beam Line or Waveguide
Devices                                                                                                            9 Cold cathode gauges
                                                CC      P        HF       CP
                                                                                                                   10 Pirani gauges

                 J-Box +        Gamma Digital    MKS 937A      Granville-Phillips
                 A-B PLC        Multiple Pump     Gauge        Gauge Controller
Controllers     Two Valve         Controller     Controller
               Control Panel

                       to MPS
PLC                             Allen-Bradley

                                                                            VME IOC
EPICS                                               Server

                                                                           MVME6100                                 Gamma ion pump

11 July 2007                                                          9                                     Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                                              haller@slac.stanford.edu
                              Motion System Block Diagram
                                                                                                67 Stepper motors
               Stepper           LVDT        In/Out        Newport
                Motor                       Viewing        Stepper
                                            Paddle          Motor

                                                                            Beam Line
Devices           M                                           M


                  Hytec        SLAC LVDT   SLAC 8-CH
 Driver         SMDS4-B         Breakout    Solenoid
                 Driver &       Chassis     Controller

                  Hytec         Highland    Acromag
                Transition     LVDT VME      IP Card
               Card & Hytec     Module        & VME
Controllers     IP Card &                  Carrier Board
               VME Carrier
                                                                                                   Hytec SMDS4-B driver

                                 VME IOC
EPICS                           MVME6100


                                                                                                Newport XCS controller

11 July 2007                                                   10                              Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                                      haller@slac.stanford.edu
                          Spectrometer Data Acquisition
                                                                                                  Up to 8 GHz waveform sampling, 1 usec
                                                                                                  record or 1-GHz, 500-usec window
                                                 Detector                                         At 120 Hz -> 100 Mbytes/sec
                                                                                                  High performance to move or process
                                                                Beam Line                         data
 Devices                                                                                          Waveform is time-stamped via EVR
                                                                                                  Respective beam-quality data is attached
                                                                                                  to each waveform
                                                                     Interface                    Agilent Acqiris 8-GHz, 10-Bit DC282 cPCI
Controllers                                                                                       Digitizer Module
                          Timing                cCPI Acqiris
                           EVR                  8 GHz, 10-bit
           Timing Fiber    PMC        Trigger     Digitizer
               from                             cPCI Module
              EVG                                      Waveform
                              EPICS Time,
                              Beam Code
 EPICS                                          cPCI IOC
           120-Hz Beam-Data from Accelerator
 IOC                                                                        1G Ethernet Science Data
                                                                             to Local Cache & SCCS

                                                                 Slow Controls Ethernet

11 July 2007                                                           11                              Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                                        haller@slac.stanford.edu
                       2D Pixel Detector Data Acquisition
                                                                                                  312 Mbytes/sec raw pixel data at 120 Hz
                                                     2D- Pixel                                    1 day: 27 Tbytes
                                                     Detector                                     Data is moved from detector-specific front-end
                                                                                                  board to XES DAQ box via 4 x 2.5 Gbit/sec fibers
                                                                   Beam Line                      XES DAQ box contains custom SLAC CE-board
 Devices                                            Electronics
                                                                                                         Virtex-4 FPGA
                                                                                                                2 PowerPC processors
                                                                                                         12 Gbytes/sec cpu-data memory interface
                                                                                                         10-G Ethernet science data interface
Controllers                   Timing                SLAC XES-                                            1-G Ethernet control interface
                               EVR                  DAQ Module                                           EVG timing fiber interface
Timing Fiber from              PMC        Trigger   with Cluster                                         120-Hz beam-data interface
EVG                                                   Element                                     Realtime correction of raw pixel data
                                                     Processor         10G Ethernet
                                EPICS Time,                           Science Data to
                                Beam-Code                           Local Cache & SCCS
                120-Hz Beam-Data from Accelerator

                                                                    Slow Controls Ethernet

11 July 2007                                                                12                     Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                                           haller@slac.stanford.edu
                             Machine Interface
         Standard Allan-Bradley and Pilz PLC’s, implemented by
         machine PPS group
         Standard LCLS MPS pizza-box, inputs from valves, shutter
     120 Hz Beam-Quality Data
         Dedicated ethernet or reflective memory
     Timing System
         EVR PMC card receiving fiber from LCLS EVG master

11 July 2007                                13              Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                    haller@slac.stanford.edu
     RTEMS Operating System Tasks
         Already ported to VME IOC (MVME6100)
         Porting to cPCI IOC in progress

     EPICS Device Support
               Hall Sensor
                      ISEG High-Voltage module
                      cPCI Acqiris waveform sampling module
               Xantrex low-voltage supply (25V, 30A)

     EPICS Databases and EDM Screens

11 July 2007                                                  14         Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                 haller@slac.stanford.edu
               Applications/Software/Archive (con’t)
         Use standard EPICS archiver for slow controls
         DAQ archive requirements mostly complete
         Collaboration with LSST to decide on underlying tools
               Xrootd, MySQL, Berkeley DB etc.
         Preliminary design started.

     High Level Applications
         Camera centroid finding
         Channel archiver
         Archiver viewer
         Alarm handler
         Integrated user interface for experiment
         Spectrometer waveform processing

11 July 2007                                15            Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                  haller@slac.stanford.edu
     Standard LCLS double-racks
        Plan to have all electronics in hutch
             Exceptions are PPS & user-
            interface racks in control room area

11 July 2007                          16             Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                             haller@slac.stanford.edu
             XES Hutch Controls & DAQ Architecture
                                                                        X-Ray Transport (Photon Beam)

               XES Hutch
                                        XES       Controls IOCs
                                       private    & Controllers
                                                                                                         2 DAQ Channels
             EELOG                     subnet     VME SBC
                                                                                                            SBC DAQ
                       XesCon                     RTEMS
                                                                                                        cPCI SBC
SLAC WAN          PC       Linux OS                                              TOF
(Ethernet)                                         1 Gb Enet
                                                                              Spectrometer              cPCI ADC    RTEMS
               1 Gb E      1 Gb Enet

                 Data Monitor                                                                            1 Gb E

                  PC       Linux OS                                                                                1 Gb E
                                                                                                         1 Gb E
                                                 120Hz Beam Data                                                             XES
                   Beam Line                                                     2D Pixel               CE Module DAQ        Data
                   Processor                                                     Detector                                   Cache
                                                                                                          PPC      RTEMS
               VME SBC       RTEMS
                                                                               Front End Board
                                                                                                          2.5 Gb
                              1 Gb E                                                                       Fiber
EVG                                                            Timing Strobe/Trigger                                10 Gb
               EVR VME                                                                                              Enet
(Fiber)                                                                                                  1 Gb E

120Hz          Beam Line        1 Gb
Data           Data PMC         Enet                                                                     1 Gb E
Access          Channel Access                   Experiment IOCs            Experiment Chamber
(Ethernet)         Gateway

11 July 2007                                                       17                            Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                                                     haller@slac.stanford.edu
     XES Controls & DAQ Systems Manager: G. Haller
         Schedule/Budget: Bob Sass
         Online Manager: Amedeo Perazzo (REG)
         Controls Manager: David Nelson (REG)
               Controls Software Lead: Sheng Peng
               Racks/Cabling/AC: Ray Rodriquez (REG)
         DAQ Manager: Chris O’Grady (REG)
         Data Management: Steffen Luitz (SCCS)

     Tasks are allocated to control division engineers where appropriate
         PPS, MPS, EPICS

11 July 2007                               18                Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                                     haller@slac.stanford.edu
                              Schedule - Milestones
     Preliminary Design Review                                  Aug 08, 07
     Final Design Review                                        Dec 01, 08
     Start Production Hardware Purchases                        Dec 01, 07
     Software Final Design Start                                Nov 01, 07
     Start Installation in NEH (L3 PO)                          Apr 16, 08
     First X-Ray into NEH (L3 PO)                               Sep 02, 08
     Start Installation in FEH (L3 PO)                          Aug 20, 08

(Gantt charts in review support documentation)

L3 PO: Level 3 Milestone, Project Office

11 July 2007                               19         Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                              haller@slac.stanford.edu
      Photon Systems Controls Budget (Before Contingency)
                         WBS LEVELS                                                                                   Amounts in Thousands $
                                                                                CONTROL ACCOUNT
 L1      L3                           L4                                                                              Baseline    Re-Baseline
TEC   1.05.02 Controls - EPICS               Controls - EPICS                                1,160        1,538
      1.05.02 Total                                                                                                         1,160        1,538
      1.06.02 Controls Management            Controls Management                               502        2,241
      AMOS Experiment Controls      AMOS Experiment Controls X1                    148          148
                                                        X-Ray Fluorescence Detector                    130          131
                                                        Ion Imaging & Electron TOF                     397          403
                                                        Sample Source                                  211          215
                                                        Vacuum Controls & Mechanical Exp 1             181          184
                                                        Refocus Optics                                 212          216
                                                        Diagnostics                                    381          388
      Particle Imaging Experiment Controls AMOS Experiment Control X2                      75           76
                                                        X2 Particle Imaging                             59           60
      Global Controls Systems       Network                                        261          260
                                                        Machine Protection System                       84           85
                                                        Personnel Protection System                    348          358
                                                        Laser PPS                                      180          183
                                                        User Safeguards                                123          125
                                                        Timing System                                  105          107
                                                        Data Management                                577          578
                                                        Global Cabling & Racks                          99          101
                                                        Laser Timing                                 1,410        1,032
                                                        Experimental High Level Applications           322          322
      Laser Controls                Laser Controls                                    182          185
      K Measurement Spectrometer Controls K Measurement Spectrometer Controls                39           40
      1.06.02 Total                                                                                                         6,026        7,440
TEC Total                                                                                                                   7,186        8,978
OPC 2.06.02 Beamline Controls                Beamline Controls                                 607          976
      R&D: 2D X-Ray Detector Controls R&D: 2D X-Ray Detector Controls                    39           38
      2.06.02 Total                                                                                                           646        1,014
OPC Total                                                                                                                     646        1,014
Grand Total                                                                                                                 7,831        9,993

 11 July 2007                        TEC: Total Estimated Cost        20                        Dr. Gunther Haller
                                     OPC: Other Project Cost
 XES Controls & DAQ                  TPC: Total Project Cost                           haller@slac.stanford.edu
     Described XES Controls & DAQ Architecture
     Selected Specific Controller Candidates for most Areas
     Moving and Processing Science Data is Key Data-
     Acquisition task
         AMO data acquisition via 10-bit 8-GHz cPCI waveform sampling
         2D-Pixel detector acquisition via SLAC XES DAQ Module
     Presented Budget and Schedule
     No Technical Risk Items
     Controls and DAQ will be in place when required

11 July 2007                        21            Dr. Gunther Haller
XES Controls & DAQ                          haller@slac.stanford.edu

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